Rulor (EUW)
: When is the harrowing 2017?
I want it too. I got bewitching tristana last month though from a chest
: Info on Wave management As Support ?
As a support main too, I'd say that you're not obliged to push minion wave. I've never done it if it wasn't for the good of the tower. I push it when the ADC is dead or backed because they had low HP and they were going to die anyways. Then, I push the wave because enemy will come at tower and start destroying it. But with adc on lane, you're not obliged to push lane. If they wish to push it, the adc surely has more attack damage and for a reason it's called "adc". Don't let people question yourself of your skills. I've done that myself (for example rush ardent censer when nobody is warding in my team. Again, this is not worlds we're talking about, and sometimes stupids think they're on worlds) and regret it few games, until I started muting everyone who's trying to tell me how to play a support.
Renold (EUNE)
: Plat elo shouldnt exist at all
Yes I've experienced the same throughout entire plat ranks 5 to 1. Many believe they are godlike but don't realize the mistake they make are a big mistakes and players in plat don't let you turn the game by making a mistake. I guess this is because a lot of players stop climbing once they reach plat and think this is the ultimate division.
Astronomy (EUNE)
: Is jungle the most important role?
I agree. The jungler could turn the tides around by getting the lanes 1-2 kills, which is at least 1 item advantage for the team. But this game requires a teamplay and strategy to be followed by 5 people not just one. You can't carry 0/10 top or mid regardless of how good of a jungle you are.
: perma banned? won't stop me
explains why you're perma banned. for good
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Gnomex150 (EUNE)
: Looking for a people (tp mission)
: wtf is going on with servers today?
client has some lag for me too right now too. so maybe that's the problem of afks
: Guys any advice on how to get out of gold. :)
Based on your KDAs from your played champions, this is the reason why you're stuck where you are. You have a lot of deaths, yes you kill a lot but it's kind of eye for an eye type of thing. You should try avoid that. Playing the game is the best way to improve, and also have a brain to think of strategies, not be egoistic and stubborn to your team mates.
Shiwah (EUW)
: Also, look up Tyler1 and Shaclone.
both threads were submitted just several months ago. riot must have reconsidered banning people of that nature
Okuma (EUNE)
: LMAO. Get your facts correctly.
give me a proof of someone being banned for intentional feeding pls
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MarkSt (EUNE)
: Why did you ban me?
Unfortunately, riot doesn't ban for intentional feeding (nor for negative attitude), at least I don't know anyone banned, or have read a thread about it here. However, for verbal harassment they are so if you decide to start flaming its your own fault. Just gulp down the fact that this game is lost and win the next ones.
: You don't see often players like me because this happened to me in only one game. The "other players like me" never accept their behaviour and they don't try to improve it. I accepted my restriction and I shared it to everyone. I am not hiding it. Thanks for commenting, have a good day
everyone says that after they get banned
: Riot have to make money, it's as simple as that. But yeah...i personally think they look cheesy af, i probably wouldn't even buy one for 100RP. They look irritating and childish af. I've already had enough of seeing the free emote. Not much thought or detail put into the emotes if you ask me.
look up their revenue online. this is selfishness
: My ban - 10 games chat restriction
I'm glad you're restricted because it drives me nuts when I see players like you in my team. I report them with the hope they get restricted and get no rewards at end of season. So annoying harassing players in game, unbelievable.
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: that janna nerf xD
said main tristana and cait that require bronze 5 skill
Ìxeas (EUW)
: Let me guess, Janna main when Ardent's became meta cuz free elo, ye?
> [{quoted}](name=Ìxeas,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=tEo7bz4c,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-10-11T10:51:50.437+0000) > > Let me guess, Janna main when Ardent's became meta cuz free elo, ye? and also idk why people think this is "the meta". this is just an item and many people saw players in LCS rushing it but don't realize that they are not on worlds. everybody there is warding accordingly, while in soloq or flex, if I don't get sightstone this means we're walking in a dark hole cause nobody's warding or buying control wards. so yeah :) I never rush ardent because of that.
Ìxeas (EUW)
: Let me guess, Janna main when Ardent's became meta cuz free elo, ye?
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Blondie Xx (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PruckiSChesan,realm=EUNE,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=33b8IZ5e,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-10-07T09:16:24.398+0000) > > This is just your illogical opinion to be underestimating a ranked queue. If you wish to play soloQ no problem to me. I'm not here to blame you (like you blame me). > > At least I've focused on one of the ranked queues and succeeded at it. While you're silver at both of them, so. Didnt blame at you at all. As for what you say at the end, its true i have been focusing more on solo than flex but just explain me your rude comment about me still sitting in silver? I started about about a month ago playing ranked games so yeah i am STILL silver but it doesnt mean that i didnt succeeded at it yet. Anyway didnt comment to be rude or blame you as you said. just to propose myself cause i feel the same but you are seeking others so good luck anyway man.
Blondie Xx (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PruckiSChesan,realm=EUNE,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=33b8IZ5e,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-10-07T08:18:18.717+0000) > > I'm looking for at least plats in flex Oh sure mb you are bronze 1 and im JUST silver 3 and its not good enough for you because i havent focused on flex like you. You are bronze 1 and you seek plats as if you are truely one of them dont forget that solo queue is the real queue and it refllect your level not flex. Even if you get to challenger while sitting in bronze 1 in solo queue means nothing. So hf and reach your goal :)
This is just your illogical opinion to be underestimating a ranked queue. If you wish to play soloQ no problem to me. I'm not here to blame you (like you blame me). At least I've focused on one of the ranked queues and succeeded at it. While you're silver at both of them, so.
Blondie Xx (EUNE)
: Hey i feel the same about solo queue, im stuck in silver 3 and if you would like me to join you for flex with pleasure im also silver 3 on 5v5. I main support, but also playing adc and mid.
I'm looking for at least plats in flex
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: [Teamwork - Close Combat] List of Ranged Champions!
Should have listed no ranged champions. Thread would be more useful that way........
: EUNE - World quests
arthur2341 (EUNE)
: What happened to 1500 IP icons?
riot doesn't get money from that
: Warden karma is my fave karma skin lol
Creako (EUW)
: Where are the new Singed an Yorick Skins?
Expect them next Tuesday. I calculated skins comes on Thursdays and Tuesdays.
: Season 7 Gold Rewards
I read on reddint last month people suggesting it's gonna be Karma and to be honest I wouldn't be surprised if it is because victorious skins now have too much armor making champions ugly as hell. I can definitely imagine Karma being overdressed with armor, like the warden Karma skin.
Caprice (EUNE)
: The new Janna
I agree about Janna but not about Soraka. She's not walking ambulance because she got nerfed several times, while, I could say Janna just got nerfed that much after those years. Soraka could give mana, people started crying and they removed that option. Then they made her restore her health by hitting an enemy with her Q. People started crying and they removed that. Now she can still restore her health with the Q but overtime, which is not helpful at all. I could be surviving by hitting someone chasing me until my allies come and help me (no Riot decided that's too much - let's make Soraka even more useless). To be honest, I don't see this Janna update as a nerf and I said it before. Janna's shield is has just too much cooldown early level, and as you said until you get cooldown reduction items. I like that the tornado walks faster, I like that it has more range when casted immediately, I like that you have damage based on movement speed and now that you get attack speed from {{item:3504}}. So shielding is not a big problem. You don't need to shield-spam your team because that's where we get those cries when people say Janna shield me, and you realize that you've been shielding them all those 15 minutes and now you're out of mana.
: Solo Queue tells you how good YOU are. Flex Queue tells you how good the best player pm your premade team is.
gogo641 (EUNE)
: Why do players keep saying that Ranked Flex doesn't matter and it's like normal games?
I get this a lot too and am really damn annoyed when someone says "tryhard on flex LOL". I played all my games on soloQ thinking that I'll get matched with good players. Guess what, I won 1 game out of 10 and got promoted to Bronze 1. Ever since, I haven't touched SoloQ, because from experience I know how hard it is to carry as a support there. For some reason the matchmaking is better on ranked flex because I got promoted to Gold 5 with 6 wins I think, and yes I played those solo as well. I rarely have someone to play with, and if I do it'll be one more person so basically premade of 2. I'm saying this to all people who underestimate ranked flex games - Please do not join the queue if you don't take it seriously because people like me rely on ranked flex and fight for our division there. Please go ARAMs or blink pick. Don't queue on ranked flex and go first time brands and be 1/50/0 in my team, please. EDIT: And to be honest, majority of the people underestimating ranked flex is because they are lower divisions there. Facts.
Aaltih (EUNE)
: So about recent EUNE stuff.
: (officially) LGBT champ
We don't need a whole champion. What Riot could do to support LGBT+ rights is to just make an LGBT icon (maybe rainbow flag).
Proxie (EUW)
: Eternal Sword Yi?
Tell me about it. I wish i could get sacred sword janna right now but we're probably gonna wait until next tuesday -.-
DeRoo (EUW)
: Hi. I'm a adc/support main in low diamond. I find it much easier to carry as support than adc. The 0/5 comment on "how can you carry"... You don't at that point. But you are the ONLY champion on the map that doesn't have to kill stuff. You have more time to type and follow their jungler. Im always typing (jungle top/mid next 30sec) etc... But anyway you should carry bot lane. The support carries the adc in lane. For the most part anyway. And on some champions, carry mid too. For example my Blitz win rate is like 70% due to constantly ganking mid. Anyway, Adc is very mechanical and is mainly focusing on last hitting and controlling the wave. The higher the elo, the more aggressive the adcs are too. So naturally, it gets very tough as you climb to diamond and beyond. The control or position of the wave determines what the supports can do. (Poke or defend or whatever)... HOWEVER... that is in a world where 2 adcs are doing the damage and the supports just sit there passively... Now. With that saod on ADCs, here's the reason I carry as support. I main both roles and know the matchups. As an adc main I know what I need from my support. However many supports dont know what an adc needs. They just sit there. And walk back n forth. When I play support, every movement I am making - trying to get an advantageous position to harass for free or make the enemy adc miss cs. Low elo supports - how often do they just walk back n forth and go into this "blind" boring cs watching mode/dream/state where they aren't doing anything in lane. I bet pretty often!!! I notice it a lot when I play adc. If I have that as an adc.... I lose lane. Simple as that. If I am the support... I play it aggressively. I counter pick. I know the damage and power spikes of the adcs due to maining it. Therefore my adc just has to farm. SUPPORT decide the lane. It can be tougher when you have a vayne and they have a jhin... (jhin wins )... but in general... You should be doing MORE damage than your adc to the enemy in lane if u are playing a ranged champion in the early game. If an adc does outdmg me, I know he is good. (Im not talking only playing zyra and velkoz for dmg. I can do it on sona, morg, lulu, or karma... whatever). Also you should always try pick after your ADC in champ select. Do a swap. So you can counter pick. Examples: Karma beats Morg... Nami beats Leona... and so on... I can play everything support (even camille when i want to beat on some mage supports lol) Every person who calls themselves a support main should learn adc. Imagine yourself as adc where you don't have to worry about taking damage cos your support is so aggressive and causing so much pressure. Nice feeling eh? Now... the other side of support is melee supports. Which are the play makers. That just comes down to skill, but more-so knowledge on when to engage. But melee are bigger counters in many respects to entire teams. Example would be tahm or taric vs assassins or alistar vs spellshield champs like sivir/noc engage/malz or nautilus vs a heavy melee/fighter team. Root them all day! If you want, add "DeRoo" on EUW and i can support you as you play adc. Then you can see how I like to support and can usually 1v2 a lane on some mages while adc cs. The mid game is the hard part (shotcalling, WHERE to ward, optimising ward times etc). Long post... but the main point is: Support isn't easy to carry, but it's easier to carry than adc. Adc is easy in low elo hut tougher as you go up as less mistakes are made, and its more about forcing plays than conquering a mistake. Most adcs can't make the plays (except ashe). Make the right plays as support, win. But as adc... You have to rely on a random to do that... who could be autofilled support :(
Great point. Completely agree with everything. However, 0/5/0 top 0/5/0 mid regardless of my pings to ward and back off because I see the enemy jungle coming to gank them all the way from bot, isn't gonna work, carrying as s support. Many people ignore support's pings and think we're just pinging out of boredom as you just explained (watching the adc farm instead of helping the lane). Support's role is also being a great leader because the least we could do is try to watch the map and help others with pings if we cannot be there at that time. If you don't listen then that's how you get 1/14 tops at 15th min.
Eratos (EUW)
: thats my point too bro...but i get this "support easy" all the time..i wanna know too how is exactly so easy when most of the support champs are hard to play.
If it was easy it I wouldn't be sitting here in Gold 1, praying to god in every single champ select that I don't get trolls, feeders and first timers in ranked, because there's no way I could do something as a support. I'll be already master or challenger, if it's was that easy as everyone's saying.
Eratos (EUW)
: TRESH easy champ??blitz???janna???
I'm tired of reading such underestimating threads here regarding the support role. Everyone's saying Janna is an easy support to play, while at the same time, for once I haven't seen Jannas on enemy team buying {{item:2049}} as a first item. I really wish someone here to please explain to me in detail how is it possible to carry as a support. Sure, you can ward the map (for those who know what the word "sightstone" means), shield your allies, heal them, CC enemies. But please tell me if I have 0/5/0 adc on 5th min and 0/5/0 top, how can you carry as a support ?
Mjauf (EUNE)
: Should we expect some "weekly missions" this week?
Rioter Comments
: Playing League Of Legends ? Looking for friends ? Join our community now
dadaman (EUW)
: [EUW/EUNE] Looking for MASTER+ players for a new LoL-related business
Holymanster (EUNE)
For some reason it's worse when you go higher because now kids are used to buy diamond accounts or pay someone to get them boosted.
Chilli Jam (EUNE)
: I wish there was a freedom of speech in the game
I've read several comments with Rioters saying cursing is allowed as long as you're not cursing at someone. This sounds ridiculous because nobody would be going to curse at the wind. I only imagine people to curse at nobody if they don't know English and they just learnt those words and now they try to show off in-game "oh look what I learnt - "%%%%". No cursing should be allowed. This is vulgar language and this game is not 18+
: Why do some assassins have no mana?
I thought the same thing today and came to realization that those who don't have mana rely on their weapon than using magic. For example {{champion:23}} vs {{champion:2}}. Tryndamere's abilities are mainsly focused on his weapon, he doesn't throw it using magic, like olaf.
kokakola92 (EUNE)
: When will autofillers learn what's supposed support to do?
As a main support, I'll say that your thought makes sense and I agree with it. Annie is not support, nor malphite, nidalee and all others you listed. However, I must also point that many many people blame real supports like {{champion:40}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:44}} for not having enough damage, and say we haven't followed up if they die. Now, don't forget that Janna cannot do much damage and can only protect you CC and slow them down instead of burst them up and help you with the damage on lane. That's why sometimes people prefer to pick those champs because they'd rather help you burst them down than shield you and heal you. This definitely depends on how a person plays but picking annie and nidalee support indicates that you're not a support, and people picking those are probably filling in and not playing supports on a daily basis (like me).
Loonsteer (EUW)
: This is my 6th account, I've had 3 banned and got 2 on 14 day.
You can't stop being toxic in this game. Just talk to someone on Skype and vent there instead in chat or mute all and if you feel like it's a lose then just do something until you finally lose. That's how I deal with it. No need to stress over a lost game. If your team turns the tides then go for it but don't blame yourself and be frustrated because you lose. This game depends on 5 people's communication and gameplay, not just yours.
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