: But they complain about things that have been the case since the beginning... the vast majority of complaints aren’t about the current season but about league or even mobas in general, people only ever remember the good parts of course a season is going to look better than the current when you forget about the bad parts or attribute them to the new season. People have said League is dying since the beginning, most of the complaints are just people who don’t like league in general and shouldn’t be here, the game hasn’t changed all that much since the beginning, every time a change is “the end of league” given a year nobody cares about it regardless of if it’s been removed or not (wasn’t plants meant to kill League off, nobody cares about them anymore). And streamers have been saying League is dying for a while... make a video with a click bait title, say something controversial that they might not even beleive, throw in quotes from people doing the exact same thing, release it on YouTube and get paid for it. They are litterally just doing that for money, they aren’t trustworthy in the slightest
Well. Faker is already rich and he said that League is bad now. The rest are kinda rich too. Most of their clickbates are positive, but they just can't say that they like the game, when they don't. Dyrus hates it. IWD might be actually clickbaiting. Tyler thinks LoL is garbage right now. Pants are Dragon for the first time was talking about balancing and current state of the game in this season. QTP is trashing League all the time, so he is clickbaiting for sure. Katevolved is mad at the game and became toxic kinda. ChaseShaco pretty much the same. Honestly I can't find a single pro player that says League is fine. I love the game and play it for a long time now. I know that the game was better back in early seasons. Riot was actually fixing and balancing, kinda, they still sucked at it, but they were doing it. Broken shit was fixed next patch. Now we had to wait for 6 or more patches for Karthus, Irelia and Akali to even get touched. The game can't be good when they don't do fixing and balancing. Placebo changes are too common now.
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Yeah, it's in such a bad state generating all that sweet sweet money. Surely Riot, as a company, should kill their one and currently only game that they have, which is still making them a whole lot of profit. Now that would be a genius move!
They aren't doing that? I am confused now.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > No streamers start sayng about s8 and s9 that League is horrible.And is truth. So then they don't find s9 horrible? --- > And as i said people complain with evry meta..however its playable.Tank meta assasin meta all fine.Its good its playable you enjoy it. You were not on the boards during those metas, were you? There were several threads where people grouped up to complain about how those specific metas made the game unplayable. Not everyone shares your opinion. A meta you personally enjoy might be considered the worst meta out there by others. Making a game that will please everyone is simply impossible. --- > And you didnt see new system??IS BROKEN. The system that Riot is testing out, and stating that they will change to fix the issues with it? How can Riot implement anything when there's a group of players that will demand that no change should ever take place?
The thing is that yes, we are saying that "this season is the worst" every single season, but every single season is worse than the previous one. It is just the way it is. Every time you compare new season to the previous one, it is going downhill in quality, so of course every season is the worst season. Until Riot %%%%s up in the next season as well. They always do.
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