: It's not the fault of the recommended items that players don't care to change up their builds.
Sad but is is,,like some1 face ap char,but in his char setup is only ad armor they dont look in other item page what item can save his A.S.. Same goes for heavy CC dealers like LUX and such.. they dont even use mercury items or some magic Resistance because its not listed..u got idia =1shot/feed/lose you like such setup? i dont!{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: But then how would new players learn the game and items... Reccomended builds almost always give builds that while lack flexibility at least work, so new players can build what is reccomended while learning the game and the items without getting overwhelmed, also good for learning new champions of you haven’t learnt them yet enough to build what is needed. They don’t need to be changed or removed, learning how to go beyond a reccomended build and make your own is an acquired skilled and speedsters good players from great ones.. removing them won’t encourage people to learn it will just make it harder to learn.
Duno how it goes for you, .When game starts> it gives tutor,After when u get char it make sense to test it 1st nut jump straight in ranked and mess it with it sorry this is 1st time..players have promos u know.Riot does make practice modes to learn builds /chars so on..so its just normal to remove those rec builds in ranked/normal, where players try enjoy game!! IF they do it i,ts just win win if u get good games without trolls and feeders ho dont know how to counter each chars..less 1 hit users!!!DEVS (RIOT) please do changes so we can play good games without scammers.Or apply something into game so we face less of such players.Look forward to this new auto report/ban system!!Hope to see it soon in new patches.
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: 1) Toxic players are punished. if anything trolls/feeders/afk players should be punished similarly. 2) Already there is a level limit; if a player isn't level 30 they cant play ranked. Increasing it to 50 won't be that bad tbh. 3) Theoretically very good, but not possible to force. There is just too much variety to learn for a new player and the suggestions should keep them in mind. 4) Why? I can flame my team and they may still honor if I solo carry the game. 5) Why? p.s: just curious why are you not taking {{summoner:4}} and go with {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:14}} always? I am sure that {{summoner:4}} on adc or support is far better than other summoners.
why? answer is simple..its pretty useless ,most of times they gank like 2+(Team work) if they up for gank= they must have blink/ms/range silly dps. smite as i told before ..for sure kills at early game oorheal/dragon herald or whatever steal/jg help...most players ignore/dont help team at least in my games so far so in basic its i pretty much covers my needs..heal skill useless _) long cd heal effect way too low + i use vampiric items all the time..runes..common they work al the time. if u pick items non -rec builds even range can do cc with frozen /basic attack apply slow and such..same goes for other game goodies.....looks like you didnt learn try other possibilities...i never jump in if i dont know char/skills how good i do thats other story,but im not bad as those chars ho have no clue how to play 1st place WHY SO MUCH GAMES AND STILL IRON 3...THK TO NOOB INVASION GOT DEVOTE LIKE 30 TIMES..THEY MESS PROMOS NO MATER HOW HIGH I GET THEY DRAG ME DOWN ,,,thats why i post , if not new/then just toxic players ho feed or just afking and dont help- team in any way.thats how things go for me...if others is more or less normal i dont rage. umay notice if u see may games what im talking about.....no gear- act like tank....feed and so on.in other words brainless
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: Suggestion - filter for ranked !!!!
so,you say im trolling?? fine if u say so...but pl before u blame me, at least watch what cause my death. no teamwork /cowardliness ,chaotic team roaming,all farm no push and so on..most of sort toxic player behavior or lack of game experience.as for my runes or items its all about play style !! whats wrong if i want last longer not just die from 1 hit or whatever.why most peeps think rec/1hit builds are good like jack of all trades.most of them dont even try other builds than rec just charge in and hope for best result. if u good player u must know all chars or most of them can be anybody if use right items..me catlin as jungler ..never --if i take left mobs in mid game in order to boost my cash thats other story .and last if i was flaged as troll or toxic..prolly devs..baned me long time ago dont u think............+ u wast there so u cant blame me for baD RESULTS. IF there wast noob invasion i willl be silver or even highter..im devoted like 30 times thk to bad players ho dont know basic. smite is for sure kill/heal and jg steel becouse most of junglers ignore dragons heralds like just farm...no good thk!! i hope u get u understand if u have knowledge of game. as whole not just scamer or forum troll. 4 and 5 dumb its most precise ,,if u bad>> no1 honor you..as for 5 if u manage beat it few times u learn basic game mechanic at least because bots abuse your weakness and play as team not like some newcomers ho jumps straight to ranked and make game in nightmare!!
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