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: its not 1 kill that loses the game, i won my lane (support here) almost every single match, my adc had first blood in more than half of those games, but i cant do shit if im 4 kills ahead of the enemy botlane but then the enemy top teleports in as 15/0, or when our team is ahead by 10 kills and they start running into unwarded (because placing is ward decreases your ego by a huge amount) enemy jungle making the enemy farm up on kills is insane, in the last few seasons league either got too much unskilled (and never want to learn) ppl or the old ones just forgot how to play in every second game i get flamed for being in silver 2 and picking ashe support (in normal games for hextech box) while they go 0/10 with their gold/plat border... the game IS balanced, its the ppl who dont want to play it like that
I just finished a game with the enemy jinx being un... and i mean it.. UN-DUCKIN-KILLABLE. She was 2 kills ahead and suddenly she has Stormrazor and zeal.. like what the actual duck!! And i was stuck with a half finished BOTRK strugling to farm minions. It didnt matter if both me and my sup went on her (my sup was brand btw) She still had the speed to kill brand before his combo and then me.
: Everything you've described is what the entire season was like, so no big deal.
Actualy before the preseason update we were able to turn the tables on some pretty hard games which were near impossible at times to win. It feels completely different now i dont even know what to say.
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