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: > they moved the average player base up bronze 5 was moved to iron 4-1 the rest were moved up Then why is it that I was Gold V last season with around Gold III MMR, and I got placed in Silver I after going 8-2 in my placements?
you are p4 and you are trying to argue? i always knew platinum players were stupid but i guess after the ladder changes platinum is even more disgusting now rip i guess
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: That's very impressive, I've heard from everyone that one can only improve if they're playing ranked, and normal games won't make you play any better. Also, isn't it the opposite and everything got moved down? Like iron is old bronze, bronze is old silver, silver is old gold? In the old system there were 20 divisions before diamond, and there are still 20 divisions before diamond, but you have to be in the upper 8 of those 20 divisions now to be gold rather than being in the upper 10.
no they moved the average player base up bronze 5 was moved to iron 4-1 the rest were moved up you can track your level of play with ranked but it's not a requirement to improve improving is entirely dependant on you whether you play with your brain turned on and every decision you make is cognitive that determines your growth not the player you are up against
: Aggressive Gameplay
because thats the meta game even if you feed trying to get the shutdowns propels you back into the game now if you are 0/5 talon and are trying to fight the 5/0 renekton you might have an inter on your hands
: TFT 2**/3**/lvl up in chat again
it was moved to a notification at the side level ups are there as well
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: I don't quite feel the difference between elos
there are plenty of normal exclusive players that are playing at diamond + levels i had a friend that refused to play ranked just refused to do so and was regularly playing the waves right had great mechanics and moved around the map properly when he had to my friend was easily diamond level probably d1 if he gave a rats ass about the ladder and tried to grind for a little bit you don't see a difference because everyone is playing like shit and you know how to abuse the mistakes that are in abundance also the ladder was moved up by 1 tier gold now was silver before plat now was gold before
: such ugly figurine -_-
why she black tho?
: maybe he just wants to get those free emotes idk :shrug:
thats his issue i don't feel obligated to play starcraft to get the cosmetics in diablo and im not gonna go shit on starcraft because i don't like it and i can't get the cosmetics in diablo for it
: How can you find tft fun?
why do you feel obligated to play the game if you don't like it?
: frozen mallet on pyke!
yes mallet was highest ad item on pyke but you are wasting stats by buying hp the stat conversion is there to make it feel less worse for buying things like cleaver and tank items not to actually try and abuse the conversion there are far better items than an auto proc slow and a bunch of ad don't tunnel on the ad buy your lethality as you scale insanely hard with it then pick items that give you survivability based on your game if you want more dmg get cleaver and last whisper instead
BlackNYBeer (EUNE)
or you know spread your units
: I see... All ranks mentioned are Solo/Duo ranks, apparently. But if the Solo and Flex ranks (and MMR) are seperated and doesn't affect eachother, then why do I lose only 6LP? Then it was a fair game (Diamonds vs Diamonds) and I still gain almost 4 times the LP when I win, compared to a loss.
beats me i don't know
: Dude, i Play against Grandmasters and Challengers only, whatever you're saying, is invalid in that Elo, other than if you don't find kayle you end up 6th 7th 8th, that's true but everything else is total bs. Nothing beats Nobles with Draven and or Jinx carry. Voids deal true Damage, you tell me that cuz you think i Play in that elo without knowing? So since hectech came out whats the Positioning on Units? Clumped up? no! Chogath wont hit more than 3 Units. And i already said that voids with sorcs especially chogath and a-sol carry can beat Nobles, but only if they highroll and Noble lowrolls. That's just it, if you don't believe me watch any Challenger play on Twitch. Edit: Lulu got nerfed, you Need her lvl 3 to be good. Karthus Needs to be lvl 2 or he wont deal any dmg to Nobles. Veigar is Pretty good, yeah, if kayle is lvl 1. if she is 2, he is useless. Ahri? .. Just cuz her second orb deals true dmg doesnt make her any good. Morgana is okay.
with Draven and or Jinx carry. nah thats the issue with everything not nobles
: I'm afraid they will just push numbers, until Panth gets 55% winrate, without that winrate being indicative about anything, because 0.1% will actually play him.
he is already 55% win rate probable people are just inting his E imagine if noc didn't use his bubble to block spells imagine if sivir didn't use hers imagine if fiora didn't use her parry imagine if jax didn't use his counter strike people are literally inting with the way they use his E atm and conq is definitely not a keystone for him even if his E instantly procs it (i don't know if it does) ele aftershock and predator still seem like the most viable runes for pantheon even phase rush can have a hit and run cancerous playstyle where you proc it with E and run away without any counter options atm all i see is conq and everybody inting the champion is definitely good tho
: Flash and Ghost in TFT
i don't like it sounds cool but i definitely don't like it
: One crazy interesting idea on how to make Pantheon viable
one crazy interesting idea on how to make pantheon viable wait for people to stop using conq and start playing him properly before you overbuff the shit out of him and then we have 10 patches where he gets nerfed in a row the champion is already viable due to his E wait for people to start playing with it like they should instead of trying to use it like old panth E
assembIer (EUNE)
: im not boosting i play league when my girl cooking cleaning and sucking
: But why do we get matched the way we do? Chall, Grandmaster and Masters vs Low Diamond? What factors are responsible for the matchmaking? Cuz we cant queue up with challengers
were they master>challenger in flex or soloq? Flex is a different ladder than solo Q ie a challenger in Soloq will play in silver Flex Q when he enters the flex ladder
MSF Akito (EUW)
: Getting an S
did you get the altars did you contest them? did you participate in the destructions of the towers? if no that is your answer if yes who knows TT is getting cut anyway so who knows what works and what doesn't there
because you had like 5-10% chance to win those games it still takes your average team mmr into consideration if the enemy team is way too heavily stacked you won't lose much but you might gain a lot 21 lp per win means you are at most 1 division lower than you should be
assembIer (EUNE)
: 100% win rate 14lp per win HELP!!!
everybody saying his mmr is low... bruh the account was s1 last season he is s4 currently the mmr is abnormally low for no reason the system should have picked up on the pattern long ago and hard inflated his mmr unless his girlfriend hard inted all placement games there is no reason for him to get 14 lp per win which honestly might be the case considering the trynd+rakan games also boosing isn't allowed
: Rangers against noble? no. 6 assasins with Ninjas against Nobles? no. sorcs really Need a highroll Game to win against Nobles. Void brawler assasins against Nobles? no. YOu can only Play Voids with chogath and a-sol carry and sorcs together with it hard stack a-sol and chogath and hope your chogath doesnt get hexteched or against Noble enemy doesnt have kayle 2. Nobles still the best Comp since even if Void sorc wins against it, Noble is still gonna win against more comps than Void sorc, so ist the better comp. That's just it. Edit: I tried 6 blademasters and or Gunslingers, Pretty good comp, still doesn't beat Nobles. Don't even try.
vayne and kindred are extremely strong at killing tanks and keeping you alive ashe is a CC bot varus is the only useless ranger 6 assasins and a ninja carry not 4 ninjas getting a front line with assassins is 100% a requirement voids deal true damage asol karthus lulu ahri (especially ahri) and veigar wait thats 5 sorcs that do well? tf for mana generation? maybe morg for front line? wait thats 7 sorcs that are really good? wow nop nobles is hard reliant on kayle to function if you don't get a kayle you are 8th place gunslingers or blademasters don't work into nobles only if you rely on the base synergy if you properly feed a carry they are fine
: Look better. If you have some actual skill you would’ve known this isn’t possible.
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? tell me you are trolling please
: 9.16 destroyed TFT
far better than 9.15
Player 123 (EUNE)
: And the fact that all of my smurfs are higher than you are, but sure. "we are the same"
makes me even more sad for the higher elos considering your current complaint
Player 123 (EUNE)
: where does it say i'm d4? how are you like me wtf i don't play adcs or anything lol, you are braindamaged.
oh opgg is trolling anyway grandmasters 52% win rate after the mmr inflation early season while abusing riven while she was busted im sure you aren't d4 lol
Player 123 (EUNE)
: You really aren't anywhere near.
i am d4 just like you but i guess the possibility of me not using my main account to post on the boards is too far fetched of a concept for you the weirdest part is that you are complaining about ranged matchups top when you are only playing adcs and jungle but oh well i guess you are a master at something you don't play just because you are at supposedly high elo
: Tft and the balance ;)
blademasters rangers and gunslingers are still good void brawler assasins are still very dominant 6 assassins and a ninja carry feels good now sorcs are ok knights and nobles are a bit strong but they both rely on kayle to start popping off unless you got some god tier item drops and early 2 stars without rolling
Mada (EUW)
: Again. I want people to be banned because I don't like them. Not because I attribute any relevance to what they say.
not realizing that riot doesn't care about who gets banned and for what and that an automated system does the reviews and issues the penalties in 2k19 report them and let the system do it's work you might get a notification you might not riot are in no way obligated to notifying you when a person you report gets banned and considering there are threads filled with tears and rage every day about people getting banned i don't even understand how you guys assume that people don't get banned for being asshats in game
KuroCorbeau (EUNE)
: The return of the game-breaking bug which destroyed my experience
DerVide (EUW)
: in 10 years your report system has never worked at all
yes i also want riot to ban 50 million players because people have paper thin skin
: Is the TFT Matchmaking broken after 9.16?
you aren't supposed to get matched twice in a row with the same person if there are 5 or more players still in the game you have to consider that that can't always be the case throughout the game and some players will repeat matches way more often than others since this is a thing from this patch it's natural that it's still not really fully functional also you are noticing this now but in the previous patches i was regularly meeting the same people multiple times in a row sometimes it would make me lose sometimes it would enable me to win
Player 123 (EUNE)
: Was typing for someone that is much higher elo than you so they can see it, so i don't repeat myself. I'd prefer if you don't talk thought, your opinion as someone who never went above Platinum doesn't matter at all.
im at your rank it pains me that there are people like you in my elo
: Gripex, is he scripting?!?
yes this is absolutely the first time a cursor screen position isn't the actual cursor position definitely that desync has never happened especially on cases of recording also if you had a little observational skill you would have noticed that at the first click where his Q indicator shows his character starts casting the ability so the subsequent indicators are lag and not actually where he intends to cast his Q slow the game to 0.25 and observe before you try to call out people cheating
: Bot lane discussion: What kind of supports do adc players want in low elo?
the supports that make you win the game without them
: why is pantheon e better than kayle r
stop spreading misinformation please
Hansiman (EUW)
: You were not banned, as you can clearly see by your ability to post. --- > This thread is point black racist or a joke No, it's not, but it can easily be taken to troll around the topic in a method to cause a negative reaction from others. Can't you just post without having to tip-toe around what others may perceive as jabs at racism?
>Can't you just post without having to tip-toe around what others may perceive as jabs at racism? are you for real ? actually for real?
beniboo7 (EUW)
: New champion does magic damage?
balanced fighter that does magic damage
Player 123 (EUNE)
: 45s bone plating cdr meaning you have to have your rotation of spells back before it comes back in, most of bruisers that have a range ability like Camille or Irelia got a long cooldown to proc that (around 15 seconds). This means that you only have that window to all in or it's a circle all over again. But this is if the conditions are met, like who is pushing, whos wave is bigger, where is the jungler etc. I'm counting all of this as you not using any other ability, in order to have them back at the right time.
do you want riot to hold your hand? 30s not enough for you? please stop replying
Player 123 (EUNE)
: Let me know how you do that effectively as melee vs range
a lot of melee champions have spells that have range the ones that don't, tend to want an all in and a 100 damage mitigated from bone plating will not be enough if you play it right as all those champions tend to overkill
: so, are those 99 cents you acumulated on your 99 10$ purchases that is gonna make you go to the market and buy more? the psychology behind the X.99 is that you overlook the 99 cents, so you go check the price on something and it says 2.99 and than you go tell your mother or wife "hey, it's 2$"... that's the psychology behind the X.99 in markets and other stores.
: How do I stop getting tilted for playing against Yasou?
play champions that beat him? plenty of champions can shit on yasuo if you are playing a champion that yasuo tends to beat you will obviously have a hard time if you've ever played maokai into yasuo you know how sad of a life yasuo is gonna have
: Season 9 ruined EUW too
the influencers are to blame for this shit show dom and hash are the main offenders to leagues player base acting like utter garbage pee stains and T1s early career although he is now more of a soft inter but at least he isn't toxic and doesn't run it down play with friends or you have to stomach those losses and just try your best to carry the games you can influence in a perfect world where everybody is trying their absolute best you would still have the exact same in game success so tilting because of assholes leads to nowhere and why is that you may ask? because there is a slightly higher chance that the enemy ints instead of your team you just have to learn to recognize when that happens and to capitalize thats how very good players (not dom and hash) can climb through low elos consistently with 70-80% + win rates some even highter (ratirl almost had a 100 game win streak )
: TFT - URF Overtime Mode
the afk problem isn't only due to the overtime they need to fix this it's usually when a unit gets interrupted between hexes ie if a rengar/lucian die in GA between hexes if a unit dies while being pulled or while rengar is leaping to it and a i think there was one more case where units go afk not sure
Dharky (EUW)
: When are you going to release oracle udyr?
it might be a good skin after they rework udyr but currently it's doodoo
Player 123 (EUNE)
: Bone platting is single-handedly ruining the game
You mean to tell me it's impossible to tag your opponent at least once every 45 seconds in order to remove the plating and then trade after it falls off? league is ruined definitely because you can't trade more than once in 45 seconds
: just realised how shitty the passes are
the same reason items in your local market cost 10.99$ instead of 10.00$
: Somehow I did, 4 RANGER and 6 NOBLE and all this under the GUARDIAN buff And it looked so powerful, it seems to me that it is the strongest that I once did in this game. Btw, I then easily took first place, it looked really cool.
4 rangers 6 nobles is 9 units and braum 10th unit so you had a FoN yeah i could have had Guardians as well but i needed 2 more spatulas and thats not really easy to get
Łux Fetish (EUNE)
: so is the shield still on ?
3 games not sure if the 3rd game demotes or the 4th game demotes you are already tanking so id assume a 3rd loss will demote you if you promoted once you can promote again thats why usually people in higher elos can't really get stuck in a lower elo you already have the skill sets to not be in a lower elo
: there is really nothing that can take the time.. I am playing league from beta but i hate how it is now... I am just addicted because of the memories i had back when i started. I hate and i love the game at the same time. Its like drugs lol.
yea try finding another game or find another hobby
Łux Fetish (EUNE)
: How many games does it take to get demoted from plat 4 to gold ?
Your mmr will tank the more games you lose at 0lp but if your mmr is average then it would be 3 losses at 0 lp after you promote you have 10 games protection and thats about the time most people tank their MMRs heavily
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