nJacob (EUW)
: "Every player should be banned for inting. No exceptions." Agree, and also every toxic player should be banned, no exceptions. However you may also agree that inting is harder to detect than toxicity?
Yes and I have no problem with that. What I have problem with is a sentence "Riot treats everyone equally", because that is simply not true.
nJacob (EUW)
: This is so stupid and childish, of course when you report someone for inting it takes time for them to verify if it's inting or just a bad game/streak of games. Yes, it is possible to go 0-10 without intentionally feeding. On the other hand, it takes almost no time to read a wall of text and see if there was any toxicity in there. It's literally child mentality that "others behave bad so I can behave bad too" is an excuse for you, and let's not even get on the "people who spend money should have some privileges" part which is even more stupid.
How is this childish and stupid. Equality of service isn't stupid and I can't see how that example is showing any equality. There is no equality of treatment in LoL. Saying otherwise is unwise. Every player should be banned for inting. No exceptions. While my acc was banned after a single inting, the other guy was inting 20 matches in a row and I even sent it to Riot. They said that they will look his acc up and he didn't get banned anyways. I cannot respect a company that is doing shitty work.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Spending money should not give you the right to break the rules. The rules apply to everyone, and Riot treats everyone equally.
No, they don't. People can int 20 matches in a row and get no punishment, while others get banned by saying a single word. Saying that everyone is treated equally is foolish here.
: Odyssey missions ruin gameplay. Introduce LFG please!
> What's the point of getting augments, if we're rewarded for not using them? That is exactly what I thought. Riot should reward having fun in the game, just to fix the frustration of its community.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: League is dying term has become meaningless
I don't think that League is dying but this term isn't meaningless. Everything has a meaning and "League is dying" means that people are frustrated. They hate the game.
Sieptium (EUW)
: Odyssey bug?
wtf, do they even test that shit?
Rioter Comments
: As a graves player i demand a nerf.
I mean, why isn't he nerfed yet xd Even I can carry hard on him, that is how broken he is.
Kintaros (EUNE)
: If truth is toxic...then sure.
Truth that what? He isn't a bad player. His conclusions have sense and he might be able to go higher anytime. Telling him that is not something weird.
: I just downvoted for the name and mentality.
Well. He should change his name. You have reasons so it is ok to downvote.
titorr03 (EUNE)
: rito BUFF KATA pls
I don't play her and don't like her, but in my matches I feel like she is weak. In early she just doesn't stand a chance agains ... anything. Only by snowballing she can be playable and her snowballing is a little bit too strong. Changing her would be hard, but possible probably.
: Good bye!
Don't downvote it for no reason. He wasn't unpolite and actually said about his reasons. It might be helpful to Riot when they know why some players quit. They might be not answering, but they read some of those stupid things that we write.
: If I Were Working For Riot Games
I think that we need to give more constructive criticism to them. Ranting doesn't help.
Eambo (EUW)
: No. I can however give you the good old fashioned "parental/Thumper advice" - if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. There's no "definitive list of bad things that you should avoid" - it takes a lot of things into consideration - but generally advice is "don't flame or be a jerk and you should be fine" :-P There are some words that are an absolute no no (racism, encouraging suicide, etc.) - but honestly they fall under the "don't be a jerk" area of discussion.
Would it work to encourage people to use constructive criticism instead of only punishing them? I mean I am just wondering. I had that thought that maybe encouraging people to talk about bad plays in more cultural way would be beneficial to the community, but I don't know it something this idealistic would actually work. Probably not.
: Give shaco some love
Shaco is actually quite popular for a champion that has such ugly and old skins. Maybe after a rework we will see a new skin for him.
: Katarina
People here are biased. I don't play katarina, but even I can see that she is weak. Her laning phase is garbage at best and she is getting dominated at lane to the point that she cannot even roam. Her snowballing is still good and she can carry, but her early is ridiculously weak.
Kintaros (EUNE)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} LOL.
And what is this about? One of your toxic things I guess.
: Spellbinder still generating stacks after being sold
: nah... i only play rankeds until gold V for yearlly rewards... like ive done last year... and could have probably done on the others before but meh... (thats why i like to talk about champions and other stuff, but people always claim "ohh but you are silver/gold"... sure i am because i barelly play rankeds at all... probably could aim to be higher but meh) Currently winning 20+ and losing around 15-18... im on promos for gold V right now (about to start) but im gonna take a small break... usually promos is where all the bad players usually join my team (i know its not a plot to prevent me from climbing, but thats how it feels like) today im like 7-2 in games, so im feeling hopefull in some more wins and eventually get done with rankeds for the rest of the year. About mobi boots, since ive been winning lane so far and i like to roam mid and help jungler (sometimes i even go top), so mobi helps me move around the map to help snowball the game (therefore why sometimes there are some stomps). Knights vow was to help xayah stay alive since she was getting dived by renek and kayn... i dont think it shows but renek was like 6 0 at some point... and kayn went blue kayn... so she needed help to stay alive... i kept peeling for her more than engaging...
Ok. I understand it now. If you like mobi boots so much you might want to learn how to use them more efficiently. As I said, I think you can aim for plat, even if you don't play too much. If you are rly getting 20+ and losing 15-18, then it should achieveable even on this account. Knight's vow is ok and now I actually see why you bought it. I didn't see that rene was 6/0 before going full "typical toplaner" mindset xd If you don't want to go higher for now, then at least don't let people talk shit about you, because you are not a typical silver player. You are not bad. People now are too toxic, bc of Riot's poor decisions. They need to understand that a silver player can also be right sometimes. People are no longer objective about things, they tend to be biased. Keep being positive and have fun. :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: NOTE for people reading this comment without checking the others before: im not naming and shaming... the whole point of the match histories are to show the builds/masteries to prove a point about MF as a champion. 1st game: https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3756112941/206995382?tab=overview - she had dark harvest 2nd game: https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3756194423/206995382?tab=overview - she was probably trolling me, but whatever, thats not the point... still lost 3rd game: https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3756356253/206995382?tab=overview - dark harvest 4th game: https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3756496255/206995382?tab=overview - also dark harvest Im specifying because you cant see runes on the web thingie, but i can see it on my client... so they were building properlly, and had the dark harvest... still lost (except the MF on my team on the 2nd game, but she was... a special case... once again... not the point)
The first match was literally unwinnalbe for them xd They have no engage, they can only sit and wait for your team to go in and kill them. Also no disengage except for nami ult and are all AD. Lethality doesn't work vs armor + all AD means they couldn't win at all, not even do enough dmg. The second match MF trolling and has a rly bad build. Also she was probably the only reason why you lost. Report. The third match ... again absolutely no disengage, except for nami ult. If they go in, they are dead. If they stun and 4v5 they still are unable to win. Also MF has the worst build ever made. Just wtf is this build. That cannot possibly work. She was probably playing first time MF or trolling. EDIT: Ok, I checked her .... she doesn't play ranked ... I don't know why she was in your match at all. This build is bad, but not as bad. She just isn't a good player. The last one. Stomp in 15 min. MF didn't even get to collect stacks of Dark Harvest. She didn't have time to win it. They clicked surr too fast, they should have tryed to win. This guy is actually not bad but he doesn't understand how to pick his champions. He plays too many of them. This match ... they could win it. They had engage and a lot of cc. Strong all-in potential. Idk why they surr this. Wtf is with people in your games. They are actually bad. Rly bad. It seems to me that you are playing quite ok ... some items are questionalbe but they are situational so maybe you needed them (I would never buy mobi boots, they suck). Knight's vow is a good item, but not for rakan, he goes in and out. You are actually quite good. You might go for plat this season. How much lp do you gain and lose?
: 4th game that i had a MF (enemy team), 4th loss for the champion... i dont know man... might be a thing on your games only...
or maybe your mf's are bad and don't play meta build and runes xd that dark harvest on her is broken, maybe you should try playing her. I did on other acc and it was weird. I played badly and still killed a bunch of people. Once caught offguard and oneshot a guy. Try it. It is almost fun to play.
Eveninn (EUW)
: It is true that league tend to be quite flashy and fast, but it's not like it's unbalanced as both sides have the tools to do so. It simply means fights mostly depend on how people manage to get position prior and then on the first few key moments of who finds the burst first. For the record, I personally feel like there is no abundance of 100-0 bursting in league, it is there, but not something overly present. (And then there is the whole thing of tanky items for those not wanting to be oneshot, but I'm feeling a bit too sleepy to get into those more.)
Yup. Get some sleep first. :) You are right, the game can't be unbalanced when both sides suffer on the same level. It is just a bad game design. I am just frustrated. For me this lethality oneshoting/stun locking meta is worse than even tank meta. As for items. Would you actually consider going into other build, when only one build works well on your champion? Most of the time I cannot go into defensive items. Also, I think that getting oneshot, just because you walk too close to a champion that has 3 kills is weird. I mean, my champions aren't that strong with 10 kills. MF gets 3 kills and you get oneshot for comming close to her. She is not even snowballing, she gets those kills and is instantly stronger, while my champions with 3 kills will still have to at least do a full combo to have a chance to kill smb.
: played 7 games of soloQ today (so far) had 3 MFs in my games (2 on the enemy team and 1 in mine)... MF hasnt won a single game... either you are doing something wrong, or your team is... besides that... fed champions tend to be able to kill others quite fast, it has been a thing since forever...
I know that she isn't winning every game. It is just her playstyle that is toxic. She turned for me from a champion that I loved to a champion that I consider toxic and stupid.
Rioter Comments
: Question: Do you still have fun playing League ?
I am ranting too much so I will say only 1 thing. No, I don't have fun. League sux atm.
RogueDek (EUW)
: "Minorities are a class that need to be patronized in order for them to compete meaningfully to Men.
Otivnaig (EUW)
: I Think Riot should fire Daniel Z Klein
This guy is %%%%ed up lol. I mean he is crazy. He thinks that he is right in everything that he says and he is always wrong xd If I were Riot, I would fire him, but let's see how it goes. Riot might be a shitty indie company, but they are not as stupid to not see that he is crazy. Actually all of his arguments are so bad, that even I can destroy them xd
: So your fun goes over everyone elses fun? If you want to feed and do random shit then maybe go play with 4 premades who agree. As you said, its a game made to be fun, but you flaming and doing random stuff(i do that too BUT WITH FRIENDS) makes it no fun for your team
I am an idndividual, why would I care what my team needs. If somebody is playing seriously in normals, they don't have fun, so ruining their game will have no effect on them. They will be frustrated if they win or lose anyways. People are treating the game too seriously. Want to play like pro. They forget that if you don't play for fun then what's the point? League is a game, people don't have fun in it, because they want to play correctly.
XanWing (EUW)
: You clearly didn't get the memo, maybe re-read my post. I don't give a shit about ranked games, or getting flamed in them. I am just questioning why people flame in casual games such as customs or discriminate to people who are at a lower rank. Thank you for your long winded passive agressive answer, paragraphs 2 and 3 were actually good. This isn't about me complaining about not having fun in normals, I take normals seriously (and I don't shit on the people who troll because it's a normal). All I'm saying is that people should stop treating lower ranked players like ass in custom games, because rank isn't everything and customs are for fun. Also I enjoy the game and ranked very much and can't play any other game (Like R6, WoW , Overwatch, ) 'cause I'm a poor ass student with a shitty laptop.
Ok. Getting flamed in normal games and casual doesn't make any sense at all. People are just lost in the competitive aspect of this game and tryhard everywhere, not only on ranked, but also on normal and custom. It is completely not your fault that they behave like this, it is Riot's fault. Riot established that weird dogma that your rank is everything and fun doesn't matter. People don't have fun in this game and are frustrated all the time, because they are always trying to get better at the game, they tryhard even in normals and customs and they can't understand what having fun is. You are right about all of it, they shouldn't bully you and they shouldn't discriminate. They won't understand it tho. They are taught to play competitively and care about ranks by Riot. It always goes from the top of the hierarchy to the bottom.
: what can i say.. congrats on being this mature guy that has fun by shittalking ppl behind a monitor.. good for you my man
This is a GAME. Wtf are you even talking about. The only reason to play a game is to have fun. You are all lost in competitive aspect of this game, while there is something else to do. You can have fun. People that tryhard on normals make me sick. There is literally no logic behind that.
: Almost glad that I got banned.
This game will make you toxic again or you will quit. Riot doesn't care about us.
DylxnBK (EUW)
: Pattern which causes Toxicity
I never blame a player, I blame Riot for S8 being a shithole.
Deadmake (EUW)
: random FPS drops & loooooooooong load screens since 8.17
I literally fixed my laptop so hard that Fifa 18 is working on ultra and League is still working like shit xd
: RIOT U DIDNT SOLVED porblem with FPS drop and tearing!!!
I literally fixed my laptop so hard that Fifa 18 is working on ultra and League is still working like shit xd
XanWing (EUW)
: Sorry!{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Ok. So you want me to make a constructive comment, because GIT GUUD isn't good enough. First of all, I don't give a %%%%. Second of all, I will still do this. Being a bronze is no crime and I don't want to be mean to you. You are just having fun. I played for ranks and can hit platinum on every champ probably. Lets say ... I didn't have fun. Now, that I play for fun and troll and tower dive all the time I have fun. For me playing for ranks is a waste of time. This game doesn't work as a fun game to play with your friends nor as a competitive game. If you want to have fun there will be 9 guys that will report you for that. What I would suggest you to do: Don't play ranked ever. Play for fun. Don't give a shit about people that flame you. You are just playing a game. Those people think that you are ruining their game, while they are ruining yours too. Just play the game for fun or don't play it at all. Playing for ranks is a waste of time. Getting better at the game gives you nothing. If by some reason you discover that League isn't fun (because it isn't): Play Divinity 2, Football Manager 18, Fifa 18, Total War: Arena, Fortnite, PUBG (only if you like camping), Gungeon or any other game. All of them are more fun. Especially Divinity 2, this game is great. You can solve puzzles, feel powerful, use strategies, progress the story and the plot is really enjoyable. If you want to play with friends, then there are Heroes 5, Civilization or even Stronghold Crusader. Or play something more dynamic, like Flatout or Burnout Paradise.
: So nobody can enjoy the game just because YOU do not enjoy it?Huh, so if I tell you that I enjoy the game I am delusional?Interesting opinion.Next time I try a game I will ask you if it's worth my time.
You don't have to ask xd The game is shit, the best thing for you is to play something else. There will be a time when you discover how cowardly Riot acts and then you will be the same as I am. You will definitely hate this game.
: a thought about toxicity
I like being toxic. I don't give a shit about other people. Why would I? I want to have fun. Besides that, in normal matches you should be able to do whatever you want without consequences. If somebody wants to tryhard, then go fkn ranked. I want to have fun, i will talk shit and will probably feed and tower dive. In normal, the thing that makes me angry is tryharding. Why do people even tryhard on normals? Just %%%% off to ranked and let me tower dive.
: Should we also give{{item:3157}} stasis to AD items? There are niche items...deal with it...
Yes we should.
: There is Banshee's Veil for AP champions.
Which is useless.
: Being forced to buy {{item:3140}} is not a bad design... It would be too op if it built into multiple stuff... Everyone would have it. Now it's just there if you need it. And if you need it.... Oh you REALLY need it.
Why doesn't it build up into any AP item? That is bullshit. Why AD is favoured here and AP always %%%%ed.
CJXander (EUNE)
: ARAM Quests are a NIGHTMARE
Tbh they are easy, but are dictating us how to play. Take the snowballs or feed the poro. I don't %%%%ing want to do that. Let him starve and I want my ignite not a %%%%ing usless snowball xd
: Thank you Riot.
Oh no you hurt their precious feelings xd Now they will kill themselves, because that is what a normal human does xd
: If you get hit by CC and die because of it It's mostly bad positioning. Or you got outplayed. Hard CC while very punishing is often easy to dodge. Not to mention {{item:3140}}
Yea? Point and click CC is really easy to dodge? I agree that with skillshots it is mostly bad positioning, but should you really die for that? Zoe showed us how anoying it is when somebody gets ccd and dies without any chance to respond. Being forced to buy an item {{item:3140}} that doesn't build into anything useful is a bad game design. I am not saying that cc should be removed. I am saying that it is too long. 4-5 sec is a lot of time. And while almost every champion has cc, if you get hit once by cc you are dead. They will pile up on you or stun you again. Which means that you cannot move 10 sec. That is longer than you are dead and waiting for respawn lul
: Why are so many people unable to see the difference between a stun and a root? Root = Unable to move, Stun = Unable to do anything. So Ryze has a root, not a stun. Boy. Yeah right, it is pretty bad that Assassins get countered by Tanks + CC. I mean, they burst down squishy targets in one second, but there should be no counterplay to it so that every zombie is able to do that...right? Also Skillshot-CC can be dodged...btw the Anivia Stun is one...should not be that hard for high mobility champs.
I know the difference between stun and root, it just doesn't matter here. You are missing the point. I am not saying that CC should be removed, but its duration should be lowered. It is toxic that you get ccd for 4 sec and then smb can cc you for the next 3-4 sec. It doesn't matter if it can be dodged, what matter is if that should really be 3-4-5 sec. Even 1 sec CC is enough to trade and apply full combo. Of course there should be some champions with more CC, but now everybody has 3,4,5 sec CC, which is %%%%%%ed.
: If they don't revert runes and the last 3 assassins (Shaco, kata, Talon) remaining I will cry
Yea. Runes are kinda dumb. Shaco is broken but not fun to play. He became a meta pick. We can only hope for S9, but maybe there is no hope xd
: Due to all the CC in the game champions like Katarina are slowly becoming unplayable
I agree. I stopped playing her because of cc. She is only playable in certain situations (when there is less cc in a match).
: Plays Shaco. Has an issue with CC.
What I care about is the game, not my champion. Like, Katarina is almost unplayable. Yi is broken and has pathetic winrate, because he cannot move. Even when I stun smb with Anivia on EUW then I feel like it is kinda too long. Like, if you stun smb then he is almost 100% dead. People now buy qss and take cleanse more often because otherwise then can't move. I played Ryze and you don't upgrade w untill lvl 13 or so. LVL 1 "w" can stun for like 1 sec and you still can hit a full combo if you time it correctly. CC is making this game dumber, because it is too long.
Blakex13x (EUW)
Best of luck. Try League in Season 9, if it will be still shit then don't go back. I will wait for S9 too.
: I don't know what to do anymore... (Ranked rant + seeking help)
Don't care about ranked. Soloq is fkd so just wait for Season 9 then maybe if it won't be as shit as this one hit gold or plat.
: No offense, but you are literally complaining about an S tier champion. If he needs changes then it's all nerfs, not buffs.
Em. He said about changes not buffs and I hit plat with Shaco and can hit diamond but I still don't consider him a good champion. In the past he was fun to play but not fun to play against. Now he is not even fun to play. You can win with him and he is strong but he isn't Shaco. He became a boring ass champion. None of Shaco mains enjoy playing him or playing the game, mostly because AP Shaco is dead. And that meta with Duskblade and Stormrazor existing and being abused by everybody is just boring and absurd. Meta that is based on abusing op shit.
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