DavidFlame (EUNE)
: why did i get banned Riot Games?
Few easy steps to climb and to improve yourself - Stop paying attetion on your teammates mistakes and pay more attention on your mistakes. For example if you have thresh that missing 60% of his hooks and his pathing is horrible and you keep paying attention on his mistakes you most likely wont see your mistakes and the most important thing is That you will be on your next game and the chance of this thresh to be in your next game is like 1% or even lower. - Have fun , a lot of people saying you cant have fun in ranked , and if you want to have fun go on normal games .. but thats not true. Yeah you must tryhard in order to climb but you cant do that without having fun too. im not saying that you have to pick janna ad midlane ... you can play your main champions and still have fun. just relax and follow the first tip i gave you. - If you see somebody is negative dont chat with him. Chatting with tilted/negative person wont lead to anything good. You will make him even more tilted or negative and that will lead to more chatting ... and more chatting means less focusing on the game and that reduces your chances of winning. Use the mute option :) - Accept the fact that you cant win every single game. Sometimes you will lose games no matter what.... even pro players losing games. Take it as chance to learn something. - Dont be mad if you play againts higher div. player ... i see that most of the times in my recent account people are like : omg! im gold 2 and im matched againts plat 3 ... ty riot ... NO! thats a great chance for you to learn .... if you play againts low players and stomp them every single time you wont learn ... if you play againts stronger players however you can improve your mech. and map awarness?.. yeah xD - Find a buddy to play with ^^ ... find somebody that is not toxic at all and trust me you will have a lot of fun playing with that person Hope my advices to help you! and remember next time before you use the chat : its easier to say 100 bad words instead of 1 good, but this 1 word can change a lot of things :)
Thepital (EUW)
: What is wrong with Platinum?
from my personal experience gold 1 - plat 4 / plat 1 - d4 ... are the most toxic players in the whole game .... - gold 1 players because : they are 1 step away from plat and they are under "huge"pressure cuz they want to be plat so badly and they flaming a lot if they start losing the game. - plat 4 players because: they finally made it to plat and they think they are gods that can play everything and everywhere , they believe they know everything about the game and will focus on your mistakes and try to "teach you" how the game works. in few words every1 is below them they are on the top - plat 1 players because : they are 1 step away from "high elo" aka diamond and they are so excited ... and same as gold they are so toxic if they start losing. and at last d4 players : they finally made it to diamond and same as plat they feel on the top of the world , they dont take any critics because they are always right well they got diamond so they are the gods of the game. it gets better from d2 and above but to get there you need to waste a lot of nerves on those type of players. pst sorry for my bad grammar ^^
: Would you be able to provide proof ? The system doesn't work like that. I highly doubt that you can get multiple temporary bans, one after another. I personally know a bunch of cases where a perma came after the 14 day one. Never two 14days in a row. So yea, you should provide some proof in order to get credibility. The ban cards, or the games from said account's history on which you got each punishment. Otherwise, sadly I'll take this as a poor attempt to undermine Riot.
Hello Lane Police , yes of course but for now i really dont want to share the account im doing this experiment on because: ap0calypse or whatever his name was feeded like 20 games in a row with his disco nunu and didnt got ban and as soon his games hit the reddit and forums he got ban , i dont want riot seeing what im doing to effect my test but theres something. Before i start doing the test on this silver account i actually start doing it on this one , i got 3 times 14 days ban if you want you can scroll in my match histroy from few months and you can see Riven and Yasuo games where im feeding like super hard and im getting ban cuz of those games. i changed account cuz i realised how much money i spend on this one lol. Btw in like 12-13 days i will try to get another ban on my other acc and will update you guys if something happens <3
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No Ganks (EUW)
: But without seeing the context you don't know if he is right or if he is just informing his allies to it be like someone saying peel me i can carry its 30 minutes and they got 1 item . ure negative and inting for all i know this is true cause i don't get any other info it has always felt like there hiding behind claiming people are toxic to ban people hoping they will spend more money on new accounts showing people purely there chat logs has always seem deceptive to me considering i have also seem bans on people for not communicating to there teams remember singed support they said he was banned for not telling teams his plans so your not allowed to mute people either or you can be banned for not telling people wutever your suppose to idk .
it doesnt matter who is right and who is wrong , theres a mute button for that ... lets say for example his teammate is 0-5 , he is already tilted chatting to him its gonna make the situation even worse so better ignore what is he saying and move on for example : adc is 0-3 he start flaming his support ( his support mutes him) but instead the midlaner decides to "protect the support" and start responding to the adc , adc gets even more tilted , in a minute midlaner is tilted too cuz adc just wont stop so the mid keep talking and he is less focused on the game , and then the jungler joins too since mid is not paying attention on the game and start flaming mid , mid right now is the biggest flamer in the team cuz he is super mad/tilted ... thats how games are lost and people gets ban! and thats how i lost my last promo games lol
Noctiss (EUNE)
: People value their life more than nexus
well once i could win a game but the kai'sa in my team had 8-0-6 and she said : i will stay in spawn cuz i dont want to ruin my kda... like WHAT! that was the weirdest thing ive ever seen in league ... well 2nd weirdest thing ... the first one was a guy complaining of us winning the game... the yes he was in my team and he was mad cuz we won the game
l3azyl (EUNE)
: The morality of League of Legends
Next time mute the person that flames you! Fighting flame with flame is the worst thing you can do... (but im only defending myself) i will give you example once my mid and adc had *teamfight* in the chat lol and adc was hard flaming him and the mid *defending himself* stood on mid next to the turret and chatted for like 1-2 minutes fall 1 levle behind and died and then flamed enemy midlaner cuz he killed him when he was chatting. if the mid just muted the adc maybe he could win midlane but nope he decided to *defend* himself and cuz of that he lost mid and enemy midlaner snowball from that ... we lost the game ^^
Ladrac (EUNE)
: Once you reach your peak division...
dont focus on your teammates mistakes and focus more on yours :3 , be calm , if you lose a game take a little break dont go into another game right away because you can tilt really easily
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Special anti low plays/trolling system
Dude seeing your match history you better hope riot wont make this system true otherwise you wont be able to play at all. lol
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I always warn people to be careful
so heres a little fun story , i played a game few days ago and i played riven vs teemo at toplane and ofc teemo had lane domination i died once and my adc start flaming me, calling me names etc.. treathing that hes gonna report me for feeding. i told him to calm down and the flame wont do anything in this situation. he told me that hes not flaming and hes saying the truth that im trash etc.......... and then he used some homophobic words. i muted him after that and tried to comeback i end up 4-3-8 and losing the match but after the game i reported him anddddd the most satisfying thing happened <3 . He posted on the forums that he got a ban and dont deserve it.He said that riot are defending feeders and that he actually didnt flamed me once . oh man that moment i felt so good.
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