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: I want to jump in here. Unless you display serious toxicity, you won't get a restriction for just "one game". Chat restrictions are applied when you're displaying toxicity over multiple games - you'll only get logs for the most recent though. So chances are that it was more than what you think it was. Regarding your logs, it's a lot of negativity and complaining. That doesn't help anyone, and quite frankly, you just shouldnt be doing it. It makes you look bad, it tilts your team mates... really it just doesn't achieve anything.
Well, from what i remember i've been "toxic" only in this game. That's why im actually surprised because I thought that u had to be toxic in multiple games to be banned
: Why not ? Riot TOS is pretty simple. You follow some simple rules, you don't get in trouble. You break said rules, you get punished, depending on what you did. You didn't get an instant perma, that would have been overkill, you got the lowest tier punishment issued, for being negative in a game. Nothing out of order here.
Yeah but but that "lowest tier punishment" is too much. Getting honor is too hard, I wouldn't be surprized if I would be like lvl 2-3 by the end of season 9
Hresvelg (EUW)
: ***
When i say "chat ban" i meant chat restriction :P. Its not my first time. Its my third time. Last two were last season
Hresvelg (EUW)
: ***
Like i said in other comment: Do you really thing being "negative" for one game out of ~200 deserves a chat ban?
Smerk (EUW)
: why do you think there's report option called "negative attitude"?
Even if it was deserved I don't think i should get banned for being "negative" for one game...
: you literally flamed your jungler whole game xd
If that's flaming i don't know how other can i answer to someone trashtalking me without using toxic words lol
JenShen (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=QuerXes,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=q9MKKjNV,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-11-11T15:00:24.614+0000) > > Before u read it, i wanna explain something. I was complaining about him whole game ( even enemies agreed with me, lol ). But complaining about someone isn't bannable, is it? > In-Game... first i really do not like the style you write, so annoying, but other than that i cant see anything that punish deserving it is jsut annoying for me that you write every word on new line. complaining could be annoying too , I personally thinks that such nonsense should not be punished, but riot has automated system that decide who to punish and who not, so, you can only sent ticket for Riot support and ask them to tell you what you did wrong, but they probably will tell you you were spamming and grieving I do not really see some hard flaming , just spamming
I only write that when im tilted, when im not i write normally :P Yeah, i agree with you, I was annoying but not toxic. I don't deserve that chat ban...
JenShen (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=QuerXes,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=q9MKKjNV,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-11T14:49:15.456+0000) > > I got chat banned right before end of season for using literally 1 toxic word: "trash". I get it, i shouldn't use that word. But still, 1 word and I got chat banned instantly, are you kidding me Riot? I understand if I would be toxic whole game but this? Its a %%%%ing joke. I don't know how i will get my honor back if i can use any offensive words toward my teammates throughout whole season. Its literally impossible, everyone sometimes has moments where they cant stand it anymore and say toxic word. I get something like that once every 200 games. Some people will say "just /mute all, lol". Imo communication with ur teammates is important and pings aren't enough so muting isn't an option here. I used that word towards my jungler that was not nice to me as well but i didn't report him after game because I didn't consider him that toxic that he deserves a ban. So from your logic i should report everyone that is not nice to me? That's not how it should work... can you coppy paste the chat so we can see the whole thing and then we can comment
Before u read it, i wanna explain something. I was complaining about him whole game ( even enemies agreed with me, lol ). But complaining about someone isn't bannable, is it? Just to have some context: When i said he did nothing as well, i answered to him when he said that "jax didnt gank you, he did nothing" Also whole game i was just trying to explain to him that I didnt lose bcs of him but he should gank so I wont lose my lane > Game 1 In-Game QuerXes: i dont speak chinese QuerXes: they are too QuerXes: graves QuerXes: i need agank QuerXes: ? QuerXes: i just QuerXes: ask QuerXes: for QuerXes: gank QuerXes: wtf QuerXes: u didnt QuerXes: gank QuerXes: mid QuerXes: so uare QuerXes: u did nothing QuerXes: as QuerXes: well QuerXes: lol QuerXes: no ganks mid QuerXes: :/ QuerXes: yeah QuerXes: report QuerXes: me QuerXes: for 0 jungle impact QuerXes: on midlane QuerXes: where QuerXes: i QuerXes: begged QuerXes: for QuerXes: gank QuerXes: I KNOW QuerXes: dude QuerXes: i was losing lane and i asked for gank QuerXes: u didnt QuerXes: came QuerXes: so i lost QuerXes: even more QuerXes: its ur fault QuerXes: not me QuerXes: and ik QuerXes: u cant QuerXes: play QuerXes: jng QuerXes: 0 QuerXes: ganks QuerXes: mid QuerXes: i wanted QuerXes: gank QuerXes: since QuerXes: min QuerXes: 3 QuerXes: u never QuerXes: came QuerXes: LIKE ME QuerXes: THAT QuerXes: STANDS QuerXes: UNDER TOWER QuerXes: AND ASKS QuerXes: FOR QuerXes: GANK QuerXes: I QuerXes: STOOD QuerXes: UNDER QuerXes: TOWER QuerXes: FRO QuerXes: 15 MINS QuerXes: AND U DIDN GANK QuerXes: graves thinks just because jax didnt gank mid i was supposed to win lane QuerXes: XD! QuerXes: XD! QuerXes: u know whats insane QuerXes: that i dont have jungler QuerXes: no i wont QuerXes: graves QuerXes: is QuerXes: pure QuerXes: trash QuerXes: no QuerXes: u didnt lose my lane QuerXes: but i asked for help so I wouldnt lose lane and u didnt came QuerXes: ??? QuerXes: what QuerXes: zed QuerXes: play for what QuerXes: when graves walked right trough middle of my lane at 2 min i knew its lost :/ QuerXes: dont mind graves, for him blue > baron
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