: what do you mean by "regular season"
The games start next weekend i think. Then you can do mission.
: That just isn't true though. i won my first game and got placed silver 4. thats 2 tiers down. Even if i win every single one of my promos i'd max be like g2.. And with the level of autofill and leavers, we all know that _ain't gon' happ'n son _
If it put u s4 after ur first win, it means ur mmr was bad. What was your winrate?
: Gaining no lp in placements
It puts you a tier down from what you were. If you were p3 you'll get around g3. You have to grind more in order to get back to plat
: In low elo you dont really need to play a carry . Just dont die . Low elo folks will run into you anyway like headless chickens most of the time . Just pick something durable that's also able to shove waves and apply pressure in your lane. Both Voli and Garen are perfect for this . Stack tenacity , build sunfire , and just shove and push , focusing on not dying . Eventually you'll be at their inhib while they run around aimlessly. Take inhib rinse repeat for the other 2 lanes. After that game should be a wrap. This works well in bronze , silver , up until gold 4. In gold you'll have to start adapting more to the situation rather than using this cookie cutter "dont die and just shove" strat. The push through gold to plat will require you to build on that and it will require more proactive play. But tbh , I was hard stuck mid gold for 5 seasons , before pushing to plat 4 on this account and plat 3 on an alt in season 9. So you can do it !
I managed to get p2 2 years ago so I'm not hardstuck bronze dude :P But let's be honest P2 is also low elo. I managed to fix my winratio btw. The key was to perma split as shaco if my team was losing. Enemies go crazy when they are siting ARAM mid and I take inhib bot :P
: " i want to carry the game " mentality can lose you a lot of games
1/10 games that my team actually carries me, I just sit afk in the jungle drinking my water, saying thank you for free LP.
Rioter Comments
: It's kind of funny because it seems like the ancient war between communities has ended. You don't see **anyone** talking DOTA 2 vs LoL anymore... It used to be such a meme. Apparently someone is still onto it though ^^
True. What's the point anyways? I enjoy both games, I just spend more time with league. I'm sad with how Dota2 is developing though :( It's a waste.
Beolius (EUW)
: Please dont imply everyone to everyone but your self ok? I can see that your opinion matters the most and applies to "everyone". There should be option to play ladder games solo as it used to be. Instead riot opened doors to boosting and smurfing an a new level never seen before. If this is not a problem for you then be my guest!
Most people in here are Low Elo, and probably you too. As I said, DuoQ is not a problem in Low Elo. Low Elo is a circus.
Chriddenk (EUW)
https://www.pcgamebenchmark.com/league-of-legends-system-requirements check if your PC can actually run it? What CPU do you have?
: How are the Wolds Teams chosen?
https://lol.gamepedia.com/LEC/2019_Season/Championship_Points It's almost the same for all regions. But there are differences. You can just Google the region you're interested in. I sent you a link for LEC.
Beolius (EUW)
: This is gotta be the most idiotic comment of 2020. So u create a problem first then just to add to injury you arer trying to balance it in such way? You trully desevre your stupid mm system.
> [{quoted}](name=Beolius,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4VTfIr0X,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2020-01-08T10:44:07.457+0000) > > This is gotta be the most idiotic comment of 2020. So u create a problem first then just to add to injury you arer trying to balance it in such way? You trully desevre your stupid mm system. Not really a problem, especially in Low Elo. You're probably Silver/Gold so premades don't really affect you. I can see why it could be a problem in Challenger. But everyone usually goes DuoQ in challenger anyways so..
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: LoL < Dota 2
You know that Dota2 is destroyed right? It used to be an amazing game, but even pro players are leaving Dota2 right now. Giving item drops in minions. I laughed my ass off when I heard that.
Beolius (EUW)
: It is not ok to have premade refuse in ranked games!
Premades are being matched against teams with higher MMR to even things out.
csuree (EUNE)
: trash-talking and general disrespect
> Did you all play with your parents any game and when you won say EZ? YES, YES and.. YES! Every time I won a game in my life I would boast about it. And receive my family's or friends' boasting every time I lost and they won. Boasting is fun! :D Also, it's ok being salty when you lose. When I was a kid I even cried because I was angry that I lost :P
Mr Struggle (EUNE)
: What exactly is this and how do I reach a functioning client?
It's a client think. I'm pretty sure it'll get fixed on its own eventually.
: A throwback to better times, when "toxicity"/"toxic" wasn't so completely...mainstream...in language
_**Toxic**_ Adjective used to describe usually very negative person, that %%%%% about everything, spread unnecessary hate or just talk shit about others. You can meet these people in any online game community and they are the main coin of online gaming. or The definition of toxic is something poisonous, or something very harmful or bad. A poison that will cause you to become very ill is an example of something that would be described as toxic. A relationship that is very bad for your mental health is an example of something that would be described as toxic.
: I heavily disagree with that opinion. Of course you'll need to practice, but you'll also need to begin to understand what works and what wont work etc. I suggest you watch other people play the role you play or some educational videos: **Only playing won't get you towards your destination as you may think** Also Quality is greater than Quantity, if you play, lets say, 8 games per day, youll win about 50% of the first 4 games and then you'll most likely burn out, become tilted/distracted/inattentive and loose much more games. While tilted you'll play worse and even mediocre plays by opponents may seem very good and unbeatable. You can counteract that by either watching other people play or even **watch your own replays(which is the best way to improve) and take notes on what you did wrong and what you can improve**. Also I agree that every player has a cap, but that cap should be D4. S3 is not a skill cap and more likely somebody playing for fun and not competitively. If you want to be coached just add me: Tibbers is Daddy. And I'll try my best to keep you from being burned out xd {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I agree with everything but not with the last part. Not every player's cap is D4. D4 and S3 have a huge skill cap. Some players cannot overcome this skill cap.
: so a champion got bilions of nerfs and she is still so strong, and you dare to say she isnt broken at all? strong after so many nerfs and not broken?
Nerfed wave clear which makes her laning difficult. Huge ult cd which makes her all in and her teamfight utility have a smaller impact. She is squishy. Her E has a big cd. Her shroud is a pretty good ability which synergizes with her kit but it's not broken. She is basically similar to zed. You try to get her to use W E in lane which both have huge cds. Then your jungle goes in and u kill her because she has no escape. At 6 she has ult but if you draw it out, you have more than 1 min to get your jungle to gang you before it's up again. In teamfights, it's diffucult to execute your combos and do MAX dps with akali, so if you can avoid her main cds she is practically useless. Worst case scenario in teamfights she will one shot your adc, which is something all assassins/mages/bruisers can do already. So which part of her do you find broken? o.O
: Brand needs a rework
> [{quoted}](name=toxic as hell,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=J7srzbEF,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-22T00:59:15.924+0000) > > This champion is autopilot press R. No, he is not.
: So troll now have a choice of darius or overbuffed Morde darius mate.
YO, there are {{item:3123}} {{item:3165}} or {{item:3076}}. There's also {{summoner:14}}. All those apply Grievous Wounds, which reduce Healing Effects like Darius Q. Thank me later &lt;3
: Legacy Skins
There's a chance you'll get legacy skins from chests.
Çhip (EUW)
: Balance Master Yi
> Master Yi is too broken, it's not fun playing against someone that can tower dive full HP team late game (ALONE) He is not broken. > Please balance him, i'm perma banning him till then. Good idea.
Sinking (EUW)
: Who's better to main? now with a poll!
Nørth (EUNE)
: Remember when Riot removed Dodge as a stat because it was an RNG factor?
> How about we finally remove or rework critical chance as well? Because it is the only obvious RNG factor left in the game as well as the most unhealthy one {{champion:523}} {{champion:523}} {{champion:523}}
: Malzahar's Ult should be a skillshot
{{champion:25}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:412}} {{item:3140}} {{item:3222}} SO many picks you can choose from to basically negate Malzahar support. Also his ult range is small, basically he will try to flash R you. Flash has a 5 min CD and even if he Rs you it's not guaranteed he will get a kill.(Again see all those champ above that can easily cc him) Being safe from the enemy jungle when you're mid is a whole other topic and has nothing to do with Malzahar. There are many good jungle/mid combinations that can guarantee a kill on the enemy mid laner that are much more broken than Malzahar Flash R setup. Also thing about {{champion:1}} or {{champion:54}} R or even {{champion:518}} R. They are technically skill shots and they are still easier to hit than Malz R. While also doing AOE Stun and Damage.
: 1) According to op.gg duskblade into ghostblade has higher winrate than youmuus first. 2) Let people play what they want 3) If your average score on pyke is 14-4-20 how the hell are you still gold?
> 3) If your average score on pyke is 14-4-20 how the hell are you still gold? You can easily get a good KDA with Pyke if all you're doing is running around the map pressing R for kills then W/E to safety.
: > [{quoted}](name=GamingZimon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zoL10E1k,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-22T23:22:48.486+0000) > > ... get a 14/4/20 with him. That's at least my AVERAGE score with him. So basically, you are claming to have AT LEAST (all caps cause soooo important) a higher AVERAGE (not sure why this is all caps too but I stick with your choice here, maybe its averager than average when its in all caps) KDA with him than pro players can ? While being a Gold player yourself ? That claim is so absurd that I am not even going to bother criticizing you for it. Instead, I am genuinely interested: what goes through the minds of ppl who post such a, lets call it, "bold" claim on the forums ? What is the goal behind such a boast ? Is it meant as a joke ? Is it meant to somehow be a confidence booster for yourself ? Is it a meme I missed ? I am genuinely interested in learning what motivates players to do this.
> So basically, you are claming to have AT LEAST (all caps cause soooo important) a higher AVERAGE (not sure why this is all caps too but I stick with your choice here, maybe its averager than average when its in all caps) KDA with him than pro players can ? While being a Gold player yourself ? Being a Gold player means you're playing against Gold players. This means that you can have a higher average than a Pro player in your own elo. But if you put him in a challenger match his average will obviously won't be as good.(or not good at all) > Instead, I am genuinely interested: what goes through the minds of ppl who post such a, lets call it, "bold" claim on the forums ? What is the goal behind such a boast ? > Is it meant as a joke ? > Is it meant to somehow be a confidence booster for yourself ? > Is it a meme I missed ? > > I am genuinely interested in learning what motivates players to do this. That's the whole point of the internet. It's a place where you can write anything you want. AND boasting is fun. Basically, you play League for fun, or write on League boards for fun. Why not boast a bit for fun as well? :P Btw OP was not toxic. He was just stating an opinion. A bit childish but still nothing too weird.
Yo, climb higher than Gold 4 and you'll rarely see Yi in your matches.
MarijaCarry (EUNE)
: Honestly, just bring back green smite so you can nerf Lee Sin
The meta suits Lee Sin and that's why he is strong. If you wanna match him early game try picking some early game monsters like Olaf or Elise or even Rek'sai. But let's be honest, early game junglers don't work that well in low elo. Even if a Lee Sin goes 10-0 in the early game, when I play Skarner or Sejuani I negate everything he does after 20 mins. Just learn what picks work better against him, and he'll eventually get outscaled.
: Is Lulu still viable as Mid/Top?
In low elo anything can work. Lulu is a pretty decent support role atm and even if you play her mid your main role will still be supporting throughout the game. Atck speed Lulu is not meta, but it can work if you're good enough and your opponent is dumb enough. No 1v9 potential though. If you liked Lulu back in the day, and you really wanna play mid/top I would recommend you check out some Neeko gameplay(Either atck speed or Glacial Augment).
: Can someone explain placement lp gains ?
If you're asking if it's possible to get challenger by winning all your placements games, it's not :P You'll probably get bronze/silver maybe even low gold. After that it's all about grinding. Have in mind that if you play ranked in the start of the season the ladder is coming down so it's going to be hard to even get bronze on placements.
IkPatrick (EUNE)
: This mechanic also exists in HOTS but it's not limited to a champion anyone can kill the camps and make them come into the lane. I think it would've been too chaotic to let everyone do this (in league) that's why i thought Ivern would greatly benefit from this mechanic.
It would be super fun. And it would be strong especially for split push. We would see a lot of Iverns with Teleport/Smite. And some nice strats like taking herald, ganking and killing top lane then taking your camps with you and pushing down two turrets with your top laner. Then recall and double TP bot for another turret or two. OOF
: My MMR
No, it does not. You have a 62% win rate. Your MMR is pretty good. 24 LP are a lot. Keep playing and you'll reach Plat in no time.
: what is the best to level up to 30?
If you're going to play bots all the way, just buy an ADC built atck speed and push 24/7. Try to end the game before ~14 min. Have in mind that 7 min have to pass for you to get exp. Also get DEMOLISH for turrets. I think buying Statick Shiv as your first item is pretty good because it's rather cheap and helps you wave clear faster. Probably statick then stormrazor and try to end before 14. BTW you always go mid lane.
: Is Ranked Scuffed
I checked your matches for the last two weeks. The higher you were playing was Gold 3 - Gold 2 so even if you climbed to Gold 1 you were actually a bit lower to begin with. Then you had some huge loss streaks. An 8 games lose streak then a 6 games lose streak and some 3-4 games lose streaks. Your win ratio is 47% right now. You basically fell from Gold 3- Gold 2 to Gold 4 after the first lose streak then kept falling to silver 1 average MMR. So it's not weird for Riot to match make you with Silver/Bronze players. If you deserve Gold 1, don't tilt, and you'll be able to carry the silver games. If you deserve low gold then your MMR and the people you play with will be around Silver 1-Gold 4. Have in mind that even if there's a bronze player in your games, the tier average is still silver 1- gold 4. Basically, to win in ranked games you have to learn to carry your team. Having huge loss streaks and a 47% win ratio shows that you can't carry your games easily and riot did a good job to demote you to low gold.
: Senna is one of the reasons this game sucks
There's something called a BAN button. Use it.
: yo can we nerf akali
She is not broken at all. She already had so many nerfs. She is a strong assassin but she cannot 1v9 by any means. Just learn how to play the match up and stop complaining.
Hajrulla (EUW)
: Yasuo S?
Don't forget to buy sweepers and control wards. Use them every time you the enemy puts a ward or every time you're looking for a pick or every time you're setting up for an objective. Good vision score will raise your chance of getting S.
: -21LP For losing + 17LP For winning
I checked your op.gg I don't think you're bad, just keep playing your best and don't tilt. BTW I see you play ezreal a lot. I don't think he is that good in preseason. Try and play 1v9 meta champs and you'll win more, thus fixing your MMR. BTW you need 8 straight wins to get 50% win ratio. After that you'll probably get more LP than you lose.
: Honor system
Don't write in chat. Always honor the guy with the best KDA in your team, even when you lose. The better you play, the most chances you have that your team will honor you. I think if you play more games --> Get/give more honor --> The faster you'll rise (But I'm not sure) People abused the honor system by honoring in bot games(IDK if this applies anymore though)
Pepeu2445 (EUNE)
: Autofill thing
Mid was always the most popular role in soloq. I remember back in season 2 the good old "mid or feed" spam. The only real solution to this is riot giving players the option to wait more to get their primary role. What I mean is, if you want to only play mid you can have a button were you get a higher time queue but are guaranteed to get mid role. And tbh idk if this would work either. It's a huge player base, you can't always have what you want(unless you play support :D)
: OP
Then wait a patch or two before buying skins for a new champ :P
Aneekee (EUW)
: Riot treating there player base like mindless blankChecks
I didn't play many games in season 9 and I still got around 20 free skins, all of them epic and legendaries except two 975rp ones. Before hectech crafting the only free skins you would get from riot would be the Victorious skin if you reached gold. So I don't really agree with your post.
: Need some guidance to achieve last S+ with fizz to get mastery lvl 7
You already have 2 mastery 7 tokens. So that means you'll be able to get your third one as well. Just keep playing your best.
IkPatrick (EUNE)
: Integrate the "Jungle Army" into Ivern's passive/kit
It would make the champion much more fun to play for sure. This already exists on Dota2 and is a hero you will see a lot in your games. https://dota2.gamepedia.com/Nature%27s_Prophet#Abilities They are the same thematically as well :P
14881988 (EUW)
: RIot has gone bonkers!
It is not weird you got a ban. You were toxic in all games. Try and write less in chat. /fullmute all helps a lot if people are tilting you :D
: Well you post us a video of you carrying a team of four inting bots with tanky supp like Braum or Tahm if it's so easy.
It's hilarious that you actually believe it's hard to do that :D Add me and when I get back from Christmas vacation I can play a game and you can spectate. xD
: I don't know where I'm going wrong.
Keep doing your best and eventually you'll climb. Even pro players have losing streaks. Expand your champion pool a bit. Ahri is decent but there are much better 1v9 mid laners out there.
: Not getting anywhere in Ranked can be pretty depressing. Help anyone?
To achieve a goal, you need practice. The more you play the better you'll become and the higher the chance you'll climb. You have to understand though, that every player has a cap. A friend of mine has been playing League for 8 years and he is still Silver 3. So, try and play your best and don't forget to always have fun. If you feel that League applies a lot of pressure in your life, take a break for a few months.
BlueJder (EUW)
: nerf caitlyn
Her laning phase is the strongest aspect of her. If they nerf it, she will become unplayable. She gets outscaled from every other ADC in the mid game.
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