owow (EUNE)
: About the capsule abuse
thats not even a compensation giving every one 5 capsules, they would even lose more then to those few thousand players who abused this bug. imagine this scenario. A bank got robbed, millions of euros are gone. . . You have the chance to escape the jail for 14 minutes because the prison keeper just messed up something. Would you escape or not? 1: Yes i would abuse this one time chance by fleeing the jail, and will life a good life with this money. (abusing the 1BE Bug) 1b: No i stay here, i dont deserve to abuse this chance and stay here right for my punishment. (those who didnt abuse this bug) 1c: to all those who fleed, the police must search and bring them back to jail. (yes riot you messed up something for 14min, so you have to revert it even tho it needs a couple of months.) why would be giving every innocent people a doughnut and a kebab maybe even a pepsi a good compensation in your eyes? (a loyality icon lmao) they did nothing wrong and got less. remember that, the poor ones getting rich, the rich ones getting poor.
: Low FPS - but why?
what helped for me, you can download an ULTRA LOW RESOLUTION Pack from wooxy, its just a map skin with way less textures and resources, if ur lucky u will see a improvement about for +30-40fps
: Friends for a certain mission
add me ROX Crow u need to pos on EUW boards..
: Internet stops working as soon as i launch a lol game
i dont know but maybe completly deactivate your firewall?
Smerk (EUW)
: Did you check icons, emotes, permanent skins? Those things are auto redeemed and you will get nothing in loot
https://imgur.com/a/4Y7rD8X nope, maybe i would have gotten something really rare op with a dropchance of 0,001 and riot was like, nah he does't deserve it
: This LoL clone is too obvious
google for 王者荣耀 - the chinese Arena of Valor i remember playing it with high ping but the graphics and the champs were identical with lol i played Varus and Garen back these days XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTshm79XAg0 or wait, do you want to see the best fake i saw yet ? read this article :) https://www.wanuxi.com/韩国制作lol手游?相似度100分之99
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Coxis (EUNE)
: Pssssst. Come in here. I gotta tell you something
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lol_game_client\DATA\Menu\Textures\Clarity_HUDAtlas.dds https://imgur.com/a/2O8yn5M https://imgur.com/a/GKFhu9M
: i dont know if this was supposed to be funny or not, but since it's clearly a joke you posted it in the wrong category.
it is still under development :)
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: 1000th normal win
i have 2 riotlers in my friendlist and i dont need 1000 wins to play with them XD
Solvyn (EUNE)
: Initiating full repair in your client will fix the issue! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
no after repair jumps into game again
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Right now you have to wait 2 hours from the moment your game ended, then the ghost game gets auto terminated. So the 2 hours is different for everyone. Riot is still working on a better fix.
i restarted client like 10 times, already passed like 90min in total but timer got reset when i restarted my client, do i need to wait another 3 hours?
Riot tmx (EUNE)
: Our focus is to make sure that all the stats from finished games are safe.
want my +20 lp and be able to play again, hardstuck in not existing game
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