: Have you ever considered to not spread cancer and leave toplane to the champs that don't run away like little feggets everytime someone gets in your face? Is it so damn hard to have a peaceful bloodbath where 2 guys are right at each others throats instead of being pussies? Damn I miss the old days ... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Well nobody is gonna die in real life so this cancer aint that harmful plus you have to calm down this is just a fun build and you are going off topic as well not everyone can play as you think everyone has there ways of playing{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Skere (EUW)
: Good, but not as good as my tank vayne
Damn it xD welp its for fun though on the other hand vayne does has that max health damage so maybe you can apply this build to vayne who knows might work :P
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tha witch (EUW)
: Tactical Gaming - Gaming comunity for like minded gamers - 16+ - steady roster & set practice times
Hello there :). I have some questions that i would like to ask 1) is it important to attend the practise days if suppose i am not able to attens them for some reasons so is will it affect in any way or i am to tired to attend it. 2) do i have to switch my main account to euw since i am enue if not will i be paired with people in eune servers( have account in euw but still lvl 1 :P). 3) for tourments or events do we have to come by our own means of transport or the a invitation will be sent to us with offerable transport.(By the way i live in middle east so yea....... ). 4) Is there any form of payment that should be done in joining or in future purposes. 5) Is there any form of important facts that i should know which i would like to know from you :) Thats all i have to ask for now. I will be looking forward to join TG maybe in the near future and hope to answer my questons. Thank you for your time :)
: riot could release 100 chroma packs a day. if they wanted do they could release 1 high quality legendary a day with a few smaller skins. but they keep supply low (1-5 skins every 2-4 weeks) to keep demand up and semi abuse people with spending problems however im all for the idea but dont expect them too soon. (also looks like they gave up on chomas lol)
well for the chroma packs they never actually put a lot of effort they just threw bunch of dyes on the champ instead actually changing the color with it
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: Theory for the teasers that we're watching, Jhin ?
There could be a thing that its abilities is also showed in the teasers pictures for example for garen like that thailand text says that it it goes through armor maybe he has a ability where he can shoot a APen AA or it stacks up ( like caitlyn). Well its just a guess or an idea you can call it. For others like sona the bullet goes through her throat so maybe a silence ( sounds op), then for zed might a harassment ability which might be a skillshot and vi might the ultimate which makes the enemies unable to cast or move ( a stun like ashe maybe ). Well thats all i have. Though its just a theory that i thought of idk. 😊
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Kageryu (EUW)
: Make a deal with them. I used to do that. Explain to them (not on the spot, but in general) that you play a Teamgame and have a commitment with those 4 other people on your team. Then make them aware how long the Game will likely continue (it will be over in 15-20 minutes for example) and usher a deal that you will do it right after the game is finished. Same for when they need help with work around the house. If you know they will do it on X day, set a clear time and make sure you donΒ΄t start a game shortly before the set time. Or tell them to call you, but also make them aware that you may need some time to finish the game so they can tell you early. Communication is key!
Thks for the advice though. Thats one problem people have ( i dont ) but there times when the game crashes and doesnt allow u to reconnect thats the biggest pain and gives u 5 bans for not reconnecting which was not allowing u to ( kept saying no internet connection dedected T__T ). well all i wanted riot is to change the ban thingy a little bit u know. Thank you for all your feed backs 😊
Zero000 (EUW)
: Then do your homework first.
Bruh not only homework but also that other things like go get groceriesy u know in the middle of game. ( i did my homework :) )
KhaledSubeh (EUNE)
: Dears, what you said make since and its also good idea coz think about it , leaving game before it start better than let the whole team suffer coz of fear of leaving so totally idont like the punishment for leaving the game /BUT how ever leaving during the game should had worse punishment such as 1 hour Low priority queue or day , let them suffer for coz other playeres bad time , if they want to leave during game they should go custom or what ever not normal or rank game so the idea have 2 face every face should consider as defendant case leaving before game start and leaving during the game :) thanks for your time best regards
You are actually right. But all ali am saying that atleast u should be able access the store or chat while in lower queue u know.thats all
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Well yea but somehow u r gonna hit it again example when u r playing and suddenly your mom comes in "junior do your homework and pause that game" u will be like "but mom this game doesnt pause" then she comes up and presses the power button for your pc and the next thing u know u have 5 bans TAHHDAAA.
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