: This is a special case. For some reasons players reacted in different ways to Olaf inting and your flame. Said that, flame and toxicity are so easy to prove. It's all in the chat. The intentions behind the feeding, not so easy. I found a lot of players that feed and also declare they intention in chat. Not smart in my opinion :D
Yeah Olaf said he is gonna int , and pinged hes going to their spawn. but still nothing...
: Why is inting less punishable than toxicity?
I know this is my fault, I shouldn't flame in any case. After 3 years of playing this game I actually got tired. This ban helped me to move on. So I am sorry for flaming and bye. I am done with League of Legends. See ya :D
: Why is toxicity more punishable than intentionally feeding? Because it's way easier to prove. If you flame there is definite proof in the chat. There is absolutely no room for doubt, you did what you did and there is perfect proof for it. Intentionally feeding however is way harder to prove, because the only difference between intentionally feeding and having a bad game is intention. And intention just exists in that players mind, making it waaaay harder to prove and being 100% sure about it. The top priority for the PB systems is not to punish innocent players. So the systems tend to be very careful and only ban when they are absolutely sure. Being sure about flaming is super easy, being sure about intention is not. That's why banning intentionally feeding is way harder to punish. It's not because Riot thinks that flaming is worse than inting, it's simply because it's much more diffuclt. To reach the same quality of proof as the flaming-part of the system, Riot would have to be able to read a players mind. As long as that is not possible, Riot simply can only punish inting that is beyond any doubt obvious.
Yeah I changed the title xD. I got that part it is harder to be sure about inting. But they don't even look at context. I am flaming the flamer and it is my fault because they team up and report me. 1) Someone flames 2) You flame the flamer 3) They are premade and report you for flaming 4) U get banned, they don't because no one else reported him
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