Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: What is going on with Riot??
dawg...everything is broken when its fed, and its teamgame so you need to fight 5v5 . Stay strong fam and dont get tilted. We gotta wait for riot to make a league great again{{summoner:7}}
: Improve this game please
Maaan same for me i dont have a good pc and my friends play fortnite so i keep on league but its getting worse and worse every each stay i dont even know why am i still playing mayb its cuz i am addicted like T1 or some shit . :D
: Another round of URF?
What up dude, i agree with that, there should be some rotating game mode every weekend at least, i would like to have that definitely not a dominion ting.
Rabbıt (EUNE)
: Old league gold league
Yea that legacy server would be so great but riot doesnt want to take care of more servers like theyve got Pbe and all the servers already. But on EUNE i dont see the rotating game mode at the weekend.
: Improve this game please
Brother ! We have to stay strong. This Riot games is just testing our nerves, yknow i dont like the gameplay right now but maybe it will get better somehow, like bringing back the fun like dominion or balancing the game finally. I can see that drafts aren´t available all the time but you should get some friends and play normal games as 5 so you wont get some {{champion:157}} or {{champion:55}} main who is bad or trolling. Yknow i have got all the champions and i still enjoy this game. **Stay strong Bruv !** {{item:3075}}
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