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SkyCreed (EUNE)
: Coach Looking to join a team or create a new one
You sound like that guy who will give alot of shlt to his students only in the purposes of breaking them or to see them go with it and to watch them thrive. Sounds familiar? References aside, i appreciate what you are doing here and i wish to take part of it. My IGN is RabihPuncake on the EUNE server, and i mostly play ranked on Wednesday or Thursday (sometimes both). I wish to add you to my friends list and I do hope we can find the time to chat together. P.S. If you have skype or teamspeak i would like to know.
NoKassa (EUNE)
: Searching Players For 5v5 Games
You look like a nice ray of non-radioactive sunshine, and so hapen to be looking for basicly anyone. So expect my friend request soon.
Macleod T7L (EUNE)
: <<<< ***** Looking for players who want to unlock 2016 ward skin!!!!! *** EUNE ***** >>>>>>
I'm here. I'M HERE!!!!!. PICK ME COACH!!! I want that ward skin.
: Remake in Normals
I guess..... you guys have a stronb supported point. And i may have been a bit not very thoughtful of the players who will not enjoy such situations. Anyway i thank you guys for sharing your thoughts on this post. Really appreciated. #Gr8m8er #Tarolock #Doomley
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 26
OK my turn now :D. I was in bronze and 4 and during this comment i am silver 2 and all these champs are to be taking in consideration on the low elo scrubs such as myself. Let us begin. At the** top lane **we have EKKO{{champion:245}} Tanky,does damage. Full AP,can easily get his health back.Hybrid,welcome to the annoyance fiesta. In the** jungle**, enters {{champion:33}} I swear the cheer annoyance and never finding feeling of safety when he is in the loading screen is through the roof. And that point and click taunt "MMMOOAA"*kisses fingers" ON the **Middle lane**, {{champion:43}} Now ok she may have a weaker late game, but considering it amount of poop stains that will you get by just laning against her, no wonder we never see a bad late game karma, cause the entire team will be feeding the other lanes (because of karma's roams), or everyone will have already surrendered at 20. As for the **ADC**, say hello to{{champion:96}} . "Naut come gank us, ult first, then leona E him, while lux roams down bot. Should be an easy kill." IT would. If your team had any form of communication and not be utter douches while saying: "Heimerdinger support is OP". Just to remind you this low elo, everthing that is a little bit ahead is OP. And this ticking time bomb, if he has one guy on his teams who can either peel or heal for him, well congratulations prepare to get demolecularised by RIOT'S new invention:"The Portable Nexus Turret on NO Clip Mode" And on the** Fill** positio..... i.. mean **support**, we go over to{{champion:48}} ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... He's a troller, there's nothing else to say. Hope you guys found some entertainment in these please feel free to comment me your opinion which i will likely never read cause i will have forgotten i even made this post. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Eambo (EUW)
: Definitely a fake :-)
Thx RIOT for telling us the real stuff from the fakers(no pun inteneted) :)
Krajzu (EUNE)
: I'm looking for people to TEAM to play rankeds games.(SILVER, GOLD)
You look like you've been shitting in elo hell, and for that i am somewhat aroused to help you. SO count me in my friend. My Summoner Name is "RabihPuncake" Fell free to add meif you like.
Cosantoir (EUW)
: No sorry we changed it from 1,000 to 10,000 last Wednesday. Out of interest who was it your looking for?
Hey Riot, when u mentioned about the amount of wins previously where does in account of the winnings in rank, normal or maybe even both? And if so, I would like to say "DDAAAYYYUUUUUMMMM"..........sorry. 10000 seems like pretty huge number to achieve. If you guys aren't sure or there is any skepticals of any kind then _maybe_ you guys should probably reconsider the numbers. Thanks for listening, or reading, or sounding it in out loud in your head... Anyway thanks.


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