MLP Dante (EUW)
: im having the same problem watched all the games from the last 2 days and none have counted towards it for fnatic {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Have fnatic too tho
Ellada (EUW)
: I've watched maybe 25 games now and it still wont count any of them.. im stuck at 1. I've literally spent a good 20 hours trying to watch different games and still nothing and from what I've seen riot don't even bother to reply anyways. On my account it says: 39 GAMES WATCHED 28 HOURS WATCHED these numbers go up each game I watch but I'm not getting credit for it.
Same. Got one and that's it. Saddest thing i paid money for this.
Ragainais (EUNE)
: yes. it shows
Got one. But still no more games are counting towards objectives.
: Does it display the "Rewards are correctly set up for your account" message when you watch a video?
yes. it shows
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