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: I like the idea but don,t you think there are too many damaging abilities and conflicting styles. Is he a tank, a mage, an adc, a bruiser. Its a lot to take in and I'm possibly missing a lot of the nuances but it seems like a lot.
I know it's late but anyway, yes it's true she is wierd because she is so viable in any case. But I went back and started reworking them, now I want to make them better, one champion, one idea, I will try to provide Images with the Champion, Abilities, Particles and more Stats, because why not? Wish me luck, right now I went back to work on the first one, Pre-Reworked wich now has a Lore, Stats, Abilities, Body, Soon a Splash Art (Still gotta learn to use some programs). And from what he was he became Indigo - The Wretched Hunter (Still working at his Title)
: [Champion] Mag'Jik, the Essence Manipulator
Mate, you really inspire me! I did some... kind of Champion ideas that are quite a mess now, I have to rework them now that I see this, the Quotes, Build and even tl;dr section give me interesting ideas, Thank You. And yes, amazing ideas so far! (Also I am not so experienced with the Builds, Base Stats, Scalings... and a lot actualy so yeah, wish me luck! Still, it's a great idea to add some kind of reference, the Paint idea was aweosme because it gave a pretty good idea of how it looks like)
: [Champion] Upgrade, the Hextech Drone
Why did you remove the picture :/ (Because of that I lost my comment, and still it was good to indicate what he looks like)
: holy shit u are so good this amazing
If only it would get noticed :/ , but anyway I got 6 (maybe 8) other champions to go, so wish me luck!
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PussNoBoots (EUNE)
: Game disappeared ?
It happened to me but kinda different, I can't really recall. Have you tried to enter another game? If it doesn't work, like mine did, then close the Client and open it again. It should put you back into the game after you log in. If it happens again, now you know what to do! Good Luck!
BuppleBg (EUNE)
: Hopefully it wont even come to the PBE its basicly a torture state of Yasuo..
This is an idea :/. So Riot would have to find this post (or the other 8), take and create him into an actual champion, then PBE, then into Game, but yeah... he is to OP and I should change him :/ (Also forgot to add the links, now they are there if you want to see the first idea, that is a Yasuo, Zed and Nasus combined... but mage...welp, not my proudest ideas)
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: tl;dr
Hmmmm... well... I mean I can't really do to much to shorten it, The Lore is skippable (this one has the longest lore out of them all), the apearence is short anyways and the Abilities are abilities, I wrote them exactly like those in the game when you look over them. But here are tehnically 2 champions so that's why it's long (+ that gigantic lore). And here are the abilities told short: Pre-Rework: P: At a random time a rain starts that debuffs enemies and buffs allies Q: Master Yi's Q but just once, with each rank up another strike is added (5 ranks = 5 strikes) W: Multiply all your stats for a short time E: Dash that deals more damage the more enemies are hit R: Deal damage in a "House Shape" and a small Stun Post-Rework: P: When far from allies or enemies in a big range gain bonus stats, when they start getting closer you start losing those stats until they get to 0 when they are near you Q: Cast a lighting that deals damage, stuns and slows W: After chaneling for 1 second flash into an enemy dealing damage and getting a stack, the ability continues with a shorter chanel and more damage, striking another enemy heals you but cant stack or heal for a short time after. After some time of not getting stack they start decreasing. E: Flash, leave a lighting bolt at the place you where and where you flash that deal half of Q's stats (can stack if overlap) R: Like Q but stronger, stacks influence it's damage, stun duration, slow duration and size (stun and slow duration have a limit). When used the stacks are halved, kills with ultimate restore stacks That's it... from now on I will do a tl;dr section, Thanks for the suggestion!
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Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Post seperately under concepts and creations
Thank you, and also I can use the Link Bar to paste the Link of the next one so you can scroll easily trough them, but can I paste 2 links? Oh wait I can do this anyway at the bottom of the post...
: Maybe the correct answer would be. "Yes, I hope that you get a chance." Awesome work man. To be honest I didnt read everything, but the parts I have read were awesome^^ {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Thanks, at first I thought that making long posts would be better because everyone would understand evey single point of it, but simple is easier to make and if someone doesn't understand something they can comment, thus changing opinons and ideas. Welp thanks again! Also every champion page will have this order of Information: Some details > Apearence > Lore > Abilities > Skins > Links (Previous and Next Champion Link)
Rismosch (EUW)
: Post them seperately, as long posts make things difficult to discuss, especially when there are many ideas to be thrown around. You can't expect Riot to make your suggested champion, but it could be that a concept inspires Riot to make a specific champion ;)
Well if they added a champion inspired by me I would be happy if they kept the main point of their gameplay (Especially the 7th one wich I really like), but I would be happier to see what I can inspire, well at least I would be happy if they would just see this post. Welp, thanks and have fun!
DutchPro (EUW)
: Riot doesn't read 90% of the boards (with reading I mean taking it in consideration). I have seen many long posts of champion ideas but I dont think they do much with most. U can always give it a shot
Welp, I hope that I have luck with my ideas, maybe the fact that there are 9 ideas, which looks like I'll be posting in 9 diferent posts. But with the "reworks" I have 11 Chapion Ideas, aaand I got a recent and complicated idea about 2 champions that are meant to be played thogether (like Xayah and Rakan) but in oposite teams that have an event like The Hunt (Kha'Zix and Rengar) but it's about a Darkin and a Protector (The Darkin it's a human who is atracted to the Darkin weapon, and the protector was in fact a possible "rework" for Malphite making him a giant protector who has the weapon inside him, if the human wins he will become a Darkin, if the Mountain wins... well... after I figure out how they should be played toghether in oposite teams, I will start making their Lore and Abilities). Well thanks for your attention, good luck!
: Sorry buddy it is highely unlikely your board will get nocticed but same really goes with my idea about a defence drake
Well, maybe I have some luck because here is about 9 champions, each with abilities, lore and new ideas, so I hope it not goes to waste... Now your dragon idea is good, but it should affect the game less or affect it in interesting ways, what if like the Elder we get a dragon that Buffs Turrets and gives them Health Regen for an amount of time, healing incresed by the number of dragons (still the heal should be small and the closest the turrets to the fountain, the bigger the heal), what about a dragon that after defeated makes the entire jungle camps attack the enemy turrets (now, this is absurd, but this is just thinking out of the box, from this absurd idea we could reduce it to something acceptable like, what about after defeating this dragon the next few camps killed transform into a ~Zz'rot Portal that is way weaker, but dragons are all about stats so what about a shield dragon that gives you a permanent shiels that scales with the amount of damage dealt to him, the shield restores in fountain, this would be amazing for Adcs, but look how many ideas you inspired, I won't give up with my boards and if you get some really good ideas then don't give up if you don't manage to get noticed, just be smart about it). Welp everything was said there so good luck mate! Sorry for the lenght of the comment tho...
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