: Why... it really doesn't matter if he is in your champion pool or not.
It does, because I play ARAM a lot, and I do not even want to spend a single reroll on him. That is how much I do not enjoy playing him.
: https://media.giphy.com/media/l2JJKs3I69qfaQleE/giphy.gif
Hehehe exactly that is what Riot did :P :D
: "Allowing us to remove him from our collection should be an option."... Why? Just because he is different you don't want him? Damn, good thing it's a game and it's a fictional character
He has a play style that I do not enjoy. I do not even want the slight chance that he will appear as my champ in ARAM. Period.
: I'd rather have them buff new Urgot in specific areas. He needs more to his kit, like: (these are OPTIONS!, not all at once necessarily) - Q can stick to a target, not only the ground. It would still be ground based cast, but can be "picked up" by enemy champions, not minions or monsters - Q reduces enemy armor, maybe flat, maybe %, maybe over time - E: reduce windup time, maybe increase range - W: reduce movement speed reduction slightly - R: reduce windup time, maybe increase projectile speed
I do not have a problem with the design of the new champion. Sure, there always is need for different balancing etc. and it will happen. It takes getting used to, and I am sure so many people will enjoy him. Not me. It is not my kind of champion. I would have never unlocked him. He is not within my general play style preference range.
: Not only is this unnecessary but it would also be very exploitable. Champions getting reworked are very old, which means that most people that bought them bought them at a higher price than they are now, if riot would give that option everyone would "refund" them and then just buy them again at a lower price. And it's unnecessary because it's prat of the game, champions get updated all the time, by buying an old champion you accept that it may get updated in the future.
It's not about getting something back. I am not asking for a refund. I just do not like the new champion. Because that is what it is. A new champion.
Fathands (EUW)
: Ask Support to remove him from your account, you won't get any IP or RP refunded though.
I am fine with that. I do not care about it to be honest, I got plenty of IP. there is nothing to use them on.
: It's all in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You agree with every patch that you accept something you purchase can be changed in the future and there is no refund if you wasted your 3 refunds. Maybe Riot can make an exception for your case since it's not something you bought with RP but you will probably not get IP back so I wouldn't suggest.
Of course it is. It's not about Terms. It's about customer satisfaction. The terms don't prohibit us from leaving the game either. And I am half way there already. ;)
: Need help on leading a team
I am not better than you as a player, but I do have some experience managing people. One thing is, you should get used to the idea that some times your team will lose badly. It will crash and burn. That will help you a bit with the emotional aspect of the ordeal. It is normal. There are many reasons for that. From indigestion, to a girl/boyfriend acting up, someone's mom/spouse calling for dinner or someone playing loud music next door. It only takes a couple of people out of focus/sync to bring chaos in a team of 5. Even the best teams lose and that does not happen just once in a while. The higher the competition, the more demanding the situation becomes. so be fair, supportive, constructive and positive. That is probably the biggest chunk of a leader's work. Watch the replay together. That's a good way to learn from your mistakes and improve as a team. Don't tell them what went wrong. Let them study what went wrong. You may be surprised. {{item:2054}} This quick read (it's a small pdf presentation) might help you. http://kb.concepthospitality.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/The-One-Minute-Manager.pdf
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: Crashing ...
All OS and every software are known to have issues from time to time. It's a fact of life. :D Windows 10 in particular, as well as 8.x are known to be great for games. mTp Cougar Make sure you update your Skype. It doesn't always update automatically. Some friends had issues. The game started and then Skype crashed and everything froze. But after updating all drivers and Skype the problem was solved.
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