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: It *may* be possible for you to get unbanned, I can't make any promises. However, no one here can help you with that, you'll need to contact the Riot Support for this: They'll likely ask you to provide some information that proves you're the original owner of the account and depending on how it goes, you may get your account back and unbanned. Or it may stay banned, no one can really promise you that. The Riot Support will likely be better at informing you about this than I am, they know more about these processes. Just as a disclaimer though, it may take some time for you to get an answer by them, I wouldn't expect one today, since it is Sunday and already quite late, and beginning of the next week could also be difficult, since it's new year's, but usually, it takes a few days at most to get an answer. Although, due to the circumstances I mentioned, it may be possible for it to take a bit longer, I can't really make promises.
Thanks for advice
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