Zanador (EUNE)
: I'd rather have the option to make my own champion groups. Sure, the new icons are nice and all, but Teemo is not a Marksman, Leona and Braum are support first and Tank second, and so on. If i could make my own groups and sort the champions into them, like friends in the friends list, then i could gather up the champions i play in one role into one group and actually help quicker decision making. Would be best if i could sort a champion into multiple groups, like Nautilus to both top and jungle, etc. And with this, you could gather your champions based on mastery too.
I recently thought about it and i think having a mastery badge on champion icons in addition to groups is probably the best.
Lea Flamma (EUNE)
: You do not know which MARKSMANS you played the most? Like... Wut? If you look for marksman, just filter them with the class button and well... You sure know which champs you play the most yourself. Don't you?
The champion mastery system is fairly new in my eyes (I don't actually know when it got added) and I found myself surprised a few times on how much xp I have on some champions. The thing is that i only remember the most frequent **recent** champion that I played with (not necessarily a marksman). And when you've focused on different lanes through seasons it's not hard to forget. And even then you only even know 2-3 champs that you currently play with.
Lea Flamma (EUNE)
: Aren't there also the icons that let you sort them by their "classes"? As in marksmans, supports, mages and so on? I am not sure if it's in the champ select, but I sure saw it... Somewhere... Gotta check.
I didn't think about that when writing this thread. But it would still make sense to have something more personal than just: > _here are all the adcs in the game_ _I know rito but which adcs did I play with the most?_
SeekerK (EUNE)
: To find a champion, just write it's name in the champion select. The seach bar is in the middle right coner of the champion select.
True, but if you've played the game for a long time you start to loose track of how much you've played any particular champion or how good you were with them, especially since there are so many now. This was not a problem back in the day when all of the champion choices could fit without the need for scrolling and you could instantly see what you can go with. However now even with search it feels like you could go with any option that fits your lane and do OK with most of them. The relatively recent addition of champion mastery levels helps, because it is a measure of how long and how well you played a certain champion. This is great and would give you a certain confidence in having a certain champion as one of the first choices presented. Except you can't sort or filter by mastery level in champion select. Even a better solution is letting you pick your favorites in your collection screen since balance changes and reworks could invalidate mastery level as a measure of proficiency.
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