: I play with mute all and only report afkers/inters therefore i dont get happy if a flamer gets banned.
so i guess you toxic as well and can't control yourself if you would use chat,so why you are against permanent chat bans for chat ,i never seen chat bans permanent to be implented .... ,idc what test they did if it not been on real servers these are lies, there is no proof of stuffs like this exist and to be tested on live servers, if you ban someone 3000 games on chat and he can say 3 messages on begin and every 3 min an another message you don't say is permanent ban on chat
: Take fleet footwork and overheal, they work well together, also start relic shield. With this you'll get through laning phase without any problems which was the biggest problem for her before. Also, if you're in a farm lane you can upgrade relic shield first + buy cull and farm it out, otherwise upgrade it when u can, inbetween purchases like after BF.
is it that good relic shield ? ,what's the relic shield cd for giving you shield
: considering that vayne already deals true damage (unaffected by press the attack) on her third hit, fleet footwork works better if paired with overheal and revitalize
yeah but imagine press atack + e , double true damage :| ,or it dosn't work like that?
: Games in gold and bellow will still last 50mins +?
is not anymore as effective as it been before ,rip riot maked this item garbage
: ITS BEEN TRIED ALREADY STOP SPAMMING. Permanent chat mute DOES NOT worked. Get it through your head. It does NOT work. If you cant act like a decent human being you dont deserve to play the game, simple as that. And your permabanned account will NEVER be unbanned, nobody cares if you arent flaming anymore, you flamed hard enough to get it permabanned. Deal with it and stop spamming this idea everywhere its NEVER gonna happen.
yeah find something new , people who flame don't exit lol , still play this game ,you are an guy who don't understand this ... ,riot don't want us to leave ,they want to relay our behavior ... and make money same time making you feel happy that your enemy in chat got banned , you have no logic , you need to study before you talking cause your arguments aren't valid
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: Stupid system!
on the first ideea you are true , permanent bans on chat shoulded be the implented solution but riot is riot ... .Could you step between them and money?, they lossing players who really played this game about much time ... rip riot games
: As somebody who reports every flamer I can tell you that I am more than willing to forgive you if you actually mean it and want to better yourself. I also believe that just because you've been a flamer in the past doesn't mean you will stay one forever and can actually change. We're all human after all and sometimes our emotions will get the better of us, some are still young and can't even control their emotions yet and others just need a hard punch where it hurts. And that, in my opinion, is why Riot shouldn't unban perma banned accounts. Compared to a perma ban all the chat restrictions and the 14-day ban mean nothing, it's the perma that matters. I guarantee you most flamers wouldn't better themselves if the only thing they ever got were bans with a time limit. The perma is meant to hurt and for some it hopefully becomes the wake-up call they needed. Also, as much as I understand that losing your account sucks you also have to accept the fact that it's your own fault because you've been warned several times beforehand. To be honest I think that if Riot were to lift every ban after 5 years said account wouldn't even matter that much anymore because in 5 years time you can easily get everything back that you've lost aside from the skins (if you don't want to spend money again) and make your new account your main.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
it was about permanent bans for chat no temporary bans ,is simple than that ,if you exceed be toxic on the chat you should just loss the function to communicate , you can use pings to indicate when to take objectives when you need gank etc... , no need chat at all ,and that's the reason why i don't like permanent accounts ban for toxicity on chat , is most like too much punished there ,i wonder if someone tryed to experiment how he feel being permanent banned on a main account ...,if he would just doing a test... ,did riot test how people find these permanent bans when they used only chat wrong ?
Arachnoid (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=GAREN BALE XXX,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=6Unm4qlG,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-01-14T18:35:27.665+0000) > > I know at least 2 guys who are now playing for fun after the perma ban, and like 5 who stopped playing because they spent too much time on league and got permanently ban.....i asked one of these 5 guys why dont you start again and he just told me "it's not worth if you spent that much time on the game and you got banned, It was a great game for me but i dont want to start from the bottom". thats the whole point of the ban system, to keep toxic people away forever.
you have no ideea what you talking about, i been banned 3 years ago ,people still can play this game but instead of playing on them old accounts they are force to buy again champions/rune pages and grow again in levels , game repeat again for them is an pain for them to buy same champion twice.. and play on small levels with newbies again while they could buy the account already lv 30 or they could just lv up it more faster with new system or they could have second accounts... when there could be a solution to remove toxic players forever just by implenting the permanent chat ban ,now if you assume that the actual system is so damn good why i still get flamers/trollers/intentionally afk into games after 3 years since i been permanent banned , oh i will don't forget to tell you about the experience of playing the game in nowadays who const into living an nightmare every day , is not anymore funny ,people not even know to play and be funny anymore , they can't even play normal for fun they playing like monkeys hiting the skills and summoner spells ,if they get insulted get selfish and troll people or flame them back ... well how much would someone insult me i am not trolling my spells if that guy is going to die i give it my heal ,i am not selfish as most of you should learn to don't be ,as most of you should learn to forgive ,or to say sorry if you had a bad game ,if you win the game you should not forget to use honor system but yes that it is most of you can't to stop be selfish ,or you are going to forget the people who played good .. so that's all for today Cause there are people who deserve being permanent banned on account and people who don't ,eune was the most toxic server ,regarding the fact and how thinghs evolved i may say that's people are still toxic most of them are ,even if they don't recognize they are .... ,and they once will fail and get banned so they will appear on this board complaining about permanent bans, it can happen to everyone of us when we feel angry .I didn't stoped using chat and i didn't stop from being toxic 3 years ago as result i been then banned ,is better now cause i learn some tricks even if they make me angry i am passing over , is like bum is out i focus on ussing chat right , and thanks to my reformed behaviour i can use chat all day rather than be closed in me and don't use chat at all. Yes i don't flame ,i don't use negative attitude,yes some people make me angry i mute them and report if it so , i been permanent banned so i can use report why not ,got over 50 of behaviour notifications of people being punished is simple for me to be an player who just play and give report , well that i can do too as rest of you ... , i am argue what people did wrong , and what they used to make and how do i feel they troll me ,is simple ,you can't say you had a bad game while you didn't listen your team mate and keep pushing the lane and give enemy kills etc...
: If you dont realize what you are doing wrong after your 14 day ban you wont after longer bans. Thats why Riot set this as their final warning.
is easy to say it when you been just plat and diamond ,live under platinum and try to keep positive while you know to play ;)) ,is funny the fact that somehow you don't even know what awfull was my experience as adc 3 years ago ,everyone flame adc , everyone troll , and there you meet somehow a lot of kids who played builds like blitz full ap support and stuffs like this ,try to keep calm while your entire nation ,is flamed by some rasists players from enemy team... , and so on, you will never understand what's difference between an flamer and just people who troll/feed int/cheat/afk int cause you think as the rest of the kids who think it's fair to pee on people accounts for chat messages sended on chat... Years of plays into buying champions/runes/icons/victorious skins and collection skins are deleted for the ussage of the chat in wrong ways ,well that's how selfish people like you and staff act like , i say that permanent chat bans would be enought but you know what ,riot will never step forward and do thinghs right ... they use of you and rest of players who don't like flamers ,since to be i don't like flamers too but i find unfair for being banned permanent after i reformed since it pass 3 years and i have no chance to recover an account because of the riot rules ... well that rules shouldn't be like this is simple ,and there could be a second chance for my old account just from switching punishments not lifting punishments ,i was propose to add permanent chat bans ,all people got on my topic to downrate my thoughts and arguments even if these had been logic presented and there most of people been banned cause they been angry ,or cause they want to win a game and somehow been angry and yelling at someone . People keep be banned ,nowadays everythingh is considered toxic ,you can be ban for anythingh could be somehow negative ,even if you give advices , players report you or saying you are flame so well your point is ,that i should report someone who call me flamer for giving advice , he is calling me flamer for telling him his mistakes that he should avoid... Is abnormal what is keeping happening ,if the permanent bans were such good why after 3 years people still are angry and flame , how the permanent ban help people ? ,they maked them stop using chat and now they using it again ??? ,or why do i see people who not even communicate with the team ... ,is simple permanent bans not working ,toxic players can buy new accounts ,implenting permanent chat ban would stop once forever people from abusing rules of the chat , and that would mean that they can get banned on account just if they would trollers(who use spells how they want or playing of themself on map)/feed int/afk int/cheating , but as i said ... stop assume that the permanent bans on account are an right solution mr einstein ,people can buy accounts with 10 E
: Yes you are right but some people can see what was wrong with them.
well i been banned 3 years ago ,it was cause of chat and fact that being adc wasn't a pleasure , still in nowadays is not a pleasure sometimes ,when i think that people can't worst than that they take over my expectations ... ,i played about 8 years league of legends ,i will never understand why riot implented permanent ban on accounts for people who used to flame rather than apply an permanent chat ban ,well is just me from the army of the reformed guys . Rest of people who never had problems like me meeting trollers/toxic players who flame us and could control themself is good for them i couldn't 3 years ago ,i had to learn self control by myself and with some advices from friends ,now that i presented my ideea all jumped on my head ,how you could propose such thinghs , why to unbann people accounts , well is unfair to be permanent banned from using content just because you express wrong on the chat ... ,is wrong to be equal punished with a cheater an troller/feeder/afk intentionally trolling.. ,i may say that there is difference between me and these people ... but people insist to keep them ideeas implented about humans , well is like that "you can't read a book after it's cover" so you can't assume people who toxic in chat will troll you but well how to be selfish chapter 1 No one from who is against flamers will learn to forgive,and no one will change thinghs cause in fact everyone is happy with current system even if we see game by game still flamers/trollers so welcome to league of legends ,the game where you can't implent most logic solution and most helpfull ,cause banning a man on chat permanent would stop it from doing new accounts and flame you ,or if that guy is reformed he wouldn't loss time to buy again champions... ,just think about how much you taked to buy the champions/runes/icons/what ever content "Peace"
: You are right, but i think some people deserve a second chance and to these people who got reformed riot should watch at least 10 of their games after the reform, if they keep flame should be banned permanently, that's what I think.{{sticker:sg-soraka}}
i was going to represent the permanent ban chats which could implent for people who been banend for flame permanently but yeah ,riot is riot always they think doing all thinghs right
: > My question is why all these thinghs happen to adc role ? Every role can have such a question. As a support main I can also talk hours about bad adcs who don't know when to follow up on an engage, when to push, when to defend your support, when to position offensive or defensive. I lost so many lanes, because my adc thought he's a tank or because he didn't play offensive as a lanebully, but always played defensive. And whom do they blame? Correct - the support. (and the jungler also :P ) Also whenever a lane is going well, the adc quite foten forgets what the support has done and most people oversee it also. Sometimes I sacrifice myself to give my adc a kill. Then I'm 0/2/2, my adc is 2/0/0 and the enemy adc is 2/2/0. Doesn't look so good? Well, my adc could always farm and therefore had about 20-30 more farm. So he got about 1-2 kills worth of money just because it was me who died. You don't see it and everyone will start blaming the support and be happy that "atleast the adc doesn't die and carries the lane". Even the adc sometimes doesn't notice that this trade was worth so much, because a big wave just crashed into the enemy tower and the enemy lost about 10-15 minions. So... everyone can blame someone and everyone will get blamed. Probably toplane is the safest. You can just ward the river and then have your 1vs1 at the toplane. > support i can't to play cause as support you can't carry a team... Ahahahahahahahaha Oh wait you're serious... let me laugh even harder AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Sorry, but that is wrong. It is sometimes harder to carry as support, that is correct. But you should be able to hardcarry. Why? Because it seems as if you meet a ton of trolling supports. If you play a serious support, you should be able ot win against the trolls. Also you will have less trolls in your team (because you are the support and don't troll). This difference can easily win a game. In the last season I went in euw as support main from Silver 2 to Gold 4 with about 10-25 games in every league. I had no time to continue afterwards, therefore I didn't try to continue further. It was very easy to win in silver, because most supports have no clue what to do at all (and mostly are autofilled) and if you know what to do, you can mostly win the lane 1vs2, while your adc farms most of the time. (it will get harder, if you play against supports who actually have a plan) But by winning the lane for your adc, you have already done a great step to carrying your game: Your ADC is fed or at least "normal", while the other one should be far behind. In addition to that you can ward the drake, which will give you control over it and also make it easier for your jungler to invade or at least more difficult for the enemy to invade. (so your jungler should also have an easier time) Also your red ward is mostly in the small bush below midlane, therefore even your midlaner has an easier time, because he has more vision. Of course you can't win every game. But by warding and winning botlane, yhou should make your midlaner and jungler also stronger. Perhaps you will only win 10% more games. But if you'ld normally win 50% of your games, then you'll suddenly win 55% and start climbing the ladder. (perhaps you'ld have a 60% rate as midlaner... but you can still do a ton as support)
man i play good adc , is not problem of this , i most time play normal and most than decent as adc if i have support who think and no need my coordination to do his job... And i am serious being support is hard to carry game as you said ,the problem is even if you are good people my playing awfull and can't carry even with the best support ,ofc there could appear problems of synergy some people play defensive while some people play more aggresive or passive with trades! ,is much more than you think it is behind how games are winned etc... is not just about you is about all team ... , you can't 1 vs 5 ,is too hard sometimes to make it of yourself, if the enemy coordinate against you
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: adc role need balance
> [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=P1VqwRpi,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-14T00:23:22.666+0000) > > Every time i entry ranked autofill support ,autofill support , damage support like brand annie veigar... , i am sick of these stuffs.... > > Why just me ? , Why i have to play almost all the time with autofill guys? who don't want to be support or don't know to do it ... ,is writing on my head "idiot" or why it's happening this all time to me ,at least if you autofill place me someone who is higher rank than me so he could know and have knowdledge to play support or would have champions... > > last game katarina support,i entry next game draven support ... > > last game i won , kata had like 17 3 ... and i 9 4 ... and lot's of assists ,no problem we won i am not a kind of guy who complain when win , but sometimes it happen to be reverse and loss because of these support picks .. Peace > > Updated after my game with draven support ended... Result : > https://ibb.co/b0p3nR > > rammus afk min 4... > top hard feeding even if i told him that is awfull for us to play a game if he keep giving him kills... > mid idk what was doing , 90 farm vs enemy mid 146 farm with zoe and some high damage... > my support is the best , he get support role(and he pick draven without to say or get confirmation if he could play adc) and say he can't play support , i got the adc role i didn't said he can adc... ,it come my time to pick adc or to go support ,i was open to let it go adc from me,and i wanted to go lulu support nope enemy banned lulu so i couldn't pick her,so i decided to go back to adc cause i have 4 pages of runes ,2 for adc and 1 mid 1 support(lulu) .Couldn't make other rune page + that i banned my support champions like morgana and enemy banned lulu , so there i could pick just blitz but no runes for it and no enought time to make such changes > game start draven start to take my creeps , doing last hits not using minions to don't loss his q he was literally waiting to take my creeps ,how to farm when draven q is too strong and he buy damage..,on top of that he was most likely waiting to take the kills etc... ,then i asked him how you fould feel to be main adc and someone come to take your farm... or do this he not even borrow to answer me .... > > My question is why all these thinghs happen to adc role ? ,why the adc have to take flame if no carry game ,why adc have to deal all the day with these stuffs ,and how someone could stay mental healthy when this happen constantly game by game ... i am not even wonder that i got banned 3 years ago being adc main ... is awfull experience to be adc in nowadays , riot should fix this ... or at least we could discuss about this. > > Any suggestions or thoughts , i would much appreciate any kind of advices :| i am main adc and these stuffs happening make me change my main cause is not healthy to be adc in nowadays is just worst experience , on top you have to play good you get to deal with lot's of stuffs... and a very new style about how to play and how to use tp etc... so i would need time to play good on that lane and learn champions from nothing and see if i can handle them > > I rather join the jungle mainers and learn to play jungle cause is more funny and helpful for all people > > support i can't to play cause as support you can't carry a team... , mid again is awfull and take lot's of time to learn it good+high variety of mages, + that is awfull to be opened from 4 sides on that lane ... , top could be an oportunity for me and the jungle,i don't say that jungle is really a pleasure to play expeciall in low divisions or in games where people seems to farm or wish lot's of ganks...
Mark Sama (EUW)
: Some autofilled supports down-voted the post.
well is my point , no fair to get people who don't have support champions and troll me ... you think i love to get draven katarina support ,veigar etc... as support? it isn't ! expecially when i need protection and champions like that can't do me protection , i even had xerath support who wasn't knowing to play it as support etc... i got even lux and was quit hard with her support expecially cause some people play lux support but dosn't thinking at consequences when they fail skills on bot and let enemy engage me...
: I main midlane, and play a lot of support, I actually love this role, Playing champs like Leona, Nautilus, ... that can peel the adc and engage, I love putting vision,... Whenever I play ADC i ask my self why can't I have a support like me, just someone who really enjoy the support role, and know what to do, not a dude that will pick Brand support into a Tresh and not even build a sighstone. I myself sometimes play AP supps but I only do it under certain circumstances, when enemy team comp is squishy and they have a supp like soraka. But I understand you it is really frustrating to play with those type of supports. I actually used to play a lot of ADC but I quit this role because of that, ADC is the most enjoyable role when it comes to mechanics but also the worst because you have to lane and rely on someone else, and your faith is not always between your hands. Whereas in midlane, you are the one responsible for your acts, if you feed or get fed it is nobody's else but your fault. Playing on a solo lane allows you to play the way you want, playing with a supp is not always good because you wont always have the same playstyle. I play Lucian exclusively mid now, because I dont want to lane with someone else. You seem like you are really frustrated and that is completely understandable, it happens to all. But dont give up, sometimes you will just get the worst possible team mates, 10 games in a row, idk why but it happens sometimes you have bad luck but eventually you will get through this and have better supports. The only kind of advices that I can give you is to start playing mid, you can play some ADC midlane such as Corki and Lucian. And also try to find someone that main support and is also tired of getting autofilled adc's. Once you find this guy duo q with him, you will both get benefit from it. I can't see any other advices than that I guess its 50% skill and 50% luck nowadays on league. I dont think riot can do anything about this because ADC's are not weak, its just the fact that adc's needs a support, if you buff adc's it will be too broken and people will complain about this, it is not funny to get two shot by a vayne or draven either. Remember the ardent censer meta, people were complaining because adc were too strong when their supports had this item. Hope I helped you somehow, Peace and good luck on the summoners rift
yeah you help me ,problem is that everyone leaving romania to work outside , and so it happen with my friend who maked me support , he was quit good and we was synergy 100% on skype communication etc... , problem is that he leaved eune for euw , cause he is working in uk right now , and that's how thinghs stay for me , yes it's hard to find someone in nowadays to play support at high levels , and is more hard to meet such people who play support good and don't have other friends with which they play duo on ranked... + would be advantage to communicate in same language rather than use english,for me is more easy to communicate throught my native language cause sometimes people may not understand what i try to say because of the latin influence in how do i build phrases thanks to my language grammar. I see your point and i understand it , sometimes is hard for a good support to win game if the team dosn't struggle to win ,that's why my friend when it wasn't playing with me decided to play ap heroes like annie brand morg to can carry the game somehow with his damage About percent of how are the games in nowadays 50% is not enought ... , you have to be on over 90% skilled with that hero in order to win ,cause you never know how people play , 10% keep of the luck , if you have the luck to get decent team who play normal at least and if you get main support and not people who think they are main but don't have knowdledge about everything... I saw support leona which was saying me to ping the enemy adc when i want to engage ,okey i was like you want me to play ,to farm lane ,to watch minimap and to tell you when to engage , you can't figure out alone ,how i suppouse to use skills to catch or damage that champion if i take my hand from abilities to give you ping to engage... Some people need a boss/player who coordinate them in team fights , most of the time under my coordination we managed to take victory from bad games ,but still is hard if people doing mistakes and people not thinking twice before they act...
iSneez (EUNE)
: You actually complain that an ADC need protection for support and champions like Malphite can get her ? :D People really lose the sense of roles, that's the adc role, to be easy kill and if he position himself good and know to kite and so on he can destroy enemy, especially since she's an hyper carry. Her traps need to be placed logic in advance, having buffs form traps, and make w pass minions and not being skillshot ?, what you want an huge damage ranged adc with strong point and click cc, movement speed on click buff, traps, damage, aoe global ult ? How about Ashe then ? , except ult has nothing. How about kog'maw with 0 escape, slow, imobile ? , Twitch has just his invisibility if he get caught has 0 escape. That's the roles of ranged adc to be weak because they deal huge amount of damage from far. Or you talk jinx just because you like the champions and want a champion that can be tnaky, do damage, have cc, have speed, have blink, have dash, have undodgeable skills ? Only think that she might need buf on her are her bobies, shes kinda flat.
ashe is much more different , she have r and w to slow basics of ashe slow and e give her vision ,idk if she can see invisible targets with e ... but yeah she is stronger , and have quick attack speed thanks to q if she stun the target she may get distance and finish people ... About what you say about jinx , jinx is much more complexe she use of w and e to escape ... ,passive is really hard to get ,if you take a kill yes you could use passive defensive to take distance ,but in the mean time when you run and have no passive you get assault by people who get better movement speed thanks to runes ,she is weak because there are lot's of champions who dash over her e or can avoid that e ... by blink over or be immune to jinx e... ,she is weak expecially when she had to stop in order to use w or e ... most of time if you are chased is hard to escape without to use flash , so i most of time keep flash for when is necessary not using it useless... My friend who been diamond support ,told me that i should change my main cause jinx is too weak from all these points ,and i was okey you are true ,he played with me , and he saw that i may be good with jinx,but is hard to don't get death or to don't throw a game playing jinx adc... is really hard when all depends by adc role and the adc is or hard focused by enemy or he can't even get close in team fights to hit enemy that she would be in danger... even if her q is high range with rapid firecannon , an enemy if flash and engage from surprise on jinx make her vulnerable as hell
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: {{champion:222}} is a super strong marksman from many points of view she has a free attack speed buff she can extend her attack range and deal aoe crits at the same time she is an ADC with 2 CC abilities she has both poke and all in potential she can kite for days and not rely on her support 24/7 (if you are an ADC player) she has a global ult that deals AOE damage she recenly got a buff to her E that stops dashes mid air so she is not afraid of champs like {{champion:64}} or {{champion:107}} unlike other marskmen she has a buff coming her way from PBE that TLDR she can have 12 attack speed ( 12 basic attacks per second and those are criting rockets hitting every one 12 times every second yeah baby ) with lethal tempo. the only down side is she doesn't have any jumps or dashes but to fix that she has a super nice speed up buff so yeah... {{champion:222}} is not the problem my friend you are
yeah as main with her over 1700 games ranked problem is me , after i learned to do my best , i feel here really really weak on the field,the only thingh jinx could be helped is that passive but the passive is funny cause the passive activate just when she kill someone , so she is target of everyone while she can't move fast
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: adc role need balance
adc roles in small divisions before plat 3 is a pain to play , huge pain to deal all time with lot's of trollers or lot's of people who make your game awfull... as i said isn't anymore a pleasure to be the "idiot" who carry the game ,who struggle to win while others don't even borrow to play normal or to carry , i have huge problems about how the lp system reward players on the end of every ranked game ,we aren't equal in skills so we should earn lp regarding how well we perform playing the champion in ranked! , no based on the fact i been present in the game and that you can troll and get same lp amount or you can keep feeding enemy without to stop or care about the fact you give advantage to enemy . How i said about "support" , is like impossible to be a pleasure to depend as an "idiot" of what can do or what they can't do for you(all the team) , being adc mean to have thrust in the team that they will listen your advices , they will not feed early some champions hard who are bruisers and can take adc down... , or that would mean you have the thrust that the support will have experience or that support will ward map and protect you all time , but regarding how much i played adc i seen many times stuffs like this happening like 30% from all the time i played adc,, problem is that people who play support need advices to play good or team in general need advices to make that 30% into an 50% winrate on jinx .... is like awfull to talk game by game to tell your team to do x x x x is awfull to coordinate team ,to make on the teacher , to focus on your game ,and to take care on top of these that you have kills and that if you are death game is lost , it happen lot's of time to don't have too many kills or to have them and no mather of my positions is hard to stay alive in late game duo to how riot buffed assasins and how new rune system buff lot's of champions ,some of them more than should be necessary,problem coming to the fact adc depend of too many factors and most of them varies
: shes getting buffed on the pbe lol
what buff? i have no pbe account , or where you find these stuffs?
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Arachnos (EUW)
: I was actually expecting some well written essay with this title instead of this nonsense. Jinx is maybe a bit on the weak side, but the kit changes that you propose are proposterous. She would be broken beyond believe. It is not a bad thing for a champion to rely on a team, league is a team game after all. Apart from that, her e and her passive actually provide her with some zoning tools. Kog'maw has a far more team oriented kit and still people are able to play him in high elo. If you want to play a champion like jinx or kog, with high dmg output but a lower amount of defenses, you need to learn to position yourself better in teamfights. In this case, the champion is not the problem, you are.
yeah problem is that you can't play her cause is weak on diffence ,and most of people know what to focus on plat + , her gameplay is definetlly harder in late game while everyone is feeded , no mather she have damage a single mistake could turn you in a death man , easy baron easy win for enemy ,that's the highest problem i see every day Since i say this because i played jinx like 1700 games ranked and i have an ideea about how she could be helped ,but yeah she can't harass sometimes if there are minions in front of her ,like she can't use w ... ,her w can be dodge or avoid by stoping move into it .. is just simple and awfull on defence when she run ,cause aiming time took too much and you stop to release traps and lost distance advantage ... when you stop ... problem here could be fixed by an e passive which would give her movement speed or to chase targets she catch in e or to run away and escape when she is chased simple.. :) My ideea on w where something to be like jhin w but with damage on first target in contact with w and slow on all the w length , something like an ability to make engages when enemy hide behind minions or they are chill there knowing they are behind minions , i want this skill expecially cause it would make enemy to dodge and don't be safe even behind minions ,so they would somehow have to dodge more the w if they have minions in front who block w damage just in order to don't get catched or engaged ... by jinx e , these mechanics would look osom and in an amazing synergy with jinx About positioning man i lost games with 21/9/16 , problem is when i won my lane most of the team feed or don't know to make me protection even if i ask for it , so welcome to summoner's rift... 2018 , you play a champion who is hyper carry and rest of team chilling behind and ignore you ... so how would you feel , buying ga dosn't help expecially cause ga have no life steal even if i suggested on board this ideea as a main with over 1700 i know positioning but dosn't help me the team most of time and autofill supports
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: Jinx weird bug
that's funny , could you insert and basic bugs... i am jinx main too , and i hate to see that sometimes my q is beyond half distance between me and the target and moving the champion who i hit dosn't get damaged ... Also i don't know if you saw it , when starting to use basic on machine gun is somehow delayed like is not instant shot how is ezreal lucian , jhin... , is awfull ... this thingh if you are near and give to attack i expect it instant shot no delay it much i would have lot's to add ,most important would be that riot when using q and launch rocket to be an skill projectile not an basic attack ... , like you use q if you have attack speed no mather that you move or not if you launch that q ,that q should hit enemy if he took your mana... or not , cause then if it's heavy to land q hits and run then is an awfull skill to use for jinx ... Her e can't stop maokai or vi coming throught e... ,very weak from this point , and is literally awfull to be ultied by vi and you to can't stop her if she ulti in front of your e... , how to escape of vi when she have q and r...
: It's not a bug, only you have it so just go : Options-> Interface -> Health and Resource Bars -> make sure SHOW HEALTH BARS is green and press OKAY . If that doesn't help try restarting client , go to lol settings in your right up corner and you will see button : "Initiate Full Repair". Sometimes you just need to restart pc or update drivers something simple like that . Best of luck ! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
i posted picture with my in-game settings... It's start get bugs cause my game is reinstaled since 2015 , my lol folder take 12 gb ... ,when my friend folder is about 6-7 gb .... is problem of optimization ,lol seems to don't work anymore fine if i have instaled it of much time ,just soon i had an hp bar bug regarding the minions bar colour now i get this and so on... is something wrong with that hp bars
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Maluber (EUW)
: It'll most likely be killed off next patch with the current support item changes on pbe. No longer will the relic line provide a shield in addition to the heal so it'll be less attractive to adc.
they could nerf adc using of the item if they would make support items forbidden to be buyed on adc ! ,simple
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: Health bar bug part 2
well there is an bug on kayn when using w being in e i basically didn't see skill coming ... rip
: That game with you having 21 kills.... that had to be an huge throw. Like a Baron sneak/steal kind of throw to lose a game like that. I suppose you can only transfer in a couple of days, the system may not be available at this moment to permit that to happen I think but Im not sure. Just be patient and don't tilt!
my jungler chilled , lost 2 infernal drakes , and enemy took herald and baron ... so you can see how is going ... , i tryed my best but they had strong team against me rek sai was going over me leona was ulti me ezreal as well ... , olaf was chasing me with his ulti ... ,and there was an viktor too.. with ulti keeping me away of them
: > [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WJiHF2tJ,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-11T21:37:54.746+0000) > > well ,why not ? , what if they think that i am 3-4 under divisions or something or flame me a lot... how old are you? seriously? first of all being unranked means...that u didn't play enough ranked games to be placed that season, not "OMG U SUCK %%%%ING NOOB!11" but mainly: if someone is DO dumb to flame you cause "YOU DON'T HAVE A BORDER AHAHAH!1!!!" just...mute him and pity him
lul i am 20 years old university study,i feel empty without metal , regarding the fact i am engineer :) ,please give me some gold/platinum border is high priced :) and even if it look ugly is still better than the unranked border look like , or i would be happy even with an lv 75 border for loading screen reward while i am unranked...,at least to don't feel empty Problem is that they could take conclusion that i have new account and i am beginner ,or they could just try to annoy me cause probably they would thought is an new account or smth like this :) ,i see people really challenging themself to make me angry i mute and pass over... is simple as i am good player ... i had 21/9/16(jinx) ,was like 8 0 on bot starting(against leona and ezreal) and lost game cause team relaxed behind myself ... ,they just keep flame me and throwing the game , then fizz coming to say on end of game stuffs like this... Eh just had a game where fizz said following stuffs on the end of game: " jinx think she play good" "you cant prove you good" "at league of leagned" "unless you reach challenger" "witth all your stupied 21 kill" " you cant proive you good" " you must reach challenger first" "you fizz no zhonya min 35
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: #teambalance0
Please can someone help me with an euw account ? i wish i could transfer euw ... Please riot explain how you balance my games , if i am too good is normal to get such bad players in team?Just to make me loss or make thinghs equal ..? , even if i play good is like very hard to win , i had like 1 week ago 2 games 1 after 1 the score 8 0 on bot while in team been 3 feeders in 1 game and the other game i had yasuo troll mid , so explain me how this riot balance my games like this ,i have issues cause most of time i have to carry myself the entire game , i tell my team protect me and all hate me cause i give advices ... and refusing to take me in serious , i ask them why they fight 4 vs 5 or 3vs 5 or 2 vs 5 and i get no answer ... so please fix your system take toxic players out of it and take everyone to his tier belong ,analyze the ranked games and if you see mistakes in people gameplay often take them out of that division and give them real division ,don't make everyone of us games harder..
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: > [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WJiHF2tJ,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-01-11T20:44:57.162+0000) > > not my moral ,others team mates moral... , i mean they see me inferior from this point... you are not serious, aren't you?
well ,why not ? , what if they think that i am 3-4 under divisions or something or flame me a lot...
: if your moral can "go to the ground" over something like that u should ask yourself some questions
not my moral ,others team mates moral... , i mean they see me inferior from this point...
Smerk (EUW)
: You should reword your question. I can't even understand what you mean
sry i writed in hurry while my game was going to load... i edited it :) ,hope they can answer now :)
: Honor Reset kinda Unfair
I have a big question riot pls answer below if you see this message. There are currently rewards for honor system , if honor levels resets : Are you tehnical earn again rewards? for advacing in honor level ?) (like you get 1 key fragment lv 2 , lv 3 some key fragments ,and 4 too ,on lv 5 you get that honor capsule,so do you get next season another honor capsule? ) and if there are people who get lv 2 3 after them honor level reset next season, do they earn the rewards for the lv 2 and 3?
Smerk (EUW)
: There are few factors that affect your progress positively in honor system: Amount of games you played. Amount of honors you got. Amount of games where whole team honored someone. This one gives more than previous. But there is also one negative factor that heavily outweighs all positive ones: valid reports against you. If you're being toxic, no matter how mild that toxicity is, your progress will be much slower compared to someone who is always positive or at least neutral
good to know thanks :)
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Gold/platinum borders
I consider that the borders somehow have an impact already and the players make an opinnion about be just throught the borders difference... ,there may be a jungle who don't gank me if he don't check my stats on some third sites who give these informations about how i play ... ,you understand my point ? , i hope you do :)
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Hydnoras (EUW)
: Well apparently this is going to be the case at least after the reset. >There are now three checkpoints in between each Honor level. For every checkpoint after level 2, you’re guaranteed a reward to celebrate your progress. Checkpoints stop after Honor level 5 (because there’s no level 6), but you’ll still get rewards at the same intervals At the same intervals. This suggests that the honor levels and checkpoints are happening in waves which means that honors from a match do not matter. Only thing that matters is that you play the game and do not get any valid reports against you so you are considered eligible for level up/checkpoint up when the wave comes.
Problem is that why you get honored if that dosn't mather where is riot to tell me ,why honor points you get no mather , okey and what happen if someone report me for fake info , like he consider some advices of mine an attack at them person and report me , i been lucky to see someone saying i flame cause i asked him why he don't use taunt from e to help me and he run instead , and ofc considered this flame.. when i just wanted to win nothing to do with his person..
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Smerk (EUW)
: I didn't say anything about amount of games ruined, I just said that it wasn't just one game. Because to get punished you need to break rules more than once. Or break rules seriously enough, but then you wouldn't get just chat restrictions. Also those who have honor level below 2 will not be affected by reset at all, so your progress towards level 2 should be safe, assuming that you made any progress of course
i do ,that's why i was like okey what happen with me if i was in middle of the lv 1 and lv 2 assume i am not far of lv 2 anyway :)
Eambo (EUW)
: I don't like spiders, but I also don't want to kill them where it can be avoided. They didn't choose to be a spider after all, and they're just trying to live their lives as we are - get a widescreen tv, playstation, a nice web to live in, and enough money left over to put flies on the table. Did your spider have a name?
no one feed elise :) Eambo i have some questions regarding honor system Hope you could help me , after new season begin , the honor levels resets to the levels it says ,what happen if i am in the middle of the progress between lv 1 and lv 2 ... , do i start again from lv 1 after i got so much honor and passed about 1 month and half since i got 10 chat restriction?
Smerk (EUW)
: Unfair? And how is it fair that you ruined games for others? Now face the consequences. It is possible to level up from level 0 and it doesn't take that much time if you truly deserve it. I know a dude who got level 5 from 0 in less than 4 months
you can be at the first step of ban ... that how you assume that he ruin lot's of people games with his flame ... , i am waiting of over 1/2 months for my level go from lv 1 to lv 2... , so i hope they don't reset me again on lv 1 ... after season end ... is like my 1/2 months progress on honor level 1 would get deleted... is not normal I lost my lv 3 honor for saying report x.. cause it got as flame and i don't really remember what else i said but i assume i wasn't exactly too toxic ,as i changed my behavior the next days i finded what was wrong in my behavior
: No. You were banned because YOU WERE TOXIC. You did NOT get banned because people flame you, say racist things about your country and have 1-16 scores. Get your head out of your ass stop being so %%%%ing delusional.
well wanted to say that some people from h****ry been rasissts... i expressed myself wrong , i live in Romania , i don't hate my country even if there are flamers,as well as i am not rasist,and even with the social problems from politics of romania i can't say that i hate romania , i actually love to live here , until you don't hit the money problem from salary you get paid monthly :) Let's don't give name i am peacefull but i see many people calling Romania in many ways... .
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