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RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Huge bug problem... [TFT- Ranked handicap]
RIOT WATCH MIN 27:47 , how that f1241 guy got so many champions ... jesus..
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campp (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EVL5hzn5,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-17T22:10:45.716+0000) > > yes i agree what you sayd there , i got 2 permanent bans ,now i am honor lv 3 checkpoint 1 , the reason i touch this level of honor is because i learned from every stressful situation , i learned to ignore and drop it , as well as i knew that it dosn't makes thinghs better to flame , and neither less stressful if you discharge over them ,i just claim in my mind they just lower division than me and that's it , noobs always will lose , good players and players who are good will find every time a way to win if not that game then the next one... , i one have no problems to lose games anymore, that's the reason why i changed my behaviour a lot. Yes but in this post you are complaining about the existence of a mute button. I got 4 perma banned accs. Nowadays I have 3 accs, no punishment whatsoever and I dont write a single word in the chat just because rito punish's just by you saying "ggez" so I dont even want to write a word. The chat mute button, I use on ranks on everyone in the beggining of the game, because they most likely will just flame or cry for ganks, any useful information can be given through pings so why even using the chat. Furthermore, I even mute the pings sometimes if they start spamming question marks on my mistakes or spamming the helping ping on their lane after they died once...
i am playing from season 3 , i spot mistakes like i am a coach... , because i seen hundreds of mistakes , and i know what a fight should suppouse to look like ,what to focus , how to position , like 2 days ago , winned games by myself , smashing hard enemy , then yesterday i had so much unluck on team composition , but that's what it is , i must remain calm , that happening in platinum 3 , i see people who no deserve them rank but that's just my opinnion as Riot offered them chances to get that up in ranked ... I one most of the time use chat to tell others to protect me , as adc most of people tend to don't understand yet that the adc is weak and squishy and needs protection every time in team fights , i manage to keep position safe , i even won games i had no support alone 1 vs 5 ... , but tehnical was still a team game , even if not every of them gived them best ... , i did my best to win for myself ,and then i made sure to let riot know what my support done that game.
campp (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EVL5hzn5,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-07-17T21:59:20.134+0000) > > well ... , that means like so far if you don't talk then you can't be toxic , but that dosn't mean you ain't toxic when you can't use of yourself the chat responsable , pretty much means you can't handle a normal conversation and then you need this option to deny the fact you are toxic and not belong to play this game as far is a team game who need communication and strategy , is my opinnion about what kind of players should be present . So you are saying that if I'm toxic, even if I dont troll the game nor be toxic towards others in the chat, I shouldnt be allowed to play the game just because I m considered "toxic"?
yes i agree what you sayd there , i got 2 permanent bans ,now i am honor lv 3 checkpoint 1 , the reason i touch this level of honor is because i learned from every stressful situation , i learned to ignore and drop it , as well as i knew that it dosn't makes thinghs better to flame , and neither less stressful if you discharge over them ,i just claim in my mind they just lower division than me and that's it , noobs always will lose , good players and players who are good will find every time a way to win if not that game then the next one... , i one have no problems to lose games anymore, that's the reason why i changed my behaviour a lot. I one lost accounts and money spended on skins because of chat behaviour , i never used /mute all option , except 2 or 3 times ,but that are isolate cases ,most of the time when i am inside game and someone tryes to get me nervous i just use mute but that's the cases i only feel like there is no reason to hear them anymore ,after they spread all them venom i let them find on them own what toxicity is punished as... , as i been punished for everythingh , i do that back to people who can't hold themself calm in stressful games , i one was one of them ... ,and at my time lost 1 account for that , the second one was questionable as i haven't swear and the reason they permanent ban me was cause i threat a guy who autofill support shen roaming other lanes flaming me , and split pushing while base was need him on defence as the others been death , but that's a questionable ban as what i done in my eyes don't deserve 140 years as Riot sustain permanent banned are meaned to work as... , as i haven't somehow disrupt games being honorable lv 1 when i got permanent banned second time.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Question about new gamemode ranked
feels also sad that TFT games don't appear in match history , or that was a bug who no one reported... I manage to obtain first game first win on TFT ranked =)) Was insane i just 1 shot everyone with a katarina who had warmong + hextech gunblade ,later i put over her guardian angel , the result out of it is kinda amazing guys , i one shot 8 guys with katarina =)) , all players started to shot after i made warmong + hextech gunblade =)) , the final with guardian angel was insane too =)) Late game catched imperial 4 x bonus , having draven lv 2 swain lv 1 , darius lv 3 and katarina lv 3 =)) , that feel broken as hell , i am really feeling bad that i can't download the replay :(
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campp (EUW)
: ***
well ... , that means like so far if you don't talk then you can't be toxic , but that dosn't mean you ain't toxic when you can't use of yourself the chat responsable , pretty much means you can't handle a normal conversation and then you need this option to deny the fact you are toxic and not belong to play this game as far is a team game who need communication and strategy , is my opinnion about what kind of players should be present .
: My god the people in this days. So you say that is Riot fault because you was banned for not having this feature back then but you was too lazy to type "/muteall". A lot of players ask for this thing and when they add it now you complain that trolls can abuse it. This is the main reason why they didn't want to do it. I said this in all the posts like "I can't stop flaming, I am rtrded and need help" but no, I was the Riot fan boy. This feature will gonna be eventually removed because it do more bad than good. For them it will be like that experiment with the banned accounts.
yeah type you /muteall time of 3 years... , or 6 or what ever , playing daily a couple of games , is a huge effort... , the mute all option wasn't a option to avoid toxic in-game behaviour , it was more like a feature to use manually and to mute people when they make you angry... , that's the reason there is a difference between what we had and what people currently receive... , if you have that option inside game settings , you will no longer have to do that ... , every game no mather of what will start with chat disabled + a player who dosn't speak at all , people who will have to talk to the walls ,which in teory seems like an abuse , i mean you not even know what kind of team you have and you already start with chat disabled ... ,which is against what rules preceed toxic behaviour in chat and the chat purpose it had since the game appear
: I mute chat/emotes every time I play seriously. Sometimes pings when someone uses them to complain a lot. It helps keep you calm and focused. Come to think of it, when I play with high elo players, they don't tend to communicate a lot (if at all) anyway. I mean, even in my low elo where we communicate, I'll probably ping Baron, mid laner will ping top tower, and my jungler will back anyway. So much for communication.
and however ,the communication is important ,everyone knows what to do in high elo , but i assure you they still need chat to offer each other advices to win games , you are delusional when you claim you can 100% communicate only with pings.
: Ok. 1. People wanted this option for so long. It's just shows that Riot somewhat ""care"" about it's community. 2. When they permaban somebody they have way more to gain than to loose. If this person ever decide to play with new acc he gona need to buy all his skins secound time aka spend more money. 3. This option is added so people don't need to write /mute all every game. It's just a small increase of quality of life 4. People that are toxic most likely won't use that option. They enjoy flaming others for some reason. And there are already people that full mute all every game. >grief/troll and will have cover for that as they haven't read chat and advices they receive to fight against enemy They wouldn't listen if they want to do that. >I one suffer 2 times because of new implemented feature , because i will not be able to make strategies , Yes you still can. Not everyone gona use this option. Almost every player have all chat on. A small % of people would actually use it. Either cause they can't control themself or don't want see people wish them death by FIRE ANTS every game. >In teory all those changes means that every permanent banned account for flame should be removed No they shouldn't it's PERMANENT ban. > they had no equal chances to stand toxic behaviour They had. /mute all or unbind enter. This is just a quality of life improvement. >permanent ban is no longer a punishment as no one will reach that if they can disable chat. You could do that always. You didn't cause you enjoyed flaming others. >so that means that everyone who been past banned for chat behaviour should be back in game No cause it's a permaments ban. Riot try lifting permament bans 2 times it didn't go well. So they will never try this again. >and they broke them way more much before permanent ban appear Since season 1 you could earn ban from 100+ years. And in early days of leauge there was a permament chat ban. Guess what. It didn't work. People would just int or troll if they can't flame. So no more 100+ years of chat restrict. >which in teory dosn't mean that those people deserved then the permanent ban just cause the system was builded like that You accepted Term of Use. You broke it, you get banned. It always was like that. But in early days you had players deciding fate of player witch was slow and not as effective as bot. >I one passed throught multiple punishments to learn to behave and stay honorable , and now when i see this i consider it an insult >because i worked hard on my behaviour and put hundred of hours into that to stay chill and calm when others provoke me >:troll;grief;play extremly bad;when they toxic . Congratulations. But sadly you always could trun chat off. Now it's way easier. >While others will just disable chat and run of them duty of reforming , flaming for a while and then soon as they reach 14 days ban they >will just mute chat forever and keep play until punishment level reset and they will be able to do it again... , which in teory means ,toxic >players get extra chances to be toxic+troll+grief and to stay in a game which requires team work and communication when they aren't >capable to do that. In theory you could always do that. But sadly people can't control themself thinking that right way is flaming others
first of all ,people who been permanent banned dosn't spend money again , you are false on that , even support staff claimed they have to lose from people who get permanent banned , now they have an option to avoid permanent bans , which means the chat server no purpouse to the game ,which in teory means then that everyone who got permanent banned for chat breaking rules then they should seted free , further more i would like to talk what else you say over there: There is a huge difference throught /muteall and what means a settings option to never been again forced to use /muteall , and most of people liked the chat disable option , and they been refused , i one asked for that 5 years ago before i reach permanent ban... Talking further permanent bans are regarding chat breaking rules , i can assure you that before permanent bans there was still people who been toxic ,but it was less accent on people toxicity ,which means that permanent bans themself are far of what you think ... , permanent bans been a measure and punishment to reduce people of further more use toxicity , not about punishing people cause they broke so hard rules... , there was hundreds of people flaming each day before permanent ban be a solution to chat behaviour , and thrust me , people reach hundreds of restrictions before the permanent ban system to be implemented... ,which means that they chased to stop toxicity not to necesary punish people.. I haven't used mute all because i wanted an option inside settings to don't even touch of chat at all , to not even require my attention and time to write /muteall ,which in time changed because i already faced the system punishments and learned to behave , which in teory i have learned without using /muteall which means i one spended time to take care about how i behave when others try to make me angry or nervous in some ways. What you claim Riot did with permanent bans ,and all them purpouse is far of what now they implemented inside options for chat , which is against what they tryed to achieve ... , all they claimed about permanent bans and purpouse of them beats head in head with the patch 9.14 as now permanent bans will no longer be a thingh because people will have option to don't use chat at all , which means less people banned , less people team work and talking into chat , less human interaction which translate =>>> a game where no one speak =>>> a game where no one will team work =>>>> a game of team with players who don't communicate at all .. Ask yourself when you will face a 0/9 jax top lossing vs mordekaiser ,and you will not be able to do nothing , to offer him advices because he have chat disabled , at least he have excuse for keeping grief and throw hard the game... , is a fictive exemple ,
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Riot and them greed for money
that option is against fairness in this game , this makes permanent ban useless and pointless !! , you all know it , and this is because Riot got tired of this war , and now them wallets crack in pieces ,my honest opinnion is that they don't chase improvments inside game , they just chase money ... The reason they create disable chat now after so many years permanent ban been implemented and many people got banned , is not because they want to encourage team work , because all of these options are against what league of legends been created for , a team game ,which pretty much in nowadays is far of becoming same game ,as far as many veterans left it , and who keep stand don't understand what means a team game , all of them greedy for themself , and toxic and full of themself when talking to others when they have a better score ... , is the game it become , people think scores wins the games , not the strategy/mind behind actions / builds/objectives/farm ... , all it mathers for everyone is the score , as far as i seen and then they can become greedy and toxic + throw games and grief... and make fun of others... as they troll .
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253IQ (EUW)
: vAyNe iS bAlAnCeD
wow 4400 damage you took , that's weird...
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Pengoos (EUW)
: 3 people & the enemy team are holding me hostage
you grief your team and leave the game , so i guess you should abtain from such behaviour ,if no one want to surrender is because they are not willing to lose time as you do ... , because if they save game wins twice the time you would suppouse to lose by keeping to play ,you never know in late game who throw the game ,more than this if others don't agree with you that's not a reason to afk intentionally .. 9/10 i would say that is grief and trolling your team ,as long as your team have reasons to keep play you should do same , is a team game ,and that means you are part of a team , and you can't just think about yourself .
: What is the highest winrate you have with a champ?
59% winrate in 300 games as adc jinx
nopeenimi (EUW)
: I use a PC and i have i7-4790 3.60GHz, RAM 16gt ddr3,64 bit windows and when it throws me out of the game it makes a error sound and i have to turn off league by task manager. nad hextech repair tool isn't doing anything.
hmm you can't make print screen to the error or ?
: > [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OEcwAajb,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-07-05T14:37:30.988+0000) > > Adc dosn't have that.. , You complained that you couldn't poke him with skillshots and I explained why that's wrong. Furthermore, some "have that". Ezreal Q, Jinx Rockets, Tristana at 18, Ashe W, Varus E and Q and every ADC with Rapid Fire Cannon. They all outrange his ults cast range. > [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OEcwAajb,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-07-05T14:37:30.988+0000) > > most of people get close in team fights lol what. Maybe in Bronze or low Silver. > [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OEcwAajb,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-07-05T14:37:30.988+0000) > > you can't just run because morde is coming or keep distance , it explain why it is broken... , It's not running, it's kiting. You do it to the likes of Garen, Nasus and Illaoi. You don't just run but you kite backwards and damage him in the process to the point where he is low enough to turn or he has to run. > [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OEcwAajb,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-07-05T14:37:30.988+0000) > > when you get R , you can't be helped and no one can help you to kill him , which is extremly 2 sides broken. Then you QSS or kite him inside his ult. If he isn't insanely fed it's actually not that hard. You might even kill him in his ult. > [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OEcwAajb,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-07-05T14:37:30.988+0000) > > you can't walk away with any spell you woulded possible have , until you have qss This is straight out wrong as has been pointed out multiple times here already. I don't know why you ignore those posts and act like it's true, lol. > [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OEcwAajb,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-07-05T14:37:30.988+0000) > > and you are praying to resist against a super tanky ap hero who deals a lot and gains shields ,explain me how you can survive??? , let's say you play ahri ,or fizz ,you need to aproach enemys , now you instantly uf1241 up if morde isn't banned and enemy play it , same apply for every hero who can't damage it from distance because everyone just get catched in his R and most of the time is gonne , you need to be super tanky and still after that you have chances to survive low hp. You don't need to get in melee range as Ahri, wtf dude. He is relatively weak early versus melee champs who can do short trades and get out; e.g. Akali shits on Morde in lane and can easily kill him inside his ult at 6. You are basically complaining that there exist certain champs in the game that straight out lose to Morde. Wow so certain champs lose to certain other champs. Wow, what a revelation.
i am otp jinx ,and even with firecannon feels hard to poke him , should i mention he also moves ,and when you basic you stop , so how is that simple ??? ,you outcast his R if you play only with firecannon... , and even if you firecannon , he just can use flash and r and you gonne , must i say he can play protobelt , also use ghost ... , or do i miss something. In platinum IV , when you start a fight , you can't just walk out without consequences ,because enemy keeps follow and poke you when you run , but that's not in your challenger elo , guess you would leave your enemy to run away without keep hiting them to death.. He gains lot's of shields ,reheal, and is annoying , falls hard extremly hard , expecially as long as he have R to escape and just smash someone else before he die. There are champions who outplay other champions ,but then you can use items to escape or dodge from damage ,you can also get helped by your team , the enemy hero have consequences on aproaching you ... as he can get poked hard and killed or stunned and catched , while morde dosn't have any consequences to suffer ,as long as the target have nothing to get him out of his R ... I haven't seen any akali to kill 1 vs 1 mordekaiser... , is tehnical impossible to kill that guy as he gets shields over shields and reheal
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: im positive you met a competent good mordekaiser in bronze that played him so amazingly good that you had no chance and he literally 1v9d just like any champion that manages to get ahead and the player knows how to snowball will seem broken mordekaiser is strong but isn't broken there is plenty of counterplay against him this includes actually dodging his abilities
i am platinum IV , dude , stop taking about some shit bull shit division over the account of peoples... , would i complain about a thingh while i know how to counter it ... ,problem is that it block hundreds of bans because everyone is afraid of it ,and everyone dosn't understand it yet ,that explains a lot ,everyone sees it very strong , and is not just me , i learned and finded new thinghs even now reading boards from others complaining of same hero , i knowed about qss thing long time ago ... , everyone who understand in what way he is broken ,then he stays broken , what that have to do ... Well as adc you forced to rush qss when playing against him , as mid lane zhonya ,as top lane zhonya after case or something else..,you must be really carefull at your picks when playing against mordekaiser.. Thinghs are broken to him , he pulls you out of fight for 7 seconds ,which is enought time for your team to do a 4 vs 4 fight and smash your team.. ,expecially he can pick strongest enemy and just reduce it to no damage , think about a zed , talon etc... , they will find hard to carry a game when someone stop him 7 seconds inside team fight ... , most of the time no one can help you while you are in his R , also no one can damage him , and he also can get high hp out of his R outbeating everyone else who's low hp , so yeah what's the posibility to counter something have just broken set of skills , i mean his R coulded be something less broken , but with higher mobility , how would be that an r who catch you in a ring you can't exit ,he dosn't have problems to move ,but you also can be helped to survive and your allies can cc him into fights to don't kill you etc... ,sounds something like camille is , now imagine camille woulded have morde R , she would be 100% broke too... ,the fact i present here is that his R dosn't suit normal gameplay inside this game, a re rework should be done here ... , what's helpful to make a hero rework if you reduce him to no gameplay as he gets most of the time banned. Yes others heroes have ultimates who are broken and you need items to survive them , but in the same time you can get help , and others can help you to kill the guy who attacks you , in mordekaiser case ... , you can't get help , you can't kill him 1 vs 1 , and is extremly simple for him to chose his target and get feeded and then smash you when you have no qss or zhonya etc...
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: it's a champion people don't like playing against that is in reality just a little bit stronger than average low mobility and unreliable spells with plenty of hard counters to his kit people are just stubborn and d+ he doesn't get banned as much
low mobility , put him flash and ghost and see what it happens... , he gets banned most often , because people realise it is broken... , and who dosn't ban it , then it haven't catched yet a good mordekaiser , or a broken one who played good enought to smash all them team gameplay.
: Morde ult has 650 range and it cancels when you break vision (if done correctly, it even goes on cooldwon without actually going through). Skillshots usually have 800-1000 range. You can easily poke him without risk.
Adc dosn't have that.. , most of people get close in team fights ,you can't just run because morde is coming or keep distance , it explain why it is broken... , when you get R , you can't be helped and no one can help you to kill him , which is extremly 2 sides broken. This been from releasing a team game, what team game is that when someone just come in and ulti you , you can't walk away with any spell you woulded possible have , until you have qss , and you are praying to resist against a super tanky ap hero who deals a lot and gains shields ,explain me how you can survive??? , let's say you play ahri ,or fizz ,you need to aproach enemys , now you instantly uf1241 up if morde isn't banned and enemy play it , same apply for every hero who can't damage it from distance because everyone just get catched in his R and most of the time is gonne , you need to be super tanky and still after that you have chances to survive low hp.
: First off Morde does not only build items that give ap and hp. He build exactly 2 and sometimes maybe 3 ap items and goes full tank after. Second of Mordekaiser needs his shield. He had it in his old kit before and without it he couldn't really fight alot of people. Second of the death realm is not meant to be a fair fight nor a fair ability. He is the Evil Lord of the dead who just wants to kill you no matter how. QSS counters his ult buy it if you dont want to get ulted. Flashing into a bush during animation also cancels his ult with full cd. Morde is easily kited by high range users due to not having any mobility. Need more counterplay? Oh and he has incredibly high cooldowns in lane phase that are easily abusable.
no mobility you say ?? , in a f214king ring when he can pull you to him... , and do lot's of damage without to die... , let's be honest ,played with good runes he is a monster , and is not a pleasure and this is a team game... , no one can help me in that f141 circle , you know how broken is that ?? , is like fiora in his old days when she was R and no one coulded kill her ,jumping from champion to champion with R ... , she had low range for that R , back in her days she coulded be countered , but she raised problems .. and got reworked... , so explain me exactly what part does sound good for the one who play against your evil Lord , who get's even 2 bans per game , every f1241 team bans him and you tell me he is Evil Lord and have the right to be broken
: Everyone can buy QSS its not range/meele locked so yes everyone can counter his ult if they want to
Yeah ,you will see support buying qss ,nice ideea ,and you also seen mid lane ,top and jungle to build it too... So what's the point of playing this game ,if only 1 item counter his broken R ??? , and by the way do it happens for you to know what ban rate have that hero ??
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: Do you have stats that show that this is true because your opinion doesnt matter mr staterino :^)
statistics are ,that adc have most of the time autofill support ,you can easy roam and outplay bot lane , but most of people in top/mid barrely know how to roam using tp or walking normal to support others and make them win them lane... Then let's talk about another opinnion , basically adc dosn't have that much power against cc , he is extremly weak at cc , and have only flash to escape ,until is not a champion who have good escape... , if the late game is your problem that he deals lot's of damage, maybe you need a better strategy than complaining about him being broken , i just say ... there is mid/top/jungle who also have damage in late game and could focus what ever they want , so your problem is not the bot lane as it is what your team mates do... , how much they die ,if they push when lose , or they do something else... You also can carry from top/mid/jungle as well as an adc can to do it , so basically you have no reason to complain if you can't win games by your own skill into the game.
: If you really think toplane has more impact than botlane your delusional
talk to me , what can an adc do when a 22 /4 zed comes over him from mid ??? , or an overfeeded irelia/jax/diana/twitch jungle/ mordekaiser comes to break your back.
nopeenimi (EUW)
: game freezing
You use laptop or pc , details about computer??? Probably is an overheating problem ... , or from the dust not cooling enought of good or termo conductin paste if it's not that new laptop/pc , also laptops use to work better when plugged in as the balance and voltage is constant if the battery is 100%..
: LoLSkin has been banned on Tr servers, what about euW?
This was long time ago forbbiden ,like 2-3 years ago buddy ,be happy you still coulded do that .. before it being announced
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RayleighTT (EUNE)
: TFT bugs
There also missbalance , some people start with 1 item ,some people start with 3 , some people already have full item , i mean drops aren't equal for everyone then how it can be fair game ??? , if you get 1 f1241 item after defeating all monsters on begin.
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Pxerkza (EUNE)
: always restart if you get disconnected if your pc is fairly fast reloading the game is faster than waiting to be reconnected
back in the days i played this game ,since begining reconnecting to it was automatly done without problems ,now i had too much confidence he will reconnect me , but it didn't...
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: you are playing in an elo where 4v5s have 50% win rate
i am platinum IV , beside that , it wasn't just internet problem , the game code haven't reconnect me automatly back as my internet was working all the time ,just switched from wi-fi to wired cable and i had to wait an eternity to reconnect eventually i disconnected and tryed to reconnect ,but the game was too late and it was over ... until i reconnected
RayleighTT (EUNE)
I have fiber power into home ,not like you guys... , you barrely have my internet speed connection and we as country have extremly good internet for everyone at best prices as the providers respect us , is not my problem you jelous or something ... , i had specificate that sometimes my ping got up to 3200 from some issue ,probably on wi-fi configuration as is a new internet provider and i seen some quality decrease on wi-fi download sometimes .. , beside that ,it dosn't justify the tehnical issues i had just because i plug in my rj-45 cable to have internet throught the wire.. Thrust me i have so good internet that even holds a 4k tv screen watching youtube high quality videos without to have ping problems ,but guess you are not understanding my real issue here ,which is not my internet as it is Riot code problem when i tryed to reconnect using another internet connection to the same game , if you folks aren't working for Riot i don't see why you come here to trash my problem which is extremly indeed need a fix
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: lets say smurfs are 5% of the gamebase in your elo(people that are gold+ will be smurf for you ), then lets say that those "griefers/Trollers" are 5% of the gamebase too, that's giving us 10% of people that can ruin your games+- people who just underperform(there's nothing wrong wtih that), you're in Bronze elo with pretty good cs but high death count, smurfs should be in 1 out of 20 of your games, as you play more this becomes more and more true, I didnt see your games soo can't really judge if the players were trolling you or not.
i am in platinum elo ,i just haven't played serious on this account ... , i have a lv 107 accounts , currently plat IV 67 lp ,after i advanced yesterday from gold 1 0 lp pretty sure i have 53% winrate on jinx in 510 ranked games that dosn't sound bad at all ,considering how much trolling teams i get ,autofill , playing alone mostly , since i played with my friend i got lot's of wins in row... , and is not that i play bad but it's a high difference when you play premade.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: play ranked again
i submit everyday cases about grief+troll+passive troll ,and they still there f2141 with my games , i doubt Riot understand that i am a normal player and i shouldn't be assaulted with that just because i win games... to make me losse even more games , cause i have no reasons to believe you try to help me out if you give us 3 autists or more than 3 ... , is like you do that on purpouse... . Also do something about smurfs warming up on smurf accounts ,make them a gamemode where they can train in normal games ,idk , they boost people who no deserve upper and make lose people who deserve to climb upper ,which is not a cool thingh too.
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RayleighTT (EUNE)
: about dashes..
Also about PBE , idk how many people you have there ,but can't you just give them the mission to attempt and test different heroes of bugs , such as my jinx who don't seems to block everything , add a more clear animation when my e is armed so i can see it would be really amazing... I also have no tools to test this , i doubt i could call a friend with me to come play on training map and test different bugs ... , as it is difficult , instead of this you could add a training mode for bugs ,so people can identify or test bugs if they want , such as picking 2 heroes and controling both of them over a map... , sound difficult ,but eventually it could help on fixing all bugs if people would be able to reproduce the bug and record it.
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RayleighTT (EUNE)
: game client lags, closing process throught task manager
it shows me he is still in spectate ,he can't get invited ... , and the game ended already and he still is in spectate mode =)) , %%%%ing cool ...
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: That's just how it looks like to me. I really can't think of any other reason why you would put a single message here, instead of providing some context to it with actual screens. Are you trying to hide sth?
my print screen can't catch the whole ticket , what i could hide ??? , i mean beside that , there was nothing else to be seen to that ticket and they provided the lines i been toxic over account glad to kill you , so there is like nothing else relevant in that ticket ... , as well as i can't show you what they banned me on 2 accounts support as i have 0 acces to any tickets from that accounts ,so likely is hard to proof i haven't broke rules among support line assistance , because what i did was a normal thingh , as i had questions and wanted to see with my eyes what they charge me toxic for ... ,is probably irelevant for others ,but for me is relevant to know that , to be sure of what just happened to that account ,as i never seen someone to be banned for saying " reply submited to support " is really weird... , and the rest ... i have sayd over there was just presenting a case ,is like i would speak about nubac and give him as an exemple to chill people out if they really grief/troll i don't understand how it's ban able this.
: How about you just stop being toxic? Then you wont get a ban, so you won't have to talk to the riot support anyway. If you just make a new account with a new mail, how would they find a connection between the accounts? I am pretty sure you had a report card, and it looks like they already answered your questions, but you just keep coming and then you cut out like 5% of the messages and show it to us.
yeah that's why i lost my time asking again and again because they already helped me with that , you serious man ??? , you think i don't have anything else to do ...
: Any time :) Quick side note: My numbers are purely an example, there's no "exact" amount you need to play, and Riot has been deliberately vague on this front so people can't game the system. Again it depends on the behaviour within the games that determines your progress. I wish you luck out on the Rift!
and then you get a notification that your punishment severity got reseted?? or how do you know when that happened?
Cypherous (EUW)
: > haven't broke any rules ,there are no rules about behaviour over support assistance line in ToS The normal game rules apply when dealing with support and harassing them over something isn't seen in the best light, if they tell you no it generally means no And you broke the rules to get a ban in the first place, they are under no obligation to tell you anything, the ToS literally says they can ban you for anything :P
you wouldn't consider then an abuse if they can ban you for anything ... Also the ToS dosn't speaks about them employers rules , them employers have no rules in the ToS when they log into them accounts to "help" people out with them problems when they not even listen them and answer totally wrong ,out of subject with automatic answers ,pushing a further answer over 3-4 days ,looks normal that.. They have no rights to refuse to help me out if i don't understand something ,and something is unclear... . For exemple i can't understand what they considered toxic and what they didn't inside my chat logs ,as long as i haven't understand how it comes that the IFS issued it and they just claim that is just a bit negative among the phrases they also reply to me was the fact that my account wasn't that negative in my last chat logs , however the past punishments and the number of chances i had to reform makes this ban permanent .. , so i should say thank you , i accept a ban for something who ain't looks that offensive , and also i accept the permanent ban which is 140 years for my past behaviour ... , while i had punishments already for that behaviour , how it comes now i must pay twice for past behaviour ,than on current behaviour.
: Well your name in the ticket might not help at all. but thats not the issue. And i dunno or care about for what you got banned. You got a right to get the answer you ask for in the ticket. I usually got no problems with the player support, but if it comes to player who got banned for being toxic the player support doesn't react as they should. They act the same way as people who got banned, and maybe it would help if they would talk nice to such players. It depends on the ticket sure, but in this ticket you shown, there was nothing really offensive... Thats really odd. Maybe a rioter could provide an answer here. Because now i'm curios - if we talk shit ingame, do we get talked back the same way? Which is like i said counter productive... so you get an upvote for this. And this might be important for everyone - not only player who got banned, but this might change the additude towards Riot.
it is also weird ,that they answer and proceed to help me over an account who been 4 years ago banned permanent , but they refuse to help me along my questions about an account who been 8 months ago banned permanent ,also feels like they are more intrested to share answers only to people who spended lot's of money into them account and bought content , is like i am half respected and they refuse to assist and help me out because of that , i bet that people who pay and buy thinghs inside game are more well respected and they get answers to everything , when it shouldn't be like this , no mather of what there should be everyone treat equal , if they manage to give me the lines they consider me toxic on an account been 4 years ago permanent banned ,it dosn't justify why they refuse to help me out about the last permanent banned account asking only for same thingh but not receiving anything , is feels extremly intresting. I guess they afraid only by customers who put money as they can sue them for being unrespected among them questions after they payed in-game content . I also haven't feeled confortable when this guy answered me several times ,is like he was forced to do his job ... , i mean he coulded pass it to someone else who had time to help me ,rather than do this... ,is even intresting how he remember me , because i tryed to make a ticket about them being unrespectful while i wanted to find the lines they considered toxic. And also banning support accounts for such thinghs feels harsh , further more for the fact i can't even have acces to my past tickets information i received such as answers etc.. So basicaly someone can ban me on support line assistance and i can't proof the abuse because i can't even log in to print screen the ticket and the fact i got banned on support line assistance for nothing ,this also should be adressed... ,it auto logs me out when i try to reach support line assistance with an account who got banned over it ... , so basically is hard to proof who been doing something wrong me ,or them ..
: I didn't ask for any proof, I'm not making assumptions about what kind of person you are and it's not really something I'm interested in either, I don't think you're some kind of awful person that deserves the ban or anything, there's no need to defend yourself about that don't worry I just made a guess as to what could have happened, to try to provide you with information, if my guess is wrong and it doesn't correspond to your situation then just ignore it
I don't really feel okey , because there are many people over this board who would be more happy that someone got permanent banned , which they wouldn't even care about them chat logs or the fact they don't get helped out and talked nice over support line assistance.. I have asked politly them to stop talking with automatly answers ,guess what they procced to answer with automatic answers , so how an automatic answer who is given to everyone ,compares to what i asked in my ticket and what i asked assistance for , i still have no clue , as they not even read the tickets , i got the lines i been toxic for the account in picture even if it is banned of 4 years... , no one got upset or considered that useless.. , i got the lines ever if there 4 years passed over that account punishment .. , and the difference betweens the accounts is only the amount of money i spended on them , as on the first i spended more and on the second less , not being sure about my behaviour and how i will control myself to further situations when i get insulted ,etc...
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