: ***
you haven't understand man , the toxicity is only the one riot can punish . If you grief passive ,as 90% of this community ,who do mistakes over mistakes ,even if this game is old of 10 years + there are hundreds of tutorials + page runes +build , all of them at clicks distance , and you see those community so lazy to actually read or to wish at being better at this game. Riot just ignore that , everyone tryes to win games ,we can't ban them , well how 3 12 try to win game riot , as long as you get angry on someone for being low , that just gives you no benefits... Instead of get angry ,do and play as others do ,don't regret if you loss a game cause people are bad playing in your team , i most of time play pasive then and i decide on middle of game as adc ,if i really want to be a race horse and save the game , or just leave noobs to loss game. So if you believe me , every time you not pull for victory tehnical is a grief/troll behaviour ,i can do that without limits and is actually win/trade which means Riot would have no chance to even detect that ,until there is not a smurf in your game ,who knows perfectly your skill capacity and performance and how you should play as ,and what experience you should have . Basically i can play as i wish ,because there is no rule who says how much i should play of good ... ,and no rule that forces me to do my best.. , no rule which force me to stress myself to win games that are not going to bring good players upper ,just some bad players who no deserve to be there or to even win. So i decided to play this game and clean in my way people low skilled out of tiers they no deserve... ,but imagine there are hundreds of players who no deserve to be in that tier/division ,and if you are the only one who refuse to pull for others ,then it is an extremly slow process
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CJXander (EUNE)
: Remember kids, if you don't do what everyone else is doing, then you're a troll.
the moment i go jinx and build 2 short swords =)) , and they not even understand that i go for essence river ,as 25% + bonus critical damage on top of 200% is nothing for me , but mana on hit + cdr is actually the best in my opinnion.
fohr3al (EUW)
: not receiving loot crates while getting first time s+ rating on champions
honor lvl is 2 or bigger? Is the champion owned ?
Rioter Comments
: Care to rethink what you said here? You don't need to be a psychologist to try helping people. All you need to have is a good experience of life accumulated in many years. What you saw here was my parenting instinct who hard developed since I had 14 years. Back then our parents used the rule "the older one take care of the youngest" and I took care of kids with ages between 4 and 9 years. You think your parents will trust you and handle you the job of taking care of a 9 years kid for a week? If they don't that mean that they know you don't have enough experience. Without that experience you clearly don't understand how the conversation between me and him was.
basical you tell people they need a specialist to fix them issues , but i ask you again ??? , what and where them issues start from ?? , i don't think anyone who's angry have issues =)) , i know is a game , but when you play a game you expect to have fun ,play for fun , not just to broke rules and make others suffer , so basically that happens from others side when you play normal, and you try to have some fun playing league of legends ,is no one fault that such people are clearly going to play this game with that issues and make normal players to watch them how they flame/grief/troll... , now believe me or not those guys more likely need assistance not this guy , cause he like to play games and have fun ,in same time to have normal games ,where he can build himself strong and have much more fun from being good at this game , he is platinum + almost , there is another level where frustration is even bigger , because people who are skilled abuse someone who troll/grief until you see your game lost , so basically is not like you can do much alone or with a premade ,if others are in mood to destroy your games. I born in the same country ,and that's not something special in my opinnion , who would leave a kid of 9 years old with a kid of 14 years old a week alone without someone responsable on them... ,i mean no one should ever leave kids so long time alone , even when i was a child and was crossing 300km to my grandmother , we as childs never been leaved alone ... ,even if there were 2-3 hours between school and them arrive from them jobs , was quitly no big deal to stay alone in that time . Anyway i am pretty sure you need more experience in order to talk about people behaviour , otherwise you could insult them personality and make them think they have problems when you not even understand human behaviour as much you think you do. Would you like to be sent by a doctor who claims is a doctor , but behind that he dosn't have any license to profess , and if you see him in a uniform and he would say you have cancer when you actually don't , you would beat the hospitals trying to cure yourself , that's the same problem here , you don't know and have no experience to tell others the issues they have , or if they need a specialist for that!.
borii (EUNE)
I OWN YOU A LOSS Basics to Death Avoid to die No option left Autofill adcc Cernobyl energy Fusion reacts Pick Me Support
assembIer (EUNE)
: good night have sweet dreams
just ignore him , he is more likely to tell people they have issues , and that they suffer and need specialist help , when he don't understand that tozens of people have such believs and problems into league of legends ,so isn't a psihological problem ... , he probably wouldn't afford to find one to fix his problems of giving conciliation to others people like he have a degree in those problems to actually understand why people get angry and have stress during playing a game . I mean probably he don't understand the point of a game is to have fun and play it without have stressful situations 4-5 times a day .. , or to have 0 satisfaction in anymore playing it further , is likely the game itself ain't anymore defined by the terms who makes it a game , since the game ain't anymore brings you fun , ain't anymore give you the posibility to relax and don't stress about others gameplay and toxic behaviour/troll/grief.
GLurch (EUW)
: ~~He can speak and suggest changes all he wants, I mean, I'm actually agreeing with him as you can see, but I'm also warning him that it most likely won't lead anywhere, it's not like we're not trying to do the same :P~~ Oh, just figured out you meant the other guy spamming the boards. No matter what his reason for spamming the boards is, you don't spam the boards. Makes it quite hard finding posts that were posted before that time, it's annoying and well, just a bad mentality to have, else, we'd have people trying to compete with who can spam the boards the most. That would not be a nice forum if you ask me.
well 80% of all toxicity in game represent troll/grief , and 20% represent flame , i see much more troll/grief, that's not an excuse ... cause they trying.. i had today horrible games , i even lost one with 15 5 , and imagine it was so easy for me to win it ... ,but 5 enemys vs me ... ,everyone of them focused me , and i had a team who actually played instead for enemy team... http://prntscr.com/ozufa9 as i sayd this is not an isolate case , i keep get unbalanced games as otp 1 hero ... ,and is not funny , i meet very frequent toxic behaviour , autofill is most of time bring people who grief/troll/toxic/afk . 3 games later :http://prntscr.com/ozug34 2 afk mid/jungle rage quit 1 guy top lane who not even pushed top for tower plates while a shen had like 5-6 times helped his team with R , to don't say about the fact our top lane was behind enemy top lane farm... , so i consider that's a troll/grief game , if he pulls 0 plays .... as top laner... in a ranked game , i mean he had 52 farm and shen was likely 75 farm in min 13 or 14 ,that was 1 game ago.
GLurch (EUW)
: Of course that'd be a nice feature to have, but... the boards aren't worked on that much anymore, so getting nice little changes like these just isn't all that probable :/
you block that guy freedom to speak ?? , i started to like it .... , you broke my happiness. At least Riot gain something in exchange for how much good they do , i wasn't offenced by that guy threads , and i don't think anyone was .
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Riot come on
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maomgj9fxjo Songs for who breaking the rules =)) , this legit fits a bit with league of legends , i wonder why no one makes a song related to this in-game issues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4Z96WwZrL0 I miss those days ... , so relaxed to listen this songs , i really feel like more vitalized =)) with much more energy , actually this give me the energy ,over thousands of people i meet and no deserve to be in this game and they keep staying into this game even if they grief/troll , sometimes and flamers ain't get punished. I bet the iq of people who will read this thread will not even understand what this thread is about... , they will hurry to down vote without to understand it.
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Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: I just noticed that there is also restriction on how often and fast you can report spam posts. I think that someone priorities are wrong.
riot should allow people to flame ..., i mean they already allow griefers/trollers to don't get banned.. They already leave people to spam and do what ever they want , it dosn't make sense?
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: I do not know what rank you are, but I see opposite. Since the start of August, I met 3 intentional feeders (and two of them in one game, premades), with afk-ers in not more than 5. Griefers are more popular. But I get someone flaming other person in 1 of every 3 played games. And most of reason for flame are dumb (like support for a moment roamed to help in 2 vs 3 fight in the river, in the meantime, adc died in his lane and flamed a support; or flaming because someone thinks that the other build is wrong).
it shouldn't be about rank... , it's the whole game like that , i am otp 1 hero , if i play often this champion , i just get teams who grief/troll or play horrible wrong , but it's okey , i mean riot tryes to f1241 my mind and in same time balance me in ranked games , to don't be that good ,and make the game too unbalanced. Lost game today in gold 2 with 15 5 ... , is just funny =)) , i can laught as hell of this game.
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xZabaksx (EUW)
: The best thing is that... there is around 150 champs!!!!
and you loss them in one shot ... , when you permanent banned for stupid reasons.
Reverse (EUW)
: I have a better relationship with the dev team than I do the mother of my two children
relationship with the dev team??? , so basically you friend with developers... ,sound also weird your love to this game, i play of 7 years too , and believe me i had passion into this game and love , and all gonne from various reasons , you can't be real if you say such stuffs about them game , even the free stufs are 0 for me.
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RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Amumu ideas for rework..
Personally , it's collors , look pretty much oudated , playing style ,isn't that much about making tactics... , he is go in ... , stunn enemy if he can , and then quitly be open to die...
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Imagine a World where people actually care about TFT ranks. Then open your eyes and stop imagining.
and who flame in TFT ranks =))
Redundancia (EUNE)
: TFT Coaching from Challenger player
TFT boosting services =)) , does such services exist??
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Kravixman (EUNE)
: As far as I remember you usually opposed few of my posts/topics in previous account... and maybe even this one? Do you see how it looks to fight with Riot :D and Riot zealous fanboys now? Hope you get your account back. :c
idk , i am certainly sure none of riot fanboys ,also i haven't even pushed to be toxic against others of a long time , neither care how others behave for real... , if they want they can kill each other every day /flame/wish each other what they want /troll/grief each other , i don't care , i am personally out of all this punishment system , what's the point ... ,you see people who grief/troll and who don't get banned or identified ,even if you describe in details what they grief/troll as.
: I think you can barely understand the situation. You spam them with too many tickets. They already said all they had to say in the tickets he showed to you. Any other ticket will be just a spam for them so this is the reason they will close them without any reply. Now of course you had to make another one because, as you proved with the chat restriction system, warnings mean nothing to you. Now they start banning you because you keep spamming them with the same problem (harassing them). --- All I can say: _Sir, step away from the keyboard, move slowly and keep your typing hands somewhere I can see them. You are free to go, but if you keep showing this behavior we will be forced to ban you._ This is almost the same scenario you will find yourself in real world.
that was a single case discussion , and the tickets they mention are very old ,and i have no acces to them ,further more ,you ain't knowing the situation,i am encounter right now , certainly sure that the riot system employers ain't the victim , i am the victim of them 1241 attitude and i am certainly sure ,you can't ban someone permanent for discusing about something ,after a previous agent asked for your name and IGN to watch over your case.... , you clearly understand that?? , how then you can ban someone permanent on ip ,and think that i am harrasing them , when some of them seems to try to help me ,and others to just abuse them power and ban my account over support assistance... Too many cases passed from an agent to another , that no one knows anymore what others answered and what questions they omited or haven't answered due to fact that probably not everyone of them reads all the ticket you send... , otherwise there would be 100% accuracy ,when someone adress questions and requests in tickets , not a single message woulded be answered in multiple replyes ,until there is not anything else to be added.. If i would have a job .. ,likely to project car components for a car... , would it be okey if i put an employer who working on a milling machine to continue my project.... Or if i would be in same time engineer ,projecting something working on something ,and if i go to holiday... , someone else have to take my projects right ?? ,but that person have to make sure that you worked correct over your project ,otherwise he will be guilty if the project have errors.. The same time wasted appears to be right now on support assistance ,as tickets are passed from 1 guy to another , the second guy or third guy who takes the ticket no longer read walls of texts and answers ... , no longer care if the answer of previous agents was indeed answering the customer questions and requirments , definetly is less responsable if he do his job right or not !!! , cause there are multiple persons who then would have to answer if something wrong happens and the issue is in the company side. So basically now i am stuck here in middle of all this huge problem , having neither my answer ,neither acces to support line assistance ,which i believe in this case is definetly not respecting ToS , as i have no proper support acces help.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: So funny...
Haters gonna hate =)) , i am totally chill =)) , but is funny to see how riot ask you ,then ban you for actually the fact that they asked you for those informations. ...
: Man, stop harassing them!
i haven't harass them ,they asked for my account name ... ,and bum then banned my account , i just thought he wanted to help me , but then just bum banned another support account , how would i possible know they will ban my account again... , is not okey... i have now 4 accounts banned on support line asistance due to this issue , How they can do that??? , they don't have acces to past answers or what?? Riot/Helper / someone to bring here someone from Riot team and explain me what the hell is happening on support line assistance ???
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: So funny...
* (Riot asking for my account name and in-game name , and the other rioter bans my account on support line assistance permanent ,extremly funny ) Wonderful , isn't that some kind of abuse ... ??? , or why they can do that without consequences.. , i am literally trigered about the fact i speak nice and present and write and lose time to put my ideas togheter and explain them ... , what is actually this about , and they not even read and ban an account after they asked for my account name and username ,what kind of stuffs are those...
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Silent Note (EUNE)
: Yeah, that's something I've also been missing. There are so many games where I want to honor all my teammates because they are all friendly and also we played so well as a team, and I have to make a hard decision honoring only one of them. Then I feel bad for leaving my other teammates unhonored. I think the reason they removed honoring the opponent is for stuff like "if you int me 1 kill, I'll honor you" kind of stuff. There are still matches though when someone in the enemy team has played so well that I just want to honor them.
just skip in such situations , and say that you will honor when riot gives you more options.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Technically you should be honoring good and sportsmanlike behavior, not "plays".
well there is a honor for good calls, that is quitly considered a honor for plays... And the way you face others toxic behaviour and play ... , can get you a honor pretty easy.
: The Most Hated Role?
People who say support , i think you lost your mind ... , guys , go high elo , and watch there to see that no one from support line gets flamed ... , support is most easy lane to play ... , and you no need that much knowdledge to understand what you have to do , sadly most of people who says that support is flamed , i think you are some guys who play autofill support ... , i guess you can be flamed when you just miss skills on mage supports , or don't procced to poke enemy and position in a good spot most of the game , not talking about your protection on your adc , and the fact sometimes you just leave your adc to die and get cc ... ,even if you can tank a few shots , or a skill.. . In my opinnion most of the time , if you play good , no one flames you , but the problem is ,that when you have a support who pick something which is useless bot lane against enemy team composition , and just stands there to watch enemy how they hit you , is quitly sad to have games where you must dodge lot's of skills and do damage to enemy to keep the balance of trades normal , i mean if you loss hp , enemy to loss too.. I one had no problems as support ,and most of time i consider it most chill lane to play ,except the games where i see someone who have no moves as adc , and who plays only for farm and neither pull plays from farming a lot and getting items, cause in fact i am main adc ... , so i hate to play among someone who do such thinghs as adc.. , if i would be support again... , i do much more than most of supports do ,on my current rank.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: 3500 BE is really nothing. In Essence Emporium, there's stuff that costs 50k-150k BE. 3500 BE is an amount that I wouldn't even notice if Riot removed from my account, so I don't know why you need to be complaining about that. I honestly thought that if Eternals ever became available for BE, they would cost around 15k BE at least. You didn't take into account the watch pro play missions, which by themselves already gave me more than 3500 BE, the glorious champion capsules, which give you around 1-1.5k BE, and the champion capsules you get every 25 levels and give you like 2000 BE.
you realise that , this isn't about the fact you would have to buy just 1 , if you buy several sets for a few champions in multiple roles , you would understand what i say ... ,basically those thinghs will be just 2 times selled on BE .. , this year on emporium sale , next time those will no longer be available ... and you will be able to purchase them on Rp only ,that quitly means a little bit unfair for who is behind with champions and started just now to play ,or had to start from 0 ,after getting a permanent ban ,such as i had lv 167 over one account ,and had likely 100 champions + ... , so now i had to start almost from begin.
: The Most Hated Role?
From my experience Adc... I mean ,most of people not realise but most of adc ,if they would play alone will quit this game with 430 km/h... In my opinnion being adc and ,having knowdledge about your role ,while you get autofill support , or main support who dosn't handle support role well , and then imagine your support grief, gets toxic against you , and when you see and the rest of team that is toxic towards you ,and they likely to mark them hate towards you as adc ,because of mastery points stats ,and much more ... , i one see much toxicity around as adc... , most of time top laner complain about jungler ,few times adc ... , but the point is that junglers should do them job without them skill to be questionable , without to make some lanes to feel like they have no jungler ,sometimes it happens that jungle premades with top/mid gank more much the lane they are premade ,which again ain't okey , cause you are jungler for entire team . As jungler at least you can farm , and take kills and help good players to win game , you can of yourself get yourself powerfull to do something ,but as adc , if your team feeds , and your support dosn't know to support is bye bye game , you can be good and extremly good , but once enemy focus over you ,is hard to survive when no one cares to protect you ,as you are weak and easy to be killed by assasins.
: Bot lane discussion: Low elo duo farm
And another reason i seen , is that basically most of mage supports , pick champions who need to deal damage ,poke enemy ,keep them far of farm ,sadly most of them fail , and when them adc is in danger , they can't relay over support as the mage support sometimes have the luck to miss skills ,which in teory translate throught death adc ... , but let's be honest , there are champions of support who poke and do damage ,and are very good for adc players ,who buffs and gives them strength into team fights , such as lulu ,janna ,nami ,karma,yummi,rakan,soraka and there are much more good support champions who have cc and can protect them in that way ,such as :leona,thresh,braum,blitz,alistar,taric,tahm kench. In my opinnion the problem is in the middle , i don't think that if your adc does have farm problems ,you couldn't achieve a slow down for enemy adc , keeping him away of farm ,expecially when enemy adc gets low hp. Also advice ,as support most of people not farm while adc is death the lane ,while they protect tower , also you can help your adc to achieve and take minions , but for that you must know when your adc can't take a minion from 1 hit... When the melee minion is like 90%hp , he will more than sure need you to help with hitting the minion 1 time , so when tower hit it , he can take the remain part and don't lose the minion
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Roamcell (EUW)
: It's absolute, utter and desperate garbage. His winrates talk clearly. He deals LITERALLY half his pre rework burst damage. Late game, he falls so hard he's ONE FIFTH of what it was worth pre rework. Skills look good on video but are absolute, worthless shit in lane. It's not just about the 'no longer a bully', he's literally the %%%%% of any other toplaner out there: absolutely no damage, absolutely no burst, absolutely no tank. But his E is flashy. Don't even get me started on the pathetic ultimate and the ludicrous, subhumanly %%%%%%ed channelling and timings. It's mind boggling how they could botch this rework so bad. It's as if the design team is made of 6 year olds who can't %%%%ing read an excel spreadsheet and compare OLD vs NEW. It's disgusting but alas anybody following this garbage since the last couple of years can easily see that's been in a downward spiral in regards to mental sanity of the decisional staff. The only remedy? Play less league of legends. Detoxify. Abandon league of legends altogether. Spend time finishing all those steam games you never installed.
played with a teemo vs pantheon , and he was likely afraid of teemo =)) , he isn't that strong right now , once he miss q , his q is gonne ,rest of skills don't have that much damage
: > [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=23lMMAkZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-22T17:05:30.786+0000) > > Who else is hyped to not spend money on that shit system? Accept it or not, but real Mains/OTP's will get them. no matter how expensiv they are. (and thats the audience i want to speech with this survey) . I would even get them if they would cost as much as a prestige skin!, cause its my Main! I already have Reallife merch and other stuff of this champion. 10$ for my main as a onetime purchase is Nothing... Its like hateing tatoos or piercings in reallife cause u dont like them. This doesnt make them bad.. If people make a tatoo survey for audience that running tatoos, there is no box like "i dont have any tatoos". cause its already assumed that only people enter the survey that atleast Own 1!
i am otp 2000 games ranked jinx .. , you know what i had odysey jinx on 405 rp (-70% off) on special offert shop... , haven't payed it because i don't want to support a company who laughts of his players and punish toxicity in chat , while they allow much more toxic behaviour to stay as it is in this game , not even having powers to detect who trolls/grief , so that means , i shouldn't support a company who endorse to fight toxicity ,but in the same time bans you for issues of behaviour which are low negative , while much worse behaviour is around present in many games and is much more toxic and not even answer in front of riot punishment system ,for ruining games while others play normal , also making others angry , and provoke them and destroying them pleasure to play the game. And i proof you i am otp on a hero, and i haven't even go for that trash skin project ,even if it would be free , i wouldn't take it , because is garbage , as well as i wouldn't get ambitious elf too , trash skins don't have to be in my collection ,and neither will invest further to buy skins because of the disrespect is in this game towards the customers who buy skins to use and have fun.
: **a system that brings additional content to the game, without removing old content, can never be a bad system. Additional stuff is always a Positive aspect. If you dont like the system, then dont use it. :)** ** And PLEASE dont try to destroy the emotions and hype for other players who love eternals! This thread is for an factual Discussion about How many you will run, not about "i dont like the system."**
other players , realise that they sell a skin at prices of a game , putting some low work into it , and selling it across the glob to 31 milions people , so just think about how much they win from selling a skin , and imagine they do a whole collection and sell it , they also sell the skins unfinished , in the conditions they have to sell and chromas ,for you to actually be the fool who pays more.. , is my own opinnion , don't feel insulted if you want to go for chromas, but in my opinnion a skin who cost around 15 E should at least be finished and not give you the feel that you need to buy chromas to look as it should... So i am honest here , he is right , he sayd what sayd because ,people are getting every day trollers and toxic players around , play this game ,and when they get angry they instant punished for , while people who troll/grief remains in game and annoy with them behaviour much more than someone who use chat ... , they not even get banned in 500 games ranked , and thrust me i know what i speak.
: Update Summoner's Rift
you put lot's of work in , i like some ideas , personally there are people , who don't even understand the game as it is now ,but it sound good for me and it can opens other kind of gameplay since there would be more options than just rushing and push with baron buff.. drakes objectives would be cool ,problem is that i don't know would be a bit hard to fight enemy teams if you have a jungler who dosn't take objectives and who plays bad ;)) , but actually i like some new ideeas you come with , and i really think some of them should be implented. Mana potions are questionable ,as now as adc you don't use them that often , it could be a item who is available just for adc players ,that could sound good .. If we go for mana potions for everyone , imagine a brand who keeps use skills over you ,soraka who would just build regen items and buy potions... , anyway she have quit a good regen mana and hp decreased on healing is a joke... Map should overall stay same , but i think Riot should reduce from useless stuffs on map , to optimizate map for people who don't want to look outside of walls to some stuffs placed over there... , some less details consumtion for people who don't have that new cpu ... , i one for exemple i own a laptop who is quaitly average for me and is okey ,but i can't update my cpu ,so is likely an update on chaning map could also leave me to don't anymore play this game if the changes are against my laptop performance. I would like to see an item who is builded to reflect magic damage , common , i mean adc players have a counter item like thornmail , but there is no item who counter and gives a part of magic damage back as damage to the champions they deal . Such an item could really be usefull in situations where a veigar get's extremly strong , or anyone else ,like a fizz , or sylas , or zoe ,etc.. I also seen that some items on mages , give them ability power+ cdr + mana + items effect.. , so is quitly much for an item in my opinnion. An exemple of such item is luden's echo ,who gives ap/mana/20%cdr once builded / effect damage ... etc... there are more items who have tons of effects on mages items , when an item shouldn't have that many in my opinnion. The void staff should also apply grievous wound effect on hit ... , it make sense ,because mortal reminder is the item who does apply it when playing adc.. Well adc items of that kind don't get that many stats in one item... , so i guess is likely then if i am buying infinity edge , i should get damage+critical chances + some mana ... , actually adc have no items which offers them mana , expecially when most of them don't need essence river ,and neither to build muramma .
: As an panth otp for over 9 yrs the new champ is crap, i mean shit. People who complain about the damage, clearly don't understand damage numbers. As long as you stand behind minions you're going to take no damage from his q what so ever. His Cd's are so long that early game you're waiting upwards of 9-22seconds because you really can't engage the enemy. The q damage is wack and very easy dodged, w isn't even a threat because its only up every 13 seconds, his e slow's him and doesn't allow him to do much while its active and you can always just kite around him, the ult is very easy dodged and does little to no damage and has a super high cd early on which makes it even more useless. Note ( While using q to poke, its end's up %%%%ing the minion wave more then anything if you miss also pushing power and wave clear greatly reduced due to no E damage) I was unable to one shot an adc with 1.4k with 2-3 items because i had to build bruiser to survive the laning phase and not be useless in team fights. New panth isn't an assasin, he ins't a bruiser, he isn't a tank, he's pretty much useless in every aspect. I'm diamond also on 2 account with panth while having 57% + win rate.
in my opinnion his ultimate ,should be an overextended jump for an ally ,something like a team work between gladiators , imagine to boost up someone to entry in a fight like , riven/olaf/jax etc... , something like in spartacus movie ,where crasus was jumping over spartacus shield... , his ulti coulded be way much better than this ... His e coulded be a gladiator trap who is throwed over enemy .. , and w some kind of ability who knock up enemy and makes him vulnerable to attacks ,but with some dash in front likely ... not like a jump over enemy .. something like a bull pushing a bit in front ,that woulded make him possible to use dash ,then e , then q ,and finally use his dashing position to take an ally and throw it over enemy ,knocking them in a range and dealing some damage from pantheon R , coulded be intresting in my opinnion . Double side ultimate , who casted on himself woulded do some other effect , likely some empowered skill from ulti ,doing extended effects for rest of skills , like instead of 3 spears - 5 , or instead of knocking with a dash into enemy , to make it a longer distance and passing throught minions ... , e empowered ,decreasing enemy hero stats ,likely as effect of beeing in incapacity to move ,so he woulded have less stats to fight you after the e allows him to move ,something like making you a little bit empowered in a fight someone would chose to fight after you empower your e and hit him... his q ,woulded be something like turning him range , leaving him too throw 1-2-3 spears over enemy , same likely xin zhao q ... , something like that adapted to pantheon ... , and gameplay would look more much better in my opinnion Sadly , i don't think they will go back to rework him a second time , they will just let him as it is.
: Only when majority of the players worry about it, it will become punishable. Imo, majority of the players are actually fine with trolls ruining their games, because we all know that these trolls/afk/feeders help in forcing players to keep playing more and more games to reach a rank and are doing RIOT a favor.
they also protected to be in this game ,because they make others angry ,so there are more many bans issued ,due to trollers in team , much more people get angry because of such behaviour than for getting flamed by someone right now.
JustClone (EUNE)
: I told you, even I have to go afk from time to time. Most people do. For the several thousand games I have played, I have enough afk games for 40 to 80 perma bans... Do you really think, that I deserve this? Just because I have to go every now and then?
well no one stops you to play normal games ,beside that ,no one force you to play ranked in the conditions you having to go and leave suddenly often... , that means you of yourself loss lp , and the time you put in one game ,but others loss time/lp ,and get nervous cause of your actions .. Further more , no one says you have no right to leave the game , the point is that he reffer just to people who intentionally afk without a reason... , because they don't want to further play , not from reasons like they don't want to give up , and play another game, some people chose to play when others want to quit and surrender , so most of those people who see that surrender vote fail , go afk intentionally to speed intentionally a loss for them team , cause they didn't wanted to surrender , no one sayd that riot should chase people who have some other activities who appear rarely and you have to go , but if you have a schedule who you can't control , then woulded be responsable to play normal games ,and play ranked games when you know your schedule is totally as it is ... , not like to start to play while you wait for a client or a call to go somewhere.. etc.. , mostly when you are free and don't have to go and work with clients etc... In such situations , you can play unranked modes without to destroy that much others day.
: They Cant ban the leona, because players can try different types of strategies even if they don't work!
well the point is they can try ,but however , she was pointless as jungler , having no objectives , no damage , no tank build... ,taking kills as jungler from others when having no damage , those summed gives you the definition of what means something out of rules.
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=RayleighTT,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gO4bEGiE,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-08-22T19:56:41.269+0000) > > Was better if there woulded be : > > we can't control others temper , but we neither can ban them as soon as they mistake ... , but we can ban people who get angry in chat because of trollers , but we also can't ban trollers cause we don't know if they guilty or not. Everytime i see someone misusing that word "troller" i feel like he should be banned from existence.
troller definition: Someone who likes to troll, a person who either intentionally or pointlessly yells and swears and insults someone with no or some purpose. Usually spawned by agruements, disagreements, or just hatred. Trolling can also be conducted as a self-entertainment to the troller by causing a ignition in chat or in a internet forum.
: I know it might not be relevant but here's the definition of a drug : > a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body. you don't really introduce games into your body, so calling them a drug is a big "eh" Addiction does not need a drug, behavioural addictions such as gambling or gaming are caused by your own brain, it varies from person to person but generally speaking it's because of your brain's reward system, from what I know people subject to non-substance addictions are typically "pre-wired" for it but once diagnosed it is possible to fix these kind of issues The point at which it becomes an addiction is when it becomes compulsive (you start playing without even thinking about it), impairs your jugement, takes a toll on your emotional responses (anger etc), and typically becomes hard to control due to cravings etc etc Games do have addictive tendencies but typically speaking most people won't get addicted
well i think is a drug because , you know that typical common phrase " you don't have any ideea on what's necesary to eat this game " ,is likely a close expresion in my language =)) used since online games appeard =)) , a common form of saying to someone : you don't have any ideea how to eat people in this game... , eating the game . tehnical is a psihotic drug.. , you have the sensation you eating the game , so likely a game can be a drug ,when you want to be a better player than your friends etc... or someone else who just insults you.
: Don't get me wrong, I don't care what you/others do. However, I don't think this is the place to suggest the use of an illegal substance as an alternative way to not deal with the negatives of playing league. > Young people anyway will not having any ideea how to buy it , or to reach it .. , Not gonna comment on this one, but proving you wrong on this one isn't that hard.
well , people promote the fact that coke,and juices are kindly toxic ,gives you cancer ,and makes your tummy shit in years etc.., is likely a drug who hurths you not now , but certainly will kill you in time , and is selled as legal , not ilegal , and most of kids on this planet drinks it .. , and you tell me drugs is a problem for kids? ,when those are illegal and hard to reach =)) . Let's be honest here is a joke , is like i would joke about coffe adictive .. ,put around that joint then coffe and you can say what ever you want ... , i was feeling like i should joke about and makes others day better.. You ain't forced to stay in front your pc and watch the toxic behaviour around that game, you can leave your pc , go take some time to chill , take a coffe and come back and excuse yourself ... , with a lie , but a lie telled in a way is at least avoiding you to get angry and involved in them problems..
GLurch (EUW)
: If you can't stop playing League of Legends, even when it is actually harmful to your (social) life, then you *are* addicted and should also search help, even if it may seem comical. As you probably tried to point out, everything can possibly get you addicted. However, there's a difference between normally getting addicted to something simply because you do it a lot of times and because it makes you happy (e.g. game addictions) and getting addicted to something because it contains a substance that in itself is addictive, no matter if you're happy to receive it, want to receive it, receive it a lot,... or not (e.g. "weed", tobacco, caffeine).
so why there is addiction to gambling games ,to computer games , if there is no a substance ... who makes you addicted , for exemple any game creates you pleasure sometimes ,that itself is likely a drug , because you actually like it and play more until you keep play it daily , so basically games are addictive ,problem is that i anyway got tired of this ,and the game itself is a cure for me to stop ,as the in-game pleasure to play is creating the perfect enviroment to quit it ,is like the game itself helps you to quit it... Is my opinnion , and somehow i am not that angry anymore ,i mean i can save 2-3 hours to do something else , to watch a movie serial , or read something intresting or learn much more important stuffs.. , than wasting my time for no reason and purpose .. , any period of my time is a wasted time could be valued for something much more usefull and good for my person , the list ain't short . Now i realise that the games should belong to kids , adults and real people can't live in same space with kids who ain't having anything better to do ... ,but we do as adults ,we have oportunities to do lot's of stuffs. Just the problem is that we are too lazy to actually try to be different of others.
: Buddy, I don't think endorsing the consumption of an illegal substance (In most places) on a public forum is a good idea - considering there are younger people running around, it most certainly is a really bad idea.
well if you stay to think the addiction of people to harm and be negative in games is almost same illegal , and what i do here , is just to combat an adiction of others with another adiction =)) , is just a pamphlet ,no one would even afford to smoke weed every day because of toxic behaviour hitting them almost constantly... ,and no one would actually be like that ... . Young people anyway will not having any ideea how to buy it , or to reach it .. , and anyway you are overexagerate on this.
GLurch (EUW)
: If your health is important to you and you don't want to get addicted, you would just choose the more simple option instead of getting yourself into some weird stuff (and yes, even coffee is a drug and I think it's a bit concerning that a lot of people really can't manage without drinking one or two coffees a day, probably even more). Saying that we humans are complex sounds like a very positive way of saying we're just dumb :/
well there are drugs who ain't making you that addicted ... , i mean this game is already a drug then... , you can't stop it even if it harms you every day... , even if it isn't benefical to your health... It was a joke , i never smoked weed , i smoked just 2-3 times in my entire life ... and those were some ciggarets normal .. and i haven't been addicted into... ,this topic was just to chill out people who get over here and want to feel more relaxed after some difficult games with shit behaviour in all it's forms. Humans are extremly complex , we haven't discovered half of what we are able to do , and we also push our creativity and discover stuffs about us and the enviroment we are in , every day with small steps.. , we also as humans progress and have a much more intresting way to think , and also realise that the enviroment and political and the times our parents grow up and them menthality is way different of our menthality we develope due to being another enviroment we grow up in , from political ,to the society , to actually new thinghs are a common thingh for us in nowadays , and much more... The positive way of saying you are just dumb , eh well everyone have a small contribution for the further generations ,we born to give born to something new , to something much more bigger than us , we evolved in last 1 century a lot and we keep evolve quitly faster than hundreds of generations of people behind ... . Many discovers , new thinghs , new specific thinghs who continues to make our day to day life more complex than it woulded be 500 years ago or 1000 , or much more... The human in current state it could be way more smart than all his ancestors,as the resources he have and the costs for him to actually learn something is close to 0 thanks to the internet , but the problem is we ain't unlock our potential , being distracted by ordinary and common thinghs which appeard in our life and dictates what we do every day to make the time pass .
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