Espadas (EUNE)
: Hacked
Contact Riot Support, they have live chat there and they can help you.
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: Yes they will probably make ten more skins this year that are prestige. After all they are only gold chromas with gold effects. Not really worth all the money you spend getting prestige tokens.
Well, I have the pass and I'm close to getting the 100 prestige tokens so I was just curious. Thanks for the info tho :)
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: About that silver orb
I am wondering the same thing.
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: Aatrox
I'm also a Aatrox enthusiast and I really hope they do something cuz after the new patch his new ult doesn't match his kit at all
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: RIOT not reverting the 1 BE Capsules bug is a slap in the face to everyone else who pays for content
owow (EUNE)
: About the capsule abuse
: To everyone who didn't get to abuse the loot bug
Silent Note (EUNE)
: About this 1BE scandal...
Can we already stop with the drama, riot clearly said that they are NOT going to do anything simply because there is nothing they can do, whether you like or not, complaining won't get you anywhere even if more people knew about it, Riot are also allowed to make mistakes like those because it doesn't effect the game by any means, some people just got more skins, people who supported the game and people who didn't. The whole argument is over so I don't see the point for people to still complain about it .
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: Ranked anxiety?
I have same issue i suggest you ti watch Weldon Green's videos about that !
Pan Gohr (EUNE)
: man you try to knock sense in a person who literally after 24h had passed made a post to nerf nunu.. its like all the other posts "nerf akali" "nerf pyke" "nerf whatever its new" they know deep inside that the "newcomer" needs at least 2 patches to settle properly in the fields of justice ^^ but they ignore it on purpose..nerf EVERYTHING :D
I wasn't complaining on zoe,pyke nor akali. This my first time actually complaining about new/reworked champ. All I am saying is that they have to hotfix it midpatch because the recent patches are complete joke. I'ts not balanced for him to come from behind the enemy turret with 700+ ms to go through minions and just oneshot you. + Windwall can't even block his W. They gave him damage on literally everything and I think when riot wants to rework a champion in their perspective that's a overpowered buff.
: Errm what? It does need a small balance change on his w, but not anything to be crying on the boards about. Let's be honest, you can easly lastminute sidestep it unless you corner yourself somewhere...I dont know against the wall? Thats where his w is super effective. In jungle, it's awesome. However if he comes down from lane then you can pretty much walk away. Provided you know such thing as deep ward exists ofc.
What if he comes behind the enemy turret with about 700ms? Oh yeah siDeStEp
Rismosch (EUW)
: CC him. Or do the classic: Walk slightly to the right.
this is not dogeable by moving to the right, only by a flash. I don't know if you have played against him or if you just haven't seen someone who actually knows how to play him.
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KatScript (EUNE)
: Riot continue ignoring Katarina..
Stop playing katarina, learn to play other champs which require hands or even a little bit of brain.
: Jax e nerf
or learn to play around it like a normal human being.
Husker (EUW)
: Normal Draft Returns to EUNE
Riot Husker notice me pls {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Perilum (EUW)
: Sorry I can't follow your logic. Just because they've more things in the store they should lower their income? What?
first they did that 2015.. now after 2 year we have so much more stuff like hextech crafting and every patch there are new lutes for crafting , new skins and etc..
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Scantý (EUNE)
: Zyra needs a skin!
: You can hope that they will come tomorrow...cuz it is a wek or so when new path is live so yeah..... if it is like that i better farm my last IP to get to 10 k
well i already got 10k ip by waiting for them (:
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: She has pathetic damage early game, her escape has a quite long CD. and she will have to walk up to cs sometimes. It is very easy to punish her.
Still katarina is katarina you know 2 Clicks to win (Q and E) and i am not gonna say more about the ulty its just disgusting XXX-XXX P.S Hope they do something to her ... as soon as possible maybe in the assassins rework
: She has one of the worst early games out of all the champions. It is super easy to punish her for that. As for counter play, there is plenty. It's called CC, and if your team doesn't have any you probably shouldn't be team fighting because a team with no CC probably revolves around a different play style (for example split pushing). Katarina is a complete noob champ and requires absolutely no skill but she is not over powered.
Actually katarina is pretty safe to pick champ i mean she has escape she can jump to minions , ward and champions and its nor that hard to throw your Q to minions and you will always get 1-2 farm or even more + some poke to the enemy champion. It's super hard to gank katarina. For the CC i mean she is an assassin she will jump in the teamfight as last or she will burst someone in 1v1 situation. If its a smart katarina player he/she will jump when the enemys has no flashes or CC or everything that can stop her . An average katarina player with 2 items like Ludens Echo and Void or even Abyssal she can burts 3 people for 3 to 4 seconds only with her ult. Its insane. I do not appriciate katarina at all. XXX-XXX
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