: Sejuani support build (??)
Gonna work in low iron good luck!
Necromant (EUW)
: My favorite Champ ist Riven (let the hate follow) but listen carefully before. She is strong aswell but week at the other site, just depend how good you can play with her and how much oppurtunities you left for the enemie. She have a strong kit, can be an Assasine, an Bruiser or a Tank, what you want, but have always the Problem, if she get cced, she is mostly dead.
This is some "I'm study law, I'm Vegan" shit. In LoL style?
: Why would I share my honest opinion with a cesspool of degenerates like reddit?
Becouse riot don't give a shit about this boards but they follow reddit.
: I don't think I will play League for a long time now
Right in the point! Put in on Reddit immediately pleasy!
: Need pro for duo queu
If you can't climb our of iron you don't deserve this, there staying only disabled ppl or with 600ping on daily basic
VocaCosmo (EUW)
: dunno what is your problem. I fyou dont want to think about that, then dont read this topic. otherwise when you can think about it a little bit, you will realise that this topic is not about flying or something....
So about what? You know what are physics laws or not? Have you seen any people teleporting? Or levitating fish healing burning man with water? go physics yourself tho
VocaCosmo (EUW)
: some suggestions about physics in League
Stupidest idea i ever heard. First of all no one can fly so plz make some hoverboard for aurelion sol
Lariatas (EUNE)
I ended season with chat restriction and reseted honor and i get all my rewards ;feelsgoodman;
Shamose (EUW)
: The deadline for that is febuary 11th. So I guess they start granting rewards around that time aswell.
Aren't they done with rewards after season ends?
: Level 22 otp taric looking for Dia-ADC to play
you need dia adc main in bronze games? ok buddy
Zovers (EUW)
: Then please tell me: How do you feel about losing to that broken champion that you left open by banning Yasuo? {{champion:39}} How you feel about all the Yasuo mains (on your team!) that you are upsetting by banning Yasuo? Do you think team spirit and mood is not important so having an upset Yasuo main on your team doesn't matter?
Zovers (EUW)
: [Seeking advice] Yasuo Haters ruining my League experience
I'm very happy that not only me doing this, i don't like yasuo in either team, and this is my insta ban no metter what. and every second game there is 2 yasuo mains 1 want top and second mid.
Lakedima (EUNE)
: sexist turkey server employees banned me 2 weeks on lol and boards to cover their mistakes.
I meant from european servers no offence, admin deleted my post ;C
: Soraka support montage
LoL, unnecesary sumoner spells, every single E failed, just some random 2 or 3 clutch heals wtf is this montage, shame on you
Naah better make Blood Moon Annie with bleeding Tibbers!
: The only thing you can do is go mid and report him at the end of the game. Or you can try to fight with him in jungle but that will cost you the game. That is called trolling. You can indeed report him for that.
Exactly if you follow him and leave mid open that make you same troll as he is
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Pause key [function]
For a long time i haven't seen such a stupid post.
: Adc works fine if people protect it and play off it, its only in low elo that adc is struggling.
What a bullshiet bro you watching some stream sometimes?
: How not to get frustrated?
I've played with Cho after 2 deaths just starded running down mid and we won this game anyway if you give up thats mean you don't deserve this win anyway so good you lost {{item:3070}}
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: New Server : Middle East- سيرفر عربي
Thats great idea, no one like arabs anywhere else
mk0lev (EUNE)
: BUG - error message in the middle of the game. Whole team is disconnected
haha just kicked out 5 ppl from my rank, 2 from my and 3 from enemy team. ty for freelo rito :D {{summoner:14}}
Alluthe03 (EUNE)
: I am deeply concerned about League's future with champion design.
Definitelly +1. Every champion made, reworked in 2k18 is 100% ban they are just make every new champion more op. And they cjust simple run out of ideas looking at Sylas.
: Female champions are too sexualized.
: Zaun skin for Graves
Pretty nice idea not like this trash preatorian trash skins
: You probably watch mmr on op.gg it shows low mmr (if u press show mmr) but you should see mmr of games in which this player play. I got the same thing i play 1800 -1700 mmr games while being iron - bronze - silver, while op gg show dat my mmr is 600 lower.
But he shouldn't play in games with 1500mmr up when he is iron II this is just simple. Matchmake like this just make you lose lp like 99% and this can't be fun for him getting powned 0 10 per game. This is simple you can premade with max 1 rank lower why you can be matchmake with someone 4 ranks lower? This is just senseless ;/
: Cuz all new acs getting iron even with perfect record, rank doesn't mean anything pretty much right now if MMR is high, so u can be bronze but have plat MMR.
and yes rank doeas mean something if i can't invite to game any silver but i can be matchmade with iron this is just stupid af
Rektozaurus (EUNE)
But i write he have bronze mmr and only loses with 10 or deaths each game
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