: Report feedback improved?"One of you past reports flagged a player....They've now been penalized..."
: > [{quoted}](name=Remian,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=dAlVWHJ8,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-04-11T15:01:51.050+0000) > > Yes, just like any other game. > That's a fair point but other games often have a way to submit feedback or bugs without having to go through the forums.
Examples? Because auto-report senders are dying out.
: Thoughts on boards...
>I think that the main issue with the boards is that they are used only by a small minority of League of Legends players Yes, just like any other game. >My point is that at this point you can't be sure the complaints you are receiving are the same as the complaints of the majority of League's community First, Rito devs don't read EU board. Second, they have focus groups for that. Third, they gather feedback from Reddit as well, which is equal or even more popular discussion hub for LoL.
Błaźe (EUW)
: I have been playing LoL for 2 years and haven't gotten better since 2014.
I know that feel. I've pretty much reached my skillcap on high-bronze. I see my mistakes, but keep repeating them next game.
k2132001 (EUNE)
: Normal Draft Pick Question.
Required amount of roles = amount of people + 1 (unless there are five of you). Simple as that.
: The only dates i get
The only support I get is the one which I get as ADC.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: And this comes from a Silver 5 (this season). Dude no offense but you only saw my current rank not the one I had last season which I unluckily got to after the season rewards were given out. And just a hint, I play with Platinum and Gold ranked friends, even Diamond at times so my gaming experience is way above the one of a random Bronze 5, so before you start to shove your superiority towards someone, try to you use brain first, that is if you have one. But hentai wise and any other champion wise, I don't punish people for their mistakes, I just destroy them in lane and later on in the game.
>so before you start to shove your superiority towards someone, try to you use brain first, that is if you have one. Did I? Oh, ok then.
Mada (EUW)
: Ahri dating sim! Sona Rhythm game with peripheral Etwahl
>Ahri dating sim! Always a bad end. {{champion:32}}
: I do understand that Karthus CAN be powerful with his other abilities however, his E is simply a swirling continous damage field around him and requires you to get pretty close to an enemy which as a mage, you do not really want to do. His Q counters that arguement by being a long range poke ability, making his theme rather confusing, are you supposed to go long range or close distance between him and his target? Also Karthus's ult is the centerpiece of his kit, there is no denying that. Its so much more powerful then the rest of his kit.
>you to get pretty close to an enemy which as a mage, you do not really want to do. Oh no, you do. {{item:3116}} is love. {{item:3116}} is death.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: I don't know how you can struggle with her mate, especially since you said that you played for quite some time. I scored a quadra by mistake in my first game with her.. I did so well on my top lane that everyone from the enemy team was focusing me over my adc, mid, jungle or support. So they went on me, {{champion:103}} CCed me (her taunt or w/e that spell is) into them so I ultied and hit 4 of them at once. She's already good enough, she doesn't need any improvements, just skill. Oh, I used {{champion:75}} mastery and {{champion:24}} runes on her since I had no idea how to play her, still don't but those work just fine. Above everything else, she is a tank. She is made to take damage and survive it not deal damage and carry the team like an adc should do. If you want that, then go play an adc not a tank. Each lane and champion have their roles so try and play them accordingly.
Dude, no offense, but people in bronze v haven't seen enough hentai to know what to do with her. They run from every soul grab, they stay after your ult on 3+ people, they group just to be hit by single tentacle. There are so little possible mistakes against her and yet they do all of them.
: What league of legends taught me about life
* Helicopter or wings won't save you from landmines. * Wearing few armor plates simultaneously is a viable strategy, just like using 5 swords. * Axe thrown in the right way acts like boomerang.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Yes you can. However, to drop down in a lower Tier, you usually require an MMR equal to the Vth Division of the lower Tier. So this means you have to lose a lot, let alone a small protction you get if you got promoted and didn't move away from 0 LP. (-3 pretty much Counts as 0, the only difference is that you will Need to gain those 3 first, but demotion/MMR wise it doesn't matter)
Damn, no wonder it feels impossible. Lost five games in a row with 0LP and still stuck in silver v. Here go my plans to get into bronze before Taric rework.
Zaoen (EUW)
: PvP.net Summoner Profile Champion Icons Golden Borders?
: Annie ultimate (R) thematic change
4 of 9 comments are somehow about Annie's balance which OP didn't even mention. Sorcery.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Remian,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Z8AIv1o7,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-04-07T09:08:39.245+0000) > > Nah, cinematic clearly shows that the actual toy is thrown. Ye well the new dawn cinematic shows graves smoke bomb stopping draven auto attack.
Another flaw in gameplay then.
Smerk (EUW)
: Stuffed bear is container, when Annie uses ultimate she releases Tibbers from it, so it is logical that she keeps it while Tibbers runs free
Nah, cinematic clearly shows that the actual toy is thrown.
: add extra judgement on lp gain / lost
Nobody cares how much of a carry you were, if you still lost. Get over it.
howlhound (EUW)
: The good ol' days
Ah, my first 15 levels. Multiple boots (not trolling, no), friendly people, duo top. Everything seems so unreal now.
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: Now that zed's been nerfed, can we stop banning him every single game?
Carobou (EUW)
: Some thoughts about taric update
I like new synergy on Q and E with W, you already can see a lot of potential here. R seems a bit generic, but it's useful anyway. Anyway I have plans to main him to see how all this potential utility can play out.
: So, what do you guys think about the SKT skins?
They suck. Opinions, opinions.
Trollas (EUNE)
: Just outrageous!!!! party!!!
Debonair {{champion:81}} on Pink Taric splash. And after that some people dare to say that Rito ignores it's community.
: **Things you shouldn't do in League _(or real life, for that matter)_:** 1: Don't be a douche. ... ... Done. That's it. You're now either a neutral or positive player, both of which are perfectly fine as far as having them in your games is concerned.
If someone needs to be explained that being a dick is bad, I doubt this person would get your words anyway. Broken ~~bones~~ accounts teach better lessons. {{champion:420}}
: 'ult: COOLDOWN: 200 / 180 / 160' This is the longest cooldown in the game (not including summoner spells) and if you miss it it seems unfair that you have to wait all this time.
>if you miss it it seems unfair that you have to wait all this time. I just feel like an idiot sandwich if I allow enemy to do it. And such long cooldowns are totally justified since it's source of free kills with some minimum map awareness.
: How Karthus should be buffed
>ult: if this ability is cancelled it will go on a 10sec cooldown instead As Karth main I'm against it. It's core of his gameplay, if you aren't sure you'll finish cast - don't cast.
Barty (EUNE)
: Lol. I want this quote to get into game right now, it's pure genius.
That sounds more like a {{champion:86}} thing to say though.
: Mechanically based champion
Legends say that {{champion:268}} and {{champion:161}} have auto-attack, but I don't believe them, so they kinda fit, except they have mana.
: still waiting for schoolgril velkoz
Don't we have schoolgirl Ahri and Star Guardian Lux for that kind of vibe?
: Oh yes. Can't wait to see what they did to Pink Taric. My body is so ready.
Resistance is futile anyway.
Bombardox (EUW)
And you haven't seen his new splash. {{champion:81}} has no chance to resist this time.
That's what quoting flame gives you, but seriously this is ridiculous. >I would like a Rioter to reply to this please thank you You'd better contact support directly. Rioters aren't frequent guests here.
: Opposite for me^^ I get a fragment every 2nd win. Might be that im currently not playing as much as before
I had the same droprate for first 8 shards, but took me 4 days to get ninth.
Mepodis (EUW)
: https://www.twitch.tv/riotgames Heres the surprise :)
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: i dont know but after 1 hour from this post date there will be a surprise from rito
Altiverse (EUNE)
: How many keys did you get so far?
Got first eight shards for ten wins and now it just stopped. Oh well, not like I'm surprised.
Goofrian (EUW)
: You get to be on MY TEAM! welcome!
Oh great, you seem like a nice guy. But you better get some map awareness, noob.
Goofrian (EUW)
: Teamwork Game play Quiz time
1. I'll just dodge because of such outrageous behavior. 2. I invade enemy jungle and die because my team didn't help. 3. I'll wait until my team gets low on health and then dive to enemy team. This way nobody will KS from me. 4. I'll start farming our jungle to relax after reading these noobs QQ. 5. Ok, it's C, no other way really. What do I get?
Fataliyah (EUW)
: They knew everyone was HYPED AF for URF, they knew they would get a shit load of hate bcs of this. Everyone has been waiting a whole year for URF and than they don't give it to them, It's not that weird that people get angry about this. I'm not happy about this either, I've had the best times of my whole 4 years of playing league while playing URF. Riot should've just brought back URF, also, if they would have made a new weird-ish game mode with draven or something I think people would have enjoyed it too, but all they did is making URF skins without giving the actual gamemode [and yes that does make them look like moneywhores] and spam DRAVEN all over the place ''DRAVEN DRAVEN DRAVEN DRAVEN DRAVEN DRAVEN DRAVEN DRAVEN DRAVEN DRAVEN DRAVEN DRAVEN DRAVEN DRAVEN DRAVEN DRAVEN DRAVEN DRAVEN DRAVEN DRAVEN DRAVEN - Draven''
I understand that people want URF. But flooding boards with complaints about something Riot weren't even supposed to do? Like really?
Solash (EUW)
: So let me get this straight. People are getting pissy that Riot DIDN'T automatically enable URF?..
Rito didn't have to do anything today. Guess what some Dota community gets? Nothing. Rito tries to do an actual event and half of community turns into spoiled brats. Guess Rito should just ignore 1st April next time.
: Welcome to a tip : Here we ask you quite inconspicuous slumbering ideas before which may be willing to wake up . In this special issue we share our love for Draven with you . The muscle-bound shooter is ready for any role , whether support , jungle , Top , Mid , Mid - Ultra , Ultra - ultra - Top or Raid Boss . His movement speed and sheer damage make Draven the obvious choice for some good old rubbings on the bottom lane . The glorious executioner , however, has more to offer than just to cause harm with its swirling axes , it may be the solution for every problem in the gulf . Besides a few failed robust Champions keep Mid- Laner from as much as vanilla yogurt . Dravens incredible damage in the early , middle and late game helps him off every champion on the middle lane quickly . Abyssal Scepter ? Rather hellishly bad scepter . Because you have no chance . Because Draven kills you again . A camp after another to farm , may be the best plan for many puny , traditional Jungler , but that's dravens world . And in dravens world more storage to be done at once . Rich Did you dravens global ultimate ability properly (see below) , you can safely do so 3-5 camp at once . And should your ultimate ability lack the damage , and buy some more items . If you opt for the top Lane , you're obviously the mechanical cleverest and most important member of your team . Games Draven your superior button mashing here and use to miss your thirsting for farm opponents a tantrum after another . Nasus farmt vassals Draven farmt nasus ... Nasuse . Nasusen . Noses . Anyway . Tip : Top Laner are already in a world of lonely , existential , " what I effecting ever " caught Anxiety . Spamme dravens mockery to the hilt in order to accelerate their descent into madness . As with Alistar and Braum dravens should intimidating appearance enough to keep opposing ADCs and supporters at bay . What Draven missing are useless attributes such as armor and health regeneration , which he . Brute force and big muscles more than makes up for A single glance at the glorious executioner and your opponents are either 1) Subscribe immediately ( this feature is activated when Draven is in play ) , or 2 ) to hide for the rest of the game in a different lane . And you should with Draven as a supporter score the first blood , are immediately credited to you three wins . "Get out there and try Draven on the middle lane , as a supporter , in the jungle and on the top of Lane . You'd be crazy if you do not would do it . And if you're at it , do not forget to bless the Lane with the new Draven Draven skin , which is available for free for a limited time ." They key bit! Part of it translated ish by google.
>new Draven Draven skin , which is available for free for a limited time I wonder how much they'll ask later for basically head model rework.
: More like Aurelion **ShOLe
> just a huge circlejerk But that's a main part of his gameplay.
: If there was one skin you could delete, which one would it be?
I'd delete every skin for Kassadin except Soul Reaver. They are all just pain to look at.
: {{champion:74}} he is secondary support but you never see him as support which is kind of strange because you almost cant get ganked because turrets block the river. and you can take dragon really fast during early game.
Perhaps people get mad because he steals farm even if doesn't want to? Otherwise there is simply a lot of better options who can give better heal and stun.
Riddarn (EUNE)
: You don't get punished unless the reports are valid.
Judging by OP post alone, I'm pretty sure he's innocent.
Feligresa (EUW)
: Janna grew a little hairy.
Dude! Let me in! I'm your support, Janna.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
>Does that mean Taric has leg go of all his fabulous gems? Taric himself is the only true gem. {{item:3070}}
: Downfall = Taric Rework
This wait is getting outrageous. I have plans to climb out of Bronze V with reworked Fifth Age Taric, this should be the most fabulous ascension.
: Afk system
So should I feel like a merciful god and save myself some time or be a dick? Where is the moral choice here? If you want enemy to lose less LP, then you should get less LP as well.
Damdamas132 (EUNE)
: Perma ban for toxicity is bs
>P.S People can just mute me. They also can just ban you forever. Who could imagine.
: Today I quit League of Legends after nearly 4 years of play
>And yet, this is typical. This is an average game on LoL these days. No, it's not. It's just happens that doing same thing over and over again during 4 years may annoy sometimes. You just need new hobby. gg izi
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