: My first (and last) ''omg what happened to this game'' topic.
For your first 4 paragraphs, you never really state what exactly is wrong. Seems like you did just get bored of the game over time. Player behaviour has actually improved drastically. Riot is one of the only online companies I've ever seen take such a huge stand to consistently punish toxidity and actively implement measures to combat it over time. After taking a short break during Season 5, I came back to see that there are currently WAY LESS bad behaviour than just a year or two ago - and the few people who do talk trash once every few games are swiftly dealt with. The Hextech Crafting with chests and keys are the first possibility ever for F2P players to actually earn paid content, at absolutely no cost of competitive balance and at very reasonable effort and drop rates. Sure Riot earns some RP on key/chest gambling, but it's a huge gift to F2P players. People that are stupid enough to gamble uncontrolledly in the first place have much bigger problems than LoL to worry about. Assuming you have issues with Dynamic Queue, playing with a regular 5-man team there efficiently does exactly the same as the old Ranked Teams, except you can't pass Diamond rank. So that doesn't clearly explain what the problem is. For casual and semi-competitve players, the game should be as lively as ever.
: Looking for a laid back Community to learn the game and have some fun.
Been in [this community](http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en/nNOkcPtu-zealot-gaming-wants-you) for a couple of years, have a look.
Azure9861 (EUW)
: If you have instant point and click cc, and their ADC is low health, and in range, please use it.
I don't think it's that kind of player behaviour that we're discussing here :P
: FREE RP Need a TEAM!!! free RP
Why are you gathering an entirely new team? What happened to the old one? If you are replacing all members then obviously it will no longer work as it used to. Also, care to share some proof of your tournaments and victories? Sounds a little too good to be true.
Sefi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DUNCANDUNCANLOL,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ooWBWaM4,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-09-14T19:17:58.152+0000) > > I bet its all a big lie/placebo. Cannot see how it's possible to police intentional feeding with a robot. I wonder if losing streaks will now be rewarded by a 14 day ban. Like, i sometimes go on 10-20 game tilts, will that be thought of as intentional feeding?
If you know you're tilting, why would you keep playing knowing that you will most likely keep losing and drag your team down with you? I'm not trying to sound accusing here, but taking strategic breaks could save your ass sometimes...
: I'd Share my thoughts but then ill get banned so ill hold myself there. xd
You'll only get banned if you share toxidity, and even then, here on the forums nobody really cares. From your statement, though, I conclude that either - You are so wrong about the system that you think you will get in trouble for saying your opinion - Your opinion is so toxic that nobody would find it acceptable anyway So either way not saying anything is doing the rest of us a favour.
: IMO these kinds of insults - illnesses, rape, death threats- deserve instant ban. No ifs, no buts, no prior history. This is purely malicious and above and beyond raging and getting angry to a game. This kinda of behaviour would never be tolerated by society face-to-face and we should make it the same on the Net, if we ever want to get beyond the "it's just a game"/"it's the net" phase. Personally, I am thick-skinned, don't particularly bother with what idiots say, but this is just deplorable. And enough with the victim blaming. To paraphrase, you are more or less saying "but Officier, she obviously wanted it when dressed like that". Get more mature people and can it with the rampant sociopathy. We supposedly evolved outta that bullshit ages ago.
+infinity Write something like this in one of the typical rage threads around here though, and you'll run a severe risk of getting downvoted. Thumbs up for having the nerve to say the truth.
: That feeling when your reports finally ban a toxic player
Still have never to see a single confirmation on my reports yet but I still believe that they're working, good job with yours! :)
BobT (EUW)
: This is crying, and if you see the word "stop" as aggressive, you need to stop being such a pansy. Yes, that was a command. If someone gets to be an arse about it when I'm having trouble, then he's a twat, so use the tools available, ask for help, or mute if they aren't helping. Otherwise it's basically just another way of saying "Be careful".
There is a world apart between saying "be careful" and to utter a completely illogical, pointless and negative phrase. Just because they might carry the same meaning in your head, they certainly do not mean the same thing.
: Sorry to tellyou but when you find corki with 9 CS at 10 minutes during a placement match and he jumps in 1v2 and the support has to peel for him and die for him only to jump in again 15 seconds later, seeing that Vayne{{champion:67}} is on a killing spree, and you have the AUDACITY to tell me not to tell him "stop feeding please". I...I can't understand
No matter how bad a player is playing, the actual phrase is illogical and pointless and on top of that, negative. That's the point.
: Nothing is acceptable in this community, even the smallest things one can do or say in-game will put people on instant tilt.
Being nice is not only acceptable, it's the only acceptable behaviour. People like you who try to drag it down unto your level of illogical defense of immaturity is the real problem.
: I think I have finally figured out the problem with the league community. Everyone is hypersensitive to the point where even truth is "damaging". I wish that Riot would add the tribunal again so that you overwhining crybabies would be able to dictate this type of shit and shut people like me up if the overwhelming majority of the community agreed with you. That way it would at least seem somewhat fair. You would still be unbearable crybabies though.
People like you are the real problem, trying to project your lack of proper human behaviour unto made-up 'faults' of other people and essentially defending everyone that has never learned to respect other people in their lives.
: I want to report an ELOBOOSTER, how can I do that?
I'm really curious to hear how you can prove someone has been boosted just because you watched his performance in one game. No, really, tell me. Then tell me how you can prove that someone else played on his account earlier, than the person who played in the game you just watched.
Terravir (EUW)
: Unfortunately this leads to 90% of the players claiming they can only play mid, like literally only mid and nothing else. Ever. Like really guys, i carry mid but feed anywhere else. Random players like that cannot be trusted with a system that works on good faith. If thats how you can manage a champ select thats great, i agree that would be the best way to handle it. But it needs an overarching rule in place and that rule is "pick order" because to many people will not give a damn and attempt to abuse the shit out of a system like good faith for their selfish needs.
And so what? It defaults to pick order IF AND ONLY IF COMMUNICATION FAILS. If everyone claims mid -> let pick order sort it out. But it is ALWAYS better to talk it out if it's possible. ALWAYS.
: If they say they can't play certain roles i tell them not to play ranked then or play blind pick and spam ''mid mid midmidmidmidimdmidmidmidmid'' P.s : i've never heard someone saying ''i can't mid'' , why? :-)
Mid is one of my weaker roles. There, happy?
Dzsime (EUNE)
: [VOTE] Pick order vs Call order vs Something Else
Kouèn (EUW)
: There's a bug in my client! Halp!
This deserves an upvote :D
Redman07 (EUW)
: i need a witness/duo mate, ranked bugged? cant win anymore
Suck it up and keep trying. Ranked is made to only give balanced LONG-term results. Streaks are common. The only way to climb is consistency in your matches.
: Unskilled platinum players?why are they there? the ranked system is corrupted?Counter picking ?
Feel free to quit the game dude, nobody likes your whining either here or in the game. None of what you say makes any sense if you'd just stop up and think about what you just wrote.
SirVeras (EUW)
: The Guide of the Summoner's Code!
I think this is a fine idea to raise awareness of the Summoner's Code, and would give Riot's design team something decent to work on that actually improves the game environment (instead of making a lot of nice events that are fun but have no other purpose). The new Season would be a good time to launch it, as you suggest.
Crafty776 (EUW)
: 14 Days Ban - Request Riot Staff
1. Single games generally don't get you banned unless they were excessively toxic. They SHOW YOU LOGS OF ONE GAME, but that's just an example out of many that you were found toxic in. The one you provided an example of probably didn't warrant the ban alone, but if you acted this way in a lot of games, you could. 2. THIS IS A DISCUSSION FORUM, IF YOU WANT TO TALK TO RIOT USE RIOT SUPPORT FFS
: How do you define 'carrying'? (classic ranked story incoming)
I would define it loosely as a synonym to the other well-known term - MVP (Most Valuable Player) So in general, the player that all-around contributed the most to the team as a whole, weighting everything (calls, teamwork, attitude, damage, impact, guidance, mechanics, etc.) To claim that any single variable warrants a measure of carrying is usually naive and wrong. Also, carrying seems to suggest that one player was far superior and had to pull the rest of the team out of a big hole - in most games this is not the case, despite what people try to make it look like. The guy with the most kills might not have been worth a shit if his team didn't protect him well. He might not even deal the most damage. The rich guy with all the gold and items might have a weak build, not join his team in fights, or go off to die on his own while his team loses objectives. The guy poking the enemy team for a million damage over the game might not have been able to focus down a single target during the important fights. If the entire enemy team survives with 1 HP after they ace you - your effort was useless. Etc etc. It's a tricky subjective evaluation that is not easily judged in a few variables. Generally, I agree with your own definition.
: imo it´s the person with the highest kill participation.
As Quezar points out, this is a way too naive way to think about it - it makes sense on a basic level but has way too many flaws.
SmB Koji (EUW)
: No, perma. There should be wayyy more of them. When I see I have to report from 1 to 3 people every game, I can tell there are too many toxic people and feeders in the game. And feeding is a case of toxicity.
The hypocrisy is strong in this one. By your logic, whenever someone dies, that player should get banned. By the same logic, whenever someone gets a kill, the person he killed should get banned. Because it's toxic to get killed.
SmB Koji (EUW)
: You don't "have a bad game" or "get outplayed" when you keep trading after your third death in 10 minutes, when you keep facechecking at 30 minutes or so. And when my opponent does so (even if it doesn't happen), I report them too. Perma bans are not less efficient than other punitions. In short term bans, people go on smurfing too. That's why you should punish by locking Mac adresses, so most of banned people can't bother anyone anymore.
I agree that people should start getting banned by pc or IP to prevent them repeating their issues over and over. However, you have an issue with reporting people. Being unskilled is not a bannable offense. If you feel like it should be, clearly LoL is not meant for you.
A Schlong (EUW)
: Thanks for the reply If it was someone looking at that particular match I did deserve a ban (in my opinion) however, if they were too look at previous games before that it would be many games before they found another of me flaming heavily against another person which is why i'm confused on how the system works. Is it for a particular game you get banned or is it over a long period of constant reports as I have gotten reported for no apparent reason after games.
The more serious it is, the less times it takes for you to receive punishment. So either you flamed very hard this one time and/or some minor toxidity from earlier games were taken into account as well.
SantaHunter (EUNE)
: 75 is the least you can get I think. I don't know if you really deserved it, but if what you say is truth, you didn't. I'm gonna speak as if I believe you. So yeah, I know how it feels to get chat restricted.. I went through around 700 games of it myself. I did flame a lot.. Like really a lot. But now I am different and I do the same thing you do.. Try to keep the team together and protect others who get flamed and try to chill the flamers down. What did I get for doing that? Nothing... So punish players who flame and insult players.. And players who protects players from flamers and is a moral support to the whole team, we'll leave them as they are and won't encourage them to keep doing it.
> [{quoted}](name=SantaHunter,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=uEVGnRpz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-27T22:21:07.553+0000) > > 75 is the least you can get I think. I don't know if you really deserved it, but if what you say is truth, you didn't. Wrong. Flaming always deserves a ban. It's true that you'd have my sympathies since you were provoked to, but nothing justifies you escalating the situation even if you know the other guy is wrong. Basically you're starting a war within the game fighting a person you believe is a troll and people defending him instead of focusing on actually winning the game and keeping thinks civil. This is always punishable.
arcq123 (EUNE)
: Summoner's
I can assure you that if you manage to ban a player from the game, there is no risk of you meeting him anywhere for the duration of the ban. ;)
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DeDoBros,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=BUvJlhEJ,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2015-08-28T12:46:09.071+0000) > > ok srry you just kinda talked like they do at the support desk :D Hmmm, so the support desk people are as nice as me? Thats good to hear :-p
Judging by the majority of your posts, you are both faster, friendlier and quicker to the point than their support staff. (Well of course you have the advantage of only browsing a small forum as opposed to Riot's workload.)
Saphurie (EUW)
: What should I report BM players for?
First off, the report category doesn't really matter as long as you steer clear of 'Unskilled Player' and 'Inappropriate Name'. Second, no. What you described is not the correct category. You should have reported for Verbal Abuse. Verbal Abuse describes the majority of all flaming, trashtalking and general demeaning behaviour towards other players. If in doubt, this is always the correct category. "GG EZ" certainly falls in this category. Negative Attitude is meant for players that constantly drag their team down by destroying team morale and giving up, such as 'we can't win', 'gg surr at 20', 'vote yes (to surrender vote) plz', 'just let them push and end', etc. Finally, Offensive Language is actually only meant for getting offended by excessive swear words etc. But in most cases this cleanly falls under Verbal Abuse anyway, so you might as well report for Verbal Abuse. But in the end they are almost always treated as one anyway.
: That's not "BM" aka. "bad manners", what that malphite did, was "verbal abuse" or "negative attitude". "BM" is when a fed Nasus dances in front of your jungler or allows him a few hit, knowing he can't be killed. Its also called "disrespecting". While not exactly a friendly act, its also not toxic as in "they will get into trouble for this", because 1) it cannot be proven (nothing in the chatlogs) 2) the cause could also simply be that this player is inexperienced, lags or simply doesn't care and 3) there is no rule saying: "I have to run away from two people" or "I cannot run in circles around the sport where I just scored a double".
You're debating semantics. 'Bad manners' might refer to what you are describing, but in by far the majority of scenarios, it refers to actually toxic behaviour, such as trashing your opponent in all chat after a misplay. That is and has always been punishable toxic behaviour. Also, just because the other stuff you describe is not easily proven, it doesn't mean it's acceptable if you overdo it with malicious intent.
10962670 (EUW)
: Just played a 4v5 Ranked as Skarner..
You're spreading wrong facts and people are upvoting it. Not sure which is worse. People that are caught AFK by Leaverbuster, either marked red or not, will NOT receive any LP, in fact they will be penalized for a LOSS. That means that they will actually lose LP corresponding to the amount they would have lost for a loss. I can even testify this happened to myself when I was duoing with a friend and I had connection issues for the latter half of the game. I managed to reconnect twice but disconnect again shortly after. In the end they won the game 4v5 (I was support) it showed as Victory in my match history, but I could easily see that I had lost the same LP as if I had lost the game.
: First ranked game I had to dodge
Yup, they really need to make a pre-game report option.
Mecar (EUW)
: @Riot, I have never said a single negative word in my last 10 games.
That suggests you have said negative words if we go longer than 10 games back in time? I have never said a single negative word in ~5000 games, beat that :D Just because your RECENT behaviour was okay, doesn't mean you couldn't have been punished for an older case.
DrCreo (EUW)
: Reported and got a Warning but I didn't do anything nothing.
Report =/= verdict. The system INFORMS YOU you have been reported, as it says in the box. It has not judged you at that point.
: I think u will think twice if you got banned knowing the next is 3 days and the next is 1 week an the last perm. Ps. Chat restrictions reset itself and wont extend longer it is per violation. A ban doesn't reset and u have 3 chances to make something good out of it and if not after the 3rd ban u get perm banned. And no those bans don't reset after an amount of time to the first ban but is lifetime.
Actually bans do reset after a year or two I believe.
: Well OP, keeping all of these in mind will not help you if your team is feeding hardcore. I get feeding teams in 4 out of 10 games, with feed I mean not 5/0 enemy Yi, I mean 0/7 on all of my team besides me. I hate to blame my teammates for losing but these games can not be carried - if more than 1 lane feeds hardcore, which happens all of the time, you need to be much much better than your division to be able to help those. You can not always go split push or just gank the feeder lane. This is wishful thinking. Gaining LP is grinding, could be changed with balance changes (not champs, talking preseason-type changes here) but it works if you are lucky and better than your current divison Or just play Riven for freelo, though I stopped doing that because I feel bad
> [{quoted}](name=TerrorSchnitzel,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=cGfNR2nW,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-08-27T20:06:50.413+0000) > > Or just play Riven for freelo, though I stopped doing that because I feel bad Never feel bad for freelo I abuse any champion I can if it helps me win, its freaking ranked and you're supposed to utilize every (legit) advantage you can get
: To the whiney plops who whine at the enemy getting fed.
> [{quoted}](name=Slade Ninja Rat,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=cGfNR2nW,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-08-27T01:27:45.094+0000) > > 7. Supports can can carry you after their booties and sightstones so shad hap you bot lane Rivens... oops i mean Vaynes. > Stop. Stereotyping. Champions. I'm so sick of reading shit about players that play that and that. Otherwise really good 'guide'.
Oznova (EUW)
: Is the punishment after getting banned a bit too harsh?
: Just my option on the ranked rewards thing.
This season they get the punishment, the next season they have a chance to reform.
: what about people who have had connection issues due to their internet service providers? first low priority queue? no problem. Then maybe months later you dc again and it ups to 20 minutes low priority queue and you get no rewards. It's absolutely ridiculous. You can fucking disconnect for 5 minutes mid game, come back, carry, and still get hit by leaverbuster and get low priority queue...
As Cillion pointed out, get your facts correct before you complain.
: Ranked/Chat Restriction Lol.
Right now, you're in a state where you don't even care about perma-banned. So please do us all a favour and GTFO instead of ruining 100 more games before 'Riot catches up'. The biggest moron is you who thinks you have the right to ruin games for everyone before you quit a game you don't even care about anyway.
: Yes, because that will surely incentivize them to behave better, amirite? Some things on this board are just unbelieveable...
They would, if the icon went along with their punishment and was removed when they reformed. All temporary punishments are temporary (if you don't count the honour point reset), all the way to the perma-ban.
: Can you get banned when you always say "pls stop giving me aids" or "gtfo with your aids" everytime you are against a malzahar?
I'd just advise you not to use that kind of chat at all, as other players might not easily tell who you directed that comment at, and in a chat log it is even harder and most people will think you meant it harmfully.
: 'Not respecting pick order' as a report option.
Because pick order is meant as last resort, not something that should be directly suggested by Riot.
Aragamis (EUNE)
: so gold smurf in bronce ranked can get any role without respecting pick order?
NOBODY has the right to think he's above others, ever. I don't care if he's top LCS player and mails his passport identification. NOBODY has the right to disrespect other people and demand a role, a lane, a champion or whatever from anyone. Everyone will agree to something together. If they can't, then pick order will force the selections. If THAT fails, and the person starts trolling or whining, everyone is clear to ignore and report.
: My Last Words
Your ignorant attitude both posting and responding to this just proves one thing - we're better off without you. So thank you for leaving this community. But I must ask you to learn to behave in society as well - for your own good. Quit that self-righteous shit attitude and see what you did wrong and learn from it.
: Why would ppl flame in game against bots? Who cares if you win or lose.
People should never flame at all. And I can tell you I'd be pretty pissed if I'd ever lose a game to bots. Of course you still want to win.
QuitoLie (EUW)
: The toxic attitude towards new players
The suggestion is bad because it sounds like new players should be treated differently. Negative behaviour is NEVER acceptable. If you point out who new players are, not only might they get flamed for simply being new, but people will think it's okay to flame other players that aren't new.
M1schka (EUW)
: Last season I had around 30 promotions to Gold... after I got trolled in every single game of these, I decided to make a break from LoL until this Season. This season, I won 8 games and lost 2 in my 10 games promotion, so I hoped to finaly get Gold directly (last season silver 1) ... They put me Silver 3 instead ... ! one friend got Gold 2 straight with 6 wins 4 looses, season before he was silver 3 ! Means : League of Legends Ranking System is everything but fair! for me I made the conclusion, that all the rankings bronze 1 -->diamond 1 50LP, is nothing but pure LUCK! Keep playing, and if you are lucky, you will get the better teams, so you can improve in higher elos. Be unlucky and you will stay whereever you are or even descend and you have no chance to improve, because you will never face better players.. And don't tell me, that a diamond player would have won one of my 30 promotions to gold last season... I had plenty diamond players out of this forum, who tried to help me in my promotions back then.. ALL OF THEM FAILED !!! When I play normal games, the majority of the teammates / enemies is gold / platin, and I feel, that they are on a similar skill lvl like me. Very often I get honored for my plays and people wonder, why I am "only" in Silver 3. They tell me, when I keep playing like that, I should be plat or diamond very soon... but ... this seems not to happen ever!
> [{quoted}](name=M1schka,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=hetUYTj0,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-24T14:44:56.214+0000) > > Means : League of Legends Ranking System is everything but fair! Don't complain when you don't understand the system. Promos use your INTERNAL RATING to determine the final outcome. It also uses the difficulty of the ACTUAL MATCHES played in the series. I.e. it doesn't matter what division he was in, if his rating was high. It doesn't matter how many games he won, if he won harder ones that mattered more.
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