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: Warwick is literally the most balanced champion in the game right now.
ye his winrate is because ppl dont know to play against xDDDD.How about yasuo lel??evryone complains about him and his winrate is less then 50% even after the buff..If a champ have a good winrate then that champion is doing more then fine.
: How to climb and 1 v 9 carry?
no 1 cares about you in solo que lel..they all fight alone most of the time.Going solo 1v5 etc..So as adc you have to be smart.If you see enemy rengar or more assasins you go {{champion:498}} she is good her ult can save you at least for a bit.Just need to counter a bit cuz no 1 is gonna peel you.Maybe support if he doesnt go all in dmg etc. To climb is more luck then skills.Its just truth.
Suffer (EUNE)
: About ranks overall, a debate
Luck is important.No matter what ppl say.I saw diamond players last season and they couldnt get out of gold..So plz..Good sure you climb but luck is still 1 of the facts in this game..Better champs win who get lucky early game win.LOL is inbalanced game..if ppl are dumb enough to believe that they can carry huge amount of stupidity...then they wrong. I still believe luck is a huge fact in this game.
: I think the case really is that you belong in whatever elo you stuck in. I can take myself as an example. Last season I ended up in D3, almost D2. I spent a long time in Platinum last season, and I generally felt that games in Platinum were harder compared to those in higher Diamond. That is mainly because of my champion pool and play style. Because I play utility support in a very team oriented way. I tend to be the one managing vision well and taking minimum risks, going for the safe calls. But it only works if my team is in sync and agreeing on my decisions. Yeah, I'm usually not the 'play maker', but I'm still doing my job fine. In that case, it fits me better to have a adc of higher elo who make more use of my utility than less skilled adcs in lower elos. Now in current new season, it didn't went very well for me in my placements. And somehow I'm now stuck in Platinum... Normally I would have played Sona, building full AP to dominate. But she got quite a bit of nerf for me to pull it off. I know for a fact that, If I would be better with roaming, basically making more plays, or if I would be able to play certain other champions that are damage oriented, I could still carry myself easily. But I'm currently lacking that skill. Even if I would still be able to perform perfectly well in Diamond the way I normally play. I'm still lacking something that makes me currently stuck. That is something I need to work on. There are so many more aspects of this game than simply say, owning the lane, good with farming, getting kills... and so on. Carrying yourself out of each elo sometimes needs different kinds of strategies and play styles. My point is. If you are lacking any of those set of skills needed to climb. Then you are basically not quite ready yet to reach a higher elo.
not really...Last season for example many plat players struggle to get out of silver gold..Its a team game..not 1v1 game.No matter how good you are luck is still important.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: now that trackers knife is gone...
how is it good lel...His winrate drop....Like from 48% to 47% and still falls down..I dunno if thats good LOL.Full dmg lee...sure if you lucky and get enemy adc..1 shot him.But i doubht that.Especially mid lategame.And his early ganks are harded to pull off.
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: Bad news for all Vayne, Master Yi and Kha'Zix haters...
New champs are always broken...I mean look {{champion:516}} nerfed...a lot.{{champion:497}} nerfeed too.Not to the ground still ok but nerfed.. {{champion:142}} ...New champs have always too mutch power.
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Luniya (EUNE)
: You never know with people, so rather play it safe and not be... "harsh" And rather teach a person how to fish than tell them that they need 20 fishes per morning like their Diamond neighbor.
truth is harsh.But its truth.We all make mistakes but the truth helps us.Even if it hurts.Giving tips for not a bad think.Its the ugly truth.But brain dead people will find it "flame".
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: The real question is why needs a shield, AS scaling Q, inf mobility in a minion wave, a middle finger W AND crit passive.
ye...cuz evry yasuo goes 0 10 and he "is so op lel".Sure.
BilbouShi1 (EUNE)
: How hard is for Supp to get to a bigger division than gold?
blitz dont give elo..Yes is strong if you can make some nice plays but dont give elo.Blitz is not easy to play same as {{champion:412}} .and is easy to deal with especially in teamfights.. You should play someone like {{champion:12}} or {{champion:117}} .I can say 100% that those 2 are easy to play and can give you elo. Now is not about skills but the champs you play.
Creaturve (EUNE)
: What do you think of the current state of the game ? matter how skilled you are better champs win..CC tanks...just help too mutch.
: Well I mean if even apdo , god emperor himself says it... Apdo also said that Supports in general are roughly 2-3 Divisions worse than their actual elo...
apdo is god...and i think he knows what is sayng.He gets chalenger all the time so..i believe him..
Shukr4n (EUW)
: u CAN play whatever you want. riven is high mechanic champ camille same. ww is stupid imho are u diamond? didnt want to check
i didnt say they easy to play i said they are in a good spot..And who gets {{champion:164}} in team have a high chance to win.. To give you a big example my last game we lost sooo hard early game..and they even got inhib and our towers from nexus..And we won because our team composition was sick.. And enemy were more fed then us..But our cc was pretty insane.
: I think you are giving the wrong examples when you call Riven and Camille OP , but yeah , there are quite a few champions that are just strictly stronger than other and thus will make it easier for you to win games , but no champ is an autowin. Maybe you should try to play Riven for example , if you get a 60+ winrate in 20+ games , without having alot of prior experience on her I will call her op , until then I watch myself trying to play her and my 20% winrate on her ;). Warwick though .... eww , pretty scary right now , but not unbeatable. Also , otps will usually perform better on certain champions than anyone else , otherwise they wouldnt be otps right ? thats why it feels so bad to play against most Rivens , it just happens to be a champion many people wanna play and only play.
it was mostly an example.Because even apdo sad that {{champion:164}} is in a really good spot now.Same as ww. And riven is annoyng to deal with..Because of her great cc dmg mobility...I mean more annoyng then zed and yasuo in my opinion..
: This is the most unbalanced game I have ever played tbh. I understand that there are around 140 champions and a lot of items to balance, but cmon. There is too much broken shit.
league was always unbalanced game.But some brain dead ppl believe is not xDD.Its team game not 1v1 game lel.
: Bearing in mind i've played this game for 8 years. I know it's not every day that you see posts that include gender, but it happens. Why can't we just accept that male and female players exist and move on. Gender is irrelevant, I just wanna have fun.
yes lel.But i just told you i saw no male doing like that...Mostly females put their gender up front..And you know it.
: I've seen many posts from guys doing that and not a single person commented on it ever. But as soon as a female does it, bang, drama alert.
im sorry...i checked the forum never sene a guy say"boy looking for etc..."Just didnt see..youre lieng af.
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: Why are there so many downvotes? I dont get it? Is it because there is grill in the title? If a guy does this he gets no hate but if a girl does it its automatically wrong. Doublestandards. Either both are wrong or both are right.
when a guy did that lel?????????????
BenihimeK (EUW)
: Just got Permabanned, Just for 1 Game...
You can get ban for spam too..Typing more then playng yes...can be banned..Happened to me too.To get chat restrict for that. And all i tried to do was to type to my team what they need to do.. Its not worth it.In league using chat is not the best idea.The chat exist to be ignored.TRUST ME.
: Lose lane win game Vayne...
its like twitch vayne lel...scale well.But she is sooooo bad early game.And right now if you win early very probably you win the game..So i dont see why qq about her.. I would rather nerf trist...cuz she will always be a godlike adc but not vayne..
WolfChases (EUNE)
: It was not luck. I played a lot, had decent teams, somewhat balanced games, now its completely different. And the problem is that I dont se why is Silver 2 such a problem for me when Silver 3 was not. Silver 3 was like a tutorial honestly, I carried almost every single game there but Silver, it looks like its not just one single sub division higher than Silver 3. Last night, got placed at my 2nd role which is ADC, took Sivir and ended up something like 6-1-x while I had Mid and Jungle who diead more than 12 times lol. Our Sejuani decided to gank mid lvl 3 and rnemy Talon got double kill, in the same time our Yasuo died against Nasus 1v1 so it was 3-0 at lvl 3 lol. From that point on, Talon was able to oneshot our mid laner every single time he walks into lane.
unlucky too..Its possible.When i started ranked i got soo many loses that my winrate was less then 47%...I got so many afkers that i lost bunch of games and nothing could be done. In the end climbing is not all about skills...but luck is an important fact too.
WolfChases (EUNE)
: I am stuck in Silver 2, I don't see the way out. HELP!
luck solo que is important.A lot.Maybe last season you got plat with luck too... I saw a lot of players watching their match history where that person goes jgl and afk farm and gets carried so often..Lucky noob. A smart man once said "luck to have stupid to be". My smurf is on gold and my winrate on it is 48%....This is my main and im d4 with more then 50% winrate...WEIRD lol.
: Old rengar is back!
eh...he will stil not be the best jgl .Can be really easy abuse early game too.Until 6 his ganks are not so great and adc like {{champion:498}} can escape him.
S1lentQ (EUW)
: Its not hard you just weak and everyone else who is complaining instead of trying his best is just weak and has no clue how to overcome difficult tasks , its immature and its a sign of average weak people which is ok most people are like that {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
its not???ok mr "pro player"when promos come and your team is completly looking like boosted monkeys how do you carry??? Even me in gold even tough i climbed i lost some promos because of that..Impossible games.. There is to say "youre good you climb" into a 1v1 game..cuz is all your fault..But into a 5v5 game..think again.You have to carry 4 ppl not only yourself. So no matter how good you are you will always struggle.Watch streamers pro players.Same spot.
S1lentQ (EUW)
: If you have a problem winning at silver division it might be, because you are silver. now its out dude , now you know ... so you got 2 options either you get better or few days later create another similar post like this one
meh...even diamond players that start from silver have a hard time there so still climb eventually but...its hard.Its team game not 1v1 game.
Dr Sinner (EUW)
: Do you have trouble carrying silvers?
Neh...its kinda easy to carry silver...ofc it needs time we all get those niubs.But in silver you can even 1v5 if you really know how to play properly.Thats how i got out of there on evry account.. {{champion:29}} {{champion:41}} and i know to play this champs so i climbed pretty easy..More hard is to carry plat+cuz there are mostly boosted noobs and gives you a hard time.
Rarife (EUW)
: How to play ADC without support?
You cant.1v2 as adc in lane is really hard..I got a lot of time dumb support who does nothing and stays behind me for no reason. So ye you just hope for a gank or you just let enemy push cuz they can even dive you easily.Support carry in lane not adc.
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Praevius (EUW)
: In my honest opinion if you're charging 30$ per lesson (This isn't what they get paid by teams and I'm not on about that) then that's a bit of a joke and honestly a scam xD I know coaches who have taken part in the LCS and Challenger series that cost less than that and i hardly think your better than these coaches... you're ranting about people not being what they say they are or people who think all coaches are the same and then its okay for you to charge people extreme amounts of money? no wonder clients aren't happy when they have to pay that much xD
lcs or chalenger??even a silver can be a couch.Its easy to do that.It smore easy to see other mistakes then your own mistakes. Just watch 1 of your game and see that you will find many mistakes in that.And can improve it too.
: I can name plenty of "oppressive" champs as well as Shyvana. {{champion:142}} - The queen of oppressive, toxic and unfun to play against. {{champion:51}} - Close 2nd to Zoe, When she's meta she's oppressive, toxic and extremely unfun to play against. {{champion:64}} - Shyvana 2.0 but doesn't scale into the game. {{champion:84}} - She hit 6? You're screwed. {{champion:150}} - So much wrong with this little shit. {{champion:74}} - Oh man, Place 3 turrets and AFK. Very interactive and fun. I feel for any melee playing in this match up. {{champion:141}} - Hi I got duskblade, I'm gonna W Q and delete your ADC. {{champion:96}} - Abuses bruiser items, high range, too much % damage. {{champion:117}} - So much wrong with this little shit also. Makes Kog'Maw's problems 10x worse. {{champion:238}} - Hi, I finished Duskblade.
lee lol??????fall so hard..nerfed to the ground...cait the same..bad right now.Heimer hard nerf.Kog horrible early game.Zed easy to deal with especialy with that stopwatch.Gnar...cmon lel is very skilled hard to make a great ult.Akali...until 6 she can be abused.Lulu annoyng not op. Only zoe is kinda 1 shot with 1 item and needs a nerf..Rest......very weak.
Kawira (EUNE)
: Yeah and in LCS we have the longest games of all seasons. It's not that meta promotes too fast games. Just unskilled and unwilling to win players dig holes for themselves by not picking working comps and fighting 24/7 for sake of fighting
its solo 1 plays safe...just all rush to get penta.Thats why games end too fast and cant react to it.
: She got rid of the cancer but she's still single. Maybe she still can have kids, maybe not. But she'll live.
o shes single.Ok i see.xd
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Pelmorr (EUW)
: Disgusting matchmaking in plat elo
LEL...Thats why ppl struggle to climb...That mmr is just stupid af.Like enemy plat 5 have mmr of silver..But is too way high plat then you cant place those 2 togheter..Riot...what can you ask
: > [{quoted}](name=Cat ín The Hat,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NXzArfTo,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-28T23:49:18.845+0000) > > Anivia just never get nerfed even tho his win rate is alwayts 53% or higher Supposed to be a high skill cap champion as well.
: Why Does anivia have a Super high win rate for like a Year and never get nerfed
: RIOT, you nerfed Vayne... time to nerf Twitch MAYBE???
Safe???Twitch early is so %%%%ing useless...I have to roam mid or top to get some kills or im done LOL.He is strong if he reach lategame 3 items+but so is vayne trist kog +.Trist early is ...twitch early is getting destroyed..Why dont nerf trist then..
: Both fall off, Lee probably harder than WW. However, WW has no terrain scaling which heavily impacts his early pathing, ability to make plays and disengages.
obviously he have a weakness...its normal.But he is 1 of the best jgl right now.His winrate says that..Lee got nerf cuz he was so "op".Well ww is the first now so a nerf must happen. He gets ban a lot of time too honestly.
: > WW falls off considerable later in the game and unlike Lee, has no terrain scaling. He is very strong at pubstomping in the early game, but if he cant do that, he is just below average the further the game goes.
LOL???lee late game is awful....WW is big tank and great its better late then lee.
: COuld be abused though. One guy leaves 4 people dont loose LP when they are in a loosing situation or when they got bad pick/bans.
why abused lel????are you the guy who gonna leave and lose 20 lp for me?????i dont think so.No 1 is gonna lose lp for some strangers... Wtf.
: - WW is melee during the supression - supression time is 1s shorter - WW can miss his ult - Malzahar has a spellshield around him most of the time when he ults (if not, thats the players fault) - WW ult can be blocked - Malzahar ult has AoE damage component In terms of catch potential, Malzahar is far more safe and reliable.
ww is easy champ...just because his r is skillshot doesnt mean he doesnt deserve nerf...His hit..w huge speed catch anyone..e block 50% dmg +fear..His healing is insane too.. He is 1 of the best jgl and he needs nerf.
: What is happened with Warwick?
{{champion:19}} is 1 of the best jgl now..53% winrate.
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Loonsteer (EUW)
: No one wants to play support.
many ppl play support...but is hard to carry with that role+no 1 gives credit....I played support and i can tell you no matter how hard you carry is like always your adc getting the credits or honors. Thats why people dont like playng support and ofc is the hardest role to carry with..
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ArcherX (EUW)
: something change over preseason for sure m8, and in those 10 % time games are tryhard u legit need to do everything to win game( 1 mistake u lose )
Right now actually its more team reliant..You cant 1v5 anymore..You have to get someone to help you carry.Cuz most of the time better team always win. My last game as morgana support i did more dmg then my adc top and mid...Thx god my jgl wasnt dumb af and we could carry..
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