Restalious (EUNE)
: Greetings, Division V removed from all tiers, so above IV now is another tier.
Wait, does this mean that the iron ranks are now in the game?
1shotbyme (EUW)
: Winrate affect choice?
Play whatever you find fun. There really aren't any 1v9 champs in the game at the moment. Every champion has it's strenghts and weaknesses. Even when you play around your strengths, it might come down to human error that makes you lose the game (jungler has no map awareness, bot fed etc.).
: I like Nexus Siege but everyone seems to missing one specific detail that nobody mentions
And that's why you play Jax and Master Yi, no skillshot bullshit to deal with. Well, until you get to the dodging part.
: pbe 0 rp and 0 blue essenz
Yeah, there is a pbe forum, but I'm pretty sure nobody has got their RP in 6 or so weeks. Atleast I haven't.
DirecTr (EUW)
: cannot get blue essence from runes
Pretty sure you were just late to the party. But Riot support might be able to help you.
Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: make solo q real solo q
It kinda is stupid how you can lose games just because the enemy bot is duoing.
: voice chat issue
Maybe your friends are %%%%ing with you, maybe you have an overlapping hotkey, maybe the new client just sucks (it sure does imo). OR maybe you could just use your friendly neighbourhood Discord.
: S E J U A N I
Looks like female Hashinshin. Honestly.
Grimer2 (EUNE)
: Permanent Ban
You tried fighting fire with fire. Next time mute all, and maybe you'll have better luck.
: Any girls wants to play?
Nope, you're gonna play alone just like you masturbate alone. Inb4 gay and faps with friends. Feelsbadman.
BiernyPLHD4 (EUNE)
: Riot Is ignoring me
Did you write a ticket to them and didn't get an answer in 2 hours? Welcome to the world my friend....
: 20 mins to get autofilled?
You can always dodge, but that autofill is gonna get you one day, anyway.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Armor Penetration Boots?
Lucidity boots exist... That 10% cdr (that goes also to summs) is really op tho, and even then you can opt for mercs or tabis if need be. Having lethality boots would just screw the earlygame for most midlaners, since high base damage assassins can just get assassin boots and snowball the %%%% outta ya.
: About banning system for toxicity few words From player banned 79 times.
Do anything and don't chat? Yeah right, pick smite nunu when you're filled into support and troll the %%%% out of your jungler. Then watch the permaban roll.
Rioter Comments
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: i don't care when they fix it, it could take days for all that we know. what matters is if they are going to freeze the daily missions until they fix the issues or give everyone the tokens those mission would have given to us.
...or leave it for the next day to be completed. Or whatever day they get it fixed.
Calm down lol, i've had this problem for like 2-3 hours now. At first only me and my friend had it, but now it seems everyone in my friendslist (who is online anyway) has it. PBE seems to be working fine, aside from the lag, and my EUW account still works also. Something wierd is going on here.
: need literally 1 rp to buy a key
I have like 13 chests. But if you're missing that 1 RP, send an original fanart to riot support (that means you have to draw it), and then ask them for 1 RP.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: ehh Greeks have 75-110 so we are aklready screwed . and Arabs complain a lot about lag. and League is the only ones with such high ping. on Wow I got 50 on For honor I got 30-40. on FF14 I had 58-60 Riot servers aint the greatest by comparison to others
They run a free to play game would be some persons running argument here, but they do earn quite the sums of money. This does bring up the question of why are these servers worse? Could it be that Blizzard and Ubisoft use better servers, have more servers or have entirely different connection types?
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: I think you are confused as of how the internet works
True, I might be confused, considering how googling only showed me "undersea cables" when I clearly searched for the term for the cables that run underground, in the soil. So, let's just leave this here, cause I'm actually stupid. We never talked of this. _men in black appear_
: UK players - practicing english!
Doesn't really work like that. Where are you from? Maybe Duolingo can help you, unless you don't speak some really strange language.
: -an open letter to riot games- "Why I decided to quit playing League of Ledgends"
Someone must've been pretty tilted writing this, considering typos. As for the post: -Some of the changes aren't good yes, sometimes there are just direct nerfs towards a class with no countering buffs to balance it, sometimes something OP takes 5 patches to get removed. But reworks and new champs? New runes and items? That's seriously your problem that you're not taking the time or contributing time to learning the changes and the new things. Most things you can get used to in about 3 days. New runes are somewhat complicated yes and can take you up to 2 weeks, but that ain't that bad. You can just copy things from the internet until you understand them. -Every game has salty players in their playerbase. The more online and competetive the game is, the more likely it is to have more and more toxic/rude/racist players. A game called RotMG, which is pretty close to my heart, was deemed 16+ (age) recently. That was because of the community, although the game itself is a harmless pixelated RPG. What's my point? While games are made by the developers, the "cover of the book" is still made by the community. -The ban system is sometimes a pain yes, for being a tiny bit toxic you can get yourself chat restricted. But misjudged bans can be lifted, and even permabans are lifted from players sometimes. So if you have a problem with the ban system, do the following: Stay calm, /mute all (or unbind your enter key), and report all violators of the Summoner code.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I think you might've misread. I meant that you change EUNE into just EUE. No two servers. Just one server, under a different name. But if it's Nordic **and** East then we're fine actually. Inb4: Riot made it Nordic **and** East just to not anger Scandinavians.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: an Ethernet cable cost 5euros. what are you smoking
Oh, if you're talking about that, I have it. It's that, after the ethernet, guess what, it goes to a transmitting antenna ontop of my house, cause I don't have cable running in the ground. Getting that cable costs the 30k. So in conclusion I smoked the "Excuse me, I didn't understand where you were going much love <3" thing.
I Am Toa (EUW)
: The new rune system ruin league of legends
The combo of having runes and masteries, I was confused as %%%% what anything did. I just had 3 rune pages, ap, ad and my nasus 10% flat cdr page. I didn't really get masteries either, just the keystones. But with the new runes, I had a limited space of pages (3) and so I had to learn them by heart. That's actually good that I know my runes by heart, makes for better adaptability and I actually understand why I have these runes. Granted, there are some shitty and kind of useless and controversial runes, (_COUGH COUGH HAIL OF BLADES COUGH COUGH_) but we can always overlook them. So if you don't like change, welcome to life. Life is a biatch and change is a big part of that biatch. Luckily you can just quit league if you don't like it.
: Geographical location is not the only factor for a better ping. You should address how those nodes are connected to the rest of the European network, which ISPs data would traverse etc. For example, I get better ping on RU than on EUW, even though I'm from Italy.
Well, true. I didn't think about the EU IX-s. Some are probably better than others. But the major ones listed here: should say that, if geography mattered in this case, Vienna would be kind of a better place for it. But in reality it's about how advanced the places are in capability to handle that sort of traffic, and ofcourse, League is a f2p game so costs matter too. Now that I think about it, my post might've been stupid :D
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Well, staying true to it's name has an actually easy fix (although it wouldn't completely fix it name wise) which is to just change it to Europe East (EUE). But that really isn't necessary. My point with this was that, most of EUNE's playerbase is more east of the server location. If the server would be in Poland for example, I think that most people playing in the server would get better ping. With the exception of those few random people who come from EUW or other western EU countries. Although yes, the server parks come at difference prices and data handling capabilities.
: Well you could stop playig wireless. That would be the way todo it. As last resort you could also setup a DMZ.
Well, I don't really have a problem with the ping, it's mostly fine actually. It's that, it could be better if riot had actually thought where the players originate in the server. And about the wireless thing, sure, I'll get myself cable. Just loan me 30 000€ (or was it 20 000, I can't remember) and I'll get cable!
radetari (EUNE)
: yeah about duo queing my friend that i know in person he only knows how to play 3 champs and whenever i mentioned it, he says that at least he plays better than me he is not a pretty mentally stable person when im chill he finds a reason to cause a hustle and finds me as an excuse for everything (like lets say, when he dies by my laner that tpd to bot he always says, "lets see ivans score" and there he concludes that it is my fault because i fed the guy that got first kill from him) and when he is chill he is probably the one feeding see what im saying and I dont have anyone else that plays league as much as I do today for example i mentioned that i just want to play mid (because i like playing gp on mid more than on top) and he was like "oh well, guess no playing lol today" and just left the lobby, wrote a message if I wanted to play lol, and then closed the client That pretty much sums up the mentality of people i get in my games and also i would rather wait 15 mins to get the role i want, like everyone else, then to be the one autofilled (which I dont really mind that much) or get an autofilled %%%%%% that is going to troll from the second the game starts
There are things like "looking-for duo" or something in places like Mobalytics discord. And if he isn't a good person/player to play with, don't. I only have 1 friend too that regularly plays ranked, and I usually play with him, and he is pretty chill n' all and i'm usually the unstable person lol. But still, he doesn't play as much, which is probably for the better, but that means that I grind my games alone. That means usually losing. And Tyler meant with the 15 min queue that the queue times are too %%%%ing long in high elo, and that they still end up with trash results (usually people from low diamond coupled with high challenger and the middle ground) and he doesn't get his role always I believe.
radetari (EUNE)
: "Spaghetti bowl" state of my games
"It doesn't take 1 person to win a game, but it takes 1 person to lose a game" - some youtuber or someone from Mobalytics discord. Also talking about statistics in a way that the game was equal in some sort, there is a 25% chance that no lanes lose (considering you're 1 lane), 50% chance that 1 lane loses (again considering that you're one of the lanes) and there is a 25% chance that both other lanes loses (not saying it again). This does not account your lane tho, but I'm guessing this considering you're winning. Like Tyler1 said: "I'm sick of sitting 15 minutes in queue, only to play a game that is decided in the champion select". What am I trying to say? League right now is basically gambling, a coinflip, a statistic charts, (or whatever the %%%% else). You can be a Diamond player smurfing in bronze, but there is still a chance that even when you're a fed as %%%% Kai'sa or something, a duskblade+ghostblade Zed jumps out the bush with his full non-ult combo and oneshots you, there is still a chance that a Jax gets fed on the enemy team (and he is hybrid cause why the %%%% not) and then he jumps on you and kills your cause you can't penetrate his helicopter and he heals way too much by just beating on you. Your best chances of winning are probably duo queueing with a friend and by playing your main roles (with you main champs), since bot meta is a literal "spaghetti bowl" right now, duo bot seems controversial IMO. Bear in mind, this does come from a Silver player, so some things said here can be likely improved or elaborated on.
Burn for me (EUNE)
: Consider yourself lucky. I am located in the middle east and am practically forced to play in the EUNE server because it has the best ping which is minimum 100ms.
Well still, it wouldn't hurt you more if the server was placed in Poland. (considering the park is as good as the one there is in Frankfurt). No, I'm not a Polish patriot, cause I'm not even Polish. But it make me question, what is your ping in EUW?
Lari (EUNE)
: Ranked system, what a joke!!!
If you expect that if either team has a troll/afker then both teams will get equally less of a loss/win. That means if you're on the team with the troll and you lose, then instead of -17 LP you would get -5LP for example, or if you're winning, instead of +25 you'd get +10. Now that's kinda great, but the winning team still gains some LP (granted slower) and the losing team loses less. This could be abused in flex with a 5 premade, they are losing so they make one of them seem like a troll smth, and then they just lose their 5LP and move on. That's kinda BS. Also how would you detect a troll like that? I mean, an afker is pretty obvious, but would it be considered AFK if he went afk in the last 5 or 10 minutes of the game, and that the game was 40-50 min long? This punishment of the bad one, and the lesser punishment or evading the loss of LP is so controversial IMO in many points. Alternatively we can take the Valve approach, but idk how to implement it into League: "Oh, so you played like 50 matches with a friend and you had high winrates? Nice, you climbed from Gold Nova 1 to Master Guardian Elite! Good on you! But it seems that your friend was hacking all along in those 50 games, so we're gonna revert your rank back to Gold Nova 1." This basically means that if the game has detected (or the report system, whatever) a troll or afk, then the progress would be negated (whether it was positive or negative). Then again, this was only when you queued up into comp with a friend who was hacking, it did nothing about the trolls, afks or whatever else you might've encountered in the game. TL;DR: This is very controversial, and while I'm not okay with trolls/afks either, it's something we have to deal with, cause we can't just make up a system where only the troll gets punished, trolls team gets 0LP gain/loss and the winning team.... does what? Still gains LP or just stays the same, or gains less? Like he said: > [{quoted}](name=Zyzyx,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=M8GLEpGA,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-19T16:26:59.086+0000) > > whenever someone in the enemy team is trolling, the game is worthless for you. No matter how well you played,
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: first that u should not test bloodrazor and botrk against dummy because they have 10k hp and this items dmg scale based on hp. after it conqueror is a trash rune it kick in after 4 second and if ornn cc u whole of duration will be wasted. after it there are a lot of tank items that counter yi , like Thornmail , or u can build sterak on bruisers. overall yi is not that op , and i dont think anyone pick conqueror on him if know whats doing. there are a lot of champs like yi. test katarina on dummy it deal 9000dmg just by QEWRE also khazix , jax, gangplank, blue kayn, zed , fizz .... there are a lot of champions that do the same thing as yi , khazix kill u and u cant even attack him or jax do more dmg than yi even (trinity every 2sec with his W proc + sterak base ad increase and rageblade double trinity dmg ). if yi is so easy to win with why u dont try him urself ? i watched ur match history and u lost a lot of games with yi in eune normal games lol
Why I didn't win? Cause I didn't put my time and effort into learning and getting him better. Unless we're talking about damage. See, the thing here is that, there aren't any tank items that counter Yi. He has conqueror, while yes it does take time to activate, but it's likely you'll be going into a fight with it being ready to activate, just needing that 1 auto attack. After that, %%%% your armor, and %%%% your health, since that true damage he deals, well, nothing survives against that. Thornmail can reflect some damage back, but who the %%%% cares about that, when you are shred to bits before you even know it, and the damage you scratched him with using thornmail is healed back with simply a triumph proc. As for other items like Frozen heart, ok it gives armor and it slows attack speed, fine.... Oh wait, his attack speed can't be slowed, and armor doesn't matter to him, cause he has true damage, coming from 3 different sources of damage. Now ain't that fun?
PepijndM (EUW)
: So a full build Yi does damage? Not really a surprise. In fact, I think any random Vayne does more damage. As mentioned in other comments, Yi scales hard, AKA without those items any Sejuani can steal his camps.
Yes a full build Yi does damage, but the true damage, that's a whole new level of %%%%ed up. You can't just stack armor against him. As for vayne, yes she can deal more damage, but unlike Yi she is more vulnerable to CC than that of Yi.
: dont nerf Y ,im silver and i admit, im as garbo as i can be , we cant deal with mster Y and yasuuo ,because our brains are small and knees are weak {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
While yes, Silver and ranks like that (where i am unfortunately) people don't know how to deal with him, it's just not okay, if you look at the math side of things. He does way too much true damage, shredding through tanks, adc-s and assassins alike.
TripIe D (EUW)
: ... What have you given birth to.
What have I given birth to? It's all Riot Games, the company we all love and trust for our balance issues, which are by the way not directed against competetive play.
DutchPro (EUW)
: Yeah but around 50% of the champions have a cc that can ruin yi's wet dream. Just a sej bump is enough to make him die since 5 people can focus him. I did have a few games where we didn't have too much cc, and my cc was a skillshot so often dodged by his Q. I remember when yi was OP a while back and old taric was still in the game. I would always pick taric into yi, cant dodge that stun boi!!
That CAN ruin his wet dream. Yeah well, his Alpha strike resets are a big problem honey.
: Vi into him, bait the Q, then Q him, E Auto, E, Ult, dead.
If Yi is fed enough, you won't even have time to do that. But Vi-s ult sure might help.
: Ah, the good old **"Champion X got --*list kit of champion X*-- ! SO OPPPP!!!!!!"** threads. Feel like home! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Okay, fair enough, but my point still stands: Master Yi needs to deal less true damage.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: {{champion:31}} still cant kill mah 10k hp
Cutdown, Lord Dominiks, Conqueror proc, red buff, E, Rageblade w/ jungler item; you're already gone baby.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: If you allow Yi to exist then yeah he's gonna be a nightmare but the trade off is if you CC him once, he dies lol He used alpha strike? Sejuani R, he's dead 0 HP high >SUSTAIN< high damage That's the trade off Yeah it's a bit insane when you look at raw stats but when you look at his actual usefullness as a champion it's really not worth mentioning Galio W can shut him down quite easily lol
QSS and the frequency at which he uses this aforementioned Alpha strike make him basically impossible to shut down. When you look at his usefulness as a champion, he can be untargetable, while he is being targeted by everything, he deals too much damage, while building bruiser. Like seriously, is conqueror meant to be a tank shredding thing (which it already is, and too much) or just a "let me do more damage cause i'm melee" keystone?
: This morello was back, then there wouldn't be so much true damage Yi is kinda stupid with rageblade, build him like a bruiser and cc doesn't work but he still does so much damage with conq and his e and rageblade
Botrk, jungler item and rageblade and you'll be an unbalanced thing (cause it's not even a champion anymore), you don't even need zerk boots, cause you can just take merc treads or tabis instead to just survive, and the build HP and GA ontop of that, and boom, try to die.
Aseraan (EUW)
: The thing is what else should we say to you as yi mains to kill us? Im impressed that every time the topic comes up ppl brag about the "cc him" yes its a cliche but it sry but when i dive into fight i take the risk of dying whithout getting anything out of it CUZ IM FKING MEELE im sry if ur halfass trash supp/tank cant land the cc on me if i manage to avoid it 1 i deserv the reward for the riks i took 2 u deserv to die for missing the key cc to stop me 3 u legit deserv to die for poor positioning 4 legit deserv to die again for going alone on the map when a yi fking around 5 legit 1 out of 10 time get a yi in the enemy team whos actualy worth a bag of jacks So yea i feel, sorry for you cuz i legit get %%%%ed every time when the enemy team have more than 1 cc, so sorry if this ended kinda rude.
I'm not implying that I'm getting cucked by him every game, I'm implying he is just %%%%ing stupid, and someone who doesn't own a halfass brain, and someone who has played yi like 10+ games, he can do the following: 1 - Buy QSS and Rageblade, go into a fight auto attacking and Alpha striking. After getting rageblade stacks (by which point you might've been CC-ed once, you use your QSS) you can proceed to alpha strike every %%%%ing second. Risk - eliminated 2 - Your Alpha strike can basically dodge every-%%%%ing-thing, including the CC the tank/support throws at you. CC? > Alpha strike before it. 3 - You can run into a fight, stack some rageblade stacks, Alpha strike the CC, and since they have nothing left, you can just hit a tank until you have your Alpha strike once more, after which you proceed to Alpha strike the backline. Poor positioning? - Oh wait, a wild Master Yi just Alpha striked into my face. 4 - Being equally fed as a Yi in that situation means, you're still gonna get %%%%ed by him and that just shows how unbalanced he is. Ok - you basically won this argument 5 - That's coming from a Master Yi main, but 7/10 times that Yi is actually still being the above mentioned "kill everything with true damage" machine that requires very few games, and basic knowledge of him. They might not be as good as you, but they sure as hell are doing their job of being a %%%%ing lump of cancer. Bag of jacks? - just cause you're better than everyone else, doesn't mean they're so horrible of players, Dopa.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: step 1: ward his camps. step 2: kill him early step 3: end the game before he scales back because you should be fed as fck step 4: profit
You forgot the wild factors of your jungler failing an invade and giving him kills, your laners not looking at the map and pushing in (cause it's still probably a silver game you're in) and letting themselves being ganked and giving away gold to master yi.
Arzurag (EUW)
: Then it´s a player´s issue and not the champion´s fault. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Well, you can't coach every single Silver, Bronze and Gold player out there to not do these shitty mistakes of picking a bad comp or to focus him in a fight. If you somehow did manage that, many of them would be %%%%%%s who didn't understand anything or just people who don't remember these things.
: Yi main here CC him and he dies,thats it lol,you missing skillshots cc's doesnt mean the champ is broken.
Yeah, and if you don't have that cc (cause even with some minor cc like nasus W, it won't even cut his attack speed), then you can go into that game knowing you're gonna %%%%ing lose, or dodge. And CC-ing him after an alpha strike isn't always an option, especially when he throws one out every second and you're confused as %%%% in a fight trying to find him. Not to mention, if you do finally find him, he has (probably) had alot of time wreaking havoc to whoever he wishes to attack. I'm pretty sure even Rammus can't counter him anymore.
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