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: Dodging is part of the game as well and it is used in higher ranks very often,. The reason many Dodge is cause of team combos , troll picks, or seeing that at least 3 of the teammates are autofilled. It has an increasing penalty per day so it won't be abused.very often dodging is essential. __
I think people don't really get the frustration of having to go through the pick and ban phase till the very last second and then someone decides to dodge and repeat that like 5 times. all of this just to play one game.
: Most people dodge games because of trolling behaviours from teammates or maybe because they saw someone who inted them before or their team comp is absolutely terrible etc... So Riot must force more people to learn about the benefits of dodging games and reduce the bans...It's the most effective way to avoid horrible teammates,inters,griefers etc...It's the best way to avoid spending 25-30 minutes with them.
Getting matchmade with the same player from your last game shouldn't even happen but it rarely happens when the queue times are long however you shouldn't ever motivate players to dodge games for trolling reasons or even for grieving. Such behaviors should be something that cannot be tolerated.
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