: Bronze 5, 0 LP
Dude, getting out of bronze 5 is like beating the first mission in San Andreas when you gotta get to the grove street on bike.. Getting out of bronze completely is like beating the whole San Andreas, cat's piss xD
WrenhaveN (EUW)
: I'm experiencing lag and stuff
Same here, 100-120 MS after patch, it stops me from doing soloq all day... playing from Bosnia
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Riot tmx (EUNE)
: Status update: Unfortunately the platform restart didn't fix the problem's root cause and we're still seeing EUNE service to respond slowly. The issue is related to our primary data base cluster and we're once again discussing the best way to proceed. Ranked queues have been once again disabled and we will keep them down in order to protect your League rankings. At this point you might see intermittent waves of games failing/slow to start and slowdowns of logging in to the platform and chat. We apologize about the problem during your peak time.

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