: what part of don't place me with premades you don't understand?
Premades in normal queue usually just clown around, so its even easier to go against them. But who cares, people just trying new things in normal, nobody is playing to win.
Rhosta (EUNE)
: Please do something about Kill/Assist system
I appreciate your support, but I am calling for a design change. If there wouldnt be difference between kill and assist, then nobody would have to worry, justify it or argue about it. This isnt fps with one shot kills with just occasional assist. Most of the kills are team effort and current design only promotes people for hoarding the kills, or just walking around 10hp enemy and getting in each others hair because of who should get the kill instead of assist. LoL still has major problems with player behaviour and this is one of hundred things that add up to that problem. Its simply obsolete in my opinion, without adding any real depth to the game. Overwatch already has it and it works and Riot already started it with "takedowns", I say they should finish what they started.
: Climbing as a support. Please help <3
I climbed solo as a support from silver to plat, not sure if playing good as a support can be called carrying, but it was fun and I felt like having impact. I never really picked what is strong, just what I liked.
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: Thanks for destroying this game
Yeah totally destroyed, kappa.
ConeJzma (EUNE)
: Honor
Its gonna take a few months.
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hardys77 (EUNE)
: 6 games
Ye its a wild west, I remember Silver when I climbed. To me it looked more funny and goofy, because everybody ran around and fought like a maniac, while furiously typing into chat. I remember one guy playing Tristana and around 30th minute he wanted to give up, because Eve focused him:D And thats one of the less funny moments. Honestly, I like it much more than sarcasm in higher divisions.
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: help me pls
printed on a link? wtf?
iSneez (EUNE)
: I think honors will be reseted to level 2 when season start in 16 january so you will need to climb back to 4 anyway
Are you kidding me? Source?
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Something that can help you get better at this game.
I am glad that somebody brought this up! Things you do outside of league will make you play better as much as knowledge and skill directly in league IMO. I would also add 5-10min afks between games and making sure your hands are warm. Not even mentioning eating, drinking and sleeping. It all sounds really basic, but it really makes the difference.
: [EUW] Diamond Player Looking For a Support Main of Any Elo!
: Ranked is bullsh*t
If you really want to climb ranked ladder, then stop focusing on your teammates (which you cannot change) and start to focus on your performance (which you can change). Try to find other ways to improve your game, not just overall dmg and kill participation. Honestly, with this mentality, you would have the same problem in any other placement on ranked ladder.
: Ranked games aren't balanced at all
Ranked placement doesnt tell anything about players MMR, its just here to give players sense of progress.
: By looking at op.gg you die well to much, Focus on not dying so much, When you die it gives them gold and exp
Its funny because it was the rule number one even in old days when we played original Dota Allstars with my friends. But yeah, dont die, thats the first thing to improve and you can work on it in so many ways: vision, dont fight when low health or low mana, dont fight when outnumbered, dont try to defend tower at the cost of your life, dont try to steal baron, dont try to save other players, etc. Those are not protips, those are basic rules.
: What makes me laugh so hard
I hate that people expect ganks. Their lane is only their problem. If they lose it 1v1 or 2v2 its their fault, not junglers.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: It's more of an issue in lower elos, but i'd assume it's because they either don't really know how to support or just wanna BE THE CARRY and DO THE DAMAGES
Well everybody is a garbage in lower divisions.
: The reason people don't like support
I am support main and I dont think that I have a problem with my adcs often. I usualy try to just poke and watch map/ward, until my partner looks like he is ready to do more. ADCs have to take care of too many things in early, imo: last hitting, wave control, they have to plan for timing of shopping to not lose tower and hit power spike at the right time, watch for gangs, all this while they are fragile and weak, so when they decide to help me with fighting, then its just a nice bonus for me. And I am not even talking about synergy.
: Ranked lol = chess?
Ye its based on that and modified/tuned to LoL, so you cannot calculate it yourself.
Mark Sama (EUW)
: I think it'll not be questionable if you were one of the 4 lucky ones.
Ok, I got a bit sarcastic, but its obvious he is trying to win. Just not with his best hero.
: The jungle rework SGU used to have special interactions with camps as far as im aware he doesnt have those anymore its still a good skin but considering its probably already lower quality than the other ultimate skins its main value is just being the only decent looking udyr skin xD
Ok, now I understand, but you should use stuff like "," and "." XD
däb (EUW)
: What to do when everylane camps your lane
You just need to play it safe stay alive and just try to delay their push if possible, so other lanes can counter push or come for gank. Do not try to fight them, unless you have a good chance to beat them. Remember that they are losing gold and experience they would get if they were on their lanes and getting tower wont compensate for that, unless they get a couple of kills on top of that.
KayleDong (EUW)
: People that play him are usually mains, and thus want to spend the money on the skin, or (in normals rather) are people who just got the skin and since it's ultimate, they want to check it out. Also because udyr doesn't have that much goodlooking skins (compared to lux or ezreal who have a set of epics alongside their ultimate skin), so usually Spirit Guard Udyr is the skin udyr players go for.
Its true that he doesnt have decent skin set, caused by 4 different models in one hero, so its a lot of work for just one skin, unless its an expensive one.
: not that they buy it but they brought it back when it was easily worth ultimate skin tag pretty sure when they reworked the jungle it cut off many of the special things SGU did its still his best skin but meh kinda a kick in the balls for those of us that brought it on release
Wut? I dont understand what you are trying to say.
kmph2mps (EUNE)
: Don't wanna be silver... Wanna be bronze.
See thats what dont like about LoLs and its MMs design. its MM is based on MMR rating which is based on ELO rating in chess. In chess you have only 1 hero which is your army. So you will not see those fluctuations of skill. In LoL you essentially play every game with and against different figures, so I do not really think that MM should be designed this way, or you should have MMR rating for every hero, or at least compensation with new heroes, like it was in TeamBuilder queue.
Mark Sama (EUW)
: Don't worry you'll get demoted, and you'll just ruin others players climb not big deal..
Thats questionable becuase he will ruin it for 4 players, but help 5 others.
: How does most Udyr players have the Spirit Guard skin?
I do not think that Udyr is very popular so if someone plays him, its often one of his favorite champions and thus is more likely to buy that skin. Lux or Ezreal are much more popular/viable throughout their existence, so more people play them, but not main them and thus are less likely to buy their ultimate skin. Thats my opinion.
: As someone with 15+ perma banned accounts I can confirm that this is not even close to being bannable. Some of us work really hard to get their accounts banned and now you just give free bans to anybody. Not fair.
made my day and nickname fits nicely:)
: Is there anyway too see how long you have been on LoL?
You should have an email from the date of your account registration.
: I DARE A RIOTER TO ANSWER TO THIS! Long post(Yeah they dont read long posts)
ˆKishiˆ (EUNE)
: I know the feel bro. I just usually switch to normals or flex if i get one of these trolls... Just wait 6 hours for the kids to do something else... Then you can play normally... I just had a few amazing games at 4 am, because kiddies are asleep...
Thinking that “kids” are responsible for this is naive. You would be surprised how old are people who behave like this.
: 0/6 :D 2 deaths in 1st 2 min u've been the worst support i'@e played today with inculding all randoms. no thanks :) I wnt supp that helps me carry games not loses them for me {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Well I was pretty nervous, i dont play duos.
: LF The Support :)
Hráli jsme 2 hry. 1 win 1 loss myslím, že by stálo za to jich ještě pár zkusit abychom se lépe sehráli.
: no one needs to check closer,if you cant see it from your distance your gay or blind
I havent seen her in ages, so I dont even remember how she looks. I simply meant I will check her out:)
: so it makes no sense to buy more then 1/4 in league aswell?
: Champions are too expensive to buy
Just some thoughts on my side: Having all heroes free in DotA 2 is really convenient in case you just want to try out some or switch during champ select, but given the sheer number of heroes, you will likely play just quarter or less of them. So it does not really seem to be that much of a benefit. Unlocking hero always felt more special than buying skin for me. Its the only part of game progress which gives me something special gameplaywise. If I would get all heroes for free or very fast/cheap, they wouldnt feel that special to me. As I mentioned earlier, you wont likely play many champs and free champion rotation got expanded recently, so you will be able to try some hero soon. I agree that its either very time or money expensive to unlock it all, but I do not really see need to permanently unlock all or even many heroes at all.
: Champions are too expensive to buy
You know that shards can be used to permanently unlock champs at discount, right?
: Reward mains and give them more options
I gotta check Kindreds booty more closely.
VEX Enzo (EUW)
: Will League be a balanced game some day?
With this many different champs, items and runes and mmr based matchmaking? There is nobody who could balance this.
: LF The Support :)
I am up for some games with you. I don’t need you to play super good, just do not talk shit to your teammates, don’t give up and focus on playing.
: Sick and tired of toxic players
I recommend to just take it as a training session in case this occurs. I found myself getting frustrated much more if I just wanted to win/gain LP/win promotion match. What helps me is to set a goal which can be acomplished regardless of winning or losing. It can be anything, like trying to always protect your adc, or roam a lot in early or trying to control vision, or just testing some item build changes. Then I felt sort of like winning if I accomplished my goal in that game even though we lost.
Gatzurion (EUNE)
: I agree on all of those, Rhosta, but from your experience does it seem to be enough? There seems to be at least one person who behaves terribly in every single game. Are you saying that 1/10 people are having a bad day? Cause that's just... sad :( Surely, we can't just stop playing with pick-up-groups to avoid flame by just playing with the same people and muting everyone else again and again as this removes so much from the potentially positive social side of any online game. I'd love to see a system that promotes friendly team-play in a very direct way...
In my opinion, the problem is that LoL is designed as competitive game yet its mostly played casualy. Peoples expectations seems totally out of place to me. Other than that, matchmaker is the main weakness right now imo, if they want keep soloqueue as the main part of the game.
AbadyZ (EUW)
: NEW HP BAR Stopped me from playing league!!!
You can turn off vibrations of the bar in settings.
Gatzurion (EUNE)
: Thoughts on league's community
Riot already commented on this hundreds of times. People who are frequently toxic are in minority (something like 0,5% of playerbase), most of toxicity comes from people who are having bad day or something and do this stuff in one or two games. It upsets other people and they are more likely to get toxic in next game. You can imagine the chain reaction. Current penalty system cannot work against this nor is targeted at this. Its designed to get rid of that 0,5%. Riot is trying to prevent this by promoting teamplay (flex queue and recently clash tournaments), so people find and play more with others they like instead of strangers. Also there were other things done, like honor system and new champion pick system (the old one was causing a lot of toxicity, so this is a big improvement).
Ihanin (EUNE)
: New player experience is horrible
Did you really expect that new people will play any good? It takes forever to get good with at least one champ. Also, arent runes free now? How does it work for low levels currently?
SeanGoku (EUW)
: Man that post is worth Gold. xD Very well phrased. :)
I like that “making sure that their ping isn't off the cooldown to maximize that awereness value”:D
: Some things to discuss (no rage or hate plz)
I would like to add something to “stomp” and “rage”. I feel like at lower elo, people incline more to dmg heavy champs, which leads to snowball, few fast early kills and people getting frustrated, because they do not think they can win against that. At higher elo, more tanky heroes appear and this leads to closer matches. And regarding the rage, it seems to me that hot head is one of the main weaknesses of people at low elo. It seems that its one of the basic things they need to learn to climb. I mean people overcome it in different ways, like mute all, dont respond, pull a joke or trying to explain and calm down others. But at low elo, people just take the first oportunity to start chat war and distract themselves from actual game.
: custom FPS cap?
Have you tried DSR to make the game more demanding?
: It's been like this from the start. It's like Ace Tanker in World of Tanks.
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