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: Not being able to get rewards for the watch mission
I'm watching LPL now. It counted the first match almost a week ago, but still isn't counting the others no matter how many do I watch...
Escalan (EUW)
: Back when I started league in season 3 punishments for being afk were better in my opinion. 1st time afk - 24 hours ban 2nd time afk - 3 days ban 3th time afk - 7 days ban and etc.
If they can filter the matches where you leave intentionally then yes, it would be better. For example leaving few second after dying (like this player) is a pretty obvious evidence.
: I mean if you are doing it just to negatively effect your team then you should be banned. If you leave a game early because your on tilt then you honestly shouldn't of started the game in the first place. In korea they open earlygame very frequently for a failed lv1 invade of something on that kalibur.
I heard that's a thing. But leaving is a bit different and it's gold elo. :D (didn't mention that...)
: Recently I got a jg {{champion:64}} that ganked my friend (who was playing mid) and died after failing all of his skillset , he immediately left and we started laughing. It was a ranked game btw , but still its a game after all right? What im tryna say is that sometimes you just gotta chill and have fun y'know {{champion:412}}
No comment on the Lee. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Yeah, but there is also normal... I don't say he should be banned, but what about not being able to play ranked? Btw, we played the match until the end. I tried to keep the hope in my team. :D
Chrysies (EUW)
: Doesn't matter what players think, as there is no interaction between Riot and normal players.
Well, I'm just asking out of curiosity. This also crossed my mind: Is it simple rage-quitting, or some (failed) attempt to climb faster by not "wasting" time? Maybe just a smurf account...
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Mute Everyone by Default
So, two years have passed... I just considered muting everyone immediately, after some toxic matches. However... what if you actually want to discuss strategy, but the other players disabled chat? Sadly nobody has found a proper solution for the toxicity of the players.
Shadòw (EUW)
: "splitpush now" "don't fight" "try to set up baron" just pinging some objectives is not enough sometimes because you don't know if your teammate wants to 1. ward it, 2. do it or 3. warn that enemies might be there.
Yeah, chat is useful. Just people like to ignore it.
: Chest
I says I haven't got chest with Ezreal. I got S with him once, but it still says A+ for the highest grade, and I didn't get chest.
Reptilezz (EUW)
: Chest?
The system has bugs. For example, it shows I haven't got chest with Ezreal. I got S once, and my friend got S- once, still no chest. Also it says my highest ranking was A+ (I got S in THIS season). It happens everytime with Ezreal, and happened with other champ too.


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