Saibbo (EUW)
: I fought against Klepto ezreal.. nothing wrong with that, he doesn't get any item while i'm behind minion and i push the lane, gets little or nothing gold worth, loses a lot of poke dmg since doens't use other runes. Klepto gangplank? never even seen once. (I made those examples because it's mostly used on them) So i don't see what is really broken about it, it's so random that mostly you'll end up with useless stuff and you hardly earn gold around 1/2 kills worth the whole game.
yeah, but {{champion:41}} doesn't really have a problem with creeps and also doesn't have a single "bad" drop from it, ezreal doesn't do a lot with elixir of iron but gp does, and the dmg elixir is way too %%%%ing strong in lane
: {{champion:81}} is litterly the only one problematic with the item. Get over it.
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Farce (EUNE)
: A while ago he was an AP carry, not bruiser. You didn't need to orbwalk, his kit contained just one aa reset. Hence, it made sense back when that line was created.
I mean, I still play him full ap but even then he needs to orbwalk
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Pacocorto (EUW)
: I just posted the same question, is just plain stupid since you can re-do them in champion select, now I may take my time doing them and thinking what to use, but once I get to know each end everysingle one I'll do them in no time pre-match, is just a pain in the ass atm.
Exactly, this situation is really stupid, because everyone can avoid the problem, so why not just remove the problem since it doesn't have to exist? Its' easy to go around but it's just annoying.
: Why dont they just unlock every champion and skin for us? That way we dont need to pay them or play the game.
What's ur point? I mean, I do think that champs should be free, but I understand why you need to grind points for them or pay money. But this system is abusable, I can already make a new runepage in maybe 20 seconds, I might as well have infinite amount of pages since I never need to buy new ones, I'd just feel more comfortable having specialized pages already made.
Akatelion (EUW)
: they removed the mastery where it was possible for each champion to make his set, and now it is impossible to play, since only 3 sets are given for free, with such changes let them play their miserable game. still forgot that now that would buy a champ to play 100 times with the current system of pharmacy. better i will played in other game, then this new riot shit.
2 sets are only free by default
: It's not their fault that ur slower than my toaster
but it is their fault that they changed the system. I did edit my masteries usually, but I had premade pages which I just made small changes to. And these new "runes" are literally the same stuff as masteries except EVEN MORE SPECIALIZED
Teejoon (EUW)
: Lol, what? You're contradicting your self. Since you first say that no one will buy rune pages and then you say you prefer more so that you can make pages beforehand. If you want to make several pages beforehand you will have to buy rune pages? Meaning that someone will buy? Riot is also a company, they have to make money somehow, and I think that charing for think to just make it more comfortable is OK since it's not necessary. Not having several rune pages won't put you at a disadvantage in the game since you could just edit them before the game starts.
Everyone will eventually just abuse the system by changing 1 page, I will probably do that too. But since everyone will just abuse it like that why not just make them free since they might as well be, no one will buy them, I wont buy them even though I'd like to have them, because I can just abuse the fact that I can change them
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
They aren't %%%%ing rune pages, they're masteries renamed as runes, if you seriously don't get this you're %%%%ing delusional.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Skins = Completely useless thrash, especially if you don't play the champion. The point OP is making that he paid for X, he kept the X, then Riot came in, took X away, and gave him a Y in return, when they could've just refunded him the RP/BE used for X so he could buy Z instead he wanted to.
Saibbo (EUW)
: >However we heard from some players that being able to edit rune pages in champ select makes having more than a few pages feel less meaningful. So, for any rune page you bought with IP, we'll also give you back 1,500 blue essence. From riot faq of the preseason 8. In the old system most of the people still had just 2 pages of runes.
In the old system only 2 pages were needed tho + the pages still cost 6.3k BE, so why not GIVE THE PEOPLE THE AMOUNT OF PAGES THEY PURCHASED
: Even worse i have seen this as an excuse for people to troll when autofilled, cuz you dont have a runepage for what u got filled. So ppl just troll since they can't actually make decent runepages in so little time for an off role, so, in their eyes, since it is lost either way, might just go with their main champ in whatever role they got and play as if they werent autofilled. Can't wait to get yasuo supports.
I have a huge champion pool, but with only 2 pages I can only play Twitch, GP and Kayn, so I'm sorry that you wanted a tank or a mage, but I have literally nothing else I am capable of playing even though I want to.
: In the past it wasn't as relevant, now runes matter more,you can just have one for ap and one for ad. Since I only have 2 pages I can only play 3 champions. Runes are an essential part of the game, and EXTREMELY significant, so seriously, if you think they should be locked behind purchases you are genuinely missing chromosomes.
point I'm making is that now we don't have masteries, which were free, and you absolutely need to have proper runes to do well. Extra Rune pages were optional before, now they are necessary
: No offense, but what you said just doenst make any sense, you wanted what? free rune pages? players worked out for that on the past, you didint
In the past it wasn't as relevant, now runes matter more,you can just have one for ap and one for ad. Since I only have 2 pages I can only play 3 champions. Runes are an essential part of the game, and EXTREMELY significant, so seriously, if you think they should be locked behind purchases you are genuinely missing chromosomes.
: How about just give us free rune pages?
Oh, btw, I'm literally incapable of playing any tanks or a support thanks to this change as well, so good job Riot
Valter (EUW)
: The new runes
I have no problem playing with them, but since they absolutely %%%%ed up the editing system for the pages I no longer play more than 3 champs
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Isn't it priced the same as they used to for IP?
Isn't blue essence earned in a completely different way than IP?
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ShanksFX (EUW)
: I would rly like to start an argument here, but since u dont even use your real account (i suppose) its pretty obvious that you are not interested in a discussion but rather just got trashed by someone in lane and just want to let out some steam.
no I'll totally argue about this. -He's a tank -He's a lanebully -He has good dps -He has powerful cc -He outdamages bruisers -On top of being a lanebully he also has good late game -When he doesn't get to be a lane bully he can be a very safe farmer in lane
LazySlav (EUNE)
: Top lane be like: {{champion:6}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:41}} I mean all this champions are very powerful... And i hope to see someone else on top lane in new season
darius and fiora are quite easy to thrash in lane, urgot isn't that good and gp is broken
: Yeah hes mobile and has good cc but not really a problem Try playing him. youll see how squishy he is. Btw if u leap backwards with E its a real small gap
I do play him, if I ever see a gnar on enemy team I instantly doge tho
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: How long would W last? Her entire kit relies around one ability with 25 AP ratio... She'd be beyond useless On her passive it's written that it stacks infinitely... max 6 times, what?
The passive stacks infinitely but in normal conditions you probably wont get more than 6. I might buff the AP ratio but since I'm no good with numbers idk how much yet
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: That second change would literally change nothing, except make farming junglers weaker. Early game junglers generally gank quickly, kill the guy/burn summoner's then go straight back to clearing. The only way that you'd be able to punish a jungler for ganking is to have the respawn be ridiculously short, which would then imbalance the game and due to the gold gen.
How? You objectively get more gold from mass-farming them, and mass-farming becomes easier, the thing about gankers is that they can get a complete full clear and still keep ganking, so this would make singular full clear give out less gold than before, while making them spawn faster so farmers could start their second clear earlier because they didnt go gank.
: Completely remove catchup xp you should not be rewarded for endlessly ganking or just falling behind also BRING BACK SMITE BUFFS pls riot i miss them so much also the small krugs on red and blue
the small krugs were pretty meaningless, but yeah, %%%% catchup xp.
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: Did you have an actual point? Basically all you said in ur comment was "ur lvl 23, you dont get it" FYI I've played this game for 4 years, this just happens to be a newer account.
And ardent supps being powerful atm is a good thing, but every time I get a mage supp in the game I die a bit inside. It's still absolutely ridiculous, and Sona's that go Ardent + Redemption with Luden's, Zhonya and Rabadon's are still a thing, and absolute aids to play vs.
: you are displaying logical fallacy similar to 'Personal Incredulity'. Point is, you (probably lvl 23 as your profile shows) dont have anywhere near a good enough grasp at the game to be making highly opinionated thoughts like this. The best thing you can do is learn from better people and always ask why something happened and try to learn things from yourself. Maybe you played wrong? how? maybe items spikes? positioning? what are some champs weaknesses and strengths (yes EVERY champ has strengths and weaknesses) and if they are strong in this regard what are there weaknesses? how can i abuse that? What you are trying to do now, is form an complete image of the game on the basis of very few events and a very very small understanding of the game. You are no where near close enough in knowledge to be focusing on what is "op". I'm being very blunt and serious because you sound like a 'Toxic waste-To be' with your mentality and we have enough of that already in this game. Edit: i can assure you that these mages that like to play bot are not in meta right now and are glaringly weak compared to ardent supports and you just blaming your faults on other things being op. The truly powerful supports at the moment are the ones that can abuse ardent. And that's because ADC scale so well and are pretty powerful, meaning the 25% as from ardent really gives a huge boost.
Did you have an actual point? Basically all you said in ur comment was "ur lvl 23, you dont get it" FYI I've played this game for 4 years, this just happens to be a newer account.
: Supports shouldn't be able to deal dmg
Okay, the title might have seemed a little extreme, but I stand by my word, no dmg to healers pls
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