: Well all champions can deal alot of dmg when they get fed.
He might need changes but not nerfs.
: > sure when u get fed u can deal alot of dmg but its not easy to get fed with one of higher "skill" champ, but when you get behind its really hard So he is feast or famine which is an unhealthy play style which would need to result in changes... you just shot your argument in the foot.
Well all champions can deal alot of dmg when they get fed.
: I don't think you're getting it. He reached the AD Carry power fantasy of 100% crit in _two items_! Add to that the fact that his most common build is pretty tanky then he becomes a pretty beefy front line bruiser with the damage of a carry.
Hes not that tanky. His build usually only have one maybe two tanky item (fronzen malet and bloodthirter) and like i said if u focus him with cc he's dead instantly and cant really do much about it. But if you dont focus him ofc he deal alot of dmg.
: Putting aside that you lied in your post title, there are reasons for him being on the radar for nerfs. A ridiculously high pickrate, really early power spike for effectively a late game champion a lot of few stats and survivability built into his kit, way more so than any champ even remotely like him.
Yes I agree that his late game is good, but if you cc him hes dead, and if u put him down early he dosent stand a chanse and will feed even more, thats why so many yasuo players feed. But when he gets fed he often gets really fed and thats why u gotta kill him early ask ur jungler to camp him befor he hit level 6.
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