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: I suck d*ck at this game now
As a jungler that quit for 2 months and then started sucking d*ck aswell, just keep playing and play different champions in different roles. I tried top [didn't work out] and now I wreck faces in mid with TF and Fizz. tl;dr play different stuff until things work themselves out, you might also come back to your old champions later.
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Direwoods (EUW)
: Question, what about Rod of ages? its one of my standerd items
Rod of Ages is perfectly fine to rush, it gives 100 AP, which is great, health and mana are also welcomed. It's relatively cheap, and has a synergy with Tear if you decide to build it aswell. Kudos for being smart!
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: It is Undertale reference. Savepoints there rely on main character determination and (on the pacifist route at least) have short fluff text like "Seeing a house that well kept in a Ruins... It fills you with determination" and so on. Alternatively OP does not like idea of Riot encouraging Brand jungle. Also - go buy Undertale. Probably the most amazing game to come out this year.
The first one. Also I deeply encourage jungle Brand considering I play jungle Morgana.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Rocket Science,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=t9GgpZM3,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-11-09T19:52:58.890+0000) > > I don't think anyone is strong enough right now to take LoL down, Riot will handle this in a few minutes I believe. few minutes ahahayhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha so funny RIOT CAN'T DO A FUCK WITH LAGS/FREEZES FROM A MONTH, NOW THEY WILL REPAIRING THE EUNE SERVER TILL THE BEGINNING OF S6 -.-
I'm logged in right now. I win. Good luck in the Fields of Justice. EDIT: Still gonna need ranked queue though.
: Putting This Here - Regarding The Server Login Issue
I don't think anyone is strong enough right now to take LoL down, Riot will handle this in a few minutes I believe.
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PPG Bubbles (EUNE)
: I'm Plat 1 and already on promos...if this isnt getting fixed today it's awful
Ouch. Plat 2 41 LP, gotta grind this out...
: [Resolved] [9-11-2015] - EUNE login issues
Yo Rito, update us please, what's happening? I need to hit diamond!!!
: Greetings, From the looks of it, it might be an FPS problem. Try testing different video configs (resolution, game quality, etc), to see if you always experience that, or if it has to do with a specific game configuration. You can test it all by going alone, into a custom with and against bots. Good luck on the fields of justice.
I think that worked, I've set the graphics to lowest possible and the error occurred only once in the beginning of the game and that's it (probably because the change in graphics). In case it hasn't I'll post here again. Thank you.
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: Ranked Promotion Series Bug
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