Rondö (EUW)
: Vote for best Vi Skin
Am using Project Vi, best is Demon bc tail. Warring Kingdoms's splash is the best undoubtedly.
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: Adc main looking for a main support to rush gold
Mainly supporting, 60% winrate, S1 atm. Will add you tomorrow :3 Nami, Zyra, Leona, Tahm, Blitz, Lulu. Willing to learn anything for a nice wombo combo.
: People just don't get what my job is....
Your role is: **_Jungle_**: You take every possible drake, starting at lv 4. + rift herald. You gank midlane twice, managing to tilt enemy midlaner. Botlane wins by themselves. You give buffs to adc/mid. You take enemy jungler down, resulting in an 5v4. Yasuo pushes like theres no tomorrow."REPORT JUNGLE NO GANK TOP" proceeds to int and throw the game away. Enemy 2/10 67cs vayne spams "ez". Sportmanlike 4ever. **_Top_**: You freeze the lane to counter enemy cs-ing, doing good trades, getting better vision score than jg+support combined. Allied jungler ganks either from under your top turret/their turret. Proceeds to die, shames you for not helping. Botlane dies due to overextending, spams your teleport summoner spell. Adc goes soloing, gets tilted for dying. Support goes farming into jungle. _**Mid**_: You finally get mid as role, perfect: I gonna roflstomp this game!! You ward your arse off, get first kill in an 1v2 situation. Someone in your team spams ping for not roaming. You keep your cool, because you have high hopes. Eventually, you lose due to an afk. You get report called 5464654 times, because you told team to do objectives instead of chasing. _**Support**_: You got autofilled, took bad runes by accident, constant pinging. Not a problem, you choose Zyra so you harass the crap out of enemy lucian. Level 2-3 enemy botlane doesnt even try to cs because you might kill them. You create a perfect zone for your adc to farm. He misses 55% of the last hits. You ask adc to buy control ward, but everlasting vision isnt worth 75g. _**Carry of botlane**_: Last pick, 4 of your teammates take AD, you pick ziggs, people dodge 3 times in a row. Support is autofilled, hits creeps constantly, you struggle to cs. Lane partner engages when you are not there. 1,5 wave hits the turret, why not engage now? Somehow you cleared botlane, enemy jungler is dead. You want drake, jg/sup wants to refill 400Hp in base. Every role sucks if people have bad decision making.
: Autofill
I dont know man, 95/100 times i get one of my preferred roles even when i play 7-8 games in a row.
Rockified (EUNE)
: What's the best sht your enemy laner said after you killed him?
"Should I buy a tent?" - ganking top 3 times in a row
Lužke (EUNE)
: How to get out a silver elo, which champion can carry whole noob team
Greatatemi (EUNE)
: Is there a chance that Riot will bring back the Star Guardian Game mode?
Im pretty sure Riot will bring** Invasion game mode** back later this year, around fall
: Nope, everything is there for me. Relaunch? If it doesnt fix the issue I would try reinstalling.
False alarm for me, its maintenance time, so the whole game is down.
: Are any other players experiencing heavy ping spikes while in a game?
Had heavy lag spikes on botlane when there was a varus, draven and a braum. Fps drops every 3 seconds. Edit: Other times i'm fine
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Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: playing AP champions as AD
AD Ahri was a strategy back when Invasion game mode came up and you had a quest to finish the mode without original ad carries. The adc lulu carry is real.
: Please why is it always me !
I'm more worried about the enemy team comp {{item:2010}}
: can't get out of silver
Two words: Zyra support.
: Do reporting anyone actually matter at this point?
In season 7 I reported a few toxic players, most of them got punishment. Season 8: Evenmore toxic players, inting players, no punishment message in weeks.
: Dodging skillshots.
Play a lot of aram, you will learn to predict almost everything, your reflexes will be much better.
: What's are kids on 2018
You can have fun with those scammer wannabes. Its nice to watch their hamster wheel spin when looking for reasons to make you give them your account info/anything.
: So account sharing is not allowed, right? Then how is this possible?
In my opinion, account sharing isnt harmful as long as its not done in rankeds. (Example: leveling an account) About boosting, its like police: you get punished only when you get caught.
: Does give me an accurate mmr?
My says my current division and mmr score matches, despite getting 27lp for win. So no
: Why can we not see how many wards our teammates have anymore?
This. Even with a voice chat, it takes more time to ask them if they have free ward than just checking it via **Tab** Feels like an equality movement towads worse players.
: Season 8 troll adventure
Dude's got autofilled as supp, locked yi with the intention of "j_g or troll_". We refused leashing. From the 02:00 mark he ran down every lane 4 times. Ranked is heaven. Nexus exploded harder than _Fat Man_
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: Azir with lethal tempo
When I see most Azir player using comet/Aery I always shed a joyful tear. Lethal Tempo is godly on Azir, especially in teamfights. You come in Q range? Boom 3 autos and a Q. Seriously, try it. On the other hand it wont help you in laning phase, but Azir is a lategame champ anyway.
: Can you sort players into regions of Runeterra?
Upvoted for originality. Godly idea
: It is so frustrating to play ARURF
Half agree, half disagree: Its frustating to Win, but not to play. Btw going fulltank is a viable option in urf, you can splitpush as a maokai: Enemies cant completely ignore you because pushpower, but needs at least 2 players to kill you. +Edit: agreed with the champion pool thing.
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LifeOf (EUW)
: How open a door ?
{{champion:141}} : What door? {{champion:150}} : Cant open, slams every furniture towards door
: Greetings. You obviously did nothing wrong picking Azir, it's not a troll pick... It seems like you just ran into a bunch of jerks who wanted to troll you. The smartest thing is to not feed the trolls, ie. don't give them ANY attention! They want you to get mad, and they want you to snap, so just stay cool and they will silently suffer. --- You should of course report them for whatever they specifically did. Adding a detailed comment to your report can be really useful there!
Thank you for your answer, I appreciate it!!
: > [{quoted}](name=Wortelsapjuh,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=cPIVgnyb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-05T12:44:10.638+0000) > > First of all: Azir isn't a troll pick, he's a really good midlaner. Unless OP is dia 1 50LP+ then azir being a good mid is debatable.
Yes, im not even close, silver to be honest. But in my opinion azir is pretty good at low elo because matches tend to be longer, and this lovedove champion spits out some spicy damage into lategame.
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: What's your ranked story this season? Where did you start and where did you end up?
Started ranked for fun, wanted to know how good/bad I am. Placements were 3w/7l, karma mid everytime. Won lane 9/10 times despite playing against players whose MMR was significantly higher than silver/gold (no idea how). Placed into Bronze 1, started doing support. Mostly Nami supp, won 7 games straight, tought climbing will be easy. It was, until in midsilver got into a loss-streak: I as nami and adc were mostly good, other lanes still manage to fed, 8 loss. MMR fell a lot, could see the decrease in quality of the games. Tried to do mid again, 3/4times carried with azir, still people manage to horribly feed. TL;DR: MMR fell a lot thanks to loss streak, probably gonna duo from now on. Always cooperate with team!
CJXander (EUNE)
: What is trolling for yourselves!?
Not co-operating with team. I remember years ago it was a valid point in reporting-menu, and wish it'd come back. Honestly, there's a difference between not paying attention/having players premuted and intentionally not giving a flying fock about the game.


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