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: Nope The concept of self defense doesn't work in league What do you need to defend yourself from? Your life isn't in danger If someone is flaming you, mute them and report them when the game ends. Simple If you were toxic while "defending yourself" you deserve the punishment because you broke the rules Being toxic to others isn't going to stop them from being toxic to you. That just adds toxicity
i have my temperament and i say things straight but thats not mean i said anyone anything mean or bad i just said u have bad winrate why u flame me when i have better its my first time le blanc and ALL of that is correct i have better winrate it was my first time le blanc so if i say Facts and get banned i think its very strange.He had 30%winrate and i said that if he so good player why hes not proud of his playing i said only facts not "%%%% ur mom get cancer %%%" like all of here always in game
: > [{quoted}](name=Rondo w Dźbowie,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=PPOlNsE7,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-09-27T13:51:17.575+0000) > > soo if i say i will report u for flame its reason to ban me...legit rules Explain what good you saying this brings.
Sorry i have littlebit bad english couldnt understand ?
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: You wouldn't have gotten banned for that if you hadn't had a 25 game chat restriction But as you aid, you've already had a 25 game chat restriction, so the next step in the punishment ladder is a 14 day ban, and the next on will be a permanent ban because riot is done dealing with you It doesn't matter who started it or who said what. You are responsible for your own actions and words Why not just disable the chat completely if you can't deal with people being toxic?
I Will man trust me i like idea of this game but i hate everything else on it i hate this ban system i hat toxic community and bad matchmake systems...Now i remove my chat and only play even tho i dont want play game where i get punished too hard
: Report calling is bannable offence
soo if i say i will report u for flame its reason to ban me...legit rules
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: You didn't get banned for self defense You got banned for being toxic You can defend yourself by muting the person who's being toxic to you. You can't be toxic to them and call it self defense, because it isn't self defense
But its verbal self defence. Why theres no tips in league tutorial that u should mute everyone because when u say shit back u get banned easy. Mute or suffer typical league u should always have fun and good games and good teams who back u Up but its opposite sometimes bad games mean teammates and then u get insta ban nice
: >He should find them IRL and break their legs. RIght thats not self defense idiot. not even gonna read the rest of your stupid comment jesus christ {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} have fun reading dipshit
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: If he has had a 25 game chat restriction already, then yes, it's worthy of a 14 day suspension They weren't complaining about getting banned for this without any previous warnings, so my guess is that they've already had a 25 game chat restriction I might be wrong, but that's my guess
same story bro i play normally forgot mute whole team then getting guys flaming and saying im %%%%less and cancer to my family then i say few thing back AFTER that all happened and got 25 games chat ban.2 times forgot to mute my team.But fact is league is most toxic game ive ever played and only game i had so much bans in..No other game is like this they ban when its big reason to ban and that's it. I think u should say something bad curse or hurt someone feelings really bad to get banned but that's only my opinion.
: He should find them IRL and break their legs. RIght ? Cause it's a game. It's perfectly normal to act like a spoiled brat and flame left and right, instead of playing it cool, like a well functioning sociable adult human being. It's self defence after all. If someone sets your car on fire, the logical thing to do, is repeat his actions. If you don't set his car on fire as well, you're not a true man, and you should consider removing your balls or something. Because who needs an authority figure, and law/order in today's world, when 12 year olds can type shit on their little keyboards, and act big, right ? Oh and enlighten me, how is flaming back self defence again ? How are you in any way in danger while being flamed, and how will you flaming back help against the whole situation ? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
I dont respect flaming at any means but i cant handle flamers is my problem tho i got banned 14 days by just saying them back few things and saying they toxic and i forgot to mute but it was too late to mute already when whole team turn against me
: ***
Thanks i love this comment so accurate can i add u in game :) i made new account and now i mute everyone..but still i think its wrong that u cant selfdefence league is only game in world when everyone can say stupid stuff to u but u cant say it back
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