: > [{quoted}](name=Ryunedo,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wOHQGm4X,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2016-04-14T12:43:35.940+0000) > > and that's why I think it is not fair and need to be fixed. You can't expect to get an S on most of your games. The average player probably can expect an S in 5% (not sure about the exact number but its low) of his games. It is not something you get for good performance, it's something you get for exceptional and outstanding performance. If you continously play well you will see an S sooner or later. You should also note that it is probably harder to get in very short games since Kill and Objective partiviptaion scores are usually lower then. I am sure if you manage to have a game where you died 2 times or less and had 60-70% Kill participation you wil get an S. And that is the kind of outstanding performance that is rewarded with an S, around 40-50% Kill participation and about 6 deaths/game is not at this point. You also don't need to hurry as you can get only 1 chest per champion per season anyway so you have more than enough time.
per season ? I thought it was per month
Ryunedo (EUNE)
: Grade system is not fair for support players >:(
I happy to say I got my first chest on Soraka I got 5 kills xD
Slaavi (EUW)
: Deathcaps passive is LIE
maybe because the bonus ap from your Q doesn't count with the deathcap passive ? or your math is wrong.
: Vayne top needs a nerf
ALWAYS REMEMBER -3 AD LOL her W need to be nerfed that true damage is what she is all about.
Ryunedo (EUNE)
: Grade system is not fair for support players >:(
How do I get Rioters to check this and give there opinion on the matter ? Notice me senpai ?
: I honestly think Teemo needs some buffs
Pls downvote if you agree. I SEE WHAT YOU DID
: I like mixing things up; I'm an ADC main and I'm here to complain about my Supports.
Well yes not all main supports are nice people but same goes for any role and it is true that sometimes ADCs are praised more than supports for a play they both worked for simply because the ADC is the one dealing damage. simple example is the grade system.
: I don't necessarily agree to this. Sometimes you find someone you, well, simply click with, and whose playstyle is really similar / solid with yours. However I do have to agree on the fact that this happens very, very rarely, which is a shame. But when it does happen it feels great ^^
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: KDA still matters (in support case the ammount of assists plays a big role) and that looks like a pretty bad KDA.
well my assists are low because they surrendered on 20 mins my KDA was good on other games tho
: Basically, the thing is that people play a lot of supports as AP (janna, lulu, sona, so on) and it skews the results a lot. If you build utility, you most likely won't get S, since your damage compared to other supports who built AP is low.
and that's why I think it is not fair and need to be fixed.
: I've gotten S on support many times? Just remember to ward and sweep as much as you can :) i think those are the crusial things to gain S on supports. If im wrong please tell me :)
thanks I do sweep but in my elo players don't usually use much wards.
: I actually found it easier to get an S on my support champs than on mys other champs. The point is that you personal score probably does not matter a lot when you're playing as a support. What I have seen me get an S is primarily a low number of deaths (2 or less), a high number of objective participation (towers,dragon,baron) and above all a high number of kill participation. In many games you play as morgana support your kill participation is just around 40% and never higher than 60%, where in any game I have ever gotten an S as support it's more around 70-80% at least. You might also wanna think about buying more pinks.
thank you this is the kind of replays I need.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You're probably too focused on the score, just do the ussual support things. Don't forget you're still competing against other supports when it comes to grading.
dude trust me I dont care for score last game I was 1/5/6 my adc was 6/1/1 and I can easily tell you I carried that lane yet I get C while my adc get S and that's what pissed me off. being a support means you have to protect your ADC sometimes die for him/her to survive/get kills which will make your grade drop while the ADC get a better score. I'm doing my best here and you are welcome to check my match history.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Most support players, myself included, do think it's pretty easy to get an S.
so am I just unlucky is the system broken I think my scores and gameplay at least deserve **one ** S-.
Iao (EUW)
: You do not longer enjoy playing support because the rating system doesn't give you a S if you carry your ADC? D: indeed.
yeah for me I only play for hextech chests at the moment if I'm not getting them what's the point. and by "carry the adc" I mean getting him fed so he/she can carry the game.
PauIo (EUW)
: I fail to see how the grades are not 'fair' for support players.
they are harder to get compared to other roles. if you fail to see that too I'm afraid you need glasses :p
Puddytat (EUW)
: I have the same experience. I get amazing scores like 1/2/29 or 0/0/24 and still, A. I think the problem is that kills are valued more than assists (or how much you added to the overall damage of the team is taken into account), and there are supports who build full AP and then get a lot of kills/do a lot of damage, which makes supporting with supportive items look less impressive. I'll be honest, I've been thinking of making a thread like this for a while now. With the introduction of the hextech chests, S's matter, and it's come to the point where my wins are tilting me more than my losses. Edit: I have gotten S's, don't take me wrong, but they've always been in games where I ended up taking kills (by accident). That's why I think kills are valued more than assists, and for support players, they shouldn't be. Additionally, I often queue with a friend who plays mid, and he tends to get better grades with worse kda's, which really, _really_ pisses me off.
Strigina (EUNE)
: The grade system is looking on your position, so it looks differently on Morgana mid and Morgana support.
so why am I not getting S :'( ? my scores are fine for support and my game play was decent
Najns (EUW)
: Morgana is played mid a lot, so I would assume Morganas in general get more kills than assists and more gold. It all depends on a specific champion.
I was trying with Morgana for the past few days I'll try other champions thanks.
Just Cat (EUW)
: no , the problem is you think that score matters , you play by it. Its not by the score its by performance. When you are support you are the one who wins the lane for your adc not other way , your dmg to champions is fairly low , usually if the game ends before 30 mins i have most dmg with sona!!! i got insane scores and tons of objectives i also barely place any wards xDD
dude trust me I dont care for score last game I was 1/5/6 my adc was 6/1/1 and I can easily tell you I carried that lane yet I get C while my adc get S and that's what pissed me off. I just wish I recorded that game :(
Najns (EUW)
: The score you need is different for individual champions... So if you go 1/3/20 with Ashe you'll get A or B, but if you go 1/3/20 with Threst, you'll get S. It also dependa on how many wards you place.
1/2/13. 2/4/19. 1/7/22. 3/3/17. those are some of the best examples of my games as Morgana support I place at least 20 wards depending on how long the game last.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Ye, they get S way too easily, there's no challenge.
if you are talking about support I'd disagree
Just Cat (EUW)
: uh getting S with as upport is super easy ... with sona i keep getting S+ S or S- in ost of the games, i tried taric once and i got S same with tham and i played those 2 for first time in months ...
so I don't understand is my scores not good enough am I doing something wrong or is the grade system busted ?
: Depends on the champ tbh.
my latest game with Braum was 1/0/11 still no S {{item:3070}} never lucky
: Will do if I remember and get another S but one was with braum and i had like 0/8/24
I see thanks, but I still believe it is harder for support players.
: And wards and skillshot accuracy aparently. Also where you were during objective kills.
I place wards often my skillshots skills are not impressive but not bad as to objective kills I participate whenever possible.
: {{item:3092}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3089}} Core build for most my APC supports. {{item:3401}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3083}} Core build for most my tank supports.
can you post a link to the match history if you still remember which game you got S on
: I have no problems with getting an S score. But an S score on my adc is enough; I get my chest. Ps: don't build {{item:3117}} with {{item:3068}}
well to my understanding getting S on ADCs is the easiest because the system looks for CS gold and kills for better grades
: Support main here. getting an S is easy peasy.
so is it just me or do you do some secret build and mechanics to get S ?
Ryunedo (EUNE)
: Grade system is not fair for support players >:(
1/2/13. 2/4/19. 1/7/22. 3/3/17. those are some of the best examples of my games as Morgana support I place at least 20 wards depending on how long the game last.
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