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: Alpha Client Crashes whilst trying to update?
I also figured it out. I had to open the client as administrator and it went through.
: Alpha Client Crashes whilst trying to update?
I have the same problem that korkki , but I have no antivirus program, only windows defender. I have disabled it, but I still can't get through that update. I even reinstalled the client, but nothing helps.
Ja hrvat (EUNE)
: key fragments
It doesn't matter that you PLAYED 35 games in 3 wekks. What matters is how many of those games you have WON. You have a chance to get key fragments only for games you have won, and only if you own champion you played. But don't worry, right now I'm sitting at 3 key fragments, but have 0 chests to open, so my advice is just keep playing.
Kowac (EUW)
: Tips for support?
If you feel like it, try to gank mid a few times in early game if there are no enemy champions in your lane, especially, when mid laner asks for help or your jungler ganks top. The enemy mid laner may not expect this :)
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: Disconnected from client. cant connect. eune issues again ?
Skøll (EUNE)
: Match History Bug
I just played 3 or so ARAM games. Nothing in match history.
bakir1234 (EUW)
: RADS Error
Same her. I thought they repaired the RADS error since I logged in a few hours ago...
Dynition (EUW)
: Outdated "Help" window
I mentioned it 8 months ago, and Riot didn't care back then, so I doubt they'll do anything with new client going for testing soon.
FonikosDoom (EUNE)
: Lunar Revel Shop
Same here. At least I didn't have any good deals when I checked it, so my wallet is safe :)
: Where is the Lunar-Shop?
The new patch hits NA in about 3 and a half hours (at 3:00 am PST), so I think it's going to be available somewhere aroud that time.
Genetix (EUNE)
: Snowdown Shop bug
I have the same bug. I got response from Riot Support (17 december), and they said it should clear up soon. Right now the shop is back again and I still have only 5 skins to choose from.
: Snowdown shop disappeared
Some people didn't have 6 skins to unlock in the Snowdown shop (including me - only 5 skins to unlock), so my wild guess is that Riot disabled the shop to fix this.
: I'd send a ticket to support, that bug has been there since it got released on the PBE and should not be there! That varus skin with 70% off is really nice tho!
I just had to buy that skin :). I'm writing a support ticket right now, let's see what will happen.
: Which Skins did you get!?
I only have 5 skins to choose from, even if i'm missing a lot more...
FirstT1me (EUNE)
: Problem with reconnect in pick order(ranked games)
I can say that you're not the only one. in this month I had this thing twice (second one was a few minutes ago, but I couldn't reconnect and after a few tries the game just shut down and I could start a new one). First time it happened to me a few months ago (so 3 times total).
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Rzympolista (EUNE)
: Eune server - can't connect to game.
It appears that the game was in motion without me. I even got victory somehow, but no ip (first win of the day went on cooldown...). I just made a custom game to see if it works normally, and everything went fine. No idea why i couldn't even get to loading screen. I'll try to have a game tomorrow. I hope it'll work properly.
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