: Racists Unscathed
So what the fk is your point that you are syrian??
: Bring back dominion T_T
I rarher played 3v3 than these random "no effort" modes. I said few months ago that its only matter of time and they acually shut down 3v3. They could rework it balance items and thats it.
SinsanitY (EUW)
: Ranked is a mess, not worth the time, and the current "match maker"... I feel like i'm in a Casino
Im talking about this since the last season. Its rigged and not worth playing.
SlothSex (EUW)
: Incompetent Riot employee spreading misinformation? Systems broken? How can we trust Riot?
Try to get on the esports media to share this, then they will manage to fix asap!
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >So just because you dont like it, doesnt mean that no one does. some players liking it does not mean they should keep it...
What a stupid argument, my fkng god. For an example u suck at this game, should u keep playing...
: In Defense of The Treeline - A Poorly Substantiated Corporate Decision
: It's PaG VentusKing. Look at his profile, he only cries about the game how bad it is... Just ignore it lol :D
: The TT right now is just super frustrating to play. Literally funnel to win better funnel wins every game.
Its the way of playing since the realise dude xd. You had 7 years to learn it haha
Paronak (EUW)
: Removing Twisted Treeline will only hurt League.
I said few months ago that there is only matter of time when riot will shutdown TT but no1 listen to me. That gamemode is forgotten for a reason. Last season i played 3v3 more than ever and i enjoyed it more cuz 5v5 rankeds are giga trash
: Its not imaginations when entire community is facing same problem,yet riot still didnt fix it even after reseting ranked
It wont be fixed ever! They are losing players and they are mixing from silver to platinum to fix matchmaking timers. Im facing the same players if i play few games in a row in fkng platinum games + system is dog shit forcing you to lose and making your progress slower. If you win few in a row system is triggered and it will mix you the most fkng braindead players that can find in that given time. Thtas how matchmaking works. It has nothing with skill.
Forsaken1 (EUNE)
: How many of you have started smoking because of League of Legends?
You should learn how to control your emotions rather than finding relaxation in drugs. Nicotin shot will stimulate your brain but only for a short amount of time then it will looking for more and soon you will be pack a day. I used to smoke and its very bad if you become addict especially if you are weak and easy to tilt.
: Is Ziggs Support really horrible?
Try to pick it versus heavy engage supports like rakan, leona, alistar. you can legit remove hand from keyboard cuz u cant return damage. Yes its bad because your kit doesnt give benefits to lane partner and when you flash they can kill you over and over.
deveesTri (EUNE)
: Just uninstall that abomination of an os - windows 10 and install windows 7, the last good operating system made from microsoft XD
On a new hardware win7 is not going well.
: i see it as a motivation to collect gems.
You see addiction to collect them stop lying to yourself.
WhiteDeath2 (EUNE)
: Budget PC
i5 2nd generation processor, LGA1155 motherboard, 8gb ram ddr3 1333mhz 120gb ssd, 20+4 pin and 4+4 cpu power supply, gtx550ti. its around 400€ you cant go cheaper than that.
: Who even says the nasty person knows what he's talking about? Not all nasty and mean people are automatically good at the game.
Can u fkng read what was the question up there :)
Haze97 (EUW)
: Well then would you prefer people resorted to looking for that in real women instead? Literally everything about this game is fantasy and I am surprised you think people who love a good rack on their favourite character needs to be hospitalised.
Main thing you should look is to get better in this game. Stop looking virtual boobs you are 300+ games negative winrate iron. It distract you! kappa
: A good player or a good person?
mean and nasty person because they usually care about the game and about win. They push you more to improve.. First one is like - You get them next time sweety its only a video game dont worry you can q up for next. am i right?
: Wtf this Eune gold?
Yup thats why i uninstall. You remind me to never install this game again :D
Bloodnacht (EUNE)
: that's really sad, i guess $$$$ > Real Player base.
It is and will always be like that until players wake up and realize that they have power to change things
Bloodnacht (EUNE)
: Morgana's LAME VU
Riot has a pool of players on twitter and they spam GJ rito, very nice, omg super cool, the best by far!.... etc.. So yea, they dont care as long as players buying rp
Chick163 (EUW)
: Low GPU and CPU usage (cpu 20% and gpu 15%) but im getting fps drops / low fps overall
I had same problems with i5 9600k and 1050ti oc edition. I just turned off power savings, maybe is hdd problem also i had fps drop and slow loading then i upgrade pc with ssd.
: You can wish death to your teamate if you are girl (RuRito strikes agian)
I still remember likkrit got punished for nothing! He was complaining about salaries or something. RITO Gambit and Vega to LEC rest disband!
: It does come back as a featured game mode, like I said it has no longevity so it’s not cost effective to have it out for any real length of time
They will disable mode by mode, 3v3 is next then aram but when time comes to reform server units they will shut down or sell rest of rights that they own for game because they are working on a new game + you are acting like you are 1 of them. You shoud be on player side, throwing random things you cant backup cuz data is private as i said.
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: And before she was flat chested generic hunched over long haired emo girl
Honestly dunno what is happening with people nowdays, if you are looking on a video game characters if they are flat chested or not you are ready for hospitalization.
urgeN (EUW)
: The state of ranked
You said how it is. Ranked is not rewarding to play. If you have a goal to climb somewhere its not about how good you are its about how many matches you played. In long terms obv. I like s9 meta but skillgap in matchmaking is a thing. As you said algorithm force you to lose, lol is on my dodge list for now.
: Every game I played of dominion had full teams of bots, and that was a common occurrence for many players. And again the rarity of the icon of players who actually played the gamemode goes to prove how unpopular it was. Just because you thought it was good doesn’t mean it had the longevity to survive, like all featured game modes it died off extremly quickly, that’s why thecothers arent perminant.
w/e i dont give a shit anymore about this game. I only wish dominion could return.
: The queue was mostly populated by bots... it was super low population it wasn’t manipulated stats (the fact that the icon for actually playing crystal scar is among the rarest in the game says a lot for how many people actually played the mode). The lack of uproar was because it was a tiny population who actually got affected.
They can tell you whatever cuz data is private. I had across few accounts many games of dominion and i dont remember playing with/againts bots. Best mode that riot ever had.
: E-sports casters and analysts
Deman, Joe Miller, Montecristo and Gambit Gaming i miss the most. Nowdays i dont play or watch lol anymore. Casters and players without charisma they are forcing some kind of hype like players will kill themselves in real life + i dont like froskurin or wtf is her name she needs to be in fashon jail.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nolex,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=riP2rX9i,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-03-08T15:09:19.459+0000) > > stop paying attention to them, low skillcap egrils I pay attention to my league and this policy makes it garbage...
I only feel bad cuz of Gambit and Diamondprox. I guess Riot Ru is corrupted from top thats why u have boosted plat egirls in competative scene. Official riot should send inspection in there.
: Vaeviktis and RU Rito (again)
stop paying attention to them, low skillcap egrils
Kutafixx (EUNE)
: 20 min Queue on flex at 10pm
People are leaving this garbage game thats why timers are so long its not bug. It cant find match there is no players.
: Hello there. Returned after 17 months of not playing. Any tips how to catch up with the changes?
i suggest you to take another 17 months break. broken mmr it mixing players from silver 1 to plat 3, btw nautilus top is viable in soloq but no1 is using him, try he is a monster atm.
0megon (EUNE)
: Seems like RIOT wants to get rid of 3v3 and this is a soft way how to force players from that mode. I fully expect them to come soon with some statement like ,,the statisticts we gathered show that 3v3 is not played by enough players to be worth of continued support from us so we are removing the gamemode".
We are removing 3v3 but no worries players who played that game mode, you ALL will get brand new ultra rare limited edition icon! IsNt tHaT aMaZinG. Yea we will get a "dominion special".
radetari (EUNE)
: Agree but I would keep the jungle camps as it is. It's nostalgic to look at them I would rather do something about the ranged spam meta there I used to be highest rank in Twisted Treeline out of all the other ranks But now I am Iron IV there for some reason. Probably because of the ranged spam champions being played there currently so I can’t play what I like
Yea Probably, Probably hahahhaaaaa
: Rank 6 3v3 trying to set up stream: HELP?!
if you have extra money ---> Cyberlink Screen Recorder 4 Easy too use and u have so much options
: D1 SoloQ, Rank 10 3v3: Should I stream?
You can try m8, let me see what u got :D. I quit lol recently but i still enjoy watching high elo 3v3 games.
: Bounty is ruinign the game
They setup bounty system to give chance NA for worlds. They are playing so terrible and they are throwing early games and 1 teamfight can bring them back on track. Personaly i hate it and it has negative impact on teams who are playing proper league of legends like eu, lck or lpl. Also they heavy nerfed vision for the same reason.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: When and why did League games go from somewhat normal to super oppressive?
Because of a bad game designer and ghostcrawler still rules on it but from the shadow since they "replace" him. He did the same thing with world of warcraft. He has unique talent of ruining games. Put stealth in kit, put stun and also high dps resets on ult and push whole class of champions off the rift cuz they cant compete with new hybrid kits that are made for competative gameplay ONLY! Also new "improved" matchmaking mix players together from silver to platinum so yea its fkng dissaster what is going on here. Unplayable soloq, unwatchable competative because games are so 1 sided, drafts are boring, same 15-20 champions, players are scared of inovating things cuz they only know how to play league, they are not able to think outside of the box like oldschool players because game is changing too much. I cant find enjoyment anymore in this game. patch notes are lolz nowdays also, -5/+5 movement speed lvl of nerfs/buffs and the rest of are 2 pages of skins. Game is in so bad state i had to uninstall it. Its pointless to putting effort because if i win ranked game its not desrved cuz i stomped them or they stomped me. Am i playing coin slots or ranked haha? Personaly i would like legacy season 3/4 server. This offical is going slowly downhill.
: I don't know why but in the last weeks most of my friends started to Quit league
I uninstall few moments ago i just mentaly cant handle toxic players around me and ill become one of them if i dont move on, i switched to pubg where i can make decisions on my own and i have impact on game. I also met alot of nice players that i can play with so yea. If you are not happy ill suggest u to quit and move on next.
Hídon (EUW)
: Opinion on Morgana's Update
I agree for Victorious + i dont like how wings are setup on her butt tbh
ferenchawke (EUNE)
: Well my friend.This game comes down to a coinflip which will decide if you win or lose.Sometimes you will get decent teammates,sometimes bad ones,sometimes amazing ones and the enemy team can have these aswell.All of this are decided by a coinflip who gets what.Some people are more lucky and get decent teams, some have worse luck then others and will see more bad ones. The one question you should ask yourself is,does ranked games truly worth the time and suffering to rank up or just play normals. Because this will not change any time soon and you have to accept that when you start the search for a solo/due que anything can happen.
I only like duo and im winning alot more but we have to tryhard our ass off for that lp. no thx. I pref to stay mentaly stable and healthy, dealing with those players is stressful and hard to handle.
: I think LoL should improve their match making system for Rank
matchmaking is designed to lose no matter what - when u hit cerrtan winrate. I played on euw smurf 10 games (b1) and i won few in a row then i went on a losing streak in bronze 1 and i was like wtf??How is this even possible then i notice that im not doing impact on a game individually, its impossible and i understand players out there that are frustrate its not your foult just system is designed on that way. If you want to climb play alot and you will cilmb, one day you will lose all gaes next day you may win all of them thats it. In the past seasons i was so dominant on smurfs i climbed in 20-30 games to pass my elo
radetari (EUNE)
: My ISP want's me to quit LoL so I will
They are little rats at t-com scared of losing thousands of customers. Its thier foult. I asked them if they can send me diagnostic results to my mail they refuse to do it. I need confirmation from riot so i can terminate contract.
Pega (EUW)
: I like the new borders.
They are too simple! If you are diamond-challenger it has to be cool looking but riot is like lets connect 3 lines and just recolor. Small indie company
Madnasher (EUW)
: I severely disagree, you ban peoples mains and comfort picks. Why the hell would you have 4 support mains on one team anyway? Thats why you can see out of meta bans targeting players who are mains/ex one tricks. You see bans like this all the time in all levels of competitive play. Calling it a snide reference to the women play only supports is grasping at straws, just like the gucci sweater being a poor parody of blackface. People need to stop being so offended over crap. People need to stop trying to be inclusive for the sake of diversity. > Now, in all logic, would you believe that Vae Victis would have picked 4 supports in the same teamcomp on a competitive stage? > > Press X to doubt. Im pressing X hard over the doubt that 4 support mains deserve to be on a competative team together.
OOO shutup they would lose even if they ban other champs. They are fkng bottom diamond players.
: Disappointed in Challenger Loadingscreenborder
Borders look like sh#t i cant even see my icon how small it is. Wish i could get my old border back, so much work has to be done about cliient (how garbage it is) and they have high priority to redesign borders + all ranks have the same model just recolored.
Raymaxe (EUW)
: I've contacted T-com (hrvatski telekom) and explained the issue as well as the fact that Riot has confirmed that all of the players from Croatia using Hrvatski Telekom are experiencing disconnects. The employee told me she was going to contact her superiors and relay the information and contact me as soon as she has an answer or a solution. Hopefully they manage to take care of this ASAP. I will reply as soon as I get an answer
: Same thing happen to me yesterday..I was in promo...disconnect in 0:30...ofc my network works fine everything is fine...click "reconnect" nothing just a black screen..after that log out 10 times trying to login for some reason it was just "AUTHENTICATING"okay okay...after 5 times I was going to task manager shut down any league of legends program service etc..nothing again same...after 10 times I was finally successful...ofc it was remake..so I decided to go check match history..and what I saw there "REMAKE" (LEAVER) one moree X on my promos.After that I sent ticket and this was the answer "Hello friend, Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry to hear that you have experienced some technical issues while playing our game :(. If the situation continues, a LeaverBuster penalty might be placed on the account, as a signal that something isn't working correctly. In order for me to assist you further, I would ask you kindly to do the following: download and install the Hextech Repair Tool, which can diagnose and potentially resolve issues on its own." DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F YOU AND YOUR HEXETCH REPAIR GIVE ME MY PROMO BACK!
I send them chat logs but its not my problem! Im losing connection from rito servers. They need to check server logs lul xd
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