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: Remake poll
There's a lot of missed farm within 5 minutes, which definetely loses your lane and others' game. I have many friends with bad computers and they still can connect normaly to the game, so I'm pretty curious to see how bad your computer can be to not be able to reconnect until maximum 01:10.
: Fuc*** feeders, I'm looking for smart safe player teammates
You've been afk in 2 ranked games just from your last 5 games, and your scores are awful even when you win. You're a feeder cursing feeders, and aparently unstable and toxic. 10/10 would permanently ban anytime
: You just perfectly described every MMORPG dungeon
Haha, well that's because I'm a former World of Warcraft player.
: Lets talk about Soraka mid
I main Soraka and I can honestly tell you that Soraka mid/top is not viable at all. First of all, you have a completely useless ability in the laning phase (W), and her damage is relatively low to other carries. For example, you need way more AP than a Lux/Morgana/Annie to deal the same damage as them with low AP. Therefore, by building a lot of AP to get a decent amount of damage will leave you extremely squishy. The "if I get fed" part can be added to any champion in the game, not only Soraka.
kucinftw (EUNE)
: Leave Buster
How's that Riot's fault if your internet is broken ?
AleXakOsFy (EUNE)
: i need to get out from bronze
Have you tried turning it off and on again ?
: From your match history: Veigar doesn't work as a support. Although he had a good zoning ability, but he's weak early and very unlikely that you can stack enough to make him powerful at late game. Poppy doesn't work either. Since RIOT nerf Poppy's base stat, the support Poppy very much flush down the drain. Soraka is OK, but if you don't want to heal yourself to death, you should get a Warmong, pump yourself over 3000 HP and let that Warmong passive heal you back up. {{item:3151}} IS NOT A Good item on Amumu, sure the {{item:3116}} + {{item:3151}} combo is nice, but unless enemy stacks loads of HP, you don't get much benefit from the Liandry's burn. Then again, common problems: Lack of CS when you plays Mid or Top (15 CS gives you the same gold as getting a kill). 95CS on Top lane Nasus for a 32 minutes game. How is that possible.... Same build on certain champion and not adjust your build according to the enemy team. Lowest ward numbers on a number of games. And no Sight Stone on support I mean, if you want to get out of Bronze, you had to address those problems I mentioned. Even if you didn't mess up those placement matches, YOU WILL drop to bronze with lack of CS, bad build and no map vision.
> Soraka is OK, but if you don't want to heal yourself to death, you should get a Warmong, pump yourself over 3000 HP and let that Warmong passive heal you back up. That doesn't work all the time. The thing is that the higher the HP, the higher the cost. If you get focused in a teamfight, the Warmong's regeneration becomes useless, and your heals will still kill you. Actually, the heals will kill you faster than when you're full AP, because you can definetely heal more from 2 W's while AP than with 4 W's while tank. I usually build a combination between tank and AP. My usually rushed items are: {{item:2302}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3158}} Then I build items of my need, such as {{item:3157}} if facing Rengar/Kha'Zix/Fizz/Zed, {{item:3174}} and/or {{item:3065}} if I have to heal more/stronger AND they have strong/average APs in team etc. #eccoecco95, considering your division is Bronze, you could pretty much use a squishier build than the one from above, including {{item:3504}} , {{item:3089}} and {{item:3222}} , all of them whenever you feel like you need their pasives or actives. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: > [{quoted}](name=I Rekt Everybody,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=JP6r5eEL,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-07-08T18:47:49.778+0000) > > Splash arts play a major role on advertising the skin... Isn't this advertisment enough?
RocketRex (EUNE)
: Open the gate in aram? A new stage or a new monster
I thought of a PvE mode, on ARAM map, which puts 5 players on each side and a big boss in the center (something like Malphite, but frozen and way bigger). The boss has like special abilities which includes throwing poros, stunning everyone around and similar and has 100k health. The team who dealt the biggest damage to the boss wins. The boss hardly focus the team which dealt the biggest damage in the last 2 seconds. That's just an overall idea, it could be better. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: I did mute him after he said all that, I'm just saying i was shocked by this guys behavior... I am telling u he had NO reason whatsoever to say something like that...
I think that the reason why Riot is not banning people after 2-3 reports is that "we all have bad days", which is definetely true. Anyway, I've seen a lot of players getting permanent bans for flaming, so the system is not totally down.
: Toxic behavior, cursing etc.
Ever heard of /mute ?
: Played with this guy one game, he flamed me for not fitting thornmail rush on my gp build vs fed master yi and blocked for disagreeing of that same thing after the game himself is often out of position and doesnt really understand the game 1/5 negative experience wouldnt recommend playing with again... Peace
First of all, it seems that you don't really know what "flame" is. Second of all, I play LoL along with the current meta, which stands for what I told you earlier in-game. You cannot force me to play with you if I don't like your build. And what happened to the "wp" and stuff when I had like 2/1/13 ? Anyway, don't bother answering again because I will ignore it, and the block was just to clean my friends list.
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: Yeah. Because you are one of those newbies who never played true soloq where you had to know every role to play ranked, because there were no choosing roles like right now. Unlike most of dynamicq boosted players I am able to play every role. This game has been turned into clown fiesta for players like you who can only play one role because you can't manage to play any other role.
I play since S3 and I managed to play my favorite role in almost 70% of the games. And no, I did not play only support, I was main jungle, mid and now support, in this order. From your reply I can absolutely sure that you are kind of a flamer, which explain why you get only "trash" in your team.
SickNinja (EUNE)
: ranked
You have not been kicked out of the series. It is kind of a bug which shows that. I have just checked your profile on and I can tell you for sure that you are still in series.
: because 5k games is not enough to get experienced so I have to get matched with a total trash or newbies who played only 200 games total
Personally, I'm suggesting you to start playing a single role when ranking up. I've just checked your history and seen that you kind of play all roles. This is wrong because each role has it's own mechanics, and I'm pretty sure you are not mastering all of them. And trust me, supports can carry, too {{champion:16}} .
: I don't really understand how anyone was making him "rage hard". Because of a mistake by the support taking and then using teleport he decides to all chat caps about the person? Is that "making someone rage" or is that just playing the game with what you have and him raging because of it? The only thing even said to him was telling him to take a breather which I don't see as provoking but ok, think what you may. It's more like telling your son to eat lots of ice-cream then he tells you to "slit your throat", that sort of thing.
I know how fun it is to provoke someone, but then don't expect anything positive afterwards. Some people can be just extremely angry, and you can't change that. The best thing you could have done was to mute him, say nothing, and report him afterwards. I am pretty sure you would rage as well if someone was to provoke you (I don't know how hard though). You can't hide this fact. I'm not sure though, but provoking someone could actually get you banned as it is against the Summoner's Code.
SantaHunter (EUNE)
: Nah, this is actually funny xD CAPS FLAMERS. If it was stuff like "I hope you and your family die from cancer, you braindead piece of shit mother fucker" than I'd say ban. But this is nice choice of words XD Jk, it deserves punishment, but not a ban. Maybe 50 games CR
Naah, the family cancer one it's pretty boring. Flamers needs to update, I'm pretty bored of the same "cancer" insults. To the topic: I don't like the idea of making someone to rage hard, and then to request a punishment. It's like telling your son to eat lots of icecream and then punishing him for getting a cold.
Emillie (EUW)
: I finally did it. 1 million mastery.
What motivated you to start playing Ahri so much ? I am asking that because I am quite of the same with my Soraka with over 280 ranked games and 20 normals (yeah, not even close to you), and as for me, I play her because of her character, lore, and the bananas. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Request or help To disable the chat window..
I tried this once: hold the top-blue border of the chat and drag it out of the screen. You can use this along /muteall to avoid sound spam and save some screen space.
PepijndM (EUW)
: I just played a 22/8/39 lux game on ARAM and got A+, with ~85% kill participation. Did they want me to die less? As a Lux? In ARAM? Asking someone not to die in ARAM is like asking a Katarina not to get a quadra in Hexakill
It's actually easy not to die on ARAM, especially with a long ranged mage caster like Lux. It's obviously about the deaths, and probably for the CS as well.
: Limited time for hextech Annie
> cause IT takes a lot of time That's the actual point of Hextech Annie.
: /remake option is set too early!
The later the /remake, the bigger the chances of first blood to be made, which won't allow the /remake vote.
: Those are some great arguments there. You really voiced your opinion in such a matter that everyone can see why this should happen.
The caps are a strong argument.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Universe is unfair, it's forcing a 50% chance during a coinflip for one side to be up.
Definetely not in "No Game No Life" anime.
: Again Riot's matchmaking proves they are forcing 50% winrate
Having a 50% winrate would actually come to a benefit to you if your MMR is trully for Platinum. Maybe the matchmaking logic is to make you climb slowly instead of all of a sudden, in order to get you experienced.
: Is it impossible to get S on Bard?
Considering, an average Bard has 14.5 assists per game. I'd laugh very hard to find out that because your assists were lower than the average (14<14.5) you got A+ instead of S. Still, that's just speculation. Try to send a ticket to riot maybe.
: Yes, but as I said (101 times now and counting) you don't easily get CC in the lower leagues where he is played (as he isn't played in higher ELO) so there shouldn't be a problem with decreasing the potential on his Q.
That's way another story, about elo. There are a lot of champions who are strong in low elo (bronze) and lame in higher (gold+). One of them is of course Katarina, and actually all the super-damage champions with no CC (katarina, Yi, nidalee etc.). Picking a Vayne in the team will take him down no matter where you play and how feed you are, even if you are a feeder in your team, just buy attack speed and max your W. It doesn't matter if Nasus is a tank or not, focus him in a teamfight with vayne (well, only if he's the best in their team/if he has a lot of stacks and a lot of dmg potential) and let your team finish the rest of them. In my opinion, Vayne is the only champion in the game who can take Nasus down (and all the tanks anyway) no matter how strong/tanky he is.
: Fixing Nasus' Q
one of my games: enemy team had a nasus with 800 stacks min. 50. We won easy, he could't face our CC (specially slows, he was 90% of time slowed so he couldn't hit more than 2 Q's in one TF)
Mázé (EUW)
: Best champ to play soloq in low elo and climb?
From Silver 4 to Gold 5 I won 12 games in row with FiddleSticks jungle and sometimes support. The thing is that with a good positioning you're going to easily win teamfights.
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: With enough CDR (which is more than likely going to appear in any support build), that ult gets an insignificant cooldown for the power it has. That W has a has immense power for a basic ability. ~487 unit radius AoE heal that grants a shield based on healing done. The E, aside from the channel, has too much going for it. A point and click silence (which Riot initially removed for obvious reasons), a powerful heal, and a ridiculous large AoE silence. The only thing I can see as having any real drawbacks is Q, but that can be easily negated with an AP Bruiser build.
Well, don't forget about the channeling time. Now, Soraka is easy to use -> OP. What I did here is hard to use -> Super OP. I don't think is that easy to put the ground E in a teamfight to silence all of them for 3 seconds with that 2 sec channel. Same for E's heal, it gives low amount of health in late game if you don't build AP. As you can see, it is even weaker than the current W of Soraka, + it has a channel and a bigger cooldown, so it's not that OP. My rework of Soraka is about channeling (Q [sorry for mistake, but I forgot to mention that Q also has a channel of 2sec.], W, 2/3E) instead of heal-bursting/point-and-click healing .
Riryz (EUW)
: that would be very op imo... get 40% cdr and you can ult a lot and kill anyone with every ult you use as long as your teammate takes him down to half health. the only thing that would be a little bit compensating is that he has no way of clearing minions except auto attacks wich is very bad because i assume the champion would be ap.
That's the thing. Is it OP to take kills without getting any use to them ? I mean, ultimate does not give bonus damage based on AP and as I said, your other abilites are quite lame. So, would you sacrifice your champion pick to make the game 4v4 ? (1 missing because you killed him with the ultimate, and the other one is you)
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Azters (EUNE)
: I'm a quite new player to Rengar but E wasn't a skillshot b4?
No it wasn't, for a smaller range you could have select the target you wanted to hit, and it applied save effects (slow/root).
Naru1994 (EUNE)
: nerf rengar yes or no?
Rengar need a buff, not a nerf. It's harder to gank without ultimate after E's change to skillshot.
Stell (EUNE)
: First rule of promos: Don't tell you are in promos. Someone who doesn't care might go "well actually i have nothing to lose, let's have some fun at this guy's expense =D"
I don't agree with you. Most people actually are bored of rankeds but when someone is on series/promos they may play good (at least try to play good). The thing is never say when you are premade bot, because nowadays solo queue players hate bot premades with the reason that "they will feed for sure". Well, this is how it is in Gold :)
: So, basically you want to make it near impossible to kill her allies?
My ideea is to make here a bit harder than how it is now. It's not that simple to make the ulti combo with all teammates, use W correctly to heal all 5 in teamfight, silence all enemies for 3 seconds ... it's not all that simple how it seems like.
: Smite Ez counter?
Want to counter someone who poke hard ? Take someone who poke HARDER. {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:99}} Or, you can take a strong assassin that can kill him in seconds, but you need more skill and you need strong damage. It will be useless if you go in, lose 50% to deal 50% to him, as long as he can poke back a lot and kill you after (with a gank if neccesary). {{champion:84}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:7}}
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