: 14 day ban
It's not the fact that you flamed, it's the fact that you typed soooooooooooooooooooo much (GAME1). That can be punished too, considered spamming. I've seen people doing the shift enter and question mark thing, to spam '?' 10 times per second, and they got restricted or banned as well. The best way do avoid flaming or getting flamed is to disable both all chat and ally chat. Next time take a break, disable both of them for more than 10 games and see how things work (: You have pings you can communicate through. I was banned before, 14 day like you, and I was told I don't have to be toxic to get banned. Instead they told me if someone harasses me or pings me I can simply mute them. I was also told to never fight fire with fire, to keep myself calm and if they flame they will be the ones that get reported. If you want to play off-meta stuff, join a premade party, or play with some good friends you can rely on. I'm pretty sure they wont judge you even if you go 0/20. Regarding GAME1, I'm pretty sure the enemy jungler just wanted to tilt you. These games just happen. I once went Orianna mid and ended up as 1/12 because enemy mid and the jg were premade, and they just wanted to tilt me. Instead I muted everyone with pings too, and decided not to say anything. Nothing happened. _**Show them you're tiltproof. (:**_ {{champion:202}} Regarding GAME2, even if it seems pointless, just do what they say (you should have grouped with them). This would have been the best way to avoid their flame and their reports. {{champion:267}} And oh, GAME3, Lux just wanted to provoke you.{{champion:99}} You were already reported in past games, so this is a reason you got the ban ): _''Toxicity is a very loose term that many players think is just a system that catches on to your swearing, but it's a lot more complicated than that, you see - toxicity is negativity in all it's forms, from the early GG's and sarcastic congratulations, to incessant whining on chat or harassment or just comments that distract rather than help, flame rather than aid, **telling other people to report people which is also rude and not the point of chat**. If you want to report someone for his behavior, use the report tool after the game or write a ticket if you couldn't access it, however.. if you are harassed, trolled, annoyed by someone you can simply tune chat out or ignore it, mute it or otherwise pay it no mind. The purpose of the game is to be fun and while we all want to win and feel competitive, we are (by signing the Terms of Use) responsible for our behavior and account.'' _ This is what they told me, 2 years ago when I got banned. I can also give you some tips :3 : _Focus and concentrate on your own gameplay and teamwork. You can’t control others, but you can control yourself. Don’t fight fire with fire. Mute players who are creating a negative environment and report them at the end of the match. That way they’re the ones worrying about a ban, not you. Sometimes things can get heated. Don’t be afraid to take a break between games to reflect on what went wrong and what went right. Clear your head before hopping back into the next battle!_ _Never go next when you're tilted, go out, breathe some fresh air, listen to some relaxing music or find other activity you love doing ♥. _{{champion:142}} I really hope I helped. Goodluck and I hope everything will end up well {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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