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Sùpreme (EUNE)
: EUNE lag Specificaly Cyprus
Still laggin , Anybody any tip please ?
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Raentwo (EUW)
: Riven skill
People are weird man, there are People that say that about Riven and there are people that say that about Syndra, The point is not the champ but the People that just hate or just dont like that Champ in a particular way so they just Insult you for playin the champ or the champ itself ;p Even temmo take skill
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: From Bronze to Platinum
Same story here brah Same as u described im happy for you since i just hit plat few days ago myself :D
mhcelz (EUNE)
: it does matter because the difference between flat and scaling runes is actually quite significant, is differs from 12,06 MR on flat runes to 27 MR lv 18
Use what u want? you dont have to copy paste everything you hear? lol
Meowzinger (EUNE)
: Awesome rewards ^^
If ur Gold or Higher u get the S5 Victorius Skin Pool Party event just closed and we got spoiled with IP skins and 1 free random Champ Idk what u want more for free lol
mhcelz (EUNE)
: Phreak - Syndras champion spotlight
Does it really matter? Come on dude
: what do i feel when i throw a game ?
What Movie is this i want to watch it ;c
: Riots stance on irl death threats.
Im pretty sure I heard this on NA aswell and if I remember correctly the guy with the Threats actualy serverd like 5 or 6 Months in jail just for that Try both :)
: April. URF is fun only for a few days each year, then people start spamming the same OP picks every game rather than play just fun/silly things. All for One was much better.
Havent tough of that. You sir have a Good Point. Ty fo the info guyz il just slowly die in a chamber filled with Teemo Shrooms.
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: Man start Rengar as top is just more easy if u ask me :) **Runes for Rengar are :** **Marks**: **9x Greater Mark of Armor Pen.** or **9x Attack dmg Greater Mark of attack damage** AD is good early & Armor Pen. late game **Glyphs: ** **9x Greater Glyphs of CD** ( CD is very good on rengar ) ! **Seals:** Pros playing with **9x Greater Seal of Armor** but I more like play with **Greater Seal of Scaling Health** **Quint.:** 1x Greater Quint of CD** & **2x Greater Quint of Armor Pen.** otherwish if you have in marks AD go **3x Greater Quint of Attack damage** If you playing late game Rengar go Armor Pen. all together you will have +16.64 Armor Pen. and CD 10% on start so easy late game to one shot all =) or if you go early game take AD marks and Quints. =) With Armor Pen. is very good play late game but very hard early.Early game is more hard farming . I give you my Masteries those are very good** and if you want know more click on this link below more specifically you read all and you well know a lot more what you must do against this champs and what you musn't do :) Runes & Masteries on this link are not right is an little ERROR it mustn't confuse you !!! runes I say you are up and are right like a masteries below , my masteries are from Pro Korean player you will see below :) JUST TAKE IT TIME and trust me ;) Jungle Masteries for rengo you just put out 3 points from recovery into Tough skin =)
Have played around 10 to 15 games i know how to one shot and i know what late game rengar is. Jungle all the games tho but i do like him and i currently run it on full ARP red armor Yellows and CDR Blues and ARP Quints I have a personalized Masterie Page 23/4/3 Thnx for the info i have to try top aswell.
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: [EUNE] Knights of Zaun recruiting teammates!
I am interested too. I will add you in game.
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