Malziitv (EUW)
: Increased ping
Block (EUNE)
: Insane lag EUNE
Rito servers ™ feat. high ping © We believe in good business.
Rumble Ball (EUNE)
: High ping in EUNE
Sometimes,my ping is getting higher too (from 50-60 to 90-100). Btw,there is a problem with Riot's servers.Everyone is getting higher pings. Hope that Rito will buy some new servers..
jonikz (EUNE)
: Latency is a little bit better than it was past 1 week ago. Still, it's not stable and there is some weird delay. Servers are bad.
Block (EUNE)
: The eu servers are complete crap i dont know how the richest gaming company can have the worst eu servers ... greedy bastards
Not really agreed,but it's kinda true..
ze j2k6 (EUW)
: ***
EU servers are fked up since the recent patches..
: Hey don't yell at riot, they're still doing a good job, its just euw that needs to get fixed :D anyway I'm having the same problem, since a few patches ago im getting heavy lags at nights especially.
I'm not yelling,but they have to do something to bring up the old ping.Not just on EUW,EUNE is lagging too;and not just for me,many other players are getting MASSIVE ping lag and the response from the server it's kinda bad.Imagine if you were in teamfight,with an ~0.8 seconds delay.That's gross.You'll be useless. Other players are really getting MASSIVE ping,like 200-300. But the delay is frustrating.{{item:3070}}
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Kitshunes (EUNE)
: Hello my friend hawe a problem. He want to start play LoL but he cant lauch install. Can someone help me to fix it becoes i cant find anything
Did he tried to open it as administrator?
: Here are some fixes for you LoL problems :)
The initial title was " Here are some fixes for YOUR LoL problems :) ",I forgot about the "r" letter,sorreh :)
: Nice tips, but I think WTFast will only make your ping worse, at leas that was my case, but it could be situational, cause while I got even higher ping my friend who is maybe 1km away from me got better ping.
Yes,it could be situational,one of my friends got a higher ping while using it,but yesterday my internet was a bit lower and my ping was a little bigger than normal,so I've tried to use WTFast and I got 52 ping (by the way,my normal ping is 54-56).
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