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: I think people are missing the point of the thread - it's not about balance or overall power level as they can be tweaked by fiddling the numbers, it's about strategic diversity. If AP malphite and tank Malphite are about the same power as they used to be but AD Malphite is dead, overall balance hasn't changed but strategic diversity has been lessened, which is very counterproductive towards increasing the amount of strategic options available. Old Malphite used to have pretty strong AP builds and tank builds (and everything in-between), but in some situations the AD build was quite effective (although arguably on the slightly underpowered side, but that's a reason to give it buffs rather than remove it). Malphite players could itemise into multiple different roles depending on what was required, but now he has lost the option of dealing physical damage entirely and condemning Malphite players to only ever be able to deal magic damage. Removing entire roles from a champion reduces the options available to a Malphite player, reducing the number of possible strategies their team can employ.
Yeah the topic quickly became "Is AD Malphite viable?", I just tried to defend the old him :( I opened this topic to get Riot's approach, because they didn't said anything is that nerf was intentional againts AD Malp, but they definitely removed him.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You're still focused only on a single skill. What im talking about is that if you get some ap it will affect ALL of his spells. He may have lost some raw damage from w, but instead that damage is transefered to other skills too.
I think you misunderstood a little. Eg. we have 3 skill that scales with AP and one that has high base dmg and scales with bonus AD. Now we change that skill to only scale with AP but reduc it's dmg to a minor base. You think this is a buff if with that change you will need to have a ton of AP to deal the same dmg as the previous skill with 0 bonus AD(when this champion is very versatile: played as tank,bruiser,bursty mage and some of them can't go for AP build)?
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You're too focused on raw stats of a single skill and from what you said it's effectivly reliant on his base ad. Right now you can build some ap items, which will increase the damage on ALL of his skills, otherwise you would need some ad for 1 skill while others would get nothing for it.
It's only a buff for AP reliant Malphite and just in lategame, if u just check the old and new stats u need 120 AP to compensate the dmg loss on a lvl 18 Malphite. But even if u go AP i guess everyone max last W, till 14 u deal 25 +0.15 ap while with the old W u deal 97 per auto attack(just base stats). So to compensate u will need 480 AP for the same dmg on his W. It's definitely a nerf on every Malphite build. But u can say that the armor is now permanent and that is the only buff, if u calculate with 40% cdr(cdr is main stat on tank Malphite) for 6 sec u will have 1.4 armor and for 2.4 sec 1, while with 1.3 for 8.4 sec(permanent), the difference is 0.02 of your armor. So in my opinion it's a nerf in general with very little buff for only a full ap build.
: Probably, I am on my phone. Either way it's not good, but if you like doing it. do it, waste your Gold :)
Wicked's post about Trinity Force on Malphite: First of all let's go over the usefullness of Trinity Force's stats. 30 Ability power. In my opinion this is not very usefull due to Malphite's low AP Ratios which is also why you see AP Malphites go for a lot of magic penetration. +30 Attack Damage I don't see how this isn't usefull on Malphite with him having one of the best AD steriods in the entire game. +62% AD from his W is insane. +30% attack speed I don't see how that's any worse than on for example Irelia and she's known for buying Trinity Force. +30% attack speed combined with a 62% AD steriod yes please! +10% Crit chanceThis is probably one of the best stats on him due to having the highest Attack Damage in the game from Trinity force alone. +Health, Mana and movement speed are always good stats unless you're a manaless champion so let's not talk too much about those. Trinity Force Passive. So yes you are totally right that it's not the greatest passive in the game if you spam your abilities all at once, but who says you need to do that? I believe you can easily use r e w and then q to get 2 sheen procs which is still huge in a teamfight. Overall I would say Trinity Force is extremely good on Malphite, but the main problem is his weak laning phase and that the components building into Trinity Force aren't that strong, but once you finish it he's a beast.
: I don't have time. I know people buy it. But it doesn't matter who does it. If they're pro or not. It's still a waste of 4000 gold. You can push a wave with Iceborn just as easy. It's cheaper, and synergises with you more. You need all the stats, you don't need Crit from Trinity. EDIT - Ok so I checked Probuilds you linked. I looked all the way back to JANUARY, there was about 10 players who build Trinity and 7 of them lost. Seems good.
Then something went wrong for you, I found 10 games since May 5, with 6 win / 5 lose
Gaddafi (EUW)
: Little bit of AP is much more efficient then any amount of AD on Malph, i play him a lot but have never built AD on him, ever. Change is nice. Fnatic - Supa Hot Crew (Trinity Malp) I love how people only can be convinced by LCS picks... Btw u need at least 120 AP at lvl 18 to deal the same splash dmg as the old Malphite without any item. 1 AD give him 0.868 splash dmg now 1 AP gives 0,15. Yeah you can get more AP but it's 5,7x better ratio and you should not forget that the target you hit get bonus 40% AD (~50 AD at lvl 18) each it.
: You got 1-8 Malphite loss. And a 5-6 win, least damage in the team And a 15-4 win, least damage in the team. You can push a wave with 1 E anyway, you don't need AD items to do it.
It's not about how i play, i am not perfect But here to you press view more and u will see Trinity on challenger and competitive players. If u have time, just search back for lcs games with Malphite.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: This was made to smooth out his build path. Besides the other problems he had, he had too many stats to build around. There's still the issue with the fact that even if it does scale with ap it still deals physical damage so he still benefits less from m.pen.
"These changes for Malphite are all about 'Play Pattern', which is to say the style in which a champion executes their abilities in the game. Malphite's kind of a one-trick-pony - after using Unstoppable Force and getting in your grill, he quickly runs out of things to do and finds himself waiting for cooldowns (and hoping you can't escape or kill him as he does it). We're changing Brutal Strikes to be a more satisfying button press and help him have something to do to kill the time...." As i read this text, my interpretation is that they wanted to be W more satisfying. So to what i said before that tank Malphite is not threatening, because the lack of dmg. Malphite at lvl 18 got 119 AD and with old W u get 47.6 AD, so it's 166.6 AD with the 62% splash dmg it deals 103 physical dmg which is higher by 15 than the new rank 5 W. If Malphite max W first his base AD is 82 with W (+32.8) 114.8, the splash dmg is 71. That is just 14 dmg lower and expect u too max W first on Malphite(maybe it's better for jungling cleartime, but possible not much better than E max). If u just take one point in the early game on W u deal double dmg with the old skill. So i don't know how they calculated these stats but, this only better a little if u max W else it will never make up. For me their goal(to Malphite could do something after his combo till the cds) with that numbers is a dmg nerf. The only thing that u can think that will make up for it is that he constantly got 30% bonus armor and not 40% only for 6 second with 14 sec cd (they mainly talk about tank Malphite so i expect some cd item, 8,4 sec with 40% cdr i think it's better even for armor). Note: all of these calculations expect just per lvl statistics.
: Why would you build an ap character AD anyway? You don't build Fiora AP cos W scales with AP.
> [{quoted}](name=LoveJessAndPoppy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JezQE8gX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-10T21:13:15.153+0000) > > Why would you build an ap character AD anyway? > > You don't build Fiora AP cos W scales with AP. Your W gives u 40% bonus AD and ~60% splash AD dmg, so without any AD stuff Malphite got 120 AD at 18. The bonus AD is ~50 if u just go AP/Tank. I guess u can imagine what he can do with some little AD even just a trinity. It's amazing for split push and a threat for the enemy squishies, while tank/ap build can't be threatening or push well But if u followed the competitive scene, u should have seen maybe a year ago Trinity Malphite on the top lane-n only not just once. Check out my Malphite matches(somewhere in plat) , i know they were long ago but u will see it's definitely viable. There are some really nice stats. He was really strong both in dmg and dps, while still be tanky with the sustain if u buy lifesteal and even he can go just trinity and carry the game, while being unkillable.
: I mean, ad or ap.. He doesn't even scale with ad why are people moaning? And laugh when you play him.
This is the old Malphite W tooltip. 40% bonus AD it's just ain't a thing that noone wants + the splash dmg is nice. Passive: Malphite's attacks hit units near his target for 30 / 38 / 46 / 54 / 62% of his attack damage. Active: Increase Malphite's armor and attack damage 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% for 6 seconds. Cooldown 14 seconds Cost 50/55/60/65/70 mana Range 400
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