jacktjong (EUW)
: I'm not accepting any skin ideas until theres a new Zilean skin. IT'S BEEN 4 YEARS SINCE HIS LAST SKIN! ;-;
I can feel your pain, mate ! But, at least, he has 5 skins if i'm right.
: for ppl who still remember it browning duckhunter skin. skarl like the dog and kled in a goofy hunting costume.
And Kled talking to his doggy Skaarl in their own language ! :P
: I love the bad santa idea actually! I can imagine Skarl just having reindeer horns and a red dot on his nose. For Kled a perfectly white beard would do!
I agree with you. It's cool. But, for me personally, not the best. I will always feel like it only belongs to the winter. They could make it an Ultimate skin though. Something that changes to the four seasons. Imagine a **BAD SANTA KLED** for winter. A **FLOWER COSTUME KLED** for spring. It will be funny for such a violent hero! A **FIRE KLED** for the summer (because of the high temperatures). And a **HALLOWEEN KLED** for autumn. And you choose which one you want once you reach your champ 6 level ! But then again. I ask for too much, aren't i? **BAD SANTA KLED** is a cool concept. If the new skin is not from the ones i personally like the most, then i'd definitely love to see this one coming out! P.S. You have to admit that **SUPER MARIO KLED** from the friend above is dope too ! (Mario & Yoshi)
: mario + yoshi skin^^
That's too good to be true. And the Starman soundtrack of Super Mario coming out when Kled use ulty ! LOL VERY NICE !
: Reverse rider skaarl and kled XD Skaarl looks like Kled, while Kled looks like Skaarl.
That would be funny !
FacYou0 (EUNE)
: Cow rider kled, Kled on a cow/bull
We don't want to change Skaarl from being a lizard. Good thinking though !
: Most of the time i only complain about how broken a champ is. But in my defense i think you have a right to complain when a full build caitlyn is headshotting you gor 1k damage through 130 armour.
With just a small focus of CC she'll probably go down in 2 seconds! Again. It's about the team-play. If all the team goes in for the kill and not play with a strategy, then her taking an easy PENTAKILL is next.
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