: So the Riven buffs has nothing to do with her new skin + prestige
Markoman43 (EUNE)
: Yeah more SKINS! We don't need balanced champs and teams! We don't need less bugs (9 years working on one game and still there are ton of them)! We don't need real ban system and not this pathetic joke of one! We don't need more mods (Like in DOTA)! Just give us more skins so we can drown you in money!
You are completely right my wallet is eager to get empty for some sick party pool skins.This game was out for 10 years they don't even care about adding more mods or making the client into an actual game like Dota as you mentioned
: I would say 5 skins each patch is enough. Like sure everyone would like more skins but better keep it at balanced ratio where they can give enough time to polish them. Not every skin will be amazing aka new {{champion:77}} where the theme is a bit out of place and ancient rig just ruins everything but most of them look good. i am more concerned not by how many they make but for who exactly these are made. Currently we have new star guardian skins with {{champion:518}},{{champion:497}}, {{champion:498}}, {{champion:142}} and Neeko gets a prestige version too. All of these champs already have skins. All their skins lowest price is at 1350RP... Not to mention there are other champions that are in similar spot where by now they have many skins and those have best quality you could ask for. While some sit with 520-975RP or even old 1350-1820RP that you can't compare to new skins. Some say those champions are popular. Well how wouldn't they be if they are one of the strongest picks you can play in this game. On top of it they have such kits that are fun to play only for the users but not for opponents. This is like new motto riot is following for a while now.
Xayah and rakan keep getting skins because they are a couple like seriously eve and tf should get couple skin ashe and trynda ezreal and taric garen and kata also anime~ skins xd
: Tons? You mean those nice concept arts ? Oh you made my day. Concept art isin't even half way done Skins. Hehehe To make skin you need a lot of work.
"Those nice concept arts" can be useful while making skins they can pretty much make the work easier for the graphic design team but riot doesn't really care about them and they just play blind.
: They have to make skins for champs people would play and it's difficult to make them. In addition they have to make skins that match up with the champions lore so they won't make a mafia tahm kench for example because it has nothing to do with Tahm's lore.
battle boss yasuo seems legit
: I would love to see you work like machine to produce tone of skins. Cause it need to be easy? At least it's what you think...
> [{quoted}](name=mikrogane2305,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=dOhtNBvw,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-30T16:10:06.384+0000) > > I would love to see you work like machine to produce tone of skins. > Cause it need to be easy? At least it's what you think... There are tons of custom made skins which are amazing they should hire more people. Hire? I am dumb they should just add them directly.
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: Why riot doesnt make events anymore
too lazy {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
: Riven still a joke of a champion
over 700k points on riven, depends on how you play and who you are playing against I don't think she is op
: I can't connect for some reason
nvm i think avast was the problem{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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