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ToppDogg (EUW)
: Why is EUW so full of flame?
Hello, summoner If you see a player who uses inappropriate language,you can report him after the game ! Don't forgot, you aren't solo !
Chaves015 (EUW)
If u want to saw why u are banned you have to write a ticket on ""
Kummisedö (EUNE)
: How to get in to PBE Here you can make an account: 1.You need level 30! 2.You need to have no reports! 3.You need to wait to get accepted ! 4.Enjoy!
: Lag spikes
It was maybe from the EUW server.
pareilo (EUW)
: afk bug ban
pareilo what are u saying now had no sens.. is imposibile the sistem is automaticly
: How do you change back your winter map to normal one?
The map will be automat changed by Riot when the winter will be over !
tortsY (EUNE)
: > i actualy donate in League of Legends over 500$ do u mean that u bought 500€ worth of rp? if yes then u didn't DONATE that money then u only BOUGHT premium content.
no,dude ... i actualy donate ... cause they didn't use money to create skins .. actualy ... i give them 500 $
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