: you ever been on a "riot fucking hates me"spree?
Lets put it this way. I played about 60 ranked games. 29 wins and the rest is defeat. I won 4 games in a row and started to match me with plat/diamond players. I have about 1130 normal wins and im atm silver 2. 30 min ago i was silver 1. How? The game started,i played yasuo mid,got score 7/0,pushed all the 3 towers on mid and only the inhibitor left.BUT we have adc ezreal.If im gonna play ranked again im gona ban that champion not because its op,il ban it because its the people who play him are too much retarded. We had lee in jungle who had 4/14. about 8 times he died for jumping solo into enemy team hoping to get a kill... YES WE LOST THE GAME and i was demoted to silver 2. I tryed,i gave my best to help,to kill,not to die,to ward everything..even if i play on my shity laptop with 30 fps...not enough. I had about 9 loses in a row...3 of these games was ranked and i had 2 games in a row a afk guy. He had to eat.At the start of the game... Im playing solo all the time,i watched million of youtube videos how to improve,i was recording my games and watching them over and over again...i saw a difference on my self...but i cant play ranked anymore. GAmes were supposed to be fun and this shit isnt. Its not fun,its frustrating to lose because of so much retards here playing. Im not gonna play ranked anymore. Id rather have 3000k wins in normal and know that im a good player than playing ranked and get stuck with imbecils.


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