: Good player but flamer or hard feeder that don't type nothing in chat??? [RANKED]
i prefer good player but flamer , coz he lets his emotions out when he try his best . Rather than non talking scrub who feeds and don't talk nothing and than reports all hehe xd.
armaniko (EUW)
: Perma-banned for self defence.
its not big deal since ur forever silver in all seasons
: getting permanently suspended for first use to script ??
im lucky that u get ban coz prlly u flamed other teams and saying its not scripts l2p , now l2 make other account haha bye
: ban
global gaming community lmao kappa123 , ur worth banned i see
: Razbante acc please (
Fair decission go make 3rd acount razbante =DDDDDDDDDDDD
: no more keys :(
i don`t get it aswell playing 8 days a row wtf ...?
xNinjagOx (EUW)
: Permanently banned FOR WHAT ?????????????????????
get a f*ck out of her ninja1923823023238121312*
: Congrats {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Got all 3 ultimate skins from Hextech Chests myself. The hard part is getting enough essence to craft them {{summoner:31}}
true , since u get chest per week
thedaki1 (EUW)
: All 3 of them are awesome, I'm so jealous xD i get virdian kayle (or whatever it's name is) tango TF and urf kench.... which i bought with rp when it came out xD
yea ill prolly will get that lissandra aswell ... can`t sell that
Rioter Comments
Feelgewd (EUW)
: Unfair Suspention
chat logs, chat logs - what u hidding bro 4Head ???
: Regarding the Taric rework, perceived masculinity and sexuality.
ur gay confirmed ! U should be rlly upset to write this sht actually
NeymarJr6 (EUNE)
: talking to 2 friends............ and u can translate bulgarian phoenetic to english if u want
I don`t know if u noticed : but ur still in GOLD , and u say that botrk xin is not good , i would actually say its good , but if u got flaming from u and ur premeda i bet when u say them why no gank why no gank , when ur losing a 1v1 lane 100%%%%%%% and its his foult and im sure ur saying why 0 ganks and he can`t carry ur bouth premedas speaching in ur bulgarian language when u can jst pm him in private , if i got harrased i wouldn`t help u aswell never :) . WELL DESERVED BAN , see ya with next account in forums if u dont know how to react like a man
: Riot stop punishing me without a reason
I actually don`t even know why u in all senteces say "kids" . U say it like guy who never will have kids :) . I would pernament u for this , when u assaulting kids , when theyr not that powerfull than u and u still assault them u need to protect them u F*cker
Kikô (EUW)
: I will do it untill Riot changes something and start doing againt people like this.
Ur kda is so bad that actually i would say u can`t judge no1 else than urself. u can actually got 1 troll in ur 10 games that u lose and than win 9 but only reason ur GOLD3 that ur not that good to get diamond atleast and blaming others , when all ppl make mistakes, its simple 1 guy wins lane other loses , bouth guys can`t win lane accept it , its in all sports x]]] .
NeymarJr6 (EUNE)
: banned from a game a month ago
omg why u post this , u deserve a 1000years ban on ur ip for this behaviour , half of chat i don`t even understand but i know its aswell flame when u flaming others to ur premeda , such a bad behaviour!!!!
Mezzmerise (EUNE)
: premades in ranked
u should get ban for toxic thats for sure. U think if they got unlucky u need to flame them like ur the LEGEND or smth "mr.PERFECT" . like urs 1/5 1/8 is unwinable for other ppl , think about it before post smth when we can see ur acc!
More05 (EUNE)
: WTF is this balance RIOT?
its called , being played with premedas in normal games , pls jst use ur brain when u do this Q , i don`t understand sometimes where is IQ atleast normal
Joyi (EUW)
: Best streaming program for league?
: Udyr combo?
E > R > W when u start attack , but u need to be normal iq to know when u need to run away , its rlly izi champ u jst dont need to run like brainless to hit some1 jst to die x]
Kardellus (EUW)
: Have Reformed Today !!!
Im actually so happy that ppl dont change and cry :))). When i say some ppl who flame to go after game in forum to cry , they say i don`care ..... All i have to say is " NICE JOKE"
: cant earn keys and chest for Hextech crafting ....
I got 14 days ban and earned after 3months~ , actually i think if u play more games faster u can get those things
Cimpyy28 (EUNE)
: I got an account ban.
i guess ur brother wanted to play 1 game with scripts??? Kappa x]
: You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions.
i had 14 day ban its now 3 months without restrictions and i can earn all ;) , so jst improve urself
Rioter Comments
: Is this still even fun?
blitz is easy to dodge , wtf nerf =D ? dodge hook and after that trade them back x]]
: I can't stop tilting
if ur not confident u lose mostly , u need to chill bro its just a prank that ur loosing watch , there is cameras. And btw i do the same mistakes push always bot , than die coz of gank and than say to myself why da fuk i again pushed =D
IThrorI (EUNE)
: unfair bann
u deserved perma ban coz its not only 1 game u flamed , 1st u got 10 chat restrict than 25 than 14day ban than only pernament , well deserved mate keep on going ;]
RourkeA (EUW)
: 2 for 1 rune pages?
mby in easter no idea
: i can't get butins :(
Its coz who had restricted don`t get anything for some months!
acaXgenius (EUNE)
: PLS RIOT PLS reset once again bans, restrictions and other things related Report
its actually a good idea to reset since the new crafting and i bet no1 would flame or very small amount coz they will know what theyr losing x]
: 1v1 free contests for prizes
There is impossible almost nothing to win , since the prize pool is so small it makes no sense x]
BlackIceXd (EUNE)
: Un-Ban BlackIceXd -Eune
next account u will made give it to sister :) . u will not get unban
: Can we do something about graves?
Never nerf my main champo !!! DOWNVOTED
znaeshtiqt (EUNE)
: You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions. .... hahaha :D
I think actually riot is trully trolls . I can explain u why . Coz mostly ppl flame coz of troll players or intentional feeders and than gets banned for flame. Now its the same riot specially trolls us to flame. And btw they set up to 9months dont get nothing when they didn`t say nothing about it before 9months , its like braking the law without made law =D. Well im anyway like faker no skin player never will give to riot nothing but its rlly funny tho how they are trolling =D
: you are toxic. not me. if you have read what i say to riot support you would understand it but no. guys like you dont care to read cases. you only care to flame and bully the OPers.
i dont write posts about bans :))))) . If u get ban means u deserved it x]
: Can't get hextech loot?.....
they actually are not punishing us they are greedy b*tches who wants us restricted players still buy skins , guess what NEVER
Osiiris (EUNE)
: HUD display blurry not clear at all after 6.6
: LoL closes by him self HELP PLEACE
Try to delete rads or i dont remember how its named in control panel , or clean ur system block

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