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: Dude, April Fools is over. You're a bit too late for jokes.
Rioter Comments
: Buddy april fools was yesterday, you can stop now.
do u actually think that im joking? riot's %%%%ing shit at balancing and keeping this game good. only wannabe pro players are playing this game and MOST streamers start playing fortnite.
: I GOT PERMABANNED FOR THIS? What a stupid ban system!
why do you even bother.? fortnite is slowly killing league. so you'd better start playing fortnite and pubg they are MUCH MUCH better and more fun pubg might be the most bugged game ever made but its still more fun and harder than league. im playing league since early 2013 and league's going downhill after the end of season 5 either riot will %%%%ing fix shit up (remove tanks completely) or add legacy servers so WE can choose what season we want to play on. AND DONT TELL ME THAT THEY DONT HAVE THE MONEY TO AFFORD THE SERVERS they make %%%%ing millions by releasing useless ugly skins.

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