Drupu (EUNE)
: Why are people PISSED about the name change?
Next time Riot asks me for login info will be the last, cause I have no idea what username I use now...
Sefi (EUNE)
: How?
don't play it? I used to main, now I don't.
SRT Nopliz (EUNE)
: Support items nerf
boycott support role!
: You removed SoS, Now Remove Stopwatch and Increase Zhonias CD to 5 Min
Let's make it so Zed can just insatkill when pressing R, why bother changing so many things.
CJXander (EUNE)
: After 6 years of supporing, i'm ditching the role
So my wave-clearing zil that could solo stall the game for 20 minutes until rest of the zoo caught up will make the team loose gold. Plus while the item is free, it's trash, not worth a spot.
: The Preseason events are backwards.
Goddamn colonials and their backwards systems.
: How do I remove the color change dragon do on the preseason patch?
ugh it awful, and it's been the most frequent in my games so far.
Numak88 (EUW)
: How many years (or decades) does a "season" last?
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Nelzareth (EUW)
: 3v3 Broke me
tried to get 3 v 3 to gold too. Had most toxic night ever. I'll probably play few arams and uninstall for good.
: The most cursed image. I pray for you guys to not see this at 23:59
Had this today. Lost next game and then got demoted to silver 2. great night.
: uh oh {{item:3157}} {{item:2419}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3102}} {{champion:25}} E,,,{{champion:11}} W,,{{champion:34}} egg,,,{{champion:114}} w,,,{{item:3107}} ,,,,,,,,{{champion:16}} R,,,{{champion:432}} < this...and the list is pretty long tho im exhausted soo ya ,,
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: Junglers say they have the worst role in LoL, I think not.
Well reason jungle has it worse than sup is: Sup is mostly flamed by ADC. Jungle is mostly flamed by anyone. I mean if top died 1 v 1 cause he doesn't know hot to trade properly he won't flame support, but guess who will get the honors. Unless all lanes are winning there is a good chance at least 1 lane is flaming me. As for honors, I usually get 1 or 2 if I didn't feed whole game and we won. God forbid someone honor a teammate if they loose, it's sacrilege. I think I developed tolerance towards it. if they seem neurotic just mute pings or chat or both and do your best to support them without putting yourself in danger. (My 2nd role is support btw).
Gebba (EUW)
: [My team gave me 3 honors for this and i got so freaking pissed about it.](https://youtu.be/MFFe_rbwAI4) The only honors alistar got was from me and my premade lol.
: Of course he ain’t gonna be on ARAM... most people reroll him cause he loses too much of his kit in that mode. He is an unusual playstyle which requires a unique way of jungling, that alone is gonna make him rare as not everyone will get results with him straight away, Combine that with him being a support (takes away a lot of the bits that a lot of jungle mains like, plus support isn’t popular at all) and him seeing no pro play and you’ve got a champion who is only seen when he is too strong. Plus he ain’t that healthy tbh so buffing him mindlessly isn’t a good idea.
I Ivern in aram once, I only died once in 30 minute game, got S+. He's pretty good if team can fallow up.
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Escalan (EUW)
: I send a friend request to you.
You are on different servers....
: Why is Yi such auto win bullshit
Easy way to improve when you think a champion is OP is to play that champion. If he's OP, well free wins. If not you'll learn why. Most of the time it's the 2nd.
: Ethernet cable
Maybe cable is damaged. Check the connectors the pin might be broken and it can be loose in the port. That was my problem when I had connection issues. Good Luck man.
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Sefi (EUNE)
: Tilted to hell and back.
I haven't seen bots in 3 v 3. I'm S2 there.
: Visually stunning champ no one cares about
I have seen one in 500 games this year. He kicked ass and carried the game. personally I find his play-style very mechanically demanding and difficult to adapt to. I'll probably never play him.
iG Rakan (EUW)
: A support with a global Jarvan ult.
When you said global jarvan ult I thought craters will just pop up and swallow everyone, like karthus ult :D This gave me an idea. A champion from shadow isles who's ult summons dead to take revenge on living. So hands popup under all champions greatly slowing their movement speed and if they don't leave area they take damage or get executed if very low or have just killed a champion.
: Kayn mid strong ?
Like every champ you can play kayn mid. But it's sub-optimal. First is passive, you won't get to choose form. And if enemy is ranged, which they probably are, you won't even be hitting them to get your form, only gap closer you have is Q which is really short range and any midlaner with some brains will never let you get close enough. His Q does extra damage to monsters, so you'll be removing that from your kit. Your E is amazing ability that lets you go through walls which turns completely useless when you are laning. It turns into a heal every 20 seconds, which you wouldn't even be using because kayn's mana sustain is shit. Now main problem, mana sustain. In jungle you have hunters talisman and blue so you don't feel it that much, but go to lane and you'll be scraping for mana. Your playstyle early will be close to Rhaast and if you play kayn you know about his mana issues. Closest comparison for lane kayn I can think of is Nasus, your spike is earlier but weaker. So in early game you have to sit under tower, farm up and hope by the time you're ready game isn't over yet. So can kayn be played and be useful? Yes. Is he a better pick than any other traditional midlaner? NO Of course none of this applies to lower elos, where you can go 0/10 transform to blue kayn and end game with 32/11.
WøOxer (EUW)
: Where I could read more detailed about that?
So I just googled it and it seemed to be 1 v 1 games, they do plan to make a 5 v 5 one. Just google it man :P
: Why do i lose games because of one lane?
Let em guess wu roamed and kicked everyone's ass. You probably didn't ward and he just instad your whole team with his ult when you grouped together. I mean you were support morgana, shutting down wu kong supposed to be child's play. I have seen increasing number of wu in my games, but never has he been a reason for my loss. After games like those, try to take a break and think what you, YOU, could have done to turn that game around. Good Luck mate.
WøOxer (EUW)
: Would u imagine if bots were better than real players? Then they would demand an option to kick a player in mid of the game so the BOT would control kicked players champion and the BOT would carry their ass lol {{sticker:sg-kiko}} pretty unhealthy idea to strengthen BOT's to different rank levels (anyway it would be impossible to give them such intelligence to realize what they must do against every champions they face).
Didn't they have a test run in DOTA where AI played against pros and pros said it was unbeatable? So if one could tone that down a bit for it to be beatable and make occasional mistakes.
: Toxicity has been increased again
You probably had few unlucky games. Like 2 days ago I had game with afk, and 2 inters (3 games) in a row or was it 3 out of 4 can't remember. Now it's all back to the usual.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Is it possible to have more difficult AI in Summoners Rift?
Use self learning AI and freeze it's progression according to the difficulty level? (sorry, I have no idea how programming works) But yes, they are very useless. I once finished 2 v 1 lane against AI without ever going back to shop. This is awful, you can't even use them to learn champions. That's the reason I see people going first time some champion in ranked. And add more difficulty , maybe make AI learn by watching specific elo. You'll get bronze skill level AI, gold skill level AI, diamond, etc. Will shut up a lot of people about games not being fair, if you can't win against that elo AI you don't belong there xD. And if Riot will make better bots, maybe people who are botting in aram will do so also. Everybody wins. Just throwing all my first ideas that came to my head, don't lynch me, ty.
: That seems a good hobby for me. I would like to order a custom made insult toward a friend who is really really bad at Kindred. I am interested in what would that pay?
Aww, sorry, I'm a free artist. I gotta be there and feel like it.
Gınko (EUW)
: Stuck at honor lv 3
You know there's a reason for it. I'm in the same position, but I main jungle and my hobby is crafting insults. I limit it to 1 or 2 per game, but seems like system picked it up :D
: Any tips to improve my sleep quality?
Shoot your loud neighbors. Go to prison. They'll regulate your sleep pattern for you. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: New Kayn skin
Idk man, I like the shower hunter skin.
Rioter Comments
: 3 games in a row and the same thing happened i got camped
Well, that's one of the ways how to shut down nasus. What you just want to be left alone, farm and win for free? Early game is Nasus' only weakness. Learn to address it if you want to main him. Nasus farms well under tower, so let them push you in and enjoy your stacks. Keep an eye on jungle. I mean know where he is at all times. Bot lane was late to lane at start, expect gank at 3 minutes. Top was late and enemy has early game jungler(Panth?), they might try lvl 2 gank, so play safe. Some of the better jungler will try to inform teammates, so keep an eye on pings. try to improve yourself and become a better player instead of lashing out and crying. Good Luck!
Xaytah (EUW)
: Loved those.
They were fun, but you needed friends to pass them. Goddamn impossible.
Remember star guardian missions? Yeah, %%%% those.
Adjust91 (EUW)
: Seriously need help getting out of bronze
B+ grade is bad. Try to aim for A and higher. If you get ahead, try not to die chasing kills. Also you rage too much. I actually read this post with a voice of a man screaming and speaking really fast xD Oh and yeah play mundo. Even in gold people don't know to buy executioner, so should be easy wins.
WC9 Umbra (EUW)
: Players of Different Elos
Don't have to be new to game to be bronze. Bad mechanically and game objective is to kill enemy not to win game. Silver just better at laning than bronze. Kinda true about gold. What I see is people playing with builds from the net, every game same thing, never adapt. Pretty much silver but better at champs they play. My experience of plat comes mostly from plat 5, which was like "oh, no I'm matched with gold, ty rito" *proceeds to go 0/4 in lane* Plat 3 I have seen were all decent. From the very few games I had with diamonds, well they are good. Can't even pinpoint specifics, just better at everything.
: exactly. untargetable. you shouldn't be hit by anything during the ult. for example if zed ults before getting hit by a tower shot he escapes the tower shot
hmm, yep. I guess you're right. mb.
: I WAS IN ALPHA - Zed Ult syle
Untargetable doesn't mean invulnerable. She uses Q just a bit earlier than you ult. You can see if you slowmo it. or go by frame :P
: You're just unlucky :/ I'm sure most of these players are actually trying really hard to win.
Nah, unless one's Gold 5 0 lp because they just got promoted from S1, otherwise they are shit. Either cause they are on loosing streak and tilted, trolling, or trying out new things in ranked that is sinking their win rate. Same goes for every 5th division. I can usually outperform Plat 5 even though I'm low gold.
Thaaboom (EUW)
: then you have clearly no idea.. and your opponent that was vlad had to be bad aswell. wait til you run into someone that knows the character.
Point exactly. people get random characters. Guy getting his main will be better than some random champ. That URF and ARAM
: > Live with it. Nah, I just won't play it anymore.
That's part of living with it :P
: Why euw board isn't active like na ?
Why not have a single forum?
: Not rly like no one will buy champ for RP. People use it for special capsules or chests skins,wards. Anyways, are you sure that after lvl30 you gain more BE ?
I have bought 2 champs once. Don't just assume you know better than Riot how to run their business. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Garen Main (EUNE)
: What people don't get about this event.
I chose Garen cause shiny. But after watching the trailer I support Darius. And what you are describing is from his Noxus lore, not from VS event. Here he's just fighting for freedom.
0verkill (EUNE)
: Player toxicity
"Crimes" {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} It's post game and doesn't affect the game. Get over it. You shouldn't be staying in it anyway.
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